Looking Out For You

Chapter 5 - Family Views and You

By Lalapad

"This is not going very well," Ling heard Julia speak over her cellphone. Right now the 16 year old girl was trailing behind Jin at a slow pace. They had been walking for sometime now. Ling wondered what Jin was looking for.

"Well, what do you mean?"

"Heihachi has tons of soldiers lined up in the east wing of the mansion. I tried getting over there, but I'm not allowed to go in."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No way, Ling. Tell Jin he better get back over here before the man does something drastic." Julia lowered her voice on the phone. "They won't let me leave the house because they think I had something to do with Jin's disappearance."

"I'm quite sure about this, but I think this all has to do with Jin's new relationship. I mean to the Mishima name, it's practically disgraceful."

"I'll tell him that," Ling stated. She quickly changed the subject, but stopped as she saw a red head on a motorcycle stop to talk to Jin. Her eyes narrowed. Oh she would never forget that face. Those liquid brown eyes and that red hair. "Oh that bastard," Ling muttered into the phone unknowingly.


"The great Hwoarang is talking to Jin right now. He's on his motorcycle."

"He is?" Julia asked. "Is he fine?"

"Oh yes," Ling stated. she let her eyes study that beautiful form perched on the motorcycle. His red hair blew in the wind every so often. She understood why Jin was fooled into being soothed into his bed. She didn't even know if she could resist such a person calling upon her. "He's absolutely gorgeous-But I'm not about to forget he beat me in the last tournament."

"Oh he beat me to," Julia replied. The memories of the beating returned with fool force. She was so disappointed in herself. So close and yet so far away was how that fight had been described. The newspapers rung with headlines of her fight. Her's wasn't even the biggest fight. Just the longest fight ever. Hwoarang and her had dueled it out until she didn't even care to win anymore. "He won the fight fair and square so I couldn't be to mad at him. Especially since I froze like my life was passing before my eyes as I laid on the ground when I thought he was going to jump on me."

"You are so funny," Ling began to laugh. "I saw that fight and you did no such thing."

"I know, but it sounds better than saying, he kicked me in my face fifteen times and I couldn't block any of them." A long pause came. It made Ling krinkle her nose.

"What's up?" Ling asked.

"I got to get off the phone, just tell Jin to get his cute behind over here and fast."

Hwoarang's eyes had narrowed into thin ovals. "You're the fucking cause my apartment building got burned down," he shouted. His voice carried along the sidewalk. People stopped and turned to look at him. It left Jin blushing and very insecure. "I want reasons here."

The anger flowing through Jin's veins had disappeared with the declaration. Hwoarang might as well have yelled you're the cause for my loss of everything. Guilt filled every inch of his body. Hwoarang's gaze pierced his body and he tried to turn away, but couldn't. Why must he feel so ashamed? "My . . . My grand father," he started.

"Your grand-father what?" Hwoarang snapped. He saw the look on Jin's face, but he didn't care. This was his whole life, everything that he cherished was in that apartment. The memories of his dead trainer, the belts, the medals; To even think of the loss burned a hole through his very heart. He ached with pain.

"Well, h-he . . . h-he." He didn't know what to say. If Hwoarang knew the truth, he would think he was greedy. He already felt that he had done the worst thing in history to somebody he cared about. His grand- father had warned him. He just never guessed that his grand dad would ever stoop to this.

"Well, speak up rich boy. What the old man do?" Hwoarang yelled.

"Hey, lay off him."

Jin's eyes turned to look at Xiaoyu's angry form.He was thankful for her help, though he had to tell Hwoarang the truth. It was his fault and nothing she could say or do could change that. She had marched up to Hwoarang and began telling him how much he was jerk to pick on Jin like that. "Whatever Heihechi had done to you, it wasn't Jin's fault," was one of the things Ling stated.

"Look little girl, go fuck yourself." Hwoarang stood up to meet the little girl's face. He wasn't willing to beat up on little annoying girls just for kicks, but he was pretty close to pounding the girl right there.

"Listen, Hwoarang, it was my fault. I should have listened." Jin let his eyes raise to meet Hwoarang's. "I-I was selfish."


"My Grand-father . . . well h-he had warned me and . . . and he threatened that if I didn't." Jin paused and took a deep breath. He could get this out. Even if Hwoarang would likely curse his name and his very existence. "That if I didn't stop hanging around you, something very bad would happen."

"That's bull-shit."

"It's true."

"Your grand-dad is one crazy ass hole," Hwoarang muttered. That bastard, Hwoarang seethed. The asshole was going to pay. The man had no right to come in his apartment and burn down everything that mattered in his life. Now all he had was Jin. All he wanted. Hwoarang couldn't help, but wonder would Heihachi even dare try to take that away from him. Over his dead body, Hwoarang decided. Hwoarang turned around to hop on his bike. He threw the litte girl a look and then focused on Jin.

"I know," Jin had mumbled. "I'm really sorry about your apartment. I promise I'll make it up to you."

"Don't worry," Hwoarang replied. "You guys hop on."

"What?" Jin asked. "Three people can not possibly fit on that."

Hwoarang snapped his head around to puss a black button sitting right in front of him. Another seat popped out of the back of the motor cycle Hwoarang smiled. This bike was worth every penny he spent on it. He swore if this bike was a person, he'd fuck it.

"Is it safe?" Jin asked.

"Trust me. It's safe," Hwoarang assured.

Jin turned to look at Ling and Ling then shrugged.

"I'm sitting in the middle," Ling yelled quickly. Shoot, if somebody was going to fall off the back of that bike it sure wasn't going to be her. She ran walked up to the bike and slid on slowly. She hesitated before sliding up closer to Hwoarang's body, pulling his narrow waist in between her legs and wrapping her arms around his strong chest to hold tightly. The feel of his warm body so close to her body caused her to blush heavily. She just hoped Jin didn't see her face. She didn't want him to get jealous.

Jin looked at the bike and then shrugged. What was exactly the worst that could happen? He ignored the pictures of him falling off the end of the bike and cars running over his dead body. Instead he just climbed on the back of the bike slowly. Soon they were ready. Hwoarang told them to prop their feet up. Jin's mouth fell open when a large blue shield encased the bike in darkness. From the ceiling , dropped three small windows with eye padding, where the three were suppose to lean forward to see the road.

"Where did you get this thing?" Ling asked.

Hwoarang smiled. "Mark got it for me," he said, before he turned the handles of the bike and the three teens shot off down the street like a large blue bullet, making everyone turn their head.

Nina settled in the wooden chair. Her legs crossed slowly and she frowned. That look on Heihachi's marble face let her know that Heihachi knew she had fell. There were several punishments that the man could give her, but she knew he needed her. She also knew that he knew she was a great threat. But did he know that she was afraid of him because he held everything?

Heihachi walked around the desk gracefully and backhanded Nina. Nina's head reeled to the opposite side of the chair. She stayed still for a second before she raised a hand to wipe the blood sliding down from the corner of her lip.

"He's still alive."

"He was saved. Interferences are not my fault," Nina replied dryly. The blood sliding down her face made her angry. She wanted to revolt against him. No person should have this control over anybody she began to think. She wanted to get rid of him, but knew she couldn't. He was the beginning of her and also the end of her.

"And you wouldn't have saved him yourself if you could?"

Nina slowly sat back up in her chair. Her eyes were narrowed on one spot on the wall. His accussation just reminded her that he was always watching her.

"That's what I assumed," Heihachi grunted. He walked back around his desk and sat as if it were his throne.

A silence floated through the room. Nina didn't meet Heihachi's eyes. She learned if she didn't look him in his eyes, he couldn't see her emotion. She didn't want Heihachi to see the deep fear she had running through her body for Hwoarang. Hwoarang was her friend and if he knew, the death for Hwoarang would be commited in front of her eyes.

Heihachi's lip curled up in disgust slowly. "Leave," he soon muttered. "I will decide your punishment later."

Nina didn't bother staying to decipher her boss. She rose slowly. She turned around and walked out of the room like a ghost. Like a ghost she showed no emotion.

Heihachi only cursed. Now he would have to come to other ways to do with the street-faggot. And only two things he could rely on. He looked to the videos that laid on his desk. Everything in this house was recorded. He should have looked to them earlier. He would have found the key to why Hwoarang didn't die at the fire. If it was because of Nina, he would have been much happier, but he knew it wasn't.

The motorcycle had pulled up in front of the mansion and when it did, Jin's breathing stopped. "Why are we here?" Jin suddenly asked. The shield lowered and he saw the iron gates that were slowly sliding open. Why in hell were they sliding open without him giving the command.

"You told me you needed to come here," Hwoarang replied matter of factly.

Jin remembered muttering it to himself. He was worried for Anisha and Julia, but he didn't know that Hwoarang could hear him inside the motocycle. "Well can't you just drop me off?"

"No, I want to know why the fuck my apartment was burned down," Hwoarang growled. He looked to the house. "This is where I want my answers."

"If you think you're going to have a confrontation with Heihachi, you're out of your mind."

Hwoarang grunted. He kept walking towards the the mansion. It made Jin take in a swift breath of air as he saw the lean fighter disappear within the black doors of the large house. The kid was so damn stubborn. He just hoped Heihachi didn't pull anything.

"Are you just going to let him go in there?" Ling asked.

Jin swallowed. "I can't stop him unless I brutally beat him up."

"Don't worry then," Ling stated. "I'll help you protect him." She smiled. She would protect Hwoarang with her life if it made Jin happy.

Jin felt better with that. With a smile that said thanks to Ling, he started running towards the house. They'd better stay closely behind him.

Jin ended up having to lead Hwoarang to the library. He knew Julia nad Anisha would be in there. He was right. When he entered the room the two women started yelling at him.

"Where the hell have you been Jin Kazama?" Anisha asked with her arms crossed. That boy had been gone for hours. He was driving her mad. She was starting to agree with Heihachi's suggestion to have fifty soldiers trailing behind Jin whereever he went. Didn't the kid understand that running alone in the streets of Japan is very dangerous nomatter who you were. "You are totally grounded. Just because you're 19 you think you can go skipping school and leaving the house at night. I'm going to make sure every police covering this blue ugly planet is watching your ass."

"And what a beautiful ass it is."

Jin turned his eyes to glare at Hwoarang. The red-head was amused at this family argument that was taking place in front of his eyes. He didn't get it at home much, but Jin didn't care. Right now he wanted to smack that smile off his face.

"Couldn't we have had this argument over the phone?"

"Oh no. You thought you were going to get out of the "treatment" over the phone. You are one wrong idiot."

"Now that we got that out of the way. What is the deal with Heihachi, man?" Julia shot the doors to the library a look. Heihachi had threatened to do something very bad if she stepped out of this house. It made her shiver. To think if she winned the tournament she would have to face that guy. Julia was all up for fighting and taking the name for the tournament, but if it ment being tossed into some volcano she wasn't so sure.

Jin sighed. He urged everyone to sit around the coffee table. Pushing at the strands of his loose hair, he reached on the wooden table and grabbed a rubber band. He wanted to appear as calm as possible.

"So what's the deal?" Ling asked.

"When Heihachi found out about me hanging around Hwoarang he got really upset and warned me. Yesterday night, Hwoarang's apartment building was set on fire. I didn't quite know how I got at the apartment, but I had to save Hwoarang. Anyway I checked him into a hotel and well things went from there."

Jin blushed at the heated gaze Hwoarang was hitting his way right now. He turned to meet the gaze, but quickly turned back around once he saw Hwoarang lick his lips. He only hoped he imagined the suggestive gesture.

Anisha stared at the couple on the couch and shook her head. Already we had the blushing and the meaningful looks and it hadn't been even a month. Would it be so horrible to end the relationship? 'Not over somebody's death,' Anisha told herself. "Dump Hwoarang now," Anisha told Jin.

"No way," Hwoarang spoke. "This old geezer is not taking what's mine." Hwoarang quickly raised his eyes up to the ceiling after he realized what he just said. Him and his big mouth.

"Frankly he is not yours. He is more of Heihachi's than he is your's since he has the blood."

"Wait a minute though, didn't Heihachi tell you to sign the adoptive papers, so by law you're his legal parent?" Julia asked. "So in real you own more of Jin than Heihachi does."

"Yeah, but I own five percent of Jin, cause Jin owes me twenty bucks," Ling spoke. She brought out a nail filer and started filing her nails.

"It doesn't matter. If anybody owns Jin it's most likely me for having to put up with him for 12 years of his life anyway. So Hwoarang you likely own what? 1 percent since you only had meaningless sex with him just to satisfy your release."

"Fuck you," Hwoarang mumbled. He held back the urge to argue that the sex wasn't meaningless and that he did own Jin. He ran a hand through his red hair and laid back against the couch. He glanced at Jin who was seriously quiet, but hey the man was always quiet when stuff happens and he was supposed to be loud.

"Seriously though, Jin," Julia began. She crossed her legs and sighed. "I don't know what's up, but you better say your goodbyes to Hwoa. I've got places to go and things to do, I'm not staying here because you want to have a sex based relationship."

Jin wanted to say the relationship went beyond just sex, but truly he wasn't sure. Maybe now he only made it to the top of Hwoarang's list as favorite fuck of the year. It sort of got to him, but he couldn't let Hwoarang here just take blows. He opened his mouth to speak a retort to Anisha and Julia but shut his mouth when he heard a sigh from the doorway.

Everyone turned their eyes to the library entrance. "I hate to let you all know, but everything stated in this room is being recorded. I'm sure by now Heihachi knows Hwoarang is here. Which is precisely why it was stupid to bring Hwoarang here." Nina's eyes were angry slits.

"Well if it isn't bitch the robot," Hwoarang muttered.

Nina smiled for a second before it dropped.

"You know her?" Jin asked.

Hwoarang nodded.

"Well who is she?" Ling asked.

"Yeah and how did she get in the house?"

"Some chick I slept with," Hwoarang shrugged. "As for how she got here, I don't know."

"Some chick you slept with," Jin muttered under his breath. He turned to glare at the blonde who he didn't know and swallowed. Was he jealous or just plain angry that he was tricked into sleeping with the slut of the century?

"I think you're pretty stupid to pick this as your next hideout, Hwoarang," Nina continued to speak.

"I want facts as to why I should be pestered by some gray haired old man, and why I should have to be afriad of my supposed to be best-friend." Hwoarang was still hurt that Nina would even think about setting his house on fire. She knew how much that room meant to him. She went there, had been told why he loved that room. Friends didn't try to hurt friends, but she damaged him. He would never be able to recover anything that reminded him of his former trainer, unless he flew to Korea and stole pictures and medals from the walls of the museum of great fighters. Hwoarang smiled. Maybe he'd just have to do that.

"Simply because Heihachi wants you to be afraid." Nina walked across the room to sit on the desk in between the two chairs that Julia and Anisha sat on. She eyed the group of people and shook her head. "It just hit me that Heihachi picked me for this job cause he knows about my friendship with you. He knows everything. None of you are safe."

"You don't have to preach something I already know, sis," Anisha spoke. "Besides who are you?"

"Nina Williams. A hired person for Heihachi. He's angry that I failed to kill my target. Now he will move to the next level."

"I suggest you get as far away from Jin as possible." Nina tapped the table and eyed the fiery red head. "Say your goodbyes."

"I'm sorry, but I'm not to good at saying goodbyes."

"Do it. He'll get you killed."

"I don't like people telling me what to do."

"Jin?" Nina turned her sharp blue eyes onto the young teen. She knew from watching him grow up that the kid would never put himself in front of others. If he thought that he was a danger to the love that sat beside him, he would distance himself.

Everyone turned to look at the boy, including Hwoarang. Jin would have to make a choice and he knew it, it's just he didn't know what to do. Maybe he should listen to the people around him who urged him to say his goodbyes or maybe he should listen to his heart and challenge his grandfather, just like his own father did. But then again, even Kazuya told him to break up his love fest with Hwoarang. He didn't know, but he'd have to find his father. He needed to speak to him more.

"Jin?" Everyone called again this time at the same time.

Jin felt pressured. He didn't know whether to give into his family and break up with Hwoarang, before they were even going out. He would break up his friendship with Hwoarang. He didn't know if he wanted to end his friendship with Hwoarang. Hwoarang was a good and kind person when he wanted to be. He was everything to him. He didn't want to break up with him, but what could he do to get all those people off his back. He thought and thought. His father flashed through his mind and his eyes brightened. He would tell them about Kazuya. Before Jin even knew what he was doing, "Kazuya's alive," was whispered through his lips. The regret soon filled him as he realized that Heihachi heard him. Everything in this house was recorded. His father was in deep danger now.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Ling asked.

"Are you kidding me?"

Jin glanced at Anisha's face and shook his head. "He's alive."

"He is?"

Jin didn't like that look on Nina's face. A dark and curious smile that painted her features, leaving him thinking that she would use this knowledge to her advantage. He just hoped that Nina didn't do anything to harm Kazuya. But who could harm Kazuya?

"Where is he?" Nina asked.

"I don't know. He just met me at the resturant earlier today and said that I should dump Hwoarang."

"I think this should be my decision as well," Hwoarang snapped quickly. He stood up angry and agitated. He was not giving Jin up because some old guy who should be in an old people's home didn't know when he should back the fuck off.

"Don't tell me you're willing to get yourself killed for a good fuck," Nina stated with a raised eyebrow.

Jin's head snapped around at himself being referred to as a good fuck.

"Well maybe it's not just because of the sex."

Nina laughed. She pushed herself up off the desk and walked up to Hwoarang. "You haven't grown up at all," Nina began. "Everything to you is a good fuck. It will always be a good fuck and when it's something more I'll be surprised."

"Whatever," Hwoarang muttered.

Nina stopped and turned to look in Hwoarang's face. Her breathing hitched and her smile fell when she heard that doubt in Hwoarang's voice. She looked into Hwoarang's liquid brown spheres and thought she saw something. She smiled and laughed. "Fine, babe. Risk your life for a one night stand, but when you're in trouble don't call me."

"I won't," Hwoarang snapped before Nina walked out of the library and the blue doors slid shut.

The room fell silent and Jin and everyone else turned to look at Hwoarang. Hwoarang just began to curse under his breath before he angrily got up and exited the room. Everyone's attention turned from the walking fire to Jin before the shy boy to ran after Hwoarang.

Anisha glanced at Julia and then to Ling before smiling widely. "I don't know if yall felt the heat in here a few minutes ago, but I think we need some air conditioning."

"How could you say that?"

"What can I say?" Anisha replied to Julia. "I love drama."

Silence fell in the room before Anisha sighed happily.

"What's up?" Ling asked suddenly.

"Kazuya's alive."

"Yeah. Isn't that the shock of the century?"

"I'm just so happy he is. I loved that man to death. He was like a brother to me," Anisha stated. "Everyone thinks he so evil, but really he has the biggest heart. When my mother died and I was forced to live in the Heihachi walls Kazuya was sometimes the person who would fill the void that no one else would."

"Chick, I think you thought that because you lived with him," Julia shook her head. "A lot of things he did was not good."

Ling rolled her eyes before leaning back into the chair. "Does it matter? The past is in the past."

"Exactly," Anisha agreed.

"Anyway, what really sparks my interest is Hwoarang and Jin." Ling grinned before continuing. "Hwoarang is going to be in so much trouble when he finds out how Jin feels about his many girlfriends."

Julia nodded. "15 bucks though that Jin will still be sleeping with Hwoarang by the end of the tournament."

"20 says their not," Ling replied.

"50 says they'll be in love with each other," Anisha said.

"Same with sleeping with him."

"No. I say 50 bucks the night after the winning tournament, Jin will walk in here with his cheeks blooming pink and say that Hwoarang confessed his love for him."

Julia and Ling looked at Anisha. "I doubt it," Julia stated. "I mean, I don't think the player will retire so soon."

"50 bucks."

The room fell silent in thought. "Fine then. 50 bucks it is."

"We should go now," Jin had told Hwoarang.

"Fuck them. It's not just sex," Hwoarang growled before he had exited the mansion, eager to get away from those people. They thought of him just like everybody else thought of him. He was the rat and they were the people. Rats should go out with the garbage.

Jin was confused with Hwoarang's anger, but had gotten on the bike. They drove for a very long time and when the bike stopped, Jin got off. He didn't know where he was when he hopped off the back of Hwoarang's blue motor cycle. All he knew that this seemed like a quiet neighborhood where the average minimum wage family lived happily. Nice cut lawns and three storey houses lined the road. It was one of those preppy neighborhoods you saw on t.v.

"Whatever innocent family you've decided to rob, I'm not going to help you," Jin stated when he got off the bike.

Hwoarang threw a look at Jin and then snapped his fingers. "Shit, man. Now you ruined my plan."

"This is the house Mark lived in when he flew here. Since the man's in the hospital, I've decided to crash here tonight."

Hwoarang walked up onto the porch. He pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the house. He allowed Jin to enter before him. He closed the door and reached over to flip on a light. Hwoarang smiled at the nicely furnished house. He wondered which of Mark's many trademark women decorated this house for him.

"It's nice," Jin spoke.

Hwoarang nodded. He walked over to Jin and wrapped his arms around the boy's narrow waist. "So," Hwoarang started before he began planting soft kisses down Jin's neck. "Are you going to crash here with me?"

Jin shrugged out of Hwoarang's hold and turned to look at the stunned red-head.

"Don't make me go through this again," Hwoarang muttered. He didn't think he could have as much patience as he first had with Jin. He wanted the boy and he wanted him now.

"I think we should talk," Jin spoke sternly.

"If you think I'm going to let some old man tell me what to do, you are sadly mistakened."

"It's not just about Heihachi."


"You've used me to satisfy your lust," Jin stated.

"Hell yeah," Hwoarang replied. He didn't see the shock on Jin's beautiful face. He walked up to Jin and pushed him lightly into the wall. He took Jin's lips into his mouth and started biting and sucking them. He closed his eyes and just began to savor that taste. That sweet honey taste.

It took all of Jin's will and even more to force himself not to melt into Hwoarang's arms, his smell. They all called to him. He could feel the warmth of Hwoarang's body pressed against him even through the layers of clothing. He forced his mind to clear before he decided that he would not be used just so somebody can satisfy themselves. He pulled his head back and swallowed. "I don't like to be used."

Hwoarang looked into those eyes and he breathed. "Fuck," he muttered. Sure enough Jin actually believed he was using him as a good body to satisfy himself. Usually thats the only reason he had sex, but not this time. Right now, Jin was the only thing he wanted and the only thing he needed. He knew what risks he was taking to get Jin, but he would gladly take those risks just so he could hold Jin in his arms and caress the teen.

"Fine," Hwoarang breathed. "What do you want?"

"I don't want to be used."

"I'm not using you." Hwoarang saw that Jin did not believe him. He sighed and pushed himself away from Jin's warm body. "I love you," Hwoarang finally stated after a long time staring at the floor.

"What?" Jin asked. His cheeks burned a firery red. "You- No you don't."

"Look rich boy I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it. It's practically a fucking ditch in my pride to say that to anyone."

Jin's eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms. "I'm not sleeping with you just because you told me you love me."

"You don't have to," Hwoarang stated. He pulled Jin into a hug and grinned. "Just let me hold you tonight." He could live without sex for five years if Jin asked him to. He was willing to do such, even though he would curse Jin's name every second of the day for doing that to him. He really did love Jin even if he didn't really know the guy. He knew that Jin was for him and wasn't going to doubt that.

"I don't think-"

"Fuck your grand-dad. I want you," Hwoarang whispered. "I meant what I said though. I love you and your deliciously tight ass."

Jin made a face of disgust and Hwoarang laughed before taking Jin's mouth into his. He licked Jin's bottom lip before he slowly pulled away. "Stay with me."

"Fine," Jin whispered breathlessly before he was kissed again.

Nina hopped out of her black car. She eyed the apartment building on the river. Not to flashy, but definitely not for just anyone. After she heard that Kazuya was alive, she had to track him down.

She walked into the hotel room. She looked at the walls and nodded. This was where Kazuya was definitely staying. Unlike Kazuya's father, his tastes were somehow mellowed down a bit. She rather liked it. She walked across the marble floors and up to a golden rimmed elevator made out of glass. She waited patiently for the elevator to rise to the seventh floor and then walked out. She felt the tingle in her body as she neared the room. 701, 702, she studied each number carefully before stopping in front of the door written with golden letters: 707. This was the room. She knew it from the scent of the man seeping from the wood. She sensed the strength behind that door. It coursed through her body and made her shiver with excitement as she reached behind her ear to get a key that could open any room in the apartment building. Lee Choalan had designed it and she had stolen it. One of his great many inventions that she just had to have.

Nina slid the key slowly into the door and then watched as the door unlocked and slid open automatically. She walked in the room as the door slid shut behind her. The lights were on in the hallway. She knew Kazuya was there. His strength was flowing through the room. It made her feel intimidated. She wrapped her arms around herself and rubbed at the forming goose bumps. Her steps were slow as she walked past the kitchen and living room up to a golden staircase that curved to the second floor.

She pasted a closed bathroom door. She didn't sense it and didn't feel that someone was behind her. The harsh grip around her wrist made her breath stop. She couldn't even gasp as she was flung against the wall with little to no mercy. Her head spun and her vision blurred. Before she knew it she was staring into a beautifully sculpted face with mid-night black orbs. She blinked and for the first time felt fear.

"Who are you?"

Nina would have spoken a lie about herself, but somehow Kazuya had reached into her pocket like a skilled thief and pulled out a wallet along with the key she used to get in the room. She watched in amazement as Kazuya flipped through her many fake ids until he came upon one that seemed to please him.

"Nina Williams?"

Nina pushed herself off the wall and reached for her wallet. That got her slammed back into the wall.

"What gave you the right to enter without permission?"

"I was curious as to why you've made a sudden appearance," Nina spoke smoothly. She pushed herself off the wall and walked towards Kazuya. "Why are you here?"

Kazuya shot Nina a look. He let silence engulf the room before he answered. "To protect my son." Kazuya turned to walk down the hallway. He walked to the first floor and entered the kitchen. He ignored Nina's amusement when she saw that he had been cooking something that a person without normal skill couldn't cook.

Nina tapped her fingers against the top of the counter. "You know about Hwoarang then?" Nina laughed when she saw the fire in his eyes. "I want to know something though. I know you wouldn't risk your seclusion for nothing."

"Why I'm here is none of your business," Kazuya spoke calmly. He stirred his sauce before cutting it off. He didn't know what it was about cooking that seemed to calm him, but he'd do it to calm himself. He placed the spoon he held in his hand and then looked at Nina's blue eyes.

"I want to know. If you want my help, then you will tell me."

"Who said I wanted your help?"

"You can't take on all of Japan on your own," Nina spoke calmly. "Which is what you would be doing."

Kazuya eyed Nina with dismay and then let an eyebrow rise slowly in amusement. "You think I can't?"

"Heihachi, if he finds that you're alive, will send every soldier he has after you. With my help and the knowledge I hold, you will succeed at ending the sudden danger."

Kazuya didn't reply quickly. He wasn't sure if he could trust the blonde woman that eyed him very critically. She could tell by her heated gaze that she was taken by him. No woman looked at him like that ever. Women weren't so bold when it came to him. To have this woman that seemed to have no vulnerability eyeing him as if he were a piece of meat struck him as odd. He breathed. He decided he didn't need her as an enemy. So he would tell her.

"It started like this," Kazuya began. He let his mind fill up with the memories.

He was seventeen then, but remembered everything. He remembered the brilliant fire in Lee's eyes when he was angry. The love that grew between his adpotive brother and himself. The way Lee would joke with him. The hugs, the caresses. He even remembered how though they fought a lot, he would bravely stand up to his father when Lee was wronged. This all angered Heihachi. But he remembered it all.

He stood in the dojo after a match with Lee. It had went roughly through the morning and it was now one o' clock. He knew he would have won when he entered the room, his back erected and his head thrown up with pride. He was the first one in the dojo as always, followed by Lee. The guy walked in grumbling about how much more important his beauty rest was. Of course he was joking, trying to make a smile appear on Kazuya's face. It would have worked if the two were left alone for a bit longer. But Heihachi streamed into the room with the small eight-year old behind him. Anisha was a young pretty little girl who had what it seemed unbelievable intelligance for her age. She was somehow Heihachi's little secretary. She did the man's dirty work. No one expected a eight-year old with a lolly pop in hand to be very lethal, so she was used that way.

The tension that wasn't in the room before had appeared at the summoning for lunch. No one headed to the door like normally. Instead Kazuya stood a few feet away from his father. He watched the old man raise his hand and smack Lee so badly that blood came from his lip and his body was flung to the floor. It made Kauya's hands tighten. He couldn't take watching this. The boy's back was uncovered. Lee's baggy black pants that hung tightly on his narrow waist was the only thing he saw.

Lee was to proud to stay on the floor, so he slowly pushed himself up onto his knees.

"You dishonor our family name. You loose against my son again. But how dare you fight like a woman, cowering on the floor like a runt and live in this house?"

Lee raised his brown eyes to meet Heihachi. "How do I dishonor the family name when I do not carry it?"

"You dare to talk back to me," Heihachi growled. He raised his hand to smack the boy once more, but was stopped by Kazuya who ran quickly in front of Lee. He protected Lee like he was his shield. The gray-haired man flinched at the tight grip around his wrist. He looked to his son.

Kazuya's eyes were large dark pools now. Heihachi would have ripped his hand away in anger, but Kazuya felt the eye that only opened in moments of frustation and anger appear in the middle of his forehead. It was purple with a yellow pupil. It had made Heihachi pale in sickly disgust.

The eye blinked at Heihachi in a challenge. "Do not hit him again," Kazuya stated through his teeth.

Heihachi stared at the eye and then growled. He snatched his wrist from the death grip. "If you are so fond of the weak filth, why don't you scrub his blood from the floor?"

Kazuya didn't blink as he watched his father walk from the dojo. He turned around to kneel on his knees in front of Lee.

"You have an eyeball in the middle of your forehead," Lee grinned. He tried to lighten up the mood. He held his broken wrist in his hand. This all had started when Kazuya snapped his wrist during the fight. It hurt like hell. He thought Heihachi would understand that he couldn't fight anymore with a broken wrist, but was wrong. He stood there in the middle of the dojo, holding his wrist and waited for Kazuya to throw a punch at him to knock him out. Kazuya never did. He then had to face the wrath of his adopted father. He smiled. He would not let his shame and sunken pride surface. Man, he always felt like crying. In this house he felt no love, he felt only misery.

The eye in the middle of Kazuya's forehead quickly closed. It left Lee only blinking in awe. He was used to seeing the eye open in Kazuya's anger, but he was not used to recieving kindness from anyone in the family. So when Kazuya took the wrist in his own hands and pushed the bone back into place and just held it, it shocked Lee so much he couldn't speak.

"Did he hurt you?" Kazuya asked after a brief moment of silence. No emotion touched his face. None ever did.

"You know he always hurts me," Lee laughed. He would not let the mood fall, he promised himself. He watched Kazuya's fingers brush against his pale skin for a second and then raised his eyes to look at his younger sibling. "How do you take this shit every day of your life and not hurt?" he suddenly asked.

"I take it as it comes."

Lee laughed again. 'You always are so strong,' he told himself. He looked at Kazuya and shook his head. "I can't take it anymore. Shit, I would cry if I didn't think it would make me look like a cowering bitch."

"I would not think you are a cowering bitch if you cried," Kazuya stated.

Lee couldn't find the heart to laugh at Kazuya's reply. He felt ashamed and lowered his head. He broke his promise and started to cry. Kazuya had touched a cord in him. He could not hold the tears back. They came like a rainshower after many hardships and drought. He tried to smile just for the sake of not letting Kazuya see him like this, but he couldn't. He couldn't find the energy to smile.

Kazuya leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Lee's body. Lee's lean frame fell helplessly toward him. He allowed Lee to cry on his shoulder. He felt the slender arms come to rest on his shoulders and felt Lee's tears at the base of his neck when the boy buried his head there.

Kazuya held Lee tightly in his arms. He told himself that he would be the strength that Lee needed to survive. He hated his father, preying on the weak. He would not be like his father. Kazuya never carried any emotion on his face, but he felt that look of disgust form on his lips as he thought about his father. He let his hands massage circles in Lee's lower back. He decided that he would never fight these battles against Lee again. He would not hurt him like that.

"So you're doing this to get revenge for your brother?" Nina asked when Kazuya fell into deep silence. She envied Lee for having a brother like that. What she wouldn't give to have someone there for her like someone was there for Lee. "Lee is very lucky to have you as his brother," Nina admitted.

"I'm not getting the revenge just for the damage of my brother," Kazuya replied. He ignored the statement that Nina made. "There is more."

"By all means tell away." Nina laughed as she jumped on the counter and crossed her legs. "This is so very interesting."

Kazuya didn't know if he wanted to continue. Only Anisha, and Jun, his past lover, knew about his feelings for his brother, and probably only his son should be the other. But for some reason he felt that Nina wouldn't rush to tell everyone in the world. He could trust her he decided.

"There was a fight, and Lee was destined to win because of his agility, speed and perfect kicks. I knew he was going to fight my father so I entered as the challenger for my brother. Nobody cared for the unfair entering. Everyone was so interested in seeing a brother against brother fight."

Lee fought hard and found it strange that Kazuya didn't hit him, but when he did make a mistake in letting down his defenses. Kazuya took that and hit Lee so hard Lee was thrown back against the wall and fell unconcious. Lee was angry as hell at Kazuya. Kazuya remembere the confrontation in the waiting room outside his office. The room was blue. A brown desk that curved in a circle from wall to wall, where Anisha sat. The girl was thirteen years-old and hacking away at top secret files from police agencies. But her eyes imediately turned away from the screen when she registered the word fuck fall from Lee's mouth.

"I fucking hate you Kazuya. You are such an asshole," Lee shouted at Kazuya's back. "You know damn well that you weren't suppose to fight me."

"So you depended on winning the championship fighting only the weak?"

Lee pushed at Kazuya's back. Kazuya didn't get angry though. He only turned around to look at Lee. With a sigh he crossed his arms.

"You're a bitch. You knew I had a chance at winning and you couldn't take it."

"I don't care if you win."

"Bull shit."

"I only want to protect you from our father."

Lee stopped. "The old man's two hundred years old. I could kick his ancient ass."

"He would kill you just to anger me." The silence that floated in the room made Anisha shiver as she sat watching. "Can you tell Jun that I love her?"

Lee's eyebrow arched slowly. He wanted to frown, but his constant need to keep the mood light kept him smiling. "You act like you're going to die."

"You're not going to die," Lee stated when he didn't see a reply come from Kazuzya. "Promise me you won't let him kill you."

Lee pushed Kazuya's shoulder in anger when the man didn't answer. "Please promise me you won't let the bastard kill you."

"Tell Jun that I love her just as much as I love you," Kazuya replied calmly. His face bared no emotion and his voice did not falter with the words.

Lee looked at Kazuya. 'He loves me,' he thought to himself in shock. Okay it wasn't that shocking. It's just he never expected Kazuya to say it. He didn't notice that Kazuya had walked away from him. He heard the sound of Kazuya's office door close and Lee looked up to see that Kazuya was gone. Lee ran to the door. He knew now that Kazuya planned to die. He twisted the knob and found it lock. He then started to pound on the wood.

"Open the door, Kazuya," Lee began to shout. After a few minutes an recieving no respone Lee pulled away. "You're a fucker," Lee yelled. He turned around and crossed his arms. "Damn it," he cursed before turning to walk out of the room.

Lee paused to look at Anisha. "Tell the idiot that I love him to when he comes out," he stated before exiting the room. He continued cursing as he went on his search to look for Jun Kazama.

Nina let her eyebrow rise in amusement. "Continue," she spoke.

Kazuya grounded his teeth. "It then came the fight. I was rather happy for the fight. I had left my money and everything for Lee. If I knew Jun would have been pregnant I would have done otherwise. I fought half heartedly against my father. I wasn't thrilled that I had to take him on in the first place, and when I did, it only seemed that he was going to win if I lived anyway."

Kazuya's body went limp in the large arena near the volcano. Lee was holding Anisha's hand crushingly tight. They were standing in the crowd praying that Kazuya didn't lose. She didn't want to let go cause she felt at that moment she was the only thing holding Lee from going insane. The crowd went silent and no one blinked when the young man fell to the ground. Anisha took in a sharp breath when she saw Lee's face go completely pale.

Heihachi raised Kazuya's limp body above his head and Anisha felt tears come to her eyes. This was not suppose to happen. Kazuya was suppose to win. Heihachi marched triumphantly toward the edge of the arena, yelling to the crowd. He showed everybody that he won before he turned around. He then walked to the volcano. The fight had taken place above the open mound for excitement. With a loud roar, Heihachi tossed the body over the volcano and Kazuya was gone.

The crowd gasped. Surely the young Mishima would rise and show that the old fighter was only bluffing. This had to be for effect.

Lee knew it wasn't. He ran toward the arena, but felt a tug on his arm. Anisha had dug her feet into the ground and tightened her grip on Lee's hand.

"Don't approach him, Lee or you'll waste Kazuya's sacrifice."

"He killed him," Lee yelled as he tried to snatch his hand away from the little girl before him.

"You don't think I know that?"

"I must go to him. He's all that I have," Lee started to rant.

Anisha wouldn't let go, but knew Lee was starting to see the truth. Truly if he wanted to approach Heihachi, he would have dragged her up there screaming and hollaring.

In the end Heihachi left the arena yelling triumphantly. The crowd followed. Few stayed to look over the volcano to see if Kazuya was truly dead. The rest followed Heihachi to celebrate. When the one's that stayed behind left. All that there was, was Jun, Anisha, and Lee.

It was dark yet the light from the red lava lit up the arena. The wind blew without remorse. Lee walked slowly up to the edge of the volcano with his hand still tightly wrapped around Anisha's. He looked down and hoped that he would see Kazuya clinging to a rock. In the end he saw no such thing.

"You fucker," Lee hissed.

Anisha knelt on the hard rock. She was thirteen years old. Only eleveen years ago before her mother died. The death of Kazuya broke her heart.

Lee stood from Anisha and turned to walk up to Jun. The girl was hugging herself tightly as the wind blew through her dark strands of hair. She was shivering in the wind and crying.

"He told me to tell you that he loves you," Lee spoke sadly.

"Did he ever tell you how much he loved you?" Jun asked the silver haired fighter. She saw something flicker in his eyes and a smile slowly appeared on that beautiful face of his. Kazuya was right. In any predicament, Lee would try to keep the mood light.

Lee laughed even though he felt himself dying inside. "The bastard hated me," he said. "We were always fighting."

"The latter is true, he told me," Jun stated. "But did he ever tell you that you were all he had and so he had to look out for you."

"But aren't older siblings suppose to look out for the other one?"

"He loved you more than anything. He told me that he loved me as much as he loved you," Jun stated. "I asked him how much was that, and he would reply, 'Lee is everything in my world cause I have nothing.' And that was all that he would say."

"Shut up before I start cowering like a bitch," Lee stated weakly. He smiled to show he was kidding, but he didn't expect Jun to do what she did.

Jun looked at him with dark eyes and shook her head. "I would not think you are a cowering bitch if you cried."

Lee stared at Jun for along time before his tears started to flow freely.

Jun reached her arms out to Lee and embraced him tightly. She to began to cry. The first love of her life came and went quickly. She was upset. She buried her face in Lee's bared chest and cried till her heart was content. Lee held her even when he had stopped crying. Cause somewhere in her, he felt the strong presence of Kazuya.

"So you're taking revenge for yourself and your brother," Nina finally said. The story had ended along time ago. Silence had engulfed the kitchen and she was left in thought. She understood Kazuya's feelings. "I'll help you then."

Kazuya only nodded.

"If you give me something else."


Nina grinned. in an uninnocent way She slid off the counter so gracefully she resembled a feline in the dark. Her hips swayed to the rhythm of her heels hitting the floor. She stopped in front of Kazuya. Deadly close to his body. She smelt his scent. His wonderful scent of spices and colonge that swooned women into charming men's arms.

Kazuya's eyes narrowed. "Why would you want this?"

Nina ran her hand down Kazuya's face until her hands reached his hard chest. "You give me a little notes and some bed action, and I'll give you my loyalty."

"You're betraying Heihachi."

"I gave nothing to that man. I will ruin his life without ruining mine." Nina leaned forward to take Kazuya's mouth and found it warm and sweet. Was that a honey taste? She pulled away and looked at Kazuya with a strange look. Out of all the men she's been with not one tasted as sweet and sweet as if she were biting into a piece of fruit. It left her craving for more. She leaned in and kissed him, letting her slender tongue explore the depths of his mouth. She would have never guessed that Kazuya would not fight over being dominant. Was this the man that she heard took down thousands of fighter's without breaking a sweat. Could end a fight with one flick of his wrist. When he entered the room all fell silent to look at this man. Was she really with the man they described as inhuman, without mercy, and evil. A man like that surely would mind being submissive.

Nina chuckled at the thought. She pulled away to smile at the man. "You're submissive?"

"I don't care," Kazuya spoke.

"So that means I'm on top?" Nina laughed before lowering her head to kiss Kazuya's neck. She kissed and sucked. That delicious honey taste making her taste buds swirl. Was this man human? He should not taste like this. She let her hand lower to grab Kazuya's crotch, but was stopped.

Nina watched Kazuya's hand tighten around her own. She entwined her fingers with his smiling. She kissed the back of his hand and pulled Kazuya into another deep kiss. "Relax," she spoke. "You're going to have fun tonight."

Red stood in Heihachi's office. He wasn't one to be afraid, but if he got to choose a moment to be afraid, it would have been then. Right now, instead of fear he felt nervous. So nervous his body trembled. The man raised a hand up to his forehead in salute. He eyed the silver haired old man as he sat in the seat.

"Nina Williams failed to kill the target." Heihachi let his fingers drum on the table. "Some more bad news has come up, cause now I find that Kazuya Mishima isn't dead either."

"Why are you not on top of things Red?"

Red shook his head. "My concern was not Kazuya. You told me to leave it to Williams to get Code Red dead."

"Awww yes." Heihachi grinned that evil grin and laughed loudly. He brought out a tape from the library that recorded the conversation that took place earlier today, and then regarded the taping of Jin in his room the night of the burning apartment.

He laughed as he realized that the intereference had been Jin, only Jin had turned into some kind of beast when the moon rose. He had the power just like his father, the demon in him. Only Jin could not control this power, so the power took control of him when the moon rose.

"I know the source of the problem. When Jin comes home tomorrow make sure he stays home. When he goes to bed, chain his feet and arms to the bed. I then want you to capture Hwoarang. Do not harm the red head, just bring him here."

Red nodded sternly. "I will bring Code Red here."

"Good," Heihachi mumbled. He raised a thick cigar up to his lips before raising his hand in dismissal.

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