Looking Out For You

Chapter 4 - Talking About You

By Lalapad

When Jin walked into the large hotel with marble statues standing near the walls and glassy brown wooden floors, it made Hwoarang feel again out of place. Jin didn't catch the sudden insecurity written on Hwoarang's face when he entered the building. If you told him Hwoarang could get insecure, he would have never believed it.

Jin just walked up to the reception desk as if he had been there all his life. He watched the young woman with shoulder length brown hair and thought she was sort of pretty.

The woman pretended to be typing for a very long time before she raised her sharp, green eyes to look up at the two gorgeous men in front of her. One was leaning against the desk, running hand's through his red hair, while the other seemed to be waiting for her to snap out of her dreamland. She placed a wide smile on her face and batted her long dark lashes. "And how may I help you?"

"I'm Jin Kazama, and I would like a two bed-"

"One bed room," Hwoarang interrupted.

The woman's eyes snapped towards Hwoarang and she blinked quickly. She didn't need a scientist to tell her what the red-head was implying. 'Shit!' she thought. 'There goes my chance of getting laid.' Even then she kept her fake smile on her face. After all, maybe their both bi.

As for Jin the heat already started reaching his cheeks. He knew that the woman had caught on to just what Hwoarang was implying. He threw a glance around the room. How many people would hear this conversation, and how many people would know of this embarrassing moment? The odds of everyone in the hotel hearing one way or another left his mind moaning in agony.

"No, I think we'd be better suited for a two bed room," Jin tried again.

Hwoarang smiled even wider. "Why should we get a two bed room when we can have a one."

"I'm paying for it."

"But a one bed room is cheaper."

"He is correct, Mr. Kazama," the woman spoke nodding in reassurance. "A one bedroom is cheaper."

Jin's eyes snapped over to look at the woman he thought was pretty earlier. She had switched his opinion. This woman was not making his problems easier.

"I'm just trying to help," the woman replied. She shuddered under the guy's death glare and went back to typing.

"We would be more comfortable in a two bed room."

"Not really," Hwoarang replied. He stepped closer to breathe down Jin's neck and kissed it softly. He ignored the woman's stare as he whispered. "I think I'd be more comfortable with your naked body laying in my arms."

As tempting as the thought was and how much Jin seemed to want it, he couldn't. He was already on bad terms with his grandfather and if the man did find out, Hwoarang would be in deep danger. With that knowledge in mind, Jin raised his hands to rest on Hwoarang's shoulder and kneed him in his crotch.

Hwoarang's eyes became big and he doubled over to the floor.

With that done with, Jin stepped up to the counter and placed his credit card on the desk. "A two bed room," he responded to the woman.

The woman tried to hold back a chuckle and typed in the code. "Here you go," she spoke.

Jin nodded. He grabbed the card from the counter and went to neel by Hwoarang's sprawled out form.

"I think you crushed it. I may never get hard again. My days of youth are gone," Hwoarang began to mumble before rolling over. He picked himself off the ground. No one kneed him in his pride and joy and got away with it. He wasn't going to let Jin give him anymore excuses. He knew that Jin wanted him. If not a little. He was never wrong about that. Not to mention the fact that everyone wanted him. He was going to get Jin.

Jin didn't see the determination in the depth of Hwoarang's brown pools. And if he did, he would have passed it off for something else. He walked to the elevator and waited for Hwoarang before he let the doors slide close. If he knew Hwoarang would have made a successful move against him in the elevator, he would have never gotten in it.

Hwoarang pushed Jin against the wall's of the elevator. He walked over to the boy and before Jin could start pushing at his chest, he began to kiss Jin with all his passion, letting his tongue slide deep into Jin's mouth and coaxing Jin into a rough, but slow dance.

Jin tried to push Hwoarang off him, but his eyes were blinded by lust. He could barely put strength behind his pushes and shoves.

Hwoarang pulled away slowly. He looked at Jin with a slight grin on his lips. "You look a little disgruntled don't you?"

A slight look of irritation slipped into Jin's eyes. Any lust that blinded him had disappeared with Hwoarang's smart remark. He shoved at Jin's chest and stood up straight. "Why would I be disgruntled?"

Hwoarang shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. Maybe you should be."

It was a warning that Jin should have heard, but Jin shut off towards Hwoarang.

Jin walked into the hotel room. He looked at the large king size beds in the third room. He walked up to one bed. When he turned, he found Hwoarang right in front of him. The boy's nose was placed near his. Hwoarang wore a large grin on his face.


It was the end. Hwoarang pushed Jin onto the bed. He tasted Jin's honey taste, and began to discard the boy's clothes. "I want this, Jin," Hwoarang stated firmly between kisses.

Jin was flustered. He didn't know what was happening. All he knew was he was revealed to Hwoarang's prying eyes. He shivered as he felt a kiss dance across his neck. Hands went up and down his body. That wasn't as shocking as when he felt Hwoarang's length slide across the inside of his thighs. Jin arched his back and slowly rose. He looked Hwoarang squarely in the eye. He would of spoke a threat to Hwoarang if he could find the words.

Hwoarang smiled widely. "Don't worry. Just relax," Hwoarang whispered before he kissed Jin on the lips once more. He let his hands slide down Jin's body. He caressed Jin's length with strong hands and then bent down and whispered in Jin's ears. "Would it make you feel better if I told you I'm great in bed?"

Jin didn't find it funny, but it made him relax. He allowed Hwoarang's soft kisses and dauntless touch to swoon him into Hwoarang's arms. Hwoarang had successfully pulled Jin into wanting him. Now he just hoped Jin didn't punch his lights out when he encountered the pain of his entrance.

Hwoarange leaned forward and kissed Jin lowering his kisses down Jin's smooth body until he came to Jin's long throbbing hardness. He took a swift intake of breath before closing his eyes. This was what he wanted. He will take it.

Nina walked into Mark's hospital room. She let her finger caress his dark skin before she turned her eyes towards the doorway. She had secretly searched every room in the hospital and the apartment building. There had been no sign of Hwoarang's death.

She lifted Marks hand and placed a red rose onto the boy's chest. She kissed the hand before returning the hand to lay ontop of the rose's stem. Hwoarang's not dead, Nina thought. She smiled and began to walk away from Mark. She will have to find him.

Jin awoke slowly. The feel of a hard body pressed against him reminded him of the events of last night. He sat up. He wanted to feel angry and disgusted with himself, but none of those emotions seemed to surface. All he felt was what it seemed to be a love and need to protect Hwoarang. It didn't feel out of place when Jin leaned over to kiss Hwoarang softly on his lips. Instead it felt down right amusing.

Jin climbed out of bed. He blushed at the thoughts that spinned in his mind. The maids wouldn't need much to be able to tell what happened in this room. He just hoped that they didn't gossip. He didn't think he wanted to make headlines in the news paper. He could picture it.

'The famous Heihachi's grand boy has met that special someone, but is that special someone a man?'

He shook his head. That was not what he needed. He rose and walked to the bathroom. He would take a long hot shower and then think about what he should do.

The feel of the hot water running down his body relaxed him. He could feel the perspiration from last night's activity washe away. It ended when he heard the sounds of the maids entering the bedroom.

"Jin Kazama?"

"Yes," Jin called as he shut off the shower and got out. He drapped a towel around his narrow waist. He stopped in steps when he saw the maid.

He swore he looked like a reddened apple when the maid walked in on him.

The old woman didn't seem to take notice of a teen in nothing but a wrag. After all, she had three teenage sons and had nearly seen everything. She lifted up a letter in her right hand. "A message from your father."

"My father?" Jin asked before shaking his head. "That's impossible. He's dead."

"It's signed by Kazuya Mishima." The lady handed Jin the letter.

"Is this a joke?"

The maid shrugged. She turned and walked towards the door of the hotel room. She closed it as she left.

Jin stared blankly at the pink piece of hotel paper. "Meet me at Ashtons, on the river at 9:00 for breakfast."

What did his father want? Jin shook his head. He ran quickly to his bathroom and grabbed a pair of pants. He slipped them on his waist and then his shirt and jacket. With a note telling Hwoarang why he left, he was out the door without bothering to comb his wet hair.

Hwoarang rose slowly with a wide smile on his face. He didn't know if last night was a dream or reality, but he knew he had the best fuck in the world. Jin did not compare to any of the girls he had. Jin was . . . he was . . . forget it. Nothing described him, but one word. "Tight."

Hwoarang threw himself back into his pillows. He wanted some more. Hwoarang rolled onto his stomach. He noticed a pink piece of paper laying on the bed.

'I have a meeting at a resturant called Ashtons for breakfast this morning. Sorry.'

Hwoarang read the note again and then pushed the covers off his body so he could climb out of bed. Jin was gone, but he still had things to do. He walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He had to get ready for a meeting with his followers. They would need to discuss to use much of the five billion to buy a new complex and build an underground facility.

He hoped in the shower and began combing his red hair. He was out of the hotel room, dressed and ready to go kick butt in three minutes. It seemed that everyone recognized him when he walked down the hotel hallways.

Everyone turned to point at him. He knew he was known for causing trouble, but he didn't know he was that popular. He stepped into a glass elevator. He waited impatiently for it to lower to the lobby floor. The lobby looked much bigger than when he first came in. The reception desks were gold and lined against the wall on one side of the hotel room, while there was a large fountain in the middle of the room and a resturant on the other side of the lobby.

Hwoarang stopped as he neared the fountain. Behind the glass walls that surrounded the resturant he swore he saw Nina sitting there sipping a glass of coffee. He took several steps forward and then cursed. It was Nina. He knew because the witch was staring dead at him.

'Maybe I should pretend like I don't see her and go back to my room," Hwoarang began to think. He turned slowly, but he knew that wouldn't stop her from coming up to his room. He sighed. Fine, he'd get on with it. He turned back around and started towards where Nina sat.

"I see Jin's been treating you well," Nina stated. She sat her tea cup down on the table. Her legs were crossed, and her hair was pulled back tightly into a bun. She let her fingers slide down the table. "Can I ask what you and Jin did last night?"

"I don't see how that's your business buddy," Hwoarang replied. He leaned back in his chair and grinned at Nina.

"It is my business. You see it's very much my business."

Hwoarang stared at Nina for a long moment. He saw something sparkling in the depths of her eyes. Did she know something that he didn't know? He leaned forward on the table. "What do you want?"

"You know," Nina suddenly stated. She threw a critical glance at Hwoarang and then leaned back against her seat. "Yeah, you know."

"Know what?"

"Think about it Hwoarang. You suspect it." Nina raised the tea cup to her lips once again. "I can see how you look at me."

Hwoarang let his fingers drum on the table in agitation. He stared at Nina blankly. The thoughts about the fire sprung to his mind and he felt a small pelt of pain in his stomach. "You wouldn't," he said aloud, mostly to himself. She wouldn't. Not to him at least. He looked up into her eyes and then he quickly looked away. He didn't want to believe that the person he knew and trusted would try to kill him.

"Hwoarang," Nina called. She placed her hand on Hwoarang's. She knew he knew when he snatched his hand away.

"I can't believe you would -" Hwoarang stopped. He leaned back against his chair and shook his head.

"I was going to go back to get you, but Jin got to you first." Nina felt her heart pounding in her chest. She never regretted doing anything before in her life, but when she saw the look on Hwoarang's face, it tore at something. "I was ordered to do it."

"You're just a fucking robot," Hwoarang mumbled. He pushed at the white chair he sat in. The squeaky sound echoed throughout the loud hotel.

"I don't have choices of what I can do or can't," Nina stated calmly. "I must follow orders. Including that I make sure you stop seeing Jin."

"What, and you're going to cut my head off if I don't?"

"No, I wouldn't kill you, but Heihachi will make sure he gets someone to."

Hwoarang turned to look at Nina and then turned to walk out of the room. "Fuck it," he responded to Nina. He walked out from behind the glass wall that seperated the resturant from the rest of the hotel. He had to find Jin. He need to straighten some stuff out.

When Jin walked up to the large blue glass resturant he stopped. Was he truly ready to meet his father? He didn't know, but as he was handing in his name to the young attendant standing behind a large blue desk he knew there was no turning back.

He nodded to the man and followed behind him. The man led him around tables that sat business men and business women of high class caliber, until he came up to a table near a window that over looked the river. A man with black hair pulled back in much the same hair style Jin wore sat at the table looking out onto the river bank. Two black bangs covered to dark oval eyes.

When Jin neared the table his father turned his eyes onto him. It made him stop in his footsteps.

"Mr. Mishima"

Jin jumped slightly. He smiled at the servant. "Thank you."

The maid nodded. He turned and was gone in a second.

Jin walked up to the table and looked down onto his father.

"Sit," Kazuya spoke.

Jin sat at the table slowly. He looked at his father and shook his head. "You're suppose to be dead," he stated.

"I will never die at the hands of Heihachi Mishima," Kazuya spoke. His hands tapped on the white cloth. "I've only called you hear to warn you."

"About what?"

"The devil gene in you. The power your grand father wants." Kazuya glanced out the windows of the resturant. "He only keeps you because you have that gene."

"What's with the gene that my grandfather would want?"

"Obviously he thinks that with the gene you'll be invincible. He tried to kill me because he feared that I would be more powerful than himself." Kazuya moved his hands down the side of the table. "He fears that you will be more powerful than he. He will not cross you because he wants you to run the business, but be cautious."

"Why are you telling me this?" Jin asked. He raised a hand to brush through the long silks of black hair that fell down his shoulder. He wished he had pulled his hair out of his face. From the look of his father. He didn't like his hair down either.

"I've been watching you," Kazuya answered. "You're putting Hwoarang in danger."

Jin's eyes narrowed. "Do you know?"

"I won't say anything about your decisions, but if your grandfather wishes that you stay away from the boy, you should heed him." Kazuya glanced behind him. His eyes caught another's and he knew he would need to get up and leave.

Jin watched as his father stood up. "Are you going to be at the tournament?"

"Of course," Kazuya spoke. "So don't expect to win this time," Kazuya continued.

Jin watched his father's disappearing frame. He shook his head. Anisha wasn't wrong when she told him his father was arrogant. He was. It just made him wonder where he got this shy approach to every thing.

"Do you want anything to eat, sir?"

"Xiaoyu?" Jin asked. He looked at the girl in front of him. "Why did you get a job?"

"Needed the extra money," Ling spoke. She sat down at the table and looked at her friend. "So what's going on with you? You missed school on friday and you never miss school."

"Hwoarang needed my help."


"A red-head fighter. He specializes in Tai Kwon Doe."

"Oh," Ling spoke as she began to put the pieces together. She frowned. "That jerk. Next time I'm going to kick his skinny behind. I was so close to beating him and then he wanted to grab me into a hold and toss me out of the ring." Ling frowned and leaned against her seat. "If he wasn't so cute."

"Well, I got-"

"And he has a bizillion girl-friends. All of them turned up at the tournament."

Whatever Jin was going to say left his mind when Ling said that. "What?" he asked blankly.

"He's a player, a womanizer, and probably even a pimp. I was forced to talk to them. They all sleep with him. I asked them if they know about the other women, and they say yes. He makes it very clear that he doesn't want a relationship, just sex. It's so disgusting."

Jin stared at the short girl in front of him for a long time. He wanted to stand up for Hwoarang, but he felt so violated. To think he even trusted this guy to let him take his-


Jin let his eyes snap up to meet Xiaoyu's.

"Is there something wrong?"

"No. Just thinking."

Ling looked at Jin for a very long time. Jin never spaces out on her when she's talking. It was strange. Even more strange, he actually looked hurt. Ling let her mind trace back to some of the things that she said; All the way back to what she said about Hwoarang having a ton of girlfriends. 'He slept with him,' Ling thought quickly.

Jin knew Ling knew, when he saw Ling's face change from thoughtful to plain shock. He should of known that she would have caught on to him. She was always dead on the money when it came to reading him.

"I didn't know you were into men," Ling stated.

"I'm not."

"Then how did you get attracted to Hwoarang?"

Jin shrugged. "I don't know. I've never been interested in men."

"You're bi," Ling then stated. "Or maybe you and Hwoarang are meant to be together. Like in one of those Romance novels."

"Julia told you something, didn't she?"

"Well yeah. That chicks been phoning me all day. Your nanny to. They keep asking me where you are." Ling stuck her hand in her pocket and pulled out her cellphone. "Every three minutes she calls me. It's been two since the last time she phoned me. You will speak to her when she calls again."

Jin took the phone into his hand. It rung, just like Xiaoyu had predicted it. Jin flipped the top of the cell phone open and spoke.


"Jin Kazama. You got me in trouble again. You know Heihachi is going beserk? He actually accussed me of sneaking you out in the night."

Jin sighed as he began to rub his eyelids. He didn't expect Anisha to be on the other end of the phone. "I've been out with Hwoarang."

"You slept with him, didn't you?" Anisha asked.

"I-I, well . . .I-I"

"Wait a minute, let me put this on speaker so Julia can hear," Anisha spoke. "So tell us about it. Is Hwoarang good in bed?"

Jin frowned. His cheeks bloomed red at the sound of his guardian's question. He wished he could hang up on Anisha, but knew not to be disrespectful. "He knew what he was doing."

"Did you do doggy position?" Julia asked.

"Did you have hot sauce?" Anisha added.

Jin pulled the phone away from his ears to look at the blue thing. He shook his head and raised it back up to his ear. "I'm not answering any of your sick minded questions."

The girls moaned on the phone. "You can't possibly deny us the good stuff. Come on, at least tell us how long did Hwoarang go," Julia spoke.

"I refuse to speak on this matter," Jin spoke. "Besides, I'm not going to be sleeping with Hwoarang again."

"Why not?" Anisha asked.

"He just like to use people to have sex."

"There is nothing wrong with a sex based relationship, as long as nobody gets hurt."

"Someone will always get hurt."

"True. That's why you don't see me having one," Anisha stated. "Now that we're done with this conversation. Can you tell us-"

"I'm not going to answer any of them."

"Fine Jin, be this way," Anisha spoke over the phone.

"You are just so mean," Julia stated before Jin heard the line go dead. Jin pulled the phone away from his ear and handed it to Julia.

"So how was the conversation?"

"Julia and Anisha are strange women," Jin answered. He got up to head to leave. Xiaoyu began to follow him.

"So tell me, Jin. Who was on top?" Ling suddenly asked.

"I'm not going to answer that."

"Hwoarang was on top, wasn't he?"

"Why does everyone assume that?"

"Cause Jin, you're not the dominant kind of guy."

Jin turned his eyes to stare at Ling for a long time. He just shook his head and began to walk faster. He had to find Hwoarang.

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