Looking Out For You

Chapter 7 - Missing You

By Lalapad

Jin slowly turned into his human form as his body fell tired. The howls of anger and despair slowly disappeared, leaving the house an empty silence. Jin threw a punch at the wall, breaking the plaster with his fist.

"Damn it," he cursed under his breath, as he slid down to the floor, his knees bending, allowing him to place his elbows on his knees, and his head in his hands. He stared at the darkness for awhile before tears began to run down his cheeks in frustration.

"If I wasn't so damn greedy," Jin told himself. "I should have dumped him like they told me to," he continued. He should have listened to the chants of the people who were older than him. His elders were wiser, they knew more, but no damn it. He didn't listen. He had to stay with Hwoarang, put the beautiful red head in danger, all because he felt special.

He should have at least stayed with him. He was so stupid. Jin threw his head against the wall, wanting to cause himself so much pain. He sighed before he rolled his eyes up to the heavens.

"God, mom, anyone who is looking down and listening right now, please let Hwoarang be okay," he mumbled before closing his eyes in pain.

Lee stared down at the phone for a long time before he felt that he was ready to pick up the phone and place it against his ear. He steadied his breathing before he spoke once again. "Who the fuck is this?" Lee asked. It sounded harsh, but no one had the right to play like that.

"This is Kazuya, Lee."

"I knew I shouldn't have listened to Nina. How much did she pay you to do this, huh? I want your real name."

Lee waited for the person on the phone to answer him. He wanted to believe with all his heart that the person on the other end was really Kazuya. That voice, that voice sounded so much like Kazuya's. Maybe it was. Lee shook his head. No, that was definitely bull-shit. Kazuya was dead.


"I know. You're fucking Kazuya. Well since you are, why don't you prove it?"

"I'm in the Prominence Condominiums, room 707," Kazuya replied before the phone line went dead.

Lee pulled the phone away from his ear. That voice, that beautiful voice that he longed to hear since 19 years had reappeared. It could be a trap set by Heihachi or just one of Nina's horrible jokes, but he had to know.

Lee ran out of the park towards his white Honda. He jumped over the door, a stunt he never did, and sped down the road towards the Prominence Condominiums. It was a nice set of Condos on the river, though not anything as nearly as fancy as Lee sometimes preferred, it was nice enough.

Lee jumped out of his car. Lee breathed. He tried to lower his hopes. What he may find may be a trap hiding behind a door. 'It may not be Kazuya,' Lee told himself as he walked up to the large golden building. Lee walked into the building. He walked past the lobby to the golden elevator. He waited impatiently for the doors to slide open on floor number 7 and then dashed down the hallways to meet Kazuya's room.

Lee lifted his hand and knocked on the door. When the door opened Lee gasped. He stood there frozen as he gaped at Kazuya for along time before he found his voice and even then all he could do was stutter.

"I've missed you too," Kazuya responded. He reached out and grabbed Lee's arm and pulled the man into his home.

Lee followed, still not being able to find words for what he was saying. He watched as Kazuya closed the door. "How long have you been alive?"

"Quite some time," Kazuya replied.

"You were alive and you didn't tell me?" Lee exclaimed. "Why the fuck didn't you tell me?"

"I was a danger to you."

"That's the best you can do?" Lee snapped at Kazuya. "I was a danger to you."

Kazuya's eyes narrowed at Lee. He disliked it when Lee got the nerve to mock him. "I knew what I was doing when I chose to remain hidden," Kazuya answered through his teeth. "Don't make me regret allowing Nina to tell you I was alive."

"So you would have never told me if it weren't for Nina?"

Kazuya crossed his arms in front of his chest and nodded.

"I wish I could kick your ass," Lee mumbled. When Kazuya confessed to him that he would have never told him if it weren't for Nina, it tore at a spot in his heart. Ever since Kazuya died he was a wreck, feeling like he couldn't go on without his younger brother frowning at him. He knew it and he would admit to Kazuya right now, he had fallen in love with the Japanese.

Kazuya saw the disbelief and pain in his eyes, but what he had said was true. "I'm sorry."

"Fine," Lee sneered. "So I guess you don't want me here."

"I never said that," Kazuya responded. "I've missed you."

Lee looked at Kazuya and smiled. He walked up to his brother and hugged him. "I've missed you so much. My life was shit without you."

Kazuya would have stayed in Lee's embrace forever, but the phone had rung. He walked away to answer the phone, surprised when he heard his son's voice on the phone.


"They took him," Jin spoke. His voice was hoarse. It sounded like he had been crying for along time. "It's all my damn fault. If I wasn't so greedy-"

Kazuya cursed under his breath. "Jin, stay calm. Where are you at?"

"I'm at the house Hwoarang was staying at, earlier," Jin replied.

"Try to make your way over here," Kazuya spoke, truly afraid for his son. He hung up the phone and turned to look at Lee.

"Who's Jin?" Lee asked, his eyes burning a hidden fire, Kazuya wasn't quite sure about. "A girlfriend or something?"

"He's my son."

Lee stared at Kazuya for along time before he burst out laughing. "You a father, that is so hard to believe." Lee walked over to sit down on the couch, propping his legs up and crossing his arms. "I think it will be pretty hard to convince other people about that, since you still look like you did when you were twenty."

Kazuya waved his hand and ignored Lee.

"So how old is the kid?"

"19 years." Kazuya sat down on a couch and contemplated on what his next move would be. He would surely have to help his son out in getting Hwoarang back from the old man, but wasn't quite sure just how to go about doing that.

"Was he raised by you?"

"Heihachi," Kazuya stated. "I didn't choose to reveal myself until now."

Lee chose to ignore the anger still burning inside him. He just couldn't believe Kazuya didn't tell him at all about being alive. Did the male not know what he did to him? Kazuya was his world, his key to survival, and all he could think about for the past 19 years was Kazuya and how much he wanted to be with him.

"You can be such a-" A knock was sounded at the door, cutting off Lee, who was getting ready to curse.

Kazuya stood from the couch and walked toward the door. He opened it to reveal his son standing there with his head down, and his hands stuck in his pocket.

"Come in," Kazuya spoke.

Jin followed slowly. He raised a hand to push a black strand of hair out of his face and continued to the couch that he didn't notice, contained another person as well.

"He looks just like you," Lee spoke. "Then again, a little like his mother, but then you both had black hair and all that crap."

Jin raised his eyes from his sorrow to look at Lee, frowning as he tried to place his face and then paling as he realized who he was sitting beside. It was Lee Cholan, his all time favorite fighter. He frowned when he realized that he would have to face this dude in the ring. He would win of course, sorry to have to kick a favorite's butt, but still, Lee Cholan was like a god in his eyes.

"Don't give me that look, okay," Lee began, recognizing the fan look from a mile away. That look had him turning around and taking short cut down allies and behind restaurants. He tried to stay away from those crazed fighter freaks as much as he could.

"Sorry," Jin replied turning his eyes away from Lee to stare at an invisible spot in the wall.

Lee sighed at the kid. He turned back toward Kazuya. "So what now?"

"We sleep. We can't do anything tonight," Kazuya told the two. "I have three bedrooms in this condominium, and they all have beds, so you all can rest here if you wish."

Lee brightened as he began to stand. "Then good. I don't want to go back to my hotel room. Heihachi has me taped."

"Then someone followed you here, I'm sure," Kazuya stated. "Don't worry about it. Just get rest."

Lee watched as Jin stood up from his seat and slowly made his way to a room. The sound of the door slamming, signaled the boy's presence gone. Lee stood up from where he was resting and made his way to the kitchen. He watched as Kazuya chopped away at some potatoes and placed it in a bowl. The movements were quick, precise, and graceful. 'He can cook,' he thought as he watched Kazuya repeat the process.

"I've missed you," Lee spoke softly before stepping behind Kazuya and kissing him softly on his bare shoulder blade. The smell of peaches and cream filled his nostrils and he swore he would die. He kissed Kazuya once more, before the Japanese pulled away quickly and raised his knife towards Lee.

"What are you doing?" Kazuya asked.

Lee grinned. "I think you can guess." He had wanted Kazuya badly, even going as far as to sleep with anyone that took on a trait of the Japanese beauty. His secretary, down in the Bahamas, was a tall and lean, muscular woman with killer legs, and long black hair flowing to her thighs, with oval brown eyes. If he were to stand her next to Kazuya, she'd be the female version.

"I've told you before that I want nothing to do with your hormone rages."

"It's not a hormone rage anymore," Lee's grinned wider, stepping forward and then quickly hopping back as Kazuya jabbed his knife forward. Lee frowned. Kazuya would not let him touch him. If that were the case, then persuading Kazuya to do what he wished, would be much harder.

He remembered when he was seventeen and on edge, he not being able to get what he want from, Lilly, a nice tall and slender Japanese that wouldn't give it up unless she thought the relationship was serious so he had set his sights on his brother. He could have labeled it incest, but knew it was no such thing, since he might as well been just the family friend. He still wasn't the Japanese blood, and when he thought about it, he didn't even have their same last name. So what was the problem, there was no sin. Kazuya didn't see it that way at all.

He was sitting behind a tree, watching Kazuya deliver several hard blows to some imaginary man that was unlucky enough to befriend Kazuya. Kazuya back-flipped, landing skillfully back into a deep fighter stance, before running again and kicking and punching the same spot. He waited and watched for Kazuya to fall to his knees and all the anger and built up tension he had in him to cease.

It wasn't long, before Kazuya was tired and his three hour training session was over. Lee stood from the tree he sat on, and walked over to the wooden platform. He grinned widely as he kneeled in front of Kazuya.

Kazuya raised his head and gave Lee a long look before bowing his head back down. "What do you want?"

"I can't be around my best friend?" Lee asked, not using the word brother, for if he reminded Kazuya that they were thought to be brothers, it would be harder to get what he wanted.

Kazuya raised a fist to wipe some sweat from his brow and then shook his head. "Fine, what?"

"I think you're a great fighter," Lee slowly drew out. "Why do you push yourself so hard?"

The sixteen year old raised his eyes. They were filled with redness. Tears, had fallen, Lee could tell. Kazuya was just way to frustrated.

"To please my father," Kazuya stated angrily. "I can never please him. I'm never enough. I hate him," Kazuya yelled. The eye in the middle of his head opened and blinked.

Lee didn't want to shy away from Kazuya. He knew Kazuya would never hurt him, but the fear that ran down his spine was large. If he were to shun him now, Kazuya would think he was just like Heihachi, afraid to look Kazuya in his eyes.

Lee grabbed Kazuya into a hug, taking in a deep breath of how sweet and delicious the beauty smelled. He kissed Kazuya in the crock of his neck, tightening his hold on the boy. "You're more than enough. Heihachi's just a bitch."

Lee began to comb his fingers in the small silk curls in the back of Kazuya's head. He pulled away and gave Kazuya a kiss on the forehead, right beside the eye. He smiled when Kazuya didn't show any dislike, so he leaned forward and kissed Kazuya on the lips, before seeping his tongue into the passage way and battling with Kazuya's strong muscle.

Kazuya pushed Lee away harshly, the eye in the middle of his head now growing a purpled. "What are you doing?"

Lee looked at the glowing figure in front of him in shock and amazement. It seemed that Kazuya had made another transformation. He didn't know whether to get up and run or to stay put. "I kissed you," Lee stated.

"Don't," Kazuya shot back. "I don't want anything to do with your stupid hormone rages."

Lee laughed, cutting it off quickly. He didn't know if Kazuya was in the same mood as he was last time. Now he was sitting in front of a Kazuya with a glowing purple eye in the middle of his forehead, while the rest of his body red. He thought he should tread softly. "I love you," Lee stated. "And it's not just a hormone rage."

The light seemed to pale, until it was gone, and there was nothing but the glowing purple eye in the middle of Kazuya's forehead. He reached out fingers to comb in the back of Kazuya's neck, before he grabbed him by his waist and pulled his body toward him. He began kissing on Kazuya's sweaty skin, sucking at the base of his neck, tasting the sweat and the salt from Kazuya's earlier workout.

His hands lowered to Kazuya's black pants. His fingers were swift and nimble, loosening the drawstrings quickly. He pulled the pants open and stuck his hands deep within them, to touch warm flesh, firmed and toned over time.

He pulled Kazuya into a kiss, it was deep and passionate, his tongue sliding deep inside Kazuya's mouth, massaging the roof and soaking up Kazuya's sweet nectar. He moaned into the kiss, never tasting such sweet heaven.

He had pushed Kazuya's pants down to his ankles and tossed it over to the grass now. He couldn't help, but stop and stare at Kazuya's beautifully toned body, every line and crease, there only to make Kazuya more beautiful.

"You're like a god," Lee whispered breathlessly as he began running his fingers down Kazuya's chest, till he reached his member. He took the length into his mouth and began sucking slowly, savoring the sweet taste, moving the length around his mouth, so he could curl his tongue around it. He was glad when Kazuya's fingers seeped into his hair, massaging the back of his head and urging him on.

Lee sucked until Kazuya came, before he rose and kissed Kazuya's chest, taking one hard nipple into his mouth, before he pulled away, blown away by the sweet taste. He kissed Kazuya on the lips, before he rose and proceeded to take his own pants off.

He looked at Kazuya before he leaned down to grind their bodies together, almost coming at the feel of Kazuya against him. He reluctantly pulled back and slowly entered the Japanese, wrapping the boy's legs around his waist, and settling himself deep inside of Kazuya. He waited and then thrust forward, searching for that spot deep inside Kazuya, wanting to make the boy moan and scream his name.

He knew he had it when, Kazuya's body jerked unexpectedly and his hands clawed at the wood below him. He kept moving his hips, aiming for that spot, over and over again. He swore he started seeing stars when Kazuya moaned his name softly as he came. Lee came instantly after that, totally loosing the control he usually had at the soft sound Kazuya made, before he collapsed on the ground grabbing a hold of Kazuya as he rolled over.

They both laid there for awhile before Kazuya got up and grabbed his pants and pulled it on, rushing inside the house. Lee did the same, walking in the house naked, liking the abhorred looks the maids gave him as he walked his way to the restroom to take a long shower.

He remembered sitting in the living room, staring at the stars, thinking of that beautiful moment he had with Kazuya, wishing that he could have it again, when he felt Kazuya's presence behind him.

He turned around slowly to look at Kazuya's glowing eye, which instead was glowing a yellow. Kazuya grabbed a hold of his hand tightly, making Lee wince in pain.

"Don't you ever touch me like that again," Kazuya growled angrily through the teeth that were to sharp for Lee's liking. Kazuya snapped Lee's wrist and then snapped the bone back in place, making Lee scream twice. Tears filled Lee's eyes as he instantly grabbed the wrist in the palm of his left hand.

Kazuya turned around and walked out of the room, not throwing a glance back at the boy.

It was not even a day later did Lee have a nurse at his hand, wrapping a white bandage and what looked to be a metal stick.

"How did you break it?" the female doctor asked softly as she wrapped the bandage around Lee's arm once more, before bringing out two metal pieces and snapping the bandage together.

"I under estimated my strength and punched in a wall and broke my wrist when I was angry," Lee answered.

The female doctor stared at him critically. "How did you snap it back into place?"

"Oh, Kazuya was nice enough to do that for me," Lee answered, still not use to the throbbing pain. He had cried all last night as he held his wrist to his chest. Heihachi wasn't even nice about the pain, smacking him around and calling him a baby.

"Next time, leave that to the jobs of the doctors," the nurse spoke as she started to pack up her bags. "Apply ice as it says on the paper I handed you, and it should bring down the swelling. Okay?"

Lee nodded. "Whatever, doc," he replied.

As for the effect of the broken wrist, Lee kept his love for the Japanese boy hidden, afraid of provoking Kazuya to do worst than snap his wrist.

The memory disappeared quickly and Lee was left rubbing his right wrist with his hand. He would never forget the severe pain that went on for weeks while it was healing, but if that was the cost of having Kazuya's warm body against his own, he would gladly do it again.

Lee stepped forward to talk to his brother, but stepped back as he saw the irritation flowing through him.

"Don't, Lee. I mean it," Kazuya seethed before slamming the knife down and turning on his heel.

Lee stood there in the kitchen and tried to hold back the breaking of his heart as he accepted the truth. Kazuya didn't want him in that way.

"You said what?" Julia asked as she threw down the magazine that she was reading. She raised her eyes to look at Ling. The little girl was now stuck here in the mansion to. Several guards were outside the doors, and there was no way they were getting out. They would have had a chance if Heihachi had not ordered some special troops.

"Several soldiers were dragging Hwoarang's body along the corridors," Ling stated. Though Ling wasn't able to leave, she was not going to ignore the easy ways around the vents. She had climbed over several areas and had spotted Hwoarang's red hair when she was busy studying some hot soldier holding a rifle. She was going to make the decision to go for the go and flirt with him when familiar red hair had caught her attention.

"Can you believe this shit!?"

Ling and Julia's gaze quickly lowered to Anisha who was busy tapping her foot and slamming the telephone against the wooden desk.


"He isn't going to give me a raise!" Anisha screamed. "I called Heihachi to tell him that I wasn't aware that I was going to be held hostage when I took the multi-talented job of being a mother and a spy. So I asked him for a raised. And you know what he said?"

"No," Julia and Ling stated together.

"That Bastard," Anisha screamed, pointing the black phone towards Julia and Ling. She pushed back several strands of her hair before she crossed her arms. "So what did you say about Hwoarang?"

"Hwoarang is being dragged by several soldiers and he's unconscious."

"That's bad," Anisha stated.

"Maybe we should tell Jin," Julia spoke.

"Nomatter, he wouldn't be able to get Hwoarang out of there. Not without killing them both."

"With the help of us, and Kazuya he could, and maybe even Nina could help us."

Anisha shook her head. "We would have had a chance if Heihachi hadn't ordered one hundred of those special soldiers. Even Nina will tell you, facing them is like facing five hundred Kazuya and Jins and the females, they start kicking it like Lee when he has several paperworks to do on a Friday night, especially when they break a nail."

"They get mad over a nail?" Julia asked disgusted.

"Shoot, I'd get mad to. It is not on until you ruin my French manicure."

Julia stared at Anisha for awhile before snorting. "It's women like you that make it so hard."

"Honey, you just don't know. Tell her, Ling."

"I have to agree. It takes a lot of money to get your nails done," Ling replied. She showed her long, beautifully shaped nails to Juila. A French manicure was given to them, and pink butterflies were sitting at the bottom of each nail, the tips colored pink. "Thirty bucks."

"Thirty bucks!?" Julia shook her head. "To much for me."

"She doesn't get it," Anisha mumbled to Ling.

"We tried."

Julia rolled her eyes before lifting her magazine back up in front of her face. "So if they don't break a nail, we may be able to take them down," Ling stated after she finished the third paragraph.

"Ha, ha."

"Well we can't just leave Hwoarang there," Julia replied, shooting a dry look towards Anisha.

"We'll have to, we could probably sneak some food to him if we got some inside help," Anisha spoke. "But other than that. We have to wait."

"Oh I have somebody," Ling spoke. She remembered that fine officer that she was going to flirt with earlier. If she had the right stuff, she could probably get him in.


"He's a really cute soldier boy on the first floor."

Anisha's eyebrow slowly rose and she smiled. "Oh, I got it. If you want to get soldier boy, then you have to use your womanly ways." Anisha clasped her hands together. "This is great."

"What?" Julia asked. She lowered the magazine down to her lap and scanned the room. "Am I missing something?"

"Ling, here, is going to flirt with a soldier boy and get him to join our side." Anisha threw a look at Julia. "Okay I need everyone to split up and get me some lip gloss, a mini skirt, some plat forms, and a spaghetti strapped shirt."

Ling and Julia stood before nodding. They headed towards the vents and started climbing into them, ready for their plan to be put into action. Oh yes, it was a great time to be a female. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hwoarang's head felt like someone had smashed it in with a baseball bat. When he raised his eyes to look around him, he couldn't see anything but darkness. He tried to move his arms, but they were tied tightly behind him. He opened his mouth to speak or even yell, but his tongue felt too heavy to lift.

A door opened and in walked a short Japanese girl with long black hair. When his gaze focused, he realized it was the girl who had attacked him.

The light in the room had went up only enough for him to see the girl in front of him and maybe tell he was in a cell somewhere. He watched as the girl walked in and to his dismay, she sat on him, her breasts which were tightened by a black leather top pushed against his chest, and her legs wrapped around his waist and the back of the chair he was seated against. She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled.

"Now be a good little captor and allow me to take the pin out of your tongue."

Hwoarang stared at the girl for awhile before he pulled back, the girl shot out her hand and attached it to his jaw. She put pressure on his jaw, pressing harder and harder until his eyes watered and he was forced to open his mouth.

"There," she spoke as she pulled the pin from his tongue. She smiled as she placed the pin in her pouch. "Now was that so hard?"

"Where the fuck am I you fucking bitch? When I get out of this fucking chair I'm going to slit your fucking whoring ass. You slut," Hwoarang began to say before his whole mouth was covered by the girl's hands.

"Maybe I should of kept the pin on your tongue," she mumbled to herself. She pulled away and began to hobble towards the door. "I'd save your energy if I were you," she screamed, not liking being called a slut, whore and bitch over and over again.

"Bitch," Hwoarang yelled in reply.





Kimmy stared at Hwoarang before her lip curled up in anger. "Fag!"

Hwoarang's mouth dropped open at the name. 'Did she just call him a fag?' "What the fuck ever. You just wait until I get out of this chair," he began, standing on his hind legs. He grew angry when the chair didn't budge. He ignored the fact that he was sleeping with a male and started denying to being at all gay in the first place.

It was several minutes later when his mind ceased the death pictures of the short Japanese girl and he stopped telling himself that he was not a fag. Okay, so he would admit it, to himself anyway, he was sleeping with a male. But that did not make him gay! That just made Jin a special type of female. A male that wasn't a female at all, but Jin was still special. Let's face it, anyone who got lucky enough to test out his moves was special.

The anger erased from his whole body as he nodded with the thought. He finally figured it all out. He wasn't gay. God, just chose Jin to be the lucky one to test out of his moves. So therefore, Kimmy the new found bitch was way wrong about him being a fag. The whole name was unnecessary. His names were all true, I mean after all Kimmy was truly a slut, bitch, and a whore. She just should of took off that and called him a name that was true. He was a dick, and even a dog. He wasn't going to deny that. So she just should have called him a dog!

The sun had rose and Kazuya had climbed out of his bed to walk to get the newspaper. The newspaper was sitting right in front of his condo door. He picked up the thick roll of paper and walked inside the house. He almost choked when he saw himself and Lee's face on the front of the newspaper, with the head line, Kazuya Mishima risen from the dead to fight with Lee Chaolan once again.

"What's up?"

Kazuya turned around and threw his newspaper at Lee.

Lee raised it to his eyes and frowned. "Nina, probably did this," he stated. He lowered the paper and then looked to Kazuya. "Well it will halt any attempts of Heihachi trying to kill you before the tournament. There will be no way he'll be able to keep it secret."

Lee watched his brother move around him. He wasn't about to give up so easily, even though Kazuya seemed so hell bent on denying him. His mind had rehashed over and over again the first time they made love, and it hit him that Kazuya did not fight him at all.

Lee watched Kazuya's slender frame walk into the kitchen. His black hair was not put up in his bun, like he usually had it and it took all of Lee's control not to rush over behind Kazuya and begin curling his fingers in Kazuya's hair. He walked into the kitchen and saw Kazuya chop several straw berries.

"I never pictured you a chef," Lee stated.

Kazuya grunted in reply. "I cook only because I have to."

Lee walked up to Kazuya and began twirling his fingers in Kazuya's silky hair. He smiled when Kazuya didn't fight him. He then forced the Japanese against the wall and kissed Kazuya's soft, pink lips, devouring the flesh with his mouth. He slid in his tongue into sweet heaven as his hands slowly lowered down Kazuya's body, his finger's sliding down golden skin to dip inside Kazuya's pants to lay against firm globes.

Lee pulled away to look Kazuya in his dark fiery eyes. "Tell me you don't want me," Lee mumbled, breathless already. It was hard not to rip off Kazuya's pants and ravaged the man's body until he was satisfied. He didn't want to do that at all, and held his control.

Kazuya's head turned to the side as he tried to gain control of his feelings. He wanted Lee to take him, but then again he wasn't sure if he could take- No, he would not give in to those weak, human desires that the body yearned for.

Lee leaned in and started kissing Kazuya's neck, tasting that sweat taste, of morning dew and honey suckles. He wanted so badly to- he felt himself grow achingly hard at the thought and he moaned. He was sure he was going to hit the edge right there.

Kazuya's hands shot out at Lee's body angrily as he felt Lee's aching member pulsing between his thighs. He stared at Lee across the kitchen and grew angry when his brother smiled, violently.

"You taste so good," Lee mumbled, licking his lips in a taunting motion. Lee had reverted back to the person he was when he was, when Kazuya and him were only sixteen years old. He always enjoyed the anger he roused from Kazuya.

"I will snap your neck if you do that again," Kazuya spoke through his teeth. "I want none of your faggish desires."

Lee formed and o with his lips. "Oh that hurt," he stated. "How long do you think you can hold out from me? I know you want it."

Kazuya stared at Lee for along time. The silver haired fighter was correct, but he did not want to give in. He, like his father, thought same sex relationships were disgusting and he would not fall for them. He watched as Lee's eyes lowered up and down his body and the man grin. He hated that side of Lee. Lee knew exactly how to piss him off, and often succeeded. This time was no different.

Jin walked in the kitchen and saw Lee Cholan and his father staring at each other. Kazuya seemed on the verge of attacking the young silver- haired dragon, while Lee seemed in total delight. He was reluctant to interrupt them, but knew he couldn't stay silent.

"Dad," he stated, the words lifting from his lips for his first time. Kazuya didn't take note of the name. "Kazuya."

Kazuya's head snapped around, along with Lee's. Jin shuddered at the looks.

"What do you want?" Lee asked finally after a long silence.

"I was going to tell you I suspect that Heihachi has Hwoarang locked away in his layer, and that I'm going after him."

"No," Kazuya stated after a long while. "We should wait for a better time."

"When?" Jin asked impatiently.

"You'll know when."

Ling was hiding behind a corner. Her long black hair was tossed about her shoulders, her lips were done in pink lip gloss, and her body was adorned in a black spaghetti strap shirt with a matching short skirt. She had black straps wrapped around her lower legs, and had platforms on her feet. It had taken Anisha only minutes to do her up, and now it was up to her, to use her womanly skills and flirt her way through that.

The boy was right in her view. He was tall with brown hair, and brown eyes. He was deadly handsome, and she wondered if he was even real. She pulled down on her two short skirt and began walking. She recalled the information Anisha had given her. 'Give him as much control as you think you can spare. They lust for it. Make a bargain. If you're lucky, you may loose your virginity to a sex god.'

"I don't want to loose my virginity," Ling had stated quickly, biting her lip in fear.

"Listen. They are like robots, they want take more control than you give them. But hey, if you do make the big jump, I'm telling you, there are no words for what those men can do."

Ling had rolled her eyes at Anisha and started for the vent, which left her climbing through to where she stood now. She was walking close to the beautiful man. She began to tremble, did she want to go through with this? It was already to late. The man had seen her.

She smiled and began to play with her hair, a trait that Anisha said would make her look easy to control. She walked up to the man with a little sway to her hips, and reminded herself she was doing this for Hwoarang, a man who she barely knew, but hey, he'd repay her.

"You're not suppose to be in this wing."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I don't follow orders," Ling replied. She walked up to the man and leaned against the white wall. "So, how old are you soldier?"


"Your name?"


Ling smiled wider. "A delicious sounding name," she replied before leaning in closer to the man, allowing her breast to rub against his arm. "You're pretty cute. You're the kind of guy I like."

Kevin's brown eyes sparked with interest. "What kind of guys are that?"

"I like to give my guy some control, but not a lot," Ling stated. "I don't like men pushing me to have sex. Other than that, being aggressive isn't quite me."

A smile grew on Kevin's face and he reached an arm over to grab Ling to him. His hand lowered to lay on her leather covered behind before he raised her chin to look the girl in her dark eyes. "Is that so?"

"You know what?"


"I'll give you me for the night, if you do something for me?"


Ling bit her lip and gasped as she felt the soldier's hands slide between her thighs and grasp her breasts under her thin black t-shirt. It took her along time before she swallowed and smiled. "You're not going to push me to have sex are you?"

Kevin frowned. "No."

"You gave me the wrong impression. I think you're trying to force me into something I don't like."

Kevin's whole body stilled quickly and his arms and hands removed from Ling's body. Ling almost felt regretful, almost. Her chest unclenched and she watched as the Kevin's whose brown eyes twinkled with interest had mold into a lifeless jewel. "I don't force people to do things, unless I'm ordered."

"Forgive me. I touched you without the right."

"I'll give you that right, if you do something for me."

Kevin nodded. "And what is that?"

"Slide some food into a cell holding Hwoarang." Ling thought the man was going to deny the offer, and slam her against the wall, screaming traitor. It shocked her, and left her breathless when she saw him smile. She wasn't sure she heard him when he said yes. "What? Just like that? Why?"

Kevin laughed before crossing his arms. "They put me in control and things aren't going as I like them," he stated. He looked Ling in her eyes before he smiled, the look becoming less menacing. "Keep your control and I will keep mine," he stated under his breath. And for some reason, instead of Ling being frightened, she grew more confident.

Heihachi's eyes lit up in a yellow rage when he saw the pictures of Lee and Kazuya thrown on the front page of the national newspaper, not only that, but the world's best newspaper. All his plans were ruined. He picked up a large cigar and placed it on his lips before taking a deep breath.

"Where is Hwoarang?" he asked Kimmy, who was seated in front of him. He cringed when he heard her snap her ankle back into place.


"What?" Heihachi roared, his beady eyes crossing the room to look at Red.

"He should be," Kimmy mumbled. "He's in the dungeon."

Heihachi sighed. He lifted his gaze to Red. "I want papers handed out to all the fighters registered to fight, to receive a flyer that says winners will receive a rare red item."

Heihachi took in a deep breath of the cigar smoke. "I want it done before the fight in two weeks," he stated, lowering his cigar to the crystal tray and smashing out the smoke.

To Be Continued . . .

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