Author's Notes: I decided to continue this fic!  I was very happy to see all of the good reviews, so I guess I will make this continuous!  I love to write romance, but I have a humorous side as well. Another thing that makes me different from the majority of the Tekken yaoi fans, is that Jin/Hwo is actually not my main focus.  I actually love every one of the parings I write about equally.  (I hope this doesn’t sound too weird….) Anyway, here’s the next chapter!

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Where Did All the Guys Go?

Chapter 3 - Everyone Deserves A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

By Sapphire17

*~*The Following day after the… dance…


Jin and Hwoarang were on their way to McDonalds for some grub… While in the crap car…

“You know what, Hwoarang?” Jin asked.


“That was quite possibly the weirdest experience I’ve ever had….”

Hwoarang nodded.  “I’d have to agree….  I mean, who would have expected that, you know…”

“Yeah, that my father and, Lee… are…. Bryan and Lei….. Paul and Forest…. It’s just, uh, I wasn’t expecting it, that’s all….” replied Jin.

“Well, remember though, we did all make a pact not to say anything to anyone.”

Jin agreed.  “I won’t, though I’d sure love to say something to Julia sometimes!  ‘It’ really pisses me off!” He then clenched his fist around the steering wheel.

Hwoarang whistled.  “I smell a jealous someone.”

Jin sighed.  “Oh, cut the crap Hwoarang.  You know I never get jealous.”

“Fuck that!  You give a death glare when anyone gets anywhere near me!  I remember when we were at that club the other day, a girl hit on me at the bar and asked me to dance.  You walked over and stood there with your arms crossed, and then she suddenly ran away screaming!  When I looked at you, your eyes were glowing red!”

Oh yeah.... “I don’t remember any such thing.”


They then pulled up at McDonalds, and entered the horrible fast food joint. (In Jin’s opinion, that is)

Jin walked up to the register to order.  “I’ll have a meat-free salad shake, please.  And a bottle of Evian.”

“Eww!” Hwoarang spat from behind.

“Yes sir, and how about you?” The man at the register asked.

“I’ll have a Big Mac #1 combo, ‘super sized’, coke for the drink, and an extra-large M&M McFlurry!”

“Um, we don’t have ‘extra’ large McFlurrys, sir…”

“Why the hell can’t you just put it in the super size drink cup?!”

“Ahem..” Jin tapped Hwoarang on the shoulder.


“I think we need to have a little talk about a ‘healthy’ diet…”

Hwoarang shook his head.  “You stick to your crap diet, and I’ll stick to mine.” He declared as he picked up the tray for his food and went over to sit in a booth, followed by Jin.

Hwoarang didn’t sit down, however.  “I’ll be back in a second, Jin.  I have to take a piss break.”

(Everyone looks at Hwoarang and the cricket sound is heard.)

Jin sweatdropped and then whispered.  “Um, do you think you could have said that in a more, I don’t know, ‘polite’ manner?”

Hwoarang just laughed as he walked away.

Jin sat there quietly, until he heard the two young girls in the booth behind him talking….

“Like, I think that redheaded guy is sooo hot!”

“Really, I saw him go into the restroom, I think I’m going to wait for him to come out, and then seduce him!”

“Like, not if I get to him first!”

They both swiftly stood up, to look way up to Jin, who was looking down at them with his arms crossed….

“He’s taken.” He said as sternly as possible.

The two girls were, well, scared…

“Li-li-like, I think I left my lipstick in the car!” She ran out…

“Me too!” (Runs out as well)

“Sluts…” Jin muttered before taking a closer look at Hwoarang’s choice of food.  “Hmm.”

Hwoarang came out of the restroom several minutes later and walked back over to the booth where he had set his food……only to notice that it had all been replaced with a salad…..


Jin sat there looking all calm as usual, while Hwoarang looked all pissed, as usual.

“This is healthier for you.  Try it, it’s good.  Just don’t use any dressing or bacon bits, because those are also unhealthy.”

Hwoarang just stood there, clenching his fist and teeth to the max…

“Oh come on Hwoarang!  That stuff you would have eaten was sure to take years off of you life!”



(Everyone is quiet and no sound is heard, other than a car alarm that went off right as he said this)



Kazuya and Lee were back at their mansion… having an argument….

“Kazuya, I am sick of this crap of yours!  Now WHERE are they?!!”

Kazuya just stood there.

“You heard me!  What the fuck did you do with my cigarettes this time?!”

“Hmp.  You’ll be lucky if I got rid of them, want you now?” Kazuya smirked.

Lee took a step, or ‘stomp’ closer.  “You better tell me where they are right now, before I—.”

“Before you what?!” (Also takes a step closer)

“Grr.  You did get rid of them ‘again’, didn’t you?”

Kazuya smiled evilly.  “And what if I were to say ‘I did’?”

(Takes another step) “What if I were to say ‘go to hell’, and then walk right out those front doors?!!”

(Takes another step) “What if I were to say ‘you’ll be back before sunset’, or I’ll bring you back myself!”

(Another step) “Then I would say ‘what if I were to leave the country’?!”

(Yet another one) “Then I would say ‘I’ll call every damn airport around, and have them shut down the flights until further notice!”

They were now noise to noise at this time.

“Then Fuck you!!!”

“Fuck you too!!!”

(Start to make out)

(Kazuya carries Lee up the stairs to the bedroom)

(3 hours later)

Lee was now getting into his Honda and on his way up to a nearby gas station.

Damnit!  It happened again!  Every time I say I’m going to finally teach him a lesson, it happens again!

He sighed as he turned the keys and took off.

~At the gas station…

Lee had told Kazuya he was going to get gas for his Honda, but of course he had other plans in mind…  He smiled as he walked up to the cashier.

“Hel-lo sir!” The women smiled.  Damn, he’s hot!!!

“Yes, I would like a box of Virginia Lights, please.” Lee asked with a wink.  He loved to fuck with every girl’s mind.

“Sure thing!” She replied in a dreamy voice.  “These are my favorite brand as well.”

“Here’s my card.  It works on everything, everywhere, and has NO limit.”

Oh my god, one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen, and the richest too! “So, uh, you have a girlfriend Mr.-(Looks at the card) Chaolan?”

“Actually… no, I don’t.” (Hey, he was being honest?)

“So, would you want to ‘do’ some stuff together?  Maybe catch a movie? Or dinner?”

I’m not that low.... “You know I’d love to, but—.”

(Cash register starts to beep)

“Why, whatever is wrong?” Lee asked as he noticed the girl was looking very strangely at whatever the cash register said.

She then gave him a very, VERY weird look.  “Um, according to federal orders and the restrictions under your name, I am not allowed to sale you any alcoholic beverages, drugs with high risks, or nicotine products…..”


(Zipper sound)




(Echoes throughout all the city)

At this time, Lei and Bryan had arrived back at the headquarters, though Lei was late because they had been doing…..stuff.

Detective Kilos looked up from his paperwork when he saw them enter through the main doors.  “So, how did the dance crud go?”  Hmm, late again....  More fighting, I suppose.

Lei’s brows furrowed.  “It was very…..interesting…”

Detective Strain then ran in.  “Lei!  There’s a robbery in progress down at the Central Fargo Bank, and they’ve got loaded missiles!  We need you there pronto!”

One of those thought bubble thingies then appeared above Bryan’s head.  It was a vision of Lei being shot….

Lei nodded. “I’m on it!  Just let me go get some more ammunition out of the desk in my office!”

He then ran quickly into his office, followed by the not-so-happy Bryan…  Bryan shut and locked the door to Lei’s office shortly after they’d entered.

“Bryan, NOT now!  I have to get down to that bank to take on those convicts!  We’ve been after them for months now!”

Lei then ran toward the door, but Bryan just stood there, blocking him from going any further.


“I don’t think so.”

“What the fuck are you trying to pull?!  This is serious, Bryan!  People’s lives could be in danger!”

Bryan nodded seriously.  “Exactly.  And you’re not going to be one of them.”

Lei narrowed his eyebrows.  “Move.” He said sternly.  “You don’t own me.”

“Yes, I do.”

At this time Lei was, for lack of the better words, pissed….  In a fluster, he looked away for only a split second, when….. WHAP!....

(2 hours later…)

“Uuhh….” Lei groaned as he woke up.  “What the hell happened?” He then jumped up as an icepack fell right off of his head.  “The bank!” He looked around to realize that he was no longer in his office, but on a couch outside of it in the main workroom.

“So, you’re finally awake, eh?”

“Kilos!  What’s going on?!”

“Um, you don’t remember?”

“No, I-wait a minute…. Bryan!!!”

Kilos nodded. “Er, I think you kinda got knocked out….”

“Then, then what about the convicts??!!”

“Well, actually, Bryan kinda went down there and took care of it himself…”

Detective Kilos then watched as Lei punched his fist into the wall so hard, that it left a dent…

“Where is he?!!” Lei growled through clenched teeth.

Kilos was getting kinda freaked.  Lei had never been one to lose his temper before, especially like this…

“I guess he’s still down there, but I’m not sure…”

He is really going to pay for this!!!  I could, no I wouldn’t try to hurt him.... But I’ll think of something damnit!!!

Marshal Law had just bought some new furniture (??? As to where he got the money), and he had asked Paul Phoenix and his son Forest to come over and help him with getting it all into his house.

He stood waiting in his front yard. “What?! ANOTHER ticket?!  What the hell’s the big deal about having four or five little flamingos in your front yard?!  They’re decorative!” He yelled as several of his neighbors all gave him the ‘you’re insane’ look….

 “Well, they are!!”  He then watched down the street as he now saw Paul and his son pull up on a motorcycle.

“Hey Marshal so-hey, you got told off for the flamingos again, didn’t ya?!” Paul laughed.

“Well… no!”

Forest shook his head. “Let’s just get on with moving the furniture dad.” I am REALLY scared to see what he has picked up this time....

“Come on guys, it’s over here on my car.”

Paul and Forest both blinked and looked at each other.  “On the car?” They both asked.

Marshal nodded.  “That’s right.  Hey, I wasn’t about to pay extra for one of those damn, uh, oh yeah, ‘moving van’ things.  All a man needs these days to get the job done is his own to hands and some strong ropes.”

Paul and Forest still had the ‘riiggghhtt’ look on their faces as Marshal led them over to his car parked on the side of the house.

“Well, here it is guys.”

Forest and Paul both looked waaaay up at the enormous mountain.

“Now then, let’s get the sofa first.” suggested Marshal in a proud voice.

“Uh, sure man…” Paul said as he reached up to help Marshal get the sofa.  Forest reached up to help too, when Paul knocked his hands away.  “You might wanna set this one out kid.”


Marshal nodded.  “Yes, I think Paul maybe right son.”

“But, but—.”

“No buts son.”

“FINE!  I’ll just get this cabinet then.”  He reached up to get the cabinet, when-

“I don’t think so.” Said Paul as he and Marshal began to carry the couch in across the front yard.

“Damnit.” Forest muttered as he just stood there leaning up against the car.  He waited until Paul and his father were inside.  “This is crap!  I’m just as strong as either of them are!” He declared before looking up to choose something to carry in.  How the fuck did he manage a refrigerator??!!

He was about to get something, when Paul and Marshal walked out again.

“NO SON!!!”

Forest then gave Paul a pleading look, basically asking for some backup.

“I think your father’s right….”


 “Come on Paul, now let’s get that refrigerator!”


Forest was pretty angry by now as he watched his father and his ‘lover’ get the huge-ass refrigerator and begin to carry it inside…

“Ok, that’s it.” Forest declared as he reached up to get the damn big cabinet that he was going to get before.  By this time, Paul and Marshal had already made it inside.  I’ll show them!  I’ll show them that I’m no ‘kid’!

Forest struggled a bit as he carried it in, but he managed.  Of course Paul would have to exit again right at this time.

Paul’s eyes widened.  “Forest!  You put that down now!  You’ll hurt yourself!”

“I…can…”  Forest said as he kept going, even after he saw Paul running straight toward him.  He had nearly made it to the half-way point, when suddenly, he tripped….




Damn flamingo!!!

(At the hospital….)

Marshal and Paul both sat in the waiting room, as a nurse stepped out.  “He’s fine, it’s only a second degree sprain.  He just needs to stay off of it for at least three weeks.”

They then watched as Forest came out through the doors, on crutches. 

Paul spoke up as he saw this.  “Are you sure a wheelchair wouldn’t be best?”

“Well, if you insist.” The nurse shrugged.

Forest narrowed his brows.  “Paul, I can handle the crutches just fine!”

“Just like the cabinet, huh?”

“….It was the flamingo!!!......”

The nurse looked, well, freaked….

Marshal then rolled in a wheelchair as Forest looked even MORE pissed.

“Ok Forest.” Paul spoke up seriously.  “I’m going to see to it that you don’t do anything to hurt yourself like this ever again!”

Lee sighed as he picked up the telephone and laid down the phone numbers of Lei, Forest, and Hwoarang.  Lee was sure that these guys were the ones classified as the ‘not dominant’ ones, and they all needed to have a meeting to decide what they could do about earning a little more respect!



A/N Ok, there was my next retarded chapter.  In the next one, the ones who feel like they’re not getting enough respect and dominance will form a plan to try and get back at them to teach them a lesson.  So, how will it go, and what is the plan? Anyway, I hope you all will still review!  I don’t live on them, but, well I guess I kinda do…. But they encourage me to write more and faster! ^__^;;

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