Author's Note: After extensive play of Tekken Tag (On my bro-in-laws PS2) I fell in love with the characters...well 3 in particular: Jin, Xiaoyu and the handsome Hwoarang. I had to find out more and so I searched the net only to find out my fave guys were rivals. However there were, I found, 3 types of supporters for these 2. Jin supporters who dislike Hwoarang, Hwoarang supporters who dislike Jin. And the one which I began to favour Jin x Hwoarang or Hwoarang x Jin (JxH HxJ) supporters. Heh, can you tell? I also like GW (1x2/2x1 3x4 love) which is how I got the title for this fic. "Only half ourselves" or "Minna hambun ni naru" is a line from Quatre's image song "I'm your friend". (It's a must get for all 04 fans). As for Ranma, I believe that anything can be crossed-over with it. Even if it is just the idea of Jusenkyo, as this fic is, but look out for Ranma and Genma's brief cameo. Forgive me if someone has done this before, after all Ranma x-overs are very popular.

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Only Half Ourselves

Chapter 1

By Mana

Several weeks ago...

"Man, What a dump." The young Korean looked over his surroundings.

"Wait till I get my hands on her, she said this place would be great!" he growled brushing a hand through his fiery red hair.

"Ah but, customer, this is great place. Great training ground Jusenkyo. Long ago it..."

"Training ground you say." Hwoarang cut him off throwing his backpack to the ground. He cracked his knuckles and leaped high into the air.

"Ah wait sir!" It was too late Hwoarang landed with ease on a long bamboo pole that stood vertically out of a small spring. They're where many springs like that one and he jumped from one to the other in a display of various kicks and even some punches. This is too easy he thought balancing one legged on a bamboo pole. It was just then he felt a weight descend upon on his head; as if someone were using it as a springboard. He was only just able to regain his balance as he did so he looked up to see a blurry black and white image bounce off into the distance.

"What the..." He managed but any further thought was interrupted.

"Oh not you don't!" Screamed a high-pitched voice behind him. That feeling again, but this time Hwoarang was not able to regain his balance. "Get back here, pop!" He heard the voice scream and he fell, head first, into the spring below.

Jusenkyo, it was normally a peaceful place. Plum marked off another number on the chalkboard as she heard a scream echo from the springs below. "Lots of visitors now."


Xiaoyu sighed as she placed her books inside her bag. So much homework! How am I going to find time to train? She picked up the bag and ran out of the classroom as quick as she could. If I hurry I might run into Jin! She thought giggling as she ran through the hallways. She slowed down in front of Jin's classroom only to be disappointed that no one was there. She kicked at the ground and continued towards the exit. She moaned noting the light drizzle of rain outside. As she reached inside her bookbag for her umbrella she sensed something coming towards her, fast. She raised her bookbag just in time to see it connect with a spurred boot that tore it out of her hands.

"Hey!" She yelled taking a good look at her foe. It was a girl perhaps a little older than herself. Wet red hair (obviously dyed) plastered the sides of her face. She stood there heaving in the rain. Xiaoyu looked away in disgust. She isn't even wearing a bra! The girl wore a white sleeveless T-shirt that had become see-through in the rain. It didn't seem to bother her as it clung tightly to her chest.

"Don't look away from me, Xiaoyu! This is all your fault!" The red head screamed at her. Xiaoyu blinked at the girl.

"Sorry, do I know you?"

"Know me! You sent me to that damn training ground, Jusenkyo or whatever, now look at me!"

"Jusenkyo?" Realisation dawned on her, she had only told one person about Jusenkyo and that was "...Hwoarang?" She asked, a little uncertain. The girl turned her head away in annoyance but a slight blush had crept into her cheeks. Now Xiaoyu took a better look at the girl the similarities were unmistakable, the red hair, the clothes. "I had heard stories but..." She stepped forward poking Hwoarang in the breast as if checking they were real.

"Do you mind!" She...He snapped.

"I...I can't believe this. Is it... Is it permanent?"

"The guide said that hot water should change the effects but cold water triggers it again." Xiaoyu didn't realise that she was staring, jaw dropped, at the boy turned girl before her. As a girl he had an excellent figure. She was very jealous.

"What are you gawking at!?" He yelled, Xiaoyu held back a laugh as Hwoarang's voice raised a few pitches. "Go get me some hot water!"

"For the hundredth time - I'm sorry. Jeez, you'd think being a girl was so bad." She opened the door to her dormitory room. She had agreed to let Hwoarang stay with her until they sorted out his little 'situation'.

"Of course it's bad." Muttered Hwoarang patting his now flat but muscular chest. "One hit with cold water and I become weak, short and... Stumpy" Xiaoyu had had enough she picked up a nearby vase and throw its contents over him.

"What the hell did you do that for!?" The now high voice screamed at her. Xiaoyu fought with herself to remain serious. The flowers in his hair made him look like some heroin of a fairy tale.

"Women are not weak!" she stated, eyes closed. She didn't dare to look at him. "...And that 'stumpiness' is a figure most women would kill for!" She opened her eyes trying to glare but instead had to bite her tongue. "One more thing," She turned away. "This is a girls dorm no men aloud!" Hwoarang fell face first into the ground. She couldn't help it. Xiaoyu started laughing.

"Why you little..." His curses were interrupted by an older woman bursting into the room.

"Miss Ling!" Bellowed the tweed-clad woman. "It had been brought to my attention that you have taken a man to your room!" She grabbed Hwoarang by the shoulders spinning him around. "Now young man I'm not..." She trailed of into silence, Hwoarang raised an eyebrow at her.

"You got a problem?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Miss. It seems my information was mistaken." She shook her head "Never the less visitors are not aloud on school premises on weekdays" Xiaoyu thought quickly saying the first thing she could think of that wouldn't get her into trouble with the school faculty. Mishima polytechnic had very strict policy.

"She's transferring!" She blurted out.

"Excuse me?"


Xiaoyu laughed nervously putting an arm around Hwoarang. "This is my cousin, um... Meiran. She just arrived today." The Woman looked from Xiaoyu to Hwoarang expectantly.

"Yeah, Meiran that's me." He grumbled. She seemed satisfied by this and smiled.

"Well miss Meiran welcome to Mishima polytechnic high school. I hope to see you in my office first thing tomorrow so we can allocate you to a class." With that she left.

Xiaoyu flopped down on a chair. "Wow, that was close." she sighed. She gulped looking up to see flames in Hwoarang's eyes. "Hey, is ah...Something wrong?"

"This is MISHIMA!!?" Xiaoyu held her hands up, more to conceal the grin on her face than to calm him down, as he yelled verbal abuse.

The next morning Xiaoyu insisted in accompanying Hwoarang to, as he had found out, the vice-principal's office. She stood before him a moment looking him over disapprovingly. "My, we shall defiantly have to do something about this unladylike dress." Sure enough Hwoarang stood wearing his usual white T-shirt and blue jeans.


Xiaoyu nudged him and handed the vice-principal a bag. "I talked to some of the other girls; I believe these should fit hi...her." Xiaoyu winced at her near mistake.

"Ah, this is more like it." Hwoarang's jaw dropped as he saw the contents of the bag. Before he could open his mouth to complain Xiaoyu nudged him.

"I tried to warn you last night," she whispered "but you were to busy complaining about this being at a Mishima school."

"I am not wearing a skirt!" He declared. The vice-principal looked at him taken slightly aback.

"This is standard uniform," She frowned "And such an attitude shall not be tolerated in this school!"

After much struggling Hwoarang, or rather the lovely Miss Ling Meiran, was in Mishima Polytechnic standard school uniform. He pulled at the edge of his skirt "It's too short." He grumbled. He began to shift his shoulders uncomfortably "This bra is too tight." He itched his ankle with his other foot "And what did you put on me to keep these socks up!?"

"Oh stop it! The skirt shows of your legs, that bra is a size 34D! And that's sock touch it's fashionable. You look stunning." She twirled him to the mirror and he got the first proper glimpse of his female form.


"Now Miss Meiran you will be in Higher 3rd year. Let's see now," Xiaoyu giggled at Hwoarang's stupter as the vice-principal searched though her records. "I believe there is extra room in class 6.2 C1."

Xiaoyu stopped laughing abruptly.

"Cousin dear." From behind she put her arms around Hwoarang's neck and whispered into his ear. "You know school policy; No fighting ANYONE during school hours." She winked at him. Hwoarang shrugged and went back to admiring his form in the mirror.

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