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Where Did All the Guys Go?

Chapter 4 - Making the Getaway

By Sapphire17

Lee had gotten out the supposed ‘uke’ phone numbers and was now seated at his personal desk in one of the many rooms.

“Hmm.  I’ve got to be careful though in doing this.  If at any time the wrong end of the pairing was to answer the phone, they might think something is up.  Well, something is…but NOT what they would be thinking!”

He randomly picked up one of the phone numbers, which turned out to be Forest’s, and dialed the number as he adjusted his headset.

“Uuh, hello?”

Thank god that it was Forest who answered!!! “Hey Forest, it’s Lee.”

What the fuck?!   “Well, uh, what do you want?”

“I was wanting to know if you would be willing to attend a meeting I have scheduled.  But it won’t just be us two, Hwoarang and Lei should also be there.”

“Whatever, I guess…”

“Why Forest, you sure do sound depressed.”

“I kinda twisted my ankle, and Paul’s been treating me like a baby ever since…. Not that it was any different before!....”

“Well that’s exactly what the meeting is for.  It’s shall be known as ‘The Chinese Quest for Dominance!’ We’ll all form a solution to get back these asshole semis of ours! ”

Forest thought about this for a moment.  Would he really go behind Paul’s back like this?...  “Hell yeah!  Count me in!”

“Forest!  You’re supposed to be taking your afternoon nap!!!”

(Lee realized that this was obviously Paul in the background…)

Forest lowered his voice.  “Where, and what time?”

“Today at six, and I’ll pick ya up.  But do you think you’ll really be able to ditch Paul that easily, and especially on crutches?” Lee arched a brow as he spoke this.

Forest sweatdropped.  “Well, er, he kinda threw the crutches away to force me to use a wheelchair….  But don’t worry!  I can hop out!”

“Forest!  Get to sleep!” Paul yelled from the kitchen……  He was trying to cook since he didn’t want Forest to.  It wasn’t going well…..

Forest sighed.  “Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be that hard.  Uh oh!  I have to go now, the kitchen’s on fire!  Paul?  Paul?!!”

Lee then heard the phone drop..…

(Dial tone….)

Lee hung up the phone.  “Well, that was….weird.…”

He then picked up the next number, which was Lei’s, and dialed it.  Well, it was his work number, but it would work well enough.

“Hello, how may I help you?” A female secretary spoke.

“Get me Detective Wulong.”

“Is this ‘Bryan Fury’, by any chance?”

“Um, no, it’s not.”

It is. “Well, uh, hold on, I’ll patch you into his personal office line then…”

“Well, at least this seems to be going smoothly.”

Pick up…


Lee felt like his head was going to explode at any moment, considering it was a headset he had on.



“It’s Lee Chaolan!”

“…..Uh, ha ha ha, um that was just a joke I swear I knew that was you, and uh—.”

“LEI!  It’s O-K!  This is exactly what I’ve been talking about….  I need you to attend a meeting today, a meeting to regain our dominance!!”


“Yes, the ‘Chinese Quest for Dominance’!”

“Hmm, maybe this would be a good way to teach my babe-uh, I mean, ‘Bryan’, a lesson!”

“Ok!  I’ll pick you up at your headquarters around six then!”

(Hang up)

“Now, only Hwoarang remains.” Lee spoke as he now picked up Hwoarang’s number, well, it was Jin’s, but he knew it had to be Hwoarang’s number now too.



Shit, it’s Jin!   “Oh, hi Jin!”

Well, guess I shouldn’t refer to him as ‘uncle’ any more.... “Hey Lee.  What’s up?”

“Well, I was actually hoping to speak to Hwoarang for a second.”

Jin now remembered the whole ‘storage closet’ incident from the night before.  “Why is this?” he asked in a suspicious manner.

Lee sighed at the tone in Jin’s voice.  “Jin, it’s NOT like that!  I just need to ask him about, uh, my motorcycle!  Yeah, that’s it!  He knows a lot about them,” he assured.

Jin thought about this for a moment.  “Lee, you don’t have a motorcycle.”

“Uuh, I just got one?”

“Ooo-K.  Well, uh, hold on, I guess…”

Lee could tell that Jin didn’t believe him, but he didn’t care for now.  He was determined to take care of this.

“ ‘sup’?”

Zup? “Huh?!”

Hwoarang sighed. “Hello.”


“What do you want to know about motorcycles?”

“Actually, it’s not really about motorcycles….”

Hwoarang then remembered the ‘storage closet’. “Uuh, this isn—.”

“This is NOT about the ‘storage closet’!  Uh, in a way, I suppose…”

“…I’m listnen?”

“Listen, I can bet that Jin has been given ya a lot of ‘dominance’ trouble, huh?”

Hwoarang sighed. “Well, uh, kinda—I mean no, of course not!”

Lee now sighed himself.  “It’s ok Hwoarang.  You’re not the only one… I want you to attend a meeting at six.  It’s ‘The Chinese Quest for Dominance!’  Lei and Forest will be there as well, and then we’ll all figure out what to do about all this from there.”

“Hmm,” Hwoarang thought for a moment.  Then he remembered the tragic loss of his $0.99 cent Big Mac……“Ok, I’m in.”

“Great.  See you then.  Just make sure Jin doesn’t find out.”

“Don’t worry, I already have an ‘idea’.  Heh heh.”



(Hang up)

Hwoarang was about to get up from his seat at the kitchen table, when he remembered something…….

Hey.....I’m not Chinese!!!


Lee grinned at this time as he too hung up the phone.  Now he would finally teach Kazuya to put empathy over apathy. 

*5:35 p.m.*


            Currently at Kazuya & Lee’s mansion, Kazuya was sitting on the huge black-leather couch while watching the even more huge flat-screen TV.  He then noticed Lee running down the stairs rather hurriedly, and he was also dressed rather nicely at that.  This looked awfully suspicious…“Kazuya, I’m going out,” Lee stated before heading toward the door.

Kazuya rose from his seat on the couch, “Where did you say where you were going again?”

“I didn’t,” Lee simply replied, without even turning around as he continued to venture toward the main doors.

“Don’t even think about getting smart with me, Chaolan.  Don’t think I didn’t find out about your little ‘attempted’ purchase down at the gas station earlier today.”

Lee growled and turned around, though Kazuya was about to turn him around anyway… “Oh, and you don’t think that I don’t know how you fucked-up my credit accounts?!  Hell Kazuya, you know you had no right to do that!!”

“Oh yes I did,” Kazuya assured.

Lee was getting very frustrated at this point.  There was NO way any of the others could have it as bad as he did, but since Lee was indeed up to something, though not what Kazuya most likely had in mind, this meant he didn’t need to start a fight at the moment.

“Fine.  You’re right, Kazuya.  But now I really must be going.  I have an… appointment.”

Kazuya then noticed something else, “Lee, is that cologne you’re wearing?” he arched a brow.

“Christ Kaz!  Yes, ok!  Excuse me if I like to look & smell nice when I go out!”

“Hmm,” Kazuya thought for a moment, “Maybe I should accompany you to this… ‘appointment?’”

“…That wont be necessary,” Lee stated before once more turning around and then heading for the doors.  He heard Kazuya start to step up behind him as he opened one, and next thing he knew, he was sprinting out the door to the long, circular drive…

Ok…now Kazuya was sprinting behind him, but Lee definitely had the edge in this case.  Speed was one of the only things he really had in his favor over Kazuya.  When he came up to his Honda, he wasted no time and did a double-flip to land in the drivers seat of his Honda, and right before Kazuya made it to the car as well, Lee floored the gas to the max as the engine roared, and was long gone.


(A little old lady who had seen & heard the whole thing while walking her small dog has frozen in his driveway…)




“…Oh good heavens!  Hurry up Toto!”


“Grr…Lee is REALLY going to pay for this, I better have him tracked down immediately!  Hmm, maybe Lei Wulong’s agency could be as to some assistance…”


The Readers:  (Uh oh…)

Forest was in luck; Paul had set fourth on his motorcycle to the drug store to get him some extra-strength Tylenol.  Though, he was a bit worried to as what Paul’s reaction might be when he would return only to find him gone, so Forest had left a note that he had gone out with his father.  Since Forest knew that Marshal was so busy with being sued and all, Paul would have a hard time getting in touch with him to prove he had indeed been lying.

A few seconds later, Forest heard the honking of Lee’s car in his front yard.

Lee sighed as he waited outside.  He really WOULD be in for it the next time he faced Kazuya, so he had to think of something, or Kazuya would probably put a leash on him for good…

No sooner had he thought of this,  when the front door to Forest’s house opened, and Forest ‘hopped’ out on his right leg, while his left foot had a cast on it.

“Damn…those…flamingos…” Forest muttered before entering Lee’s car and sitting in the passenger’s side.

“And how did you say this happened again?” Lee now asked.

“I tripped on a pink flamingo while carrying a cabinet across my dad’s front lawn.”


“Just shut up and drive…”

Lei was just about to exit his office.  He sighed loudly as he saw Bryan approaching it through the blinds.  Lei then hurriedly made it straight out the door.  He knew Bryan wouldn’t attempt a scene in front of everyone, especially at a police station.

Lei refused eye contact as he and Bryan walked toward each other, Lei then walked straight past Bryan as he stared straight on ahead toward the front glass doors without so much as a word…

Bryan turned sharply and grabbed Lei by the arm to stop him.

“You let me go right this instant Fury!”

Bryan arched a brow at this.  It had been a long time since Lei had referred to him as ‘Fury.’  This meant he was definitely more than just a little ticked off.  “Lei, what the—.”

“That’s ‘Detective Wulong’ to you, asshole!” Lei declared as he roughly jerked his arm free of Bryan’s grasp.

Bryan now looked around the workroom of the police station.  They had already caught more than just a little attention, as everyone was staring at them…

“Um, do you think you could keep it down a little, Lei?”


*Everyone is frozen in place, even a guy who had been pouring coffee at the time who froze while still pouring it, as it now overflowed in the cup and dripped all over the floor…

Lei was now panting slightly from the rather loud yelling he had just done.

Bryan REALLY wanted to say something, but they had already attracted more than enough attention.  Lei thus continued walking away, and then Bryan noticed he was heading out the doors.

Lei roughly swung one of the glass doors open, so hard in fact, that he actually left a few spider web-like cracks in it from where his palm had made contact with the glass…  He was pissed, and when Lee came by to pick him up, he could really care less if Bryan saw or not at the moment.

Bryan then exited the headquarters through the same door Lei had a second ago, as he noticed Lei had opened it rather, well, rough.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Bryan demanded.

Lei didn’t answer, or turn around.  He just stood facing the street with his arms crossed.

Bryan had finally had enough of this.  He looked around to make sure no one was close within range of view, before he swiftly grabbed a hold of Lei’s waist from behind and then sharply pushed him up against the nearby brick wall of the police headquarters.

“Now, explain yourself!” Bryan demanded once more, even though he was sure by now that Lei was referring to the ‘K.O. incident’ from earlier that day. 

Lei didn’t really give much of a reply though.  “Get.. away.. from me right.. now!!” Lei growled rather sternly.

Bryan was now feeling pretty angry toward Lei himself, and even more, possessive… “You listen here Lei Wulong, you belong to ‘me’, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

It’s true…    “Grr…”

Just then, Lee and Forest pulled up on the side of the street in Lee’s Honda.  They both had noticed Lei was in a predicament at the moment…

Lee then honked the horn to his car, as Bryan turned his head to the side, giving Lei the distraction he needed to swiftly push Bryan away from him before running to the car.  Bryan very well recognized the two seated in the car to be Lee Chaolan and Forest Law, but what the hell was going on here?

“What the hell is going on here?!”

“Floor it!!” Lei yelled as Lee laughed while Forest gave him a high-five.  Bryan tried to make it to the car before it took off, but he ended up just missing it, as Kazuya had earlier on…

Bryan just stood there now.  He was very confused.  “What…the…fuck?…”

Just then, Detective Chon opened one of the doors to see Bryan outside, but no Lei.  “Um, is Detective Wulong out here?  I have an urgent call for him from Kazuya Mishima.”

“What?!  I think you better let me take this call.”

Hwoarang was now waiting for Lee to arrive himself.  Jin was in the bathtub currently, so this was perfect timing.  Hwoarang now opened the bathroom door to where Jin was in the tub.

Jin smiled slyly as Hwoarang opened the door, “So, you changed your mind about joining me for a long…hot…bath?”

Hwoarang chuckled, “You know I’d like to, but I have to go pick up some lube.”

“Uh, but we have plenty?”

“I mean for my motorcycle, Jin.”

“…Oh…I knew that…”

“I’ll be back later babe,” Hwoarang then turned around to shut the door when—

“Wait a second…” Jin muttered as Hwoarang turned around.  “Are you sure you’re not really going somewhere with…Lee…by any chance?”

Hwoarang sweatdropped.  “Uh, no!  Of course not!  Where the hell would you get a crazy idea like that?!”

Just then, a car horn was heard from out side the apartment.  Hwoarang proceeded to go out the door at this time, but Jin caught on pretty fast…

“Wait a minute…I know that horn…It’s the horn to Lee’s Honda!!”

“NO it’s not!  Look, I’m leaving now, so I’ll see you later,” Hwoarang said before making a rather ‘quick’ departure and sprinting out the bathroom door, and to the front.

Jin swiftly rose from the bathtub, and jumped right out as he made his way out the bathroom door as well, delirious of the fact that he was getting water all over the place.  He ran over to the front door and quickly opened it to see……two boy scouts on the other side…



Jin then looked down… “Aahhh!!” before turning around and slamming the door shut.

“You don’t want any ‘cookies?!” Jin heard one of them laugh from outside.

“Grr,” he growled, “These kids are learning all of that dang slang from the internet these days.”  He then remembered Hwoarang, and in an instant ran over and peeked through the window blinds to see a white car heading down the street in the distance…

“It…it IS Lee!!  But…but…it can’t be…he wouldn’t…but what if…oh no…NO!!”  Jin was in a state of pure shock, and decided to call his father and see if he knew anything about this…

“Whoo hoo!!” Hwoarang shouted from the back seat of Lee’s Honda as Lei gave him a high five after Forest had.

“Hwoarang?” Lee asked.

“Uh huh?”

“Did Jin see me?”


“Damn!  Now Kazuya will hear about this for sure!”

“You know what?” Lei spoke up, “I think Forest is the only one of us who’s gotten away with this so far.”

“Of course,” Forest casually sighed, “I am, after all, the most intelligent.”

“Forest WHAT???!!!!!” Paul growled into the phone…

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