Author's Note: After extensive play of Tekken Tag (On my bro-in-laws PS2) I fell in love with the characters...well 3 in particular: Jin, Xiaoyu and the handsome Hwoarang. I had to find out more and so I searched the net only to find out my fave guys were rivals. However there were, I found, 3 types of supporters for these 2. Jin supporters who dislike Hwoarang, Hwoarang supporters who dislike Jin. And the one which I began to favour Jin x Hwoarang or Hwoarang x Jin (JxH HxJ) supporters. Heh, can you tell? I also like GW (1x2/2x1 3x4 love) which is how I got the title for this fic. "Only half ourselves" or "Minna hambun ni naru" is a line from Quatre's image song "I'm your friend". (It's a must get for all 04 fans). As for Ranma, I believe that anything can be crossed-over with it. Even if it is just the idea of Jusenkyo, as this fic is, but look out for Ranma and Genma's brief cameo. Forgive me if someone has done this before, after all Ranma x-overs are very popular.

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Only Half Ourselves

Chapter 2

By Mana

Hwoarang followed the Vice-Principal down the hallways of the school. He was beginning to get uncharacteristically nervous after all he had quit school a long time ago to train with master Baek.

"Ah here we are." Hwoarang looked up at the sigh above the door clearly stating that this was class 6.2 C1.

"Don't be nervous, Miss Ling."

Hwoarang cringed at the name.

"We will go in, introduce you to the class and at break the class president will show you around the school." Before he could say anything she opened the door and stepped into the awaiting classroom.

He grunted and followed. "Hi my name is... Ling Meiran." He didn't look at them but he could still feel them looking at him. He could hear the faint mumbling of "What a cutie" and "I'd like a piece of that fire" It almost made him sick.

"Miss Ling is the cousin of or own Miss Ling Xiaoyu from class 4.1 A3." This caught the attention of someone sat near the back of the classroom. He raised an eyebrow in mild interest. These went totally unnoticed by Hwoarang who was busy inspecting a mark in the carpet rather than face the eyes of 6.2 C1. He nearly sighed with relief when the teacher told him to sit. He managed to survive an hour of math and an hour of English before the break. He sat looking around wondering who the class president was. I hope it's some cute chick he thought grinning to himself. Someone tapped him from behind.

"Excuse me, Miss Ling." Hwoarang frowned, it was a guy. "I'm the class president." He frowned even more those tones sounded awfully familiar. "If you come with me I'll show you around." It can't be! Slowly Hwoarang looked up to see the friendly smile of his greatest rival, Jin Kazama.

"Um, are you okay?" Jin looked genially concerned as Hwoarang paled.

School policy; no fighting ANYONE.

"This whole top block is all 6th year students..." Hwoarang glared into the back of his rival not paying any attention to what he was saying. She KNEW! "...In the last year..." How dare she! "...Great view..." First she curses me, "...Student rec..." enrols me into a MISHIMA high school, "...Down below..." And puts me into a class with this...

"Guwaaa!" he screamed. Jin turned round startled. He frowned knowing there was something not right with this girl but he couldn't figure out what. She was beautiful, hard to believe she was Xiaoyu's cousin.

"Are you sure you're alright?" he ventured. The girl replied with an icicle glare that might have put someone else into a coma, but not Jin. "Uh...As I was saying," He decided to carry on without explanation. " Down below is the Gym hall, it's the only place we're aloud to train." This caught Hwoarang's attention.


"Fight." Hwoarang grinned and walked passed Jin grabbing his necktie and dragging him towards the stairs.

"Where are we going?"

Hwoarang pulled Jin's face level with his own. "Oh, you simply must show me this Gym."

"Um, this is the gym." I got a bad feeling about this. "It's a pretty large facility so we are able to hold many contests here or in the grand outside. Upstairs is the aerobics and weight’s room. Umm..." 'Meiran' didn't look like she was listening to a word he said. Instead she seemed to be stretching. Warming up. Jin swallowed she was very nimble and good with her legs...He turned away blushing slightly.

"We have time before we have to be back for class, so why don't we have a little match." Hwoarang smirked this girl thing was becoming amusing.

"Of course Xiaoyu's cousin would be a fighter. Alright, I'll go easy on you."

He expected her to go low with a style much like Xiaoyu's that mostly attacked with speed and power through her hands. He hadn't however expected her to go high and kick down into his shoulder. He barley dodged the kick getting an eyeful of fresh white panties while he was at it. He stumbled away holding his nose that was threatening to bleed.

"Your style..." He managed "...It's different from Xiaoyu's."

Hwoarang dropped the leg he had raised prepared for the next attack, for some reason Jin had stopped.

"What style is it?" Jin smiled at him, again with that friendly smile that was beginning to annoy him. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Where did you learn to fight?" Hwoarang stepped back. He hadn't thought about disguising his fighting technique. One he knew Jin knew very well. Master Beak's school of Tae kwon do. He couldn't tell him that! So he turned and ran for it, leaving behind a very confused Jin.

Hwoarang didn't run far before realising that Jin didn't follow. Damn! I need to think this stupid thing through more. I can't let Jin or anyone find out who I really am! He looked up to hear the school bell telling him that class 6.2 C1 should now move to the chemistry lab somewhere in the Stella Maris building. However Hwoarang had no idea as to where that was. He decided to lay down on the grass and get some sun after all if Meiran was missing it would be the guide that would get into all the trouble. With that thought he smiled and drifted of into a gentle slumber.

An hour, perhaps 2 passed before his nap was interrupted by a shadow over him.

"Hey pal, do you mind?!" He opened his eyes to see an enraged Xiaoyu. "Oh, it's you."

"I'm glad to see you had a productive day. Perhaps you should know that Jin got into a lot of trouble because of you."

"Great." He closed his eyes again raising his arms to rest under his head.

"And not just by the faculty!"


"I'll let you find that one out by yourself."

"Yeah, Whatever." Xiaoyu rolled her eyes.

"The dorm managers are arranging for you to have your own room. You move in tonight."

"Great, lots of good news!"

"Ugh! Your unbelievable!" Without another word she stormed off in the direction of the Girls dormitory.

Hwoarang let out a content sigh Yup, today was very productive.

His rest was once again interrupted by some shouts nearby. He would have just ignored them had he not heard the name "Kazama" being yelled. He climbed high into a nearby tree so he could get a good view of what was going on without being noticed. As he expected there was Jin surrounded by a group of boys. Hwoarang recognised some of the boys as those from class 6.2 C1. He leaned slightly over the branch to hear what they were saying.

"I didn't do anything!" Jin crossed his arms over his chest giving his fellow students an annoyed look.

"And you call your self a man!?" Retorted one of the other students. Jin rolled his eyes and turned away from them slightly and they continued to rant at him. Hwoarang couldn't make out everything the boys were shouting but apparently when the boys were angry at something Jin had done to one of the girls in the class. Jin a pervert? Even Hwoarang couldn't bring himself to believe that. He was beginning to wish he hadn't missed the last 2 hours of class when Jin spoke up to his fellow peers.

"I did not fondle around with Ling Meiran!!!" Hwoarang nearly fell out of the tree. They were talking about him! How dare they suggest that I would let Jin Kazama, of all people, do such a thing! Hwoarang shook the mental image out of his head. He leaned in closer.

"Are you trying to tell us that you let a perfect opportunity like that slip?"

"And with a babe like Meiran?"

"Yeah she's hot."

Hwoarang tried to control his anger, Jin wasn't the pervert in this crowd.

"Don't deny it Kazama, I saw what happened."

This boy had not spoken before instead he had stood back from the group and watched with interest. Now he spoke the other students stepped back.

"I saw the distress in the young maidens eyes as she ran, tear ridden, away from your awful presence."

"What!?" Hwoarang quickly covered his hands over his mouth, luckily no one had heard him.

"I don't think she was crying," started Jin.

"Silence fiend!"

"What, You still got more bull to sprout? 'Cause I'm getting tired of this. You want to know what happened why don't you just ask Meiran yourselves."

"It is dishonourable to disturb a distressed girl..." Jin glared boy who shifted a little uneasily. "However to get to the truth..." As one they all turned tail and ran.

Heh, cowards Hwoarang watched them with disgust as they disappeared around a corner. As soon as they were out of sight Jin moved to lean against the tree that Hwoarang was hiding in.

"Damn, I don't need this!" He yelled as he punched his fist into the bark. His force shuddered the tree and caused Hwoarang to loose his grip.

Jin rested his head against the tree but not for long as he heard a cry coming from above. Whatever it was landed on top of him. Yup this has been a very bad day. He thought hitting his head of the ground. He turned his head only to see the source of his recent problems.

"Hey, You all right?" he asked. She held her head and moaned in reply. She really looked like she had been hurt. Or at least shocked by the fall. Moving closer to her he prayed it was just shock. She still had her eyes closed as he lifted his hands to her hair. He searched her scalp for injury and let out a sigh of relief as he found none. She reacted by opening her eyes, she seemed a little surprised at first but the look was soon erased and replaced with that ice glare.

"You're fine, no injury." But still he did not let go of her soft hair. "You heard?"


"You gotta tell them."

"Why?" Jin was taken aback. His hands dropped. "What makes you think I'd wanna help you."

Suddenly Hwoarang was taken by something unusual, something that was foreign to him, even as a street gang leader. It felt exciting. It was evil. He stood up and turned away from Jin taking hold of the collar of his shirt.

"What are you..." The rest of Jin's sentence was lost as Hwoarang screamed. Loud and very feminine. He turned and ripped open his shirt revealing soft pink flesh below.

For the second time that day Jin thought he was going to die from blood loss. He averted his gaze and looked into the mischievous almonds, he suddenly realised their plan and ran.

Hwoarang fell to his knees as the group of boys that were there only a few moments ago returned.

"Miss Meiran!" They yelled.

"What happened?"

He suddenly felt sick.

"It was that cur Kazama, wasn't it!"

He felt disgusted.

"Did he hurt you?" ...With himself.

"I fell." He heard himself say. "From the tree." He surprised himself "Kazama hasn't touch me." He was defending Jin? "And I don't cry!" He turned, holding the shreds of his shirt too cover his chest, and walked back towards the girl’s dorm. Xiaoyu is going to go nuts if she finds out about this.

Luckily it seems Xiaoyu had heard nothing about the earlier incident and so was able to move into his own room in peace. He had also been able to hide the torn shirt from her. He was still feeling guilty about what he had done to Jin and that disturbed him.

"You've been unnaturally quiet! Something up?" asked Xiaoyu as she slipped a piece of paper into the slot on the front of Hwoarang's new room.

"You like Jin don't you?" Her face reddened.

"Wha...What!? Jin? I"After five minuets of this along with waving her hands in the air she gave up. "I guess so." She sighed. "But really, he just sees me like a kid sister." for a moment she looked sad but soon cheered up "Why do you ask? I mean you hate Jin right?"

"Yeah," Hwoarang said distantly sitting down on the bed "I hate Jin Kazama." Xiaoyu blinked that sounded more of a question than a statement.

"Your rivals, so your hate is different from that of enemies. It's not an evil hatred but one built on respect. Am I right?" He smirked at her but she could tell that what she had said only made him more concerned. "We're rivals too you know." With that said she left closing the door behind her. She turned back to slot and straightened the piece of paper once more. when she finished she gently brushed her had across the printed words;

Ling, Mairan 6.2 C1

"I wonder if he understands."

Hwoarang fell back on the bed thinking about what Xiaoyu had said. Had he crossed the boundary between Hate and evil? Or is it really the same thing?

"Sure I done bad things, Hell I'm a bad guy. But that, that was evil. Maybe it has something to do with this stupid body!" He mentally thanked Xiaoyu for getting him an on suit room. He moved into the bathroom and began to prepare a hot bath. As he waited for the bath to fill he undressed wrapping himself in a fluffy white towel (He remembered to cover his torso as well). Feeling a draft coming in he walked back into his room.

"Hi there." On his bed sat Jin behind him the curtains blew through the open window. "Looks like I came at a bad time." He stood up facing the window. "I wouldn’t be long, I just want..."

"I'm sorry."


Hwoarang grit his teeth and looked at the ground. This was harder than he thought. "You wanted an apology right, I'm sorry."

Jin turned to face him. "No," Hwoarang looked up surprised "I wanted to know why you hate me."

Because you humiliated me in front of my guys, because you always manage to stay one step ahead of me, because you're worthy of my respect. His mouth moved but the words didn't come out. After all he was Ling Meiran at the moment and she had no reason to either like or hate Jin except for the sake evil.

"I'm sorry..."

"Then how about we start again. Tomorrow morning," He once again gave her a friendly smile.

"Tomorrow is Sunday?"

"Exactly. No school so I'll have plenty of time to make you like me," he laughed slightly, but noting 'Meiran's' sarcastic look he added "Or hate me."

"Humph, sure, why not." He shrugged.

"Great, I'll pick you up here at 10:00am."


"See you then." With that he jumped out the window into the darkness. Hwoarang shut the window and wandered back into the bathroom.

"Damn if I'm getting up early on a Sunday for you!" He dropped the towel and stepped into the hot bath. As he sank into the steamy water he could feel his body change shape, become bigger more muscular. His mind drifted to the previous conversation, thinking it through he sat up suddenly.

"Did he ask me out on a DATE!?"

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