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Only Half Ourselves

Chapter 4

By Mana

Hwoarang scowled. They had been driving down the same stretch of road for about half an hour. They had already left the city. Just where was Jin planning on taking him, or more where was he planning on taking Meiran?

"Do you always drive so slowly? I could probably run faster than this!" Through the helmet Hwoarang was unable to se Jinís face and so didnít see the sly grin that crept to his lips. All of a sudden he twisted the accelerator.

"You still drive like a girl!" Hwoarang shouted but he didnít realise just how close and how tightly he was holding on to Jinís waist. Jin smiled and didnít reply.

It wasnít too long after, that Jin turned of the road onto a track that led into the forest. Hwoarang just caught glimpse of a sign that read "Jun Kazama Memorial Preserve".


They soon pulled up in front of a large cabin. It was busy with all sorts of people. Naturists, bird watchers and even botanists but there were also a lot of young people here. Hwoarang could just hear the sounds of an arcade from inside the cabin, and a little to the left there was a lake where the youngsters were headed to engage in some water-fun activities.

"Master Kazama!?" He heard someone shout. Hwoarang took off his helmet and looked toward the origin. There was middle aged looking man running towards them. When he reached them he stood there a little out of breath.

"Harada Sensei," Jin said cheerfully taking off his helmet.

"Master Kazama," The sensei puffed. "You should have informed us of your arrival..." He looked like he was about to go on until he noticed Hwoarangís presence. "... A girl?" Hwoarang twitched but said nothing.

"This is Ling Meiran, she is Xiaoyuís cousin."

Hwoarang just nodded while he got off the bike.

"Ah, We see Miss Xiaoyu here often in our arcade." He bowed low, a show of respect Hwoarang was not used to receiving. "I had no idea she had a cousin. Itís a pleasure."

"Yeah, well..." Hwoarang wasnít sure what else to say and he turned away watching youngsters trying to Yacht on the lake. "Emphasis on trying," he added.

He wasnít paying any attention to Jin and Harada Senseiís conversation that he was surprised to hear his name mentioned.

"It appears that Master Hwoarang has disappeared somewhere in China. He hasnít been seen or heard from in several weeks."

"Master? Is this old guy polite about everyone? Heh, even a guy like me?"

"It isnít like that guy to be so stealthy!" Jin laughed; Hwoarang turned away again and seethed. "Iím sure heíll turn up wanting to kick my ass eventually, nothing to worry about."

Hwoarang turned back wide-eyed to look at the smiling Jin. "Wo... worry?" It was then Jin noticed her odd look.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing," Hwoarang said looking back to the lake, a slight blush in his cheeks.

"Could the young lady possibly be interested in our water sports?"

"Iím good at all sports but I like to yacht."

Harada sensei raised an eyebrow. "Well Iím sure we have an extra yacht you both can use. If you're up for it master Jin."

Jin paled "Uh... Well if thatís what you want to do?" Hwoarang didnít miss his nervousness

"Could it be that the Ďgreatí Jin Kazama can not yacht?"

"Letís go," Jin watched as Meiran walked ahead into the cabin.

"Interesting girl," Harada sensei said, Jin nodded. "How long have you known her?"

"Since yesterday."

Harada sensei turned to Jin looking a little shocked.

"You... You certainly do work fast Master Kazama!"

Jin blushed. "Itís not like that!!"

The old man giggled. "Yes of course, never the less there is something off about her. Be careful, Master Kazama."

Jin gave him a questioning look but got no further answer. He turned and ran to catch up with Meiran.

When Jin was out of hearing range he finally spoke.

"That fiery red hair, that sharp personality, good at sports, particularly loves Yachting and that accent... Iíd swear it was Korean not Chinese." Harada sensei let out a small sigh and shook his head. "Master Kazama still has a lot to learn about the world." With that he smiled and walked towards the cabin.

Unknown to the three inside the cabin another bike had pulled up in the car park. The driver was clearly female. She was dressed all in tight black, and wasnít afraid to show a little flesh, leaning over her handle bars looking over at the cabin were Jin and the others had just entered. Young men passing by stopped and stared at this mysterious beauty but they quickly ran when she turned to face them. Even though her helmet covered her face they could feel her glare. It made the hair on their neck stand, this was not a woman to mess with.

Hwoarang looked over the yacht Harada sensei presented to them. It was their finest and truly a marvellous contraption. He found that it moved so easily in the water and the wind today was perfect. He pulled at a rope and moved the sail slightly to turn. It only just missed Jin who was looking slightly more nervous by the minute.

"Yeah, this isnít so bad," he said aloud. Jin shifted slightly and fumbled with the steer a little.

"Thatís good, you look like you know what youíre doing." Hwoarang grinned. "... And you donít? Can it be youíre afraid of a little water?"

"Donít be silly." Jin stood up to help ĎMeiraní steady the sail but as he did so Hwoarang placed a foot on the edge of the yacht and pushed. The yacht leaned far left and Jin fell to his knees holding the right side. Hwoarang laughed, he had never seen his rival at such a disadvantage before. It was... amusing.

Suddenly something in the water caught Hwoarangís eye. It was a small remote control boat speeding straight towards them. He looked around and saw on the shore the shadow of a figure holding the remote. It was a woman but that was all he could make out. A small tap on the side of the boat told him that it had reached them. Jin and Hwoarang leaned slightly over to look at it.

A high pitched "beep" was coming from the small boat and Jin's eyeís widened.

"Get down!" He yelled pulling at Hwoarangís arm and covering the "girlís" body with his. For a moment Hwoarang felt his heart jump a beat as he remembered his dream from the night before. Jinís body felt so warm...

The little boat exploded stopping Hwoarangís thoughts from going any deeper to forbidden places. It wasnít a very big explosion but it was enough to cause damage to the yacht causing it to rock ferociously. In trying to protect Meiran, Jin lost his balance and fell into the water.

Hwoarang wasted no time he scowled looking at the damage to the once marvellous yacht and quickly turned the sails toward the shore. He could see the woman walking away. He growled wishing the winds were a little faster.

Jin broke the surface panting for breath. The yacht wasnít nearby anymore. Looking about he finally saw that Meiran was headed back to shore. He sighed. "Perhaps she still hates me". Looking again he saw where she was headed. A woman was walking slowly into the forest she stopped and turned back as if waiting. "No! Sheís trying to lure Meiran into a trap!" He tried to shout her name but only got a mouth full of salt water instead. "Damn, even if I swim I wonít get there fast enough! But... What else can I do!" Without further thought Jin began to swim after the yacht.

"That bitch! Sheís waiting for me!!" Hwoarang growled as he reached the shore. He jumped the last stretch to dry land and ran after the mysterious woman who turned to run deeper into the forest. The chase didnít last long before Hwoarang found himself in a clearing facing off with a familiar enemy.

"Nina Williams," he stated taking his usual loose fighting stance.

"Iím surprised you know of me little girl," she laughed "I thought you were just another brat from the Mishima High school.

Hwoarang opened his mouth to say something and quickly shut it again. He had forgotten that he was Meiran right now. He grinned thinking that this could be slightly to his advantage but then he had never fought as a girl before.

"Well then girl..."

Hwoarang flinched.

"Show me what youíve got." She took her stance.

It has been an old habit of Hwoarang's that he will never go all out in a first fight and this fight with Nina was no different. He started simply only using half his potential but unfortunately he underestimated the difference in size and weight between his male self and female self. Nina gave him a forceful backhand that would have only knocked his male self off balance slightly but his lighter female self was knocked flying into a nearby tree.

Nina laughed watching as the "little girl" rubbed the blood of her lip.

"Damn." He looked down at his clenched fist. This time he was going all out. He couldnít risk making a mistake like that again. He stood up and glared at the Irish woman noting that her stance had loosened a bit. His old trick had worked he just hoped his female body could handle the pressure of Ninaís blows. He ran straight into a giri giri chop (Haunting hawk) taking Nina off guard. Hwoarang took advantage of that moment and lifted his leg high in the air gathering his energy for a final blow... But Nina recovered too quickly and spun round using that force she dug her elbow into Hwoarang's stomach. He fell back gasping for breath. Nina however just stood there watching as Hwoarang tried to stand holding his stomach.

"I didnít think Master Baek had any female students," she said simply fiddling with something in her fingers. Hwoarang looked up at her shocked. "I thought your style was very similar but this..." She held up a necklace "Just proves you are one of his, how ironic" Hwoarang reached for his neck were the necklace had once been, as expected he felt nothing.

"Give that back!" He growled reaching out and grabbing Ninaís wrist as he got a grip he pulled back throwing Nina to the ground and attacking her neck. Her grip on the necklace loosened and Hwoarang took it back. For a short while Nina lay on the ground and laughed.

"You're fast when it comes to things you care about." She stood up flexing her wrist. "That wonít do you any good though. You see this is my favourite outfit and you got it all dirty rolling about in the mud there. I positively will not forgive that."

Hwoarang did his best to block the flurry of attacks that came from Nina but he was eventually pushed back onto the ground with a final energetic burst from Nina into his stomach. He felt a stinging sensation come from his left arm.

"What...When did that happen!?" There was a large cut on his left arm that was bleeding heavily. Nina pulled out the knife that was strapped to her thigh and teasingly licked the now blood stained blade.

"Iíll remember that taste, girl." She walked slowly over to the injured ígirlí, "You're coming with me." But she stopped as if hearing something and looked out at the forest. Suddenly she was caught as a wave of objects rushed past her cutting into her clothes and flesh. She faltered but remained stood glaring at the newcomer.

He was just a young boy of about 16 years. He had a mop of thick black hair held back slightly by a yellow and black bandanna. Several she could see as he had some in his hands. "That was the weapon that cut into me!?" Nina was speechless this little brat had injured her with nothing more than a few bandannaís. The boys deep brown eyes borrowed into her.

"I wouldnít like to fight a woman but itís clear to me you are not a good person." He took a low stance his every move showing that this was a boy who wasnít just talented but was also made up of shear power. Hwoarang could feel it emanating from the boy and he was sure Nina could too.

"We finish this some other time!" Nina stated and quickly left.

The boy relaxed and let out a soft sigh before turning to Hwoarang.

"My name is Ryouga Hibiki." He smiled shyly "Are you alright?" Ryouga swallowed hard. The girl he had just saved was beautiful. Her face was strangely pale and then he noticed her arm. It wasnít a serious wound luckily but she had lost a lot of blood. He took one of his bandannas and wrapped it tightly around the girlís arm. "That should help a little you should see a doctor though."

"Iím a fast healer," she said weakly.

"Wh... Whatís your name?" "Sheís so beautiful" He blushed "No... no Akane is beautiful! Akane, Akane..."

"Hwoarang," she said standing up leaning on the tree for support "Hwoarang is beautiful..." Ryouga shook his head. "Thanks for the help. Iíll be alright from now on." Ryouga tried not to look too disappointed.

"If you're sure?" Hwoarang nodded. "Then umm... Could you possibly tell me the way to Nerima?" Hwoarang blinked. Ryouga scratched the back of his head and blushed "Iím a little lost."

"A Little?" thought Hwoarang. "Isnít Nerima back in Tokyo!?"

Hwoarang gave him directions as best he could and even had to turn him to face the right direction before he let him go off on his own. "This guy may be a good fighter but he is totally clueless!"

Ryouga waved back at him as he walked away in the right direction (Finally).

"I hope we can meat again Miss Hwoarang. Good bye!" Hwoarang fell over he had forgotten, again, that he was still a girl.

"Meiran!!" Hwoarang turned to hear his female name come from somewhere in the foliage. Soon Jin came running into the clearing, A very wet and muddy Jin but still Jin Kazama. He looked around only to see Meiran standing putting a necklace on around her neck.

"You missed the fight," she said simply and walked passed him back towards the cabin. Jin however did not miss her pale complexion or the trickle of blood from her lip or even the blood soaked bandanna around her left arm but he decided to say nothing right now. Ling Meiran was truly a mysterious person. As they walked back in silence Jin couldnít help but find himself more and more intrigued by her enigma.

Notes: I know nothing about yachting, sorry ^.^;; The necklace... It was a while ago but I remember completing Tekken 2 with Baek and he had a necklace. I think Hwoarang would have kept it as a memory of his master, Aww~~ (I donít remember what the pic in the necklace was though ^.^;; )

Ryouga-kun... Yup, Ryouga Hibiki was indeed my planned guest appearance. I think I made him sound a little to... Hmmm, manly lol.

Hahaha~ I need to write a chapter where Jin-kun doesnít get cursed with bad luck lolol~ XD

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