A/N: Hi!! Wai, my very first attempt at writing romance! Does anyone think that the title is too cheesy? It’s the name of a song of Iwao Junko “Nayuta no Yume” – Millions of Dreams. I love this song; her voice is so sweet and pure…

The idea of this fic popped up in my heart yesterday afternoon and I just thought that: ‘Oh, great idea! Maybe I should make it into a fic’. And this is it! This will be mainly SeishirouxSubaru, but it will have some FuumaxKamui stuff as well. I love those two couples, they’re so cute together! Of course there will be some other couples, but I’ll mix them up a bit to make the story funnier! Imagine: Sorata flirts non-stop with Arashi in the movie, and his true girlfriend – Kotori – keeps shooting him deadly glances!!

Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own anything. But someone else other than CLAMP owns X1999 in this fic. (It’s a fic, guys!)

Now, on with the story!

Millions of Dreams


By Aikawa Fuuko


“…Subaru-kun…I…you…” He leaned towards, his lips brushed gently against Subaru’s cheek. So warm, so close…It sent chill down his spine…

Seishirou fell. The winds were blowing. Nothing could be heard. He looked down…and started to realize that…he was truly crying…

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