Looking Out For You

Chapter 6 - Losing You

By Lalapad

The sun flowed through the room and Nina smiled widely as she stretched. She laid her leg across Kazuya's waist and laughed inside herself when she felt his hand on her thigh. Yesterday night was beautiful. She could still taste Kazuya's honey taste on her lips. It made her tingle.

"Do you have a partner in the tournament?" Nina asked softly. She caressed Kazuya's chest as she waited for the answer.

"I have an idea as to who I want to team up with," Kazuya spoke.

Nina thought to herself before she sat up and looked Kazuya in his dark brown eyes. She looked towards the door and smiled. Yes, she knew exactly who Kazuya would team up with.

Red drove to the house Jin was said to be located. He parked his car along the street.

"What do we do now, Sarg?" A young man asked. The male wore a black knit cap, a black sweat shirt, and baggy black jeans that were rolled up to lie on the top of his black boots. It was the same as Red's attire and as the other three men.

"We wait for Jin to appear," Red replied. He shivered as he saw the eyes that came from under that knit cap. That young man, Jonathan, was not the normal soldier that he was used to dealing with. The three men that Heihachi had ordered to come with Red were high assassins. They were trained since birth. Heihachi had somehow gotten enough money to buy such killers who's only thoughts were to complete the mission at hand. They were raised much like Heihachi had raised his sons.

Red let his hands tighten around the steering wheel. Heihachi had warned Red to let the four soldiers know that he was the one in charge or they would run all over him. He'd made that clear enough, but one glance into those four's eyes and he knew he was on cracked ice.

It was either the angelic look that Jin gave off when he slept or the noise he would make when he was content in his sleep. Hwoarang didn't know what, but he knew he was so turned on. He banged his head against the bed post and shuddered. He had fallen, and the worst thing ever, was it wasn't one of those sexy models from the swimsuit magazines. It was Jin Kazama, the best fighter since Kazuya, and the local rich boy.

It was the worst. Hwoarang's thoughts stopped as his cell phone began to ring. He glanced over onto Marcus's desk and decided to answer it. Maybe the conversation would get his thoughts off of Jin's beautiful face.

"Hwoarang, you haven't called me in two days," a sweet, but angry voice fluttered over the phone. Hwoarang closed his eyes and groaned. Not here, not now, he began to think.

"I've been busy lately."

"Busy. You've been so busy you couldn't leave a one word message on my machine. Hey, was all I would have needed."

"Listen, Mikka, I won't be dropping by for late night sex anymore."

"Why? You've finally settled down? With who?"

Hwoarang swung his legs over the edge of the bed and let his elbows come to rest on his knees as he pondered whether he should tell Mikka about his relationship or keep it on the down low. He decided not to. Mikka wouldn't understand his love for Jin; besides the chick talked.

"You don't know her," Hwoarang spoke before he could stop himself. Her! Wrong gender, buddy. He threw a look towards the bed where Jin was resting. God, he hoped Jin was still asleep.

"I bet I do know her. Give me some descriptions."

Hwoarang laughed slightly. No girl ever made him nervous like Mikka did. The bitch was way to controlling. He liked that though. He always liked her straight to the point, take no bull-shit attitude. He decided that he would give her the descriptions, see how close she would come to getting the picture.

"Well she has short black hair that cascades around her shoulders, even though she wears her hair up a lot of the time," Hwoarang began. "And she has these beautiful liquid brown eyes, a small round nose, beautiful full lips, and a tight ass that I just love to stare at."

"What's her ethinicity?"

"She's japanese."

"Oh, well I don't have enough information. Is she over there? Put her on the phone. Let me see who got you whipped"

Hwoarang ignored the last part of the sentence, and instead of yelling that he wasn't whipped, he began to panic. If he were to put Jin on the phone, she would definitely know Jin was a male. Hwoarang turned around, feeling eyes on his back, and jumped off the bed when he realized Jin was looking at him with those deep brown eyes. He backed up against the wall in fear.

"Oh shit, my battery's low," Hwoarang suddenly lied.

"Hwoarang you better not hang up on me," Mikka began before her poor english started into a long strand of Spanish that was to hard on Hwoarang's innocent ears.

Hwoarang shut the lid of his silver cell and smiled at Jin. "How much of that conversation did you hear?"

"Her?" Jin asked. "So I'm a girl now?"

"I had to think of something to get that chick off the phone. If I told her the truth, we'd be on the national news station."

"Or is it you're ashamed?"

"Hell no, I'm not ashamed," Hwoarang climbed onto the bed. He snuggled against Jin and grinned. "It's just I need to be the one to tell my friends, not her."

Jin nodded slowly. He guessed he could understand. He didn't know if he wanted people at his school knowing about this personal relationship. In fact he wanted the relationship to stay low for a little bit, until he was sure about it himself. It's just he'd never be able to tell people Hwoarang was a girl.

Hwoarang smiled wider before he pushed Jin against the bed. "Now that we got that pushed aside, let's fuck."

Jin blushed. He would have protested if Hwoarang wasn't already busy pushing his pants down to his ankles. "Hwoarang I got things to-" Jin started, stopping when he felt a warm mouth over his length. He closed his eyes as he tried to start the sentence over again, but the words seemed to come out as long strands of meaningless moans. He gave up on trying to speak when Hwoarang's skillful tongue wrapped around his length, and it was pulled all the way back into Hwoarang's throat. He just couldn't stop thinking how could Hwoarang do that. He never dreamed of touching anyone like that. Not even a woman.

Jin felt his fingers curl into Hwoarang's red hair and felt himself stiffen into ecstasy. Hwoarang sucked him dry before he lifted him up to give Jin a long passionate kiss, only pulling away to take a long breath before he began biting and sucking those delicious honey-tasting lips once more.

Jin's eyes narrowed as he reached down to pull his pants back up over his hips, feeling very insecure. "You know you're a potential rapist," Jin spoke, his cheeks very red. He couldn't stop feeling embarrassed.


"You're supposed to ask for permission."

Hwoarang laughed. "Fuck permission. I know you wanted it."

Jin didn't bother pointing out that's what all rapist thought.

Hwoarang smiled before he leaned into Jin, taking another kiss from the boy, letting his tongue slide in between Jin's pink lips, caressing Jin's wet muscle. He grumbled softly when Jin pulled away.

Jin looked into Hwoarang's brown eyes and decided that he would need to make a decision. He ran a hand through his black hair and then spoke. "I have to go find my father and return to Heihachi's mansion," Jin stated sternly, starting to bite on his bottom lip. "So I won't be sleeping here tonight."

"Why?" Hwoarang asked quickly.

"I don't think disobeying my grandfather once again would be wise." Jin sat up in the bed.

"I think your gramps needs to back off."

Jin frowned. "I've never disrespected my grandfather before, but I know enough that doing so is dangerous even if you are his blood."

Hwoarang sighed as he leaned in to kiss Jin on the neck as thoughts of living without Jin for the night flooded his mind. What was this? He wasn't freaking out over one night. It was just one night, he began to tell himself. He hugged Jin once and pulled away. "So you're going to find your father?"


"Where will you start?"

Jin shrugged. "I guess I'll look in the most likely places. Maybe start calling apartment buildings that he is most likely to stay in."

Hwoarang nodded. "I'll help."

Jin smiled. "Well let's get going." Jin stood up off the bed and started reaching for his clothes. "I need a shower."

Hwoarang nodded. Another chance to see Jin naked. He didn't know what it was about Jin that had him all excited about seeing him naked. The only person he thought could make him that excited was . . . he shook his head. Nina was old news, turned out to be only friend material, and now not even that. She was too mature for him. He should have listened to Mark when the guy told him that the woman was too old for him. Three years? So what. He thought he could handle it. The blonde knew too much about the world for her age, seemed too wise for her years. He always jumped into things that were too much for him.

Hwoarang shuddered. He hoped with all his heart that Jin would not be to much for him. He wanted this relationship to work. The only thing that frightened him was how his friends would take it? Some of his friends would respect him whatever he did, but would they be able to accept him? Hwoarang bent over to pick up his t-shirt. Fuck them! He didn't need them if they did shun him, he decided. Even if his heart was telling him he would care.

Nina walked up to another large hotel building. Only this one was way to fancy for her liking. It reeked of lazy millionaires who had nothing to do but spend their old money on themselves and endless vacations. By the look of it though, a lot of the rich people were novice fighters coming out to test their luck at the Tekken match.

Nina waltzed past the large statue in the middle of a stone wall pond sprouting out water and past the stretch limos that lined the front of the hotel with bell boys rushing to the doors. Nina opened the glass doors with gold rims and walked into the large hotel lobby. She walked up to the long counter where a man dressed in black stood typing patiently. Nina found the man very attractive. He must have been around her age; A collage student though, no less. He had long brown hair that fell into his green eyes. High cheek bones covered with pale skin, a sharp nose, and small, but full lips.

"Hello, welcome to SunIsland hotel. Your name?"

"I'm looking for the room Lee Cholan is staying in," Nina spoke out smoothly.

The boy glanced up from his opened math book and glanced at the woman once and then lowered his eyes to type in the name.

Nina huffed. A very interesting character, Nina thought. There was not one man who could give her a look and not come back for a second glance.

The boy raised his head from the screen before he handed her a pad. "Why are you here Ms. Williams?"

The amusement left her eyes as she heard her name spoken through those full lips. He spoke it as if he knew her. She started studying that man in alarm. Who the hell was he? Her eyes slowly slid down to a tatoo at the base of his wrist. It was a black star over a blackened rose that scar probably laid right at the bottom of his throat, in the back of his neck, and right where his tailbone would be located.

The kid was a normal college student, probably a poor kid struggling to pay his way, but nothing less than one of the government's secret agents that had been sold to Heihachi to do his dirty work.

"How long has he been tracking me?" Nina asked as she swiped the pad from the boy's hands.

The boy looked across the room to another person. Nina followed that gaze from the corner of her eyes, keeping her back turned. There she saw another normal person sipping from a glass of coffee. Looked like a business man she would have never suspected.

The boy then looked to meet the gaze of another person, a bell boy who was struggling to carry a man's bags across the room. And then there was another one, another person serving the first person who she saw was sipping some coffee. That woman looked just like another hired help, but she knew she was another agent.

"We've not been following you," the collage student spoke. "We've been watching Lee incase Kazuya tries to contact him."

Nina smiled. She wondered how much Heihachi knew about her little mission to get Kazuya and Lee together. She doubt Heihachi knew anything. The problem with Heihachi was he didn't send anyone to follow her. She could do whatever she wished as long as it didn't catch wind of Heihachi. Her sleeping with Heihachi's son last night was proof of it.

"What's the fear with Kazuya contacting Lee?"

"If Lee knew Kazuya was alive, it would be harder to kill him." The collage boy sighed as he went back to his math book, quickly doing the problems as if he was writing an essay, not stopping to touch his calculator once. It must have been six problems later before the young boy looked up and shook his head. "I think it's because Lee has connections with the newspaper."

An idea sparked in Nina's mind and she smiled slyly before tucking the pad in her jacket. "You'll get killed for giving me this information."

"Those soldiers over there are idiots, the untrained Heihachi ones. No one will know I told you."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Heihachi put me in control."

Nina laughed before stepping away from the desk. 'A very interesting character indeed.' She remembered the missions where she had to interact with those agents from the government. Heihachi had always told her never fail to keep control over them. She knew why now. Control was something those men never had. If they thought they could get it, they would take it and use the control to it's fullest.

Nina stepped into the elevator and waited for the elevator to bring her to the fifth floor. She walked to room 517 and knocked on the door. She smiled when Lee opened the door. The irritation that was in his eyes when the door swung open seemed to turn into full blast anger and Lee shut the door in Nina's face.

Nina only frowned before she pulled a key from her pocket. She dipped the key into the lock and watched as the door swung open on its own. She walked in to find Lee typing away on a report for business.

"You're busy."

"I'm glad you see that," Lee grumbled before he clicked off his lap top and turned to face Nina. His honey brown eyes were burning like a hot furnace. "Give me back my key," he mumbled. He stuck his hand out to Nina.

Nina smiled. "Only if you beat me in the tournament," she spoke. "Which seems to bring some important things to mind. I have a partner for you."

"You do, do you?" Lee asked. He watched as Nina walked across the room and dropped a small slender blue cell in his lap. "And who is it?"

Nina lowered her voice and bent down to whisper into Lee's ear. "The phone will ring at seven o' clock. Make sure you are out of the room. This room is bugged, and Heihachi has people watching you. This call is very important. Don't miss it."

Lee pulled back from Nina and let his eyes scan the room once. He smiled as he spotted two cameras hidden in the corners of the wall. 'Good ole dad,' he thought. "I don't like your kisses Nina," Lee spoke so the on watching people wouldn't catch on to what was going on.

Nina smiled before turning around. "Seven o' clock, love," she called before the door clicked behind her back and Lee was left alone once more.

Nina walked across the street to her black car and climbed in. To the newstation she thought. She sped down the street, speeding past red lights and swerving into lanes, her speed going at 90. She wasn't surprised that no police would dare to stop her. Every person in Japan knew that license plate. Dire 01.

Her car slowed as she neared the front of the newstation. She parked her car in a near by parking spot and started towards the door. She walked in the newstation and only scanned her surroundings once. Her eyes roamed the bottom floor with marble tiles and a brown circular desk sitting in the middle of the room. She passed the security guards and walked to an elevator. She waited and climbed in. Her eyes bore into her reflection until the doors opened and she walked towards the head editor's office. His office was at the end of the busy building. Everyone was two busy talking on phones or sipping coffee to notice Nina, and that was what Nina wanted.

When Nina neared the door, she paused. The windows were closed off. Nothing could be seen through. That would make Nina's job easier. Not knocking, Nina walked into the office and closed the door softly behind her. Without waiting, she pulled out a gun and walked towards the editor's desk.

The editor was an overweight, old, bald guy that reminded Nina of men who liked to prey on small girls. She watched as sweat formed on his forehead and then started sliding down the side of his face, past his large rimmed glasses, to meet large pink lips.

Nina walked quickly towards the desk with a gun raised up to his forehead. "You will post a story on the front page of the newspaper. Kazuya Mishima has come back alive and will fight with Lee Chaolan in the Tekken tag tournament."

"B-But Kazuya is d-dead," The news editor stuttered, raising his hands quickly. He felt sweat form at his eyes and slowly began to lower his hands slowly to wipe the beads away, but froze when he heard a click.

"I want it to make headlines, front page. I don't care where you get a picture, but I want one. And I want it to be big. If the whole town isn't talking about it tomorrow, you'll be dead." Nina cocked the gun and fired at a nice picture of the editor giving money at an awards bank. Nina turned to walk towards the door and then stopped. "Don't bother with the police. They won't come," Nina warned before exiting the room.

The editor picked up the phone quickly and started rambling to his secretary. "I want the front page story to be Kazuya Mishima: risen from the dead to fight with his brother in the tournament."

"But he's dead," the woman called on the phone.

"Just do it," the editor screamed before slamming the phone back on the cradle and raising his arms to wipe beads of sweat and foam from the corner of his eyes.

Jin slammed the phone down on the hook and looked at Hwoarang with a smile. "I found him."

"Finally," Hwoarang stated. Hwoarang was pissed off. He got annoyed with the crappy hotel manager's voices laughing at him.

"Kazuya Mishima is dead, young man. He's been dead for years," the man would laugh over the phone. Hwoarang liked to picture one of the men a fat balled guy with his fat hanging over the brown slacks he wore as he laid bent over the table slapping his hands on a brown office desk and choking from lack of oxygen. Too bad no one fell dead over the phone.

Hwoarang stood up and walked toward Jin. Jin didn't wait for him to join him. Jin ran up stirs to get his jacket and shoes and then started out the door.

"Hold it. You're just going to leave me here?" Hwoarang asked in dismay.

"Well I don't think I can take you with me," Jin stated. He watched as Hwoarang's frown deepened. The boy didn't buy that one bit.

"Kazuya Mishima will probably snap your head off if he sees you," Jin explained. "So I want you to stay here."

Hwoarang crossed his arms. Whatever, he thought. Kazuya was old. The man was old and probably out of shape. He couldn't break his pinky with his fist. He saw the look in Jin's eyes and then shrugged like he didn't care. "Fine."

"Good," Jin responded. He turned to go out the door and suddenly stopped. "I'll come back to see if you're okay," Jin spoke before exiting the house.

Red watched Jin exit the big three storey white house and start down the street. Red smiled. Good, he thought. He turned his eyes to the two men and two women that sat in the back. They were all oddly very handsome for some reason. Red watched as the four placed their fingers on their snipers waiting for action.

"We wait until night fall," Red spoke.

"Yeah, Sarg. Can we give you some advice?"

Red turned to look at the young kid who must have been around 17. He nodded slowly.

"Don't lose control," the kid spoke before laughing along with the others. Their laughter was chilling, freezing Red right in his seat. He kept that hard look on his face though. He would not loose control. He turned to face the front of the car and stared at Jin's disappearing form. Only till the sun goes down, he thought.

Jin had taken a taxi to the large condominium on the river. He looked up to the large building. He felt strong waves of power when he stepped out of the car. He was sure the taxi driver felt it. The way that taxi pulled away from Jin, not even waiting for Jin to pay his bill, reminded Jin of how a five year old would cower in the corner of his room after a nightmare with the boogy man.

Jin turned his eyes from the empty street to walk up the steps of the apartment. He didn't even feel like he had to check with the security guard standing at the door. He knew where the power was flowing. He followed that strong feeling all the way up the stairs till he came to a door numbered, 707. Jin raised his hand slowly to knock on the door, but stopped when the door slammed open to reveal his father standing in front of him.

Those dark brown eyes stared through his soul as he stood there breathless at the feel of his father's power surrounding him and wrapping him in a layer of suffocation. Jin tried to move his lips, but couldn't, and found himself standing in front of his father, helpless.

"I hoped to not have that kind of effect on my own son," Kazuya growled before turning around to walk through the entrance of his apartment.

Jin stood there with his mouth ajar before blinking and walking in after his angry father. He felt ashamed that he would stand there quivering like some slave. It was his father for crying out loud.

Kazuya walked through the room and then stopped to turn around to eye his son. He turned his head before sighing. "You look just like her."


"Your mother," Kazuya replied.

"Most people think it's the other way around," Jin replied, jumping at the opportunity of a conversation with a man that was the key to his life.

"Not many people know your mother for themselves," Kazuya stated before sitting down. He felt sick as memories of Jun's beautiful face flooded to the surface, pushing Kazuya into his seat.

He remembered her sweet smell like a dog remembered a hidden scent of a friendly master. Jun smelled of ripe fruit from the spring time, of oranges, cantaloupe, strawberries, sweet fruit. The smell wasn't artificial at all, and it left Kazuya trembling when he thought about it.

Kazuya had watched as Jun walked into his room, smiling brightly at the stone look on his face. He stepped away from her touch, afraid of what was to come. This woman could make him tremble? That weak woman? Kazuya slapped Jun's hand away in anger at the thought. Nothing and no one could make him tremble.

"What is wrong?" Jun asked. She held that smile on her face, reaching out to him with a kindness he wished he could clutch in his hands and throw out the window.

"I've come to see you. You could at least greet me respectfully." Jun crossed her arms and stood there looking Kazuya in the eye. Only Lee could look him in the eyes. Even his father couldn't do it. "I know your father raised you better."

Kazuya laughed at that, the sound pouring out of his throat like a beautiful solo of the cello. "My father did no such thing."

"Well I can agree with you there," Jun replied. "But it's so rude to slap away someone's hand." Jun smiled before wrapping her arms around Kazuya's neck and reaching in to kiss his lips softly. She laughed to herself as Kazuya stared at her abhorred at the fact that she dared to touch him. "Why are you so down? It's such a beautiful day."

"If you would please remove your arms from-"

"Is it because you've never kissed before?"

Kazuya frowned, his cheeks blooming a beautiful pink. "That is not it."

"Well I've never kissed before, and since you seem to claim the title of master of everything, maybe you'd teach me."

Kazuya thought against it. Somehow this woman had turned his game of cat and mouse around to where he was feeling something for her. This vulnerable woman who looked closed off was opened like a flower to him. Now instead of the quiet woman who shied away from people when Kazuya first met her, she was the dancing lilly in the fields. If he were to kiss her, what would stop him from coming back for more?

Jun batted her eyes before leaning forward and pulling back, teasing Kazuya. She smiled when Kazuya pulled in. "Will you not kiss me?"

"Jun, please."

"Kiss me."

Kazuya frowned at the feeling he was getting. He had no control of himself. He leaned forward into those luscious lips, and kissed them softly, pulling her body close to his and claiming her mouth. Jun was telling the truth when she said she'd never been kissed. She was shy, and to Kazuya's surprise she needed guiding. He dominated her mouth, sucking on her lips, moving his mouth down her neck to the opening of her blouse, only thinking that he needed more, wanted, needed more. All he knew was he was a predator searching her body. He yanked at her blouse and pulled it open to reveal full breasts pushed up and together by a silky peach bra. He lowered his hands down her back to raise up the skirt above her hips and wrapping her legs around his waist, as he lifted her onto the desk, all prepared to make his move, his hands sliding up her thighs, pausing when he heard her say stop.

"I'm a virgin," she stated in a whisper. Her eyes were bowed to the floor and her cheeks were blooming a soft pink.

Kazuya remembered rubbing a finger across her face and leaning to kiss her lips. "I'll wait," he stated firmly.

Jun nodded before she started buttoning up her blouse and lowering her skirt. She had never been touched like that, handled so gently and roughly at the same time. Like a man would ever need her that badly. She hopped off the desk and raised her eyes to look at Kazuya. "See you," she whispered before turning to walk out of the room.

Kazuya thought he was alone, but saw his elder brother leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. "Is my younger brother in love?" Lee asked suddenly.

"How much did you see?" Kazuya questioned in anger.

Lee walked up behind his brother, smiling widely. He wrapped his arms around his brother's slender waist. He rested his lips against the neck of his brother before laughing. "When you said you'd wait," Lee spoke. "Much different from how you treat other women."

Lee spun his brother around. They were both roughly the same height, both bodies lean and muscular. They stood together staring in each other's eyes before Lee tapped his brother on the nose. He watched as his brother pulled away and grabbed his hand, holding it firmly.

"Don't break my hand. I got a battle to fight."

"I've told you thousands of times not to do that."

A light flashed in his eyes before Lee laughed. "Find I'll adhere to your request. Now let it go."

"Kazuya," Jin called.

Kazuya's eyes snapped from the memory of his brother's smiling face. He couldn't help but to think sadly how much he missed his brother. "What?"

"I'm in trouble," Jin spoke.

Kazuya's eyes narrowed before he eyed Jin. "You want to know about Heihachi?"

"Yes. He's dangerous, but I can't make a decision to drop Hwoarang."

"I don't know why you choose a person of your sex," Kazuya sneered. "Your love for the boy should be terminated."

Jin sighed as he shook his head. "I knew you would say as much."

"Then take my advice and cut all contact with him." Kazuya watched as his son nodded slowly, his shoulders slouched over in defeat. Kazuya stood up angrily. "So you won't give him up easily?"

"I will give him up if it will be better for him."

Kazuya smirked in reply as he stood near the window. He stared out into the ocean. He watched as that large sun burned brilliantly in the sky as it lowered to reach the horizon before he turned to look Jin in the eyes. He walked over to his son and tapped his fingers gently against his son's shoulder before he pulled back. "I see."


"Did you leave Hwoarang alone?" Kazuya asked. He walked away from his son. His eyes went to the window where the sun was setting slowly in the distance.

Jin nodded. "Why?"

"He may not be safe."

Jin raised his eyes to look at his dad. The look he saw in his father's face made his body run cold like ice. Jin turned quickly around and headed for the door. He rushed out of the apartment. The fear for Hwoarang inside him did something to him. An animalistic feeling burned inside of him, and before he knew it, he was rushing through the streets at an unrealistic speed on all fours.

"Al right let's go."

Kevin, a seventeen year-old with short brown hair covering his sharp brown eyes stepped out of the car. He hitched his gun over his shoulder. He was dressed in a black jacket and baggy black jeans. Black leather gloves caressed his fingers. He itched for action. Kevin turned to look at the other three that would be accompanying him. They were all dressed in the same attire. Rachel was a black girl with strangely brown-reddish hair color. She was at the age 17, 5'7, and a beauty. Kimmy was a Japanese girl with long black hair flowing down her body. She was also another beauty 5'2 in height, age 16. And last but not least, Jonathan, a guy with the looks of a super model. High cheek bones, a sharp nose, and a tan any pale albino would wish for. Jonathan was 17 as well and had sharp green eyes with dirty blonde hair.

Kevin and the four walked up toward the house. Kimmy jumped onto a tree that leered over the roof. She leapt from a branch onto the roof, climbing into the attic. Kevin headed to the front door, while Rachel and Jonathan headed towards the back of the house.

"Two minutes," Kevin shouted. He walked up the steps of the house and headed towards the door. He pulled out a thin, sharp pin from his pocket and proceeded to pick the lock of the front door. The click came with a welcome. Kevin placed the pin into his pocket and with a turn of his wrist, opened the door.

Hwoarang knew someone was in the house with him when he heard the glass break in the attic. That was not when he began to panic. He hadn't even begun to panic when he came to the realization that there was more than one person in the house. There was more like two, three, or maybe even seven or ten people in the house with him.

Hwoarang closed the sketch book he had been dealing with and hopped off the bed that held sweet memories of the love making Jin and himself had made earlier. He walked slowly to the edge of the door. He looked down both hallways and then stepped out. He tried taking steady breaths to calm his breathing so no one would here him. That did not work to his delight.

Hwoarang continued down the hallway and stopped when he felt the floor creak behind him. Hwoarang spun around to see a beautiful Japanese girl standing behind him. She had large oval eyes, a sharp nose, and long black hair. Hwoarang grinned at the beauty before him. Fuck, she was hot, but there were two things wrong with that chick at the moment. 1. He was in love with Jin at the moment, so taking her tight ass then and there didn't appeal to him and 2. She was treading on his fucking turf. He hated when chicks did that. Only two chicks could do that without turning him off; Mikka and Nina. He shuddered as he thought of those two.

"Hey hotness," the girl called as she looked the boy up and down. "I have nothing against hot gays. Two boys in bed sort of turn me on."

"Great," Hwoarang mumbled to himself.

"Just kidding," the girl laughed before charging towards Hwoarang.

Hwoarang shot a well calculated kick out and watched as the girl stumbled to turn out of the way.

The Japanese girl turned to look at Hwoarang and then frowned. "A fighter," she mumbled under her breath, flipping backwards to start all over again. "Let's try that again."

Hwoarang frowned at the girl. When she dodged the kick, he knew that she could fight, and fight well. That was when he began to panic. Hwoarang studied the Japanese chick. She seemed to wait patiently for Hwoarang to do another move. Hwoarang walked up and threw a side kick. He was caught off guard when the girl grabbed his ankle in her hand. He pulled on his leg, but the girl held it firmly. He could only watch as the girl gave him a smile and then fell back onto her arm so she could swing her whole body under Hwoarang's leg, knocking him onto his back and coming gracefully back to a fighting stance.

Kimmy didn't wait. With Hwoarang's leg still in her grip she sat on Hwoarang's body, flattening his leg against his chest.

"I love flexible guys," Kimmy stated when she got off him, knowing that the bent leg had done no damage what so ever to the red head. Kimmy proceeded to jump in the air and frowned when she saw that Hwoarang moved out from under her. The fight was going to take longer than she thought.

Hwoarang stood up quickly and proceeded to give the Japanese girl long strands of kicks. He watched as she blocked every one of them with a graceful move of a bent arm. He grew agitated. Questions started whirling in his mind. What did she want? Was she there to kill him? He didn't know, but he'd be damned if he were beaten by a girl. Hwoarang stopped his kicks and punched Kimmy in the face. He lowered his hands to give her a jab in the stomach and when she fell down, snapped her ankle with one hard turn of his wrist.

'One down, however many else to go,' Hwoarang thought as he ran down the stairs. He came in contact with three people. They came at him with long drawn out combos that left Hwoarang totally defenseless. They were to fast for his eyes to even see. Hwoarang tried to get a kick in, but he wasn't surprised when he was tripped for making such a desperate move.

Hwoarang fell on to his back and groaned. He lied there and before he knew it, he had cuffs on his wrists and a blindfold covering.

"Here's the needle," a feminine voice spoke softly.


Hwoarang tensed and tried to fight desperately, arching his back in a desperate attempt to get free. His arms and legs were held firmly down, but nothing could dwindle their strength. He felt like a live person being buried into the earth. He was being snatched his right to have air and soon he would suffocate, and there'd be darkness.

"Where's Kimmy?" Kevin asked. He looked around the house and stopped. "Jonathan you go up stairs and get her. Rachel and me will head out to the car. Hurry up, we only have thirty seconds."

Jonathan nodded before he dashed up the stairs.

Rachel hoisted Hwoarang's arm onto her shoulder and began dragging the boy, with the help of Kevin's support, toward the door. The two left the house quicker than they got in.

Kevin loaded Hwoarang into the back of the black van and watched as Jonathan carried Kimmy to the car.

"Couldn't handle him?"

"I can still take you on," Kimmy replied.

Kevin smirked as he climbed in the van behind Kimmy and Jonathan, slid the door closed and waited patiently for the car to start up and speed on down the road, which it did only a second later.

The monster ran down the neighborhood making people gasp in horror. They pointed and stared from afar, but no one was stupid enough to approach the animal. The monster stopped in front of Mark's three storey white house. He growled loudly, sniffing the air, and not smelling Hwoarang's presence.

The monster ran up the stairs and searched every room, growling in irritation as he found the rooms empty of the red head. The bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, they were all empty. The house lights were turned off, and even the moon light failed to poor into the room. It left the house looking gloomy and dark.

The monster stopped in the living room and with all his might, anger, and irritation, lifted his head to the sky and howled a long song of mourning.

The hand on Lee's watch had just struck 6:59. Lee held the phone in his hand and started pacing. He had tons of work to do. This call better be important, he thought. Lee was standing in the middle of a park, right in front of a bench. The sun had gone down and the park stood empty. The trees would wave in the wind restlessly, and when you looked up, you would see the outlining of birds' bodies when they flew over head. It was a time when you didn't go to the park. Only a fool who wished to get shot and then robbed would have himself at the park at that time of night. The cops had even told Lee himself that.

Lee had shrugged. "I'm a tournament champion. I think I can protect myself."

The cops only laughed. "We'll see. Say, you need a partner?" One of the cops had asked admiringly, his cheeks blooming red from embarrassment. "I'm a really big fan of yours and would love to see you fight."

Lee had only looked the cop up and down once. He didn't even think it over. He knew the answer. 'I will only fight with you if I want the match to end when I step my foot in the ring.' The cop unlike the one beside him, the person he'd would have rather preferred to be asked by, was short, fat, balding, and holding a donut in his left hand. He looked more like a father of two well raised children than a man trying to earn himself a medal in a tournament. In the end, Lee felt sorry for him.

"No, I can't. I already have another partner for me," Lee stated. He watched as that pudgy face turned from happiness to sadness. "But I can give you an autographed picture, and front seat tickets for your family to the whole event."

"You could?"

"Sure," Lee stated. "How many do you have in a family?"

"Five," the man stated proudly. "A wife, and three kids. Two strong boys, and a girl."

Lee smiled. He prayed with all his might that the man didn't carry photos in a wallet and would soon pull them out and start on a long life story of them. It was a great relief when the man thanked him dearly, gave him his name and number, and left.

That was just a couple of minutes from then. Now Lee was left pacing in the park. He was being driven with curiosity on who the person suppose to be calling him was. Lee tugged on his leather jacket and stuck his hands in his jean pockets. It was getting colder as the minutes passed. He didn't think he could take this weather over the Bahamas heat.

The phone rung and Lee felt himself jump. He stuck his hands in his jean pocket and pulled out the small blue cell phone. He flipped the lid and placed it near his ear. "Hello."

"Hello, Lee."

Lee stiffened. 'That voice.' His hands began to shake and his breathing stopped. He wanted to ask, but couldn't. He didn't know if he would be able to take the pain of hearing a no or some put down because he dared to ask if a person who everyone knew was dead was alive.

"Who is this?" Lee asked weakly.


Lee's hands lowered from his ear. With a body frozen in shock, fear, anger, and hope, he watched helplessly as the phone slipped slowly from his hands to collide with the cement ground.

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