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Only Half Ourselves

Chapter 3

By Mana

Jin looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn't believe what he had just done. He didn't plan it. Never the less he had found himself asking Meiran out on a date. He swore splashing himself with cold water from the sink. He didn't mind taking Meiran out, the problem however was where was he going to take her, and what could he do to make her like him?

If I can't convince her to like me this is sure going to be a long year. Especially if she keeps up those... pranks.

He fell backwards on his bed and stared at the ceiling. He couldn't help his thoughts from drifting back to the memory of that girl who stood before him, tattered shreds of her shirt blowing in the gentle breeze revelling her pale white bra, with it's ivory bows, and her silk like skin... Jin turned on his side.

"Just what kind of girl is she anyway?"

He frowned remembering the look she had given him at that time. He hadnít even seen a look like that from his rivals in the King of the Iron Fist tournament. Although those eyes... Jin sat up startled. After a short while he started laughing and fell back onto the bed again. "Her eyes remind me of Hwoarang." His laughing died down into a sigh. "Always full of hate."

Meanwhile Hwoarang sat on the edge of his bed, grumbling. He was once again in his female form being host to a group of girls from his class. He had accidentally let slip to them that he would be going out with Jin the next morning. He had given up trying to convince them it wasn't a date. He decided instead to live with the current situation and enjoy the view. After all he had 4 bouncy giggling girls in his room all dressed in light cotton pyjamas. He grinned.

"Hey Meiran, your blushing." One of the girls moved closer to him. He could see right down her shirt and this only made him go redder.

"Oh, I bet your thinking of him, arenít you?" This girl lent on his shoulder, whispering the words in his ear. He fought the urge to shiver. Another girl moved in leaning on his knees.

"Wow, really? You thinking about Jin?" Hwoarang shook out of his momentary bliss to hear her last words.

"What!? Him? No way!" The three girls around him looked at each other slyly. The forth girl suddenly jumped on him pinning him to the bed.

"Don't lie to us," she cooed. She moved closer till their lips where only centimetres apart. " Jin is hot." She whispered just loud enough for all to here. The other three girls agreed moving onto the bed. "He has a great body."

"Oh yeah," added one of the other girls who had moved to lie across Hwoarang's legs. He felt his body tense slightly at her touch and the soft breath of the other on his lips made his heart beat faster. His action didn't go unnoticed by the girl sat on top of him.

"Hmm, you think so too, huh?"

He tried to reply but could only move his lips in silence. He couldn't believe what these girls were doing.

"He has the most beautiful eyes." Another girl moved to lean her head on his shoulder.

"He..." started Hwoarang. The girl sat on him raised her head away from temptation waiting for his reply. "He has stupid hair!" He yelled. This only seemed to entice the girls more and under normal circumstances Hwoarang would have enjoyed this. However with their teasing also came mental images of the "Sexy" Jin Kazama and that was disturbing. After much tickling, giggling and pillow fighting the four girls left with a promise to be back the next morning to prepare Meiran for her date. Too exhausted to heat up more water to turn back into a guy he flopped down on his bed and closed his eyes. He was met instantly by the image of Jin standing close to him, so close he could taste his breath on his lips. Marron eyes staring deep into his own, moving closer. He gasped sitting up. He took a few deep breaths muttering a few curses while he was at it.

"Stupid girls." He moved over to the kettle and decided to heat up some water anyway.

The loud banging on the door woke Hwoarang up from his deep slumber. He groggily fell out of bed and made his way to the door checking the clock on his way.


"Hwoa-Meiran, let me in!" Came a yell at the other side of the door. Rubbing his forehead he opened the door to a surprised looking Xiaoyu.

"Wha...What the hell do you think youíre doing!?" She yelled pushing him back inside and shutting the door. "Answering the door while youíre still a guy! In boxers too, are you nuts? Anybody could have seen you!" Hwoarang only yawned in reply and moved over to the mini stove to make himself some coffee.

"Did you come here just to rant?" He asked holding back another yawn. He raised an eyebrow when Xiaoyu shifted her whole mood.

"Actually," she said sweetly, he sensed a little bit of hope in her voice too. "I came to ask a favour of you."

"What?" He asked suspiciously stirring his coffee.

"Well rumour all over school is..."

He raised the coffee mug to his lips.

" 'Ling Meiran' going out on a date with Jin Kazama today."

Perfect timing. Hwoarang had just taken a sip of the coffee as Xiaoyu finished her sentence, due to surprise he ended up spiting it out.

"Ow, man that nearly came out my nose!"

Xiaoyu gave him a funny look as he started coughing and hitting his chest.

"How," ::cough:: "How the hell did you know about that?"

Xiaoyu blinked. "You mean it's true?"

Hwoarang turned away.

"This is perfect!" She squealed happily clasping her hands together.

He spun back to face her I thought she'd be mad. Xiaoyu moved to lean on the counter looking up hopefully at Hwoarang.

"I want you to try to get along with Jin today."

The image of Jin leaning closer to him flashed through his mind and he reddened. "What the hell are you insinuating!?" He yelled.

Luckily, Xiaoyu mistook the flush in his cheeks for anger. "Shh~ No need to get so mad." She laughed "If you can get close to Jin then maybe..." It was her turn to blush. "Maybe I can too."

Hwoarang fell to the ground.

"Please," she pleaded as he got back up. "You're both in the same class. If you, my cousin, get along with him it will give me an excuse to see him for more than just practice or in the corridor. Please?" She gave him the puppy eyes. "I know it's asking a lot, but can't you at least pretend you like him?"

For a while they stared each other down. Xiaoyu's puppy eyes against Hwoarang's glare.

"Fine!" Hwoarang threw his hands up in defeat. "I'll do it, I'll try to set you up with Jin."

Xiaoyu leaped over the counter throwing her arms around Hwoarang's neck in a big hug.

"Oh! Hwoarang thank you so much!" She squealed.

"Yeah well you owe me." It was then another knock came at the door.

"I'll get it," said Xiaoyu letting go of his neck and bouncing across the room happily. "You change." She looked Hwoarang up and down before adding. "And put on some girls clothes" He grumbled picking up his uniform, went into the bathroom and locked the door.

"Hi," said Xiaoyu as she opened the door to four girls.

"We've come to help Meiran get ready for her date." The girls held up bags full of clothes and other accessories. Xiaoyu looked back to the bathroom where a female Hwoarang looked back from the edge of the door.

"Got anything sexy?" She asked as she let the four girls in. From the bathroom came the sound of a heavy thud.

After almost two hours they had managed to get Hwoarang into a pair of denim blue peddle pushers a chain dangling from the belt hooks. He also wore a short sleeve beige shirt that clung tightly to his body. He refused makeup and so the girls had spent the last half-hour playing with his hair. All they seemed to have done was put a few clasps in. He noticed a small braid among the strands of his left side.

"This better pay off big," he mumbled to Xiaoyu when he thought the others werenít listening. She laughed patting him hard on the back.

"Calm down, at least I talked them out of putting you in a dress."

He growled.

"My, look it's almost 11:00 isn't Jin here yet," she stated loudly, turning away from him.

"Oh yeah, there he is!" Exclaimed one of the girls looking through the window. Hwoarang felt his pulse begin to race. No way! I'm not scared of this!

"You better hurry." Xiaoyu grabbed his arm and pulled him out the door and down the hall. As they got to the main door she stopped.

"Please, all you need to do is try and be nice." With that she shoved him out of the building.

Jin looked up from his bike to see Meiran stumble out of the building. From behind the glass door he saw Xiaoyu run back. He smiled and looked at his date. Even though she didn't smile she was radiantly beautiful. He tried to get further thoughts out of his head, I'm only trying to make her like me, nothing more, he repeated over and over. She was dressed pretty casual, no makeup, she doesnít need any. He shook his head.

She walked up to him looking up into his face.

He gulped.

She smiled. "Good morning." It almost sounded forced but he ignored that and handed her a helmet. Without question she put it on and sat behind him on the bike.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. Hwoarang looked up into Jin's dark brown eyes and tried to smile as he greeted him. He didn't trust himself to say anything more and bit his tongue while taking the helmet from Jin and sitting down on the bike behind him. Looking up to his window he saw Xiaoyu and the 4 other girls waving at them. Hwoarang rolled his eyes and sat back.

Jin turned slightly and grinned. "You better hold on tight." He kicked the break and twisted the accelerator. Hwoarang cursed to himself as he let out a small yelp and grabbed onto the back of Jin's red and black jacket before he fell off. As the sped off Hwoarang found himself hugging tighter into Jin's back.

From an empty room on the top floor of the girls dormitory someone watched them leave through a pair of binoculars as she sat on the ledge of the open window. She picked up a file entitled 'Kazama, Jin 6.2 C1.' and smiled a ruthless evil smile. "Looks like our little Jin has got himself a girlfriend," She laughed throwing the file to the floor. "Only makes my job allot easier."

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