Looking Out For You

Chapter 3 - Saving You

By Lalapad

Hwoarang fell on the sweet grass of the park. He felt like kissing the ground. He had run 10 miles without stopping and his whole body ached all over. The thing that annoyed him though, was Jin was indefatigable and he hated it.

Jin looked down on Hwoarang and grinned slowly before kneeling down in front of the breathless fire infront of him. "I'm surprised."

"Fuck you," was what Hwoarang would have said if he wasn't so tired. He just rolled his eyes up to the blue sky and moaned. He was never, ever, ever running 10 miles again. It didn't matter if he was going to be paid five million dollars. It wasn't happening. He didn't really care whether Jin could run around the world and over the oceans in seven days. He was never running 10 miles again.

Jin sat down beside Hwoarang. He looked around the empty park, and took in a deep breath. It seemed rather peaceful. The wind was blowing well for autumn, and he was ready for another mile or so. It was just he knew Hwoarang would never go for it. He turned to look at Hwoarang. Was he asleep? "I'll treat you to lunch," Jin stated to see if Hwoarang would reply.

"Whatever," Hwoarang stated. He slowly began to push himself off the grass. Boy was he in pain. Every part of his body was sore. "You know you owe me something." He watched Jin stand as if he had just come out of a vigorous shower and then shook his head.

"What?" Jin asked with a smirk.

Hwoarang walked closer to Jin and smiled. "A good fuck," Hwoarang replied.

Jin's cheeks heated red. He should have known what Hwoarang would say to him. He was lucky his face still remained relax.

"I should kick your ass for breaking my record," Hwoarang continued.

"Kick my ass?"

"Yeah." Hwoarang leaned closer to Jin. "But instead I'll take this." Hwoarang captured Jin's luscious lips in a kiss, sliding his tongue into a warm, wet cavern, moaning softly as Jin's sweet nectar poured into his mouth. Again he couldn't help but to ask why the hell he tasted so good? He moaned softly, more in surprise when Jin started to battle for control with him.

"Step back from the target, code Red or we will be forced to shoot."

Hwoarang tried to ignore the misuse of his hair color, but Jin didn't. He started to glare at the boy who pulled away from him.

"What the fuck do you want?" Hwoarang snapped at Red who was walking across the park with several soldiers behind him.

"Jin Kizama, you are wanted by your grandfather Heihachi. If you refuse to come with us, we will not hesitate to fire in this park filled with innocent people," Red replied, ignoring Code Red's bad choice of words.

Jin turned to look around the park. It was empty of innocent people, but he shrugged incase someone innocent did happen to appear.

"What does my grandfather want?"

"You are being ordered to return home. If you disobey this order, there will be consequences. Follow," Red shouted as he pointed to Jin. Before Jin knew it, several soldiers dressed like they were going to rob a bank surrounded him. They began to push and shove Jin out of the park. He followed without care and was pushed into a long black stretch limo. Instead of the soldiers climbing in the front to give him his privacy like they usually did, they sat in the back with him. Jin just looked ahead. This was not going to go well, Jin told himself.

"Sir, I didn't do anything. He is practically a grown man, and he is quite large, Mr. Mishima. And if Jin wants to go kissing redheads and running around with gangsters without my permission, than I am not going to use the body strength that I don't have to stop him," Anisha was telling Heihachi as Jin walked through the long narrow blue hallways of his grand father's mansion. He stumbled into the room with one last push of the soldier behind him and without saying a thing, Jin turned around quickly and smacked the soldier harshly with the back of his hand.

"I'm glad you like to be pushed," Jin spoke through his teeth.

The soldier raised his head to look at Jin with a challenge in his eyes. Blood was sliding from the corner of his lip, but he did nothing. Instead he stepped against the wall in attention.

"Jin, that was not called for," Anisha stood up and spoke sternly to Jin.

"Sorry," the dark haired youth muttered as his eyes raised to look at Heihachi. The man didn't look at him. He was to busy dismissing Anisha from the room. When Heihachi did pay him any attention. It was to tell him to sit down.

"You wished this upon yourself," was what Heihachi told Jin once he had sat down in the blue room. "We want you to stay away from that street rat."

"He's not a street rat," Jin replied calmly as he leaned against the back of his chair.

Heihachi raised his large cigar to his lips. As if he hadn't heard Jin he turned to the guards and signaled for them to leave. "You will do well to listen to me Jin," Heihachi started as he sat down in his chair. "Your ignorance will get you in trouble. I do not put up with you because I love you. You are just a piece of trash that I can't take out to the trash can. Due to your scum of a father mating with your whore of a mother, I am forced to take care of you because I think you have something I want."

"My mother is not a whore," Jin replied through his teeth.

"I heard of that kiss you gave that street faggot."

"Don't call him that."

"If I see you with that rat again, I will be forced to do something very drastic," Heihachi replied without care to Jin's replies.

"My mother is not a whore and Hwoarang is-"

"You are dismissed," Heihachi replied laughing as he raised his cigar to his lips.

"Don't call any of them names."

"You are dismissed," Heihachi replied. He watched as Jin began to get up from the chair, kicking it across the room in anger. Without turning around to look at his grandfather he opened the door and walked out of the room, past the many soldiers that lined the walls waiting to get back into the office.

"Sir what do you want us to do?" Red asked as he returned to a smiling Heihachi.

"Follow him. I want everything he does to be recorded. If Jin does go back to that street faggot; I want Hwoarang to pay severely."

Red nodded as he looked at Heihachi with narrowed eyes. "Yes sir," he replied before leaving the room with his soldiers behind him.

Jin was upset, rather he was pissed. He was angry, and everytime he was angry his legs led him into the library. His mind just kept returning to the idea of his father, mother, anyone of his blood line being called names. His grandfather had no right to call any of his family names. "He had no damn right."

"Is quiet Jin cursing?" Julia asked as she lowered her book to her lap. She was in the library waiting for Jin to come home so they both could train. She was shocked to hear the sound of Damn, such a hideous word, come out of Jin's mouth. "You've been watching R-rated movies. I'm disgusted."

"You got me in trouble again, Jin," Anisha stated angrily as she appeared from behind a bookshelf. It wasn't fair that she again was called to tell why she didn't start a battle to the death with Jin because he disobeyed the rules. Heihachi thought everyone in this world should be able to fight some kind of martial arts. Well she could fight a little, but she wasn't going to break it down, not with a champion anyway. It just plain pissed her off. "What is wrong with Heihachi? He acts like I can stop you- which I can't. And even then, I'm quite glad you have a girlfriend."

"A girlfriend?" Julia asked with a raise of her eyebrow. "Who?"

"I like some redhead," Jin told Julia and Anisha as he leaned against a brown desk in front of the two women. "Hwoarang."

Julia and Anisha sat down on the couch slowly before crossing their legs and leaning over to rest their chins on their right hands. Hwoarang was no girl. They knew who that was. That was a guy. And that meant- No. Kazuya's son gay? Impossible. They must have mistakened the famous martial art fighter Hwoarang's name for some chick named Hwoarangla. But still what if-

"You're gay?" Julia asked after a few minutes of silence.

"No, I didn't say that, he's just intruging. He's something different," Jin replied again. He looked at the women hoping that they wouldn't scorn him.

"Yeah whatever, we heard Heihachi talk about you kissing him," Julia replied. She paused and smiled at Jin, thinking about how much she loved romances. "So tell me, how was the kiss?"

"It was good for a kiss."

"So you're gay?" Anisha asked.


"But you liked his kiss?" Julia asked confused. "But you're not gay," She continued to herself as she trailed off into thought.

"And Hwoarang is the lean redhead that kicked Julia's butt last year?" Anisha asked remebering the bad beating Julia took in the last round. After she was doing so good to. But hey, everybody has to lose sometime.


Julia and Anisha turned to make eye contact before smiling at each other. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking Anisha?" Julia asked a few seconds later.

"You're sick Julia, but I'm thinking it too," Anisha replied as she slapped hands with Julia and laughed.

"Doggy style and pass the hot sauce," Julia screamed as she rolled back onto the large designer couch clutching a large pillow tightly to her chest, while kicking her legs.

Once Jin saw the women slap hands and start jumping up and down happily, his face filled with disgust and disbelief as he watched the women scream over and over 'Jin is going to get laid'. He never thought the women would fill their minds up with pictures of him and Hwoarang having sex doggy style. And even more when they settled down they had the nerve to ask him a question that they truly expected him to answer.

"This is like some great romance. Picture this Ani, Jin isn't gay but Hwoarang is the only person Jin could ever love in the world. It's pure soulmates."

"You need to stop reading romance books," Jin mumbled as he rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

"So tell us Jin, who is the agressive one out of the both of you?" Anisha asked as she leaned over her crossed legs to rub her bare ankle.


"The one who would be on top," Julia answered.

"I'm not going to answer that question."

The women both began to whine and moan. "You can't possibly deprive us of this vision."

"Who is he kidding?" Anisha finally stated as she crossed her arms. "He's on the bottom."

Jin could not take anymore of this. He pushed himself off the desk and walked through the sliding doors, exiting the library. Those women were disgusting, and he could not believe they would ask him those questions. Or even say that to him. But then he should have expected just as much from the women. They were like that when they were put together. It left Jin shaking his head and walking to his bedroom to catch on some needed sleep.

"So man, tell us where you were," Mark spoke as he raised a drink up to his lips. He turned his eyes to look up at his male friends. "Tan told me you were out with some guy, but I didn't believe that when he said you kissed him."

"Fuck what he says," Hwoarang replied quickly. He walked into the house his gangsters lived in. It was under a big apartment building. The same one he took Jin to earlier. Few knew about the underground facility, not even Baek knew. The underground secret house had been established with the money the gang brought in from drugs they sold on the streets, and fights they won when the cops were in the donut shops. Hwoarang liked the midnight, underground fights, and even more, he liked the way it felt when the 500, 000 dollars betted on him was fitting nicely in his pocket.

"Besides it's true," Hwoarang stated as he sat down on the leather black seats. He grabbed a glass of liquor from the half naked bar attender. She winked at him, but he didn't encourage her like he usually would. He passed it up, annoyed. 'Slut,' he thought. 'She needs to get a life.'

Mark just looked at him. "You kissed a guy?"

"What, you got a fucking problem with it?" Hwoarang snapped as he turned to look at the dark-skinned american. He was a connection from one of the big Chicago gangs he had made.

"Naw, man," Mark replied. He raised up his hands and shook his head. "It's your dick. Do whatever you want with it." Mark took in a deep breath and looked at his friend. He had known the guy for years, and would still be his friend even if he took a different path than he. "I just didn't know you flowed like-"


Hwoarang's and Mark's head snapped around to look at Nina. She was wrapped tightly in black form fitting pants, and a tight body shirt that went all the way down to her knees, which darker colored black boots met.

"So the bitch went shopping," Hwoarang mumbled, as he noticed her new wardrobe, and the new style of her hair, which hung just an inch above her shoulders.

Nina smirked as she walked up to Hwoarang and pressed her body into his hard iron, lean, steel. "Is the faggot upset?" Nina whispered in Hwoarang's ear, before smiling up at him. She pulled away. Her fingers laced around the glass filled with golden liquor in Hwoarang's hands, and she slowly raised it to her lips. "I heard they're now calling you street faggot," Nina stated before taking a sip.

Hwoarang grinned slightly before turning up to look at her. "Eat me, bitch."

Nina laughed as she placed the crystal glass down onto the counter. She licked her lips before leaning in to bite on Hwoarang's bottom lip, sucking on it for a few seconds before pulling away. "Hmm," she mumbled. "Do you have hot sauce?"

Hwoarang raised his eyes up to the ceiling before laughing. "You're still the bitch of the year," he mumbled before pulling away from Nina's warm body and walking to the door. He stopped and turned to look at Mark. "I'm going to bed." He then left without another word.

Hwoarang walked up to his apartment and then opened his door. He felt cold wind blow against his body. His eyes imediately went to the open balcony door. Without a thought, he slid it closed. He continued down the hallway. He walked into his bedroom, and was about to undress. But the sight that caught his eyes made him stop breathing. The first thing in his mind was to turn around and run out the door. The thing was, when he did open the door, the creature jumped on it and slammed it shut. Besides this was his house, and he was not about to run from this beast.

"Get out," Hwoarang snapped at the large creature sitting on his floor. Red energy was flashing outside of it's body over and over again. Even his eyes were glowing red. When Hwoarang snapped again, the creature opened it's mouth, and let loose a voice that rose several octaves to high. Hwoarang grabbed onto his head. "Okay, you can stay," he quickly yelled.

The creature's wide mouth shut and Hwoarang felt his head ring. He closed his eyes, and mentally cursed himself, before opening them to look at the creature. The same thing he saw at the hospital. Where the hell did it keep coming from?

Hwoarang raised his lip in annoyance. Yet he wasn't going to speak again. He just snatched the covers from atop his bed, and jumped in. He threw one look at the animal who now sat on all fours, back arched in alert as it watched the window as if waiting for something. Hwoarang just shut his eyes. Fuck this. He was going to go to sleep.

The smell of smoke filled Hwoarang's nostrils, but his eyes were closed. His body was tucked deeply under the covers, as colors of red and yellow flashed around his face. He dreamt of breakfast being cooked for him by a half-naked chick, or rather Jin. Yet Hwoarang couldn't help, but feel rather hot, as if he was soaking in a bath of hot melted lava.

Jin snapped awake from the sleep. Sweat drenched his body. He opened eyes to find himself inside the room of a burning house. Instantly his whole body stiffened. He turned around, and he recognized the bedroom as Hwoarang. Hwoarang was resting peacefully under the covers. Even with the heat flowing through the house.

It didn't take long for Jin to know the house was on fire. He turned to look at the door and then back at the bed. The apartment building was on fire. Jin quickly grabbed Hwoarang's body over his bare shoulders. For some reason, he could carry Hwoarang without feeling a tinge of weight on his shoulders. He could only feel the added heat.

He hurried out of the bedroom with speed he didn't know he had. A quickness in his broad body that seemed unnatural. He hurled himself through the hot flames, as if he was fire-proof. His body came to the large living room. Without even thinking, he ran up to the balcony and jumped through the unbreakable glass. It was like instinct. Something was taking over his mind, and he didn't quite know what. He hurled himself over the white bars. He let his hand stay tightened around the white rail. He was well aware that he was 10 stories above ground, but not one thought that he was a little out of place for jumping the rail came into his mind. He felt as if he had done it before. He slowly let go of the rail. The cold piercing air blew against his bare chest. He soon felt his back arch, and before he knew it, he was soaring through the air like a bird.

Jin landed on the ground. He felt his back arch once more before large black objects disappeared. He pulled Hwoarang's body into his arms and helped him to the ground. Jin ran his hands through the red hair. "Hwoarang," he spoke in soft whispers. The sounds of loud sirens were not far away. It was enough to awaken Hwoarang from his deep sleep.

His eyes opened. He rolled over. Instead of feeling soft feathers meet his head, he felt wet grass scratch his face. Where the heck was he? He quickly sat up and looked around the cool park. He was not outside. He looked up to Jin and then back around him. He was outside. This was not real.

"Tell me this is a dream."

"You almost died," Jin started as he combed his fingers through Hwoarang's long hair. "You were in a fire."

"Fuck yeah. You dragged me out of my room to be funny, Jin," Hwoarang snapped. "And I'm going back to it."

Hwoarang got up and started walking, but Jin stood in front of him. "You can't go back," he stated with a palm firmly placed on Hwoarang's chest.

"Yes I can, now get out of my way," Hwoarang snapped.

"You were in a fire," Jin stated slowly. He was so shocked Hwoarang was being so ridiculous about this. "You can not go back."

"Man, move," Hwoarang shouted before pushing Jin harshly.

Jin grew mad. His temper began to slip beyond his finger tips and he pushed Hwoarang back. "Look, you can not go back. You were in a fire."

"Kiss my ass rich boy," Hwoarang snapped as he shoved Jin back in the chest.

It soon came that Jin lost his temper. He shoved Hwoarang back in his chest. The two got annoyed with each other, and Hwoarang and Jin were soon trading angry push and shoves. They were on the ground rolling before anyone could gain maturity.

Jin rolled on top of Hwoarang, as the boy continued to push and shove at him, cursing him and calling him an idiot. He then realized that Hwoarang would have to see for himself. The tall trees surrounding them kept Hwoarang from seeing the fire and Jin knew. Jin slowly rolled off of Hwoarang, and stood up. "Fine, see for yourself," he told Hwoarang before crossing his arms.

"I will," Hwoarang replied nastily.

Jin followed Hwoarang's angry form through the trees of the park. Hwoarang must have been really tired, because he still wore the clothes he had on earlier today. Tight leather brown pants, a grey t-shirt, even his goggles were propped up nicely above his forehead.

He knew when Hwoarang suddenly stopped and gasped in shock, that he was standing in front of the fire. Jin just crossed his arms and mumbled, "There," under his breath. Not knowing what else to say.

Hwoarang's eyes rose up to the top of the 15th storey building. He gasped. Every window was letting out large clouds of thick dark smoke. People gathered around the to watch the firemen and several police speedily move to plug up water hose.

"Mark," Hwoarang breathed once. A picture of his friend filtered through his mind. He broke into a sprint for the large apartment building. He stopped when he felt a strong arm grab him firmly across his waist and cursed. It didn't seem to matter much that he struggled. Jin was much for strength, and when he struggled he could be lifted off the ground. "Put me the fuck down before I kill you," Hwoarang shouted above the siren's.

"Calm down," Jin replied as he dropped the lean male and looked at him. "You can't go back in there."

"Mark's in there, asshole." Hwoarang slapped Jin's hands off his body and turned to head back to the apartment building.

"Look you stay here, and I'll go get them."

"Yeah right."

"Stay here," Jin told him sternly. "I'll go get him."

Jin didn't wait for Hwoarang to answer. He sped across the street and pass the police and firemen yelling at his back to stop. He broke through the glass doors, and ran into the wide marble lobby of the hotel. Fire melted the plants in the window, and burned the wooden chairs and desks near the walls. He ignored it. He ran to the stairs, and ran down them. Once he reached the laundry area there was nowhere to go.

It was hot and Jin's eyes seemed stung. He closed them. "God!" he screamed through clinched teeth. He punched his right fist through the walls. Jin sunk to the floor and placed his hands on his head. He tried to think.

'What does he smell like?' a sudden question sounded deep in his mind. 'Sniff the air. Do you smell flesh. Wet, salty, flesh? Burning meat in the heat of fire?'

Jin shook his head. "No, I don't," he replied to the animalistic voice deep in his head.

'Sniff the air.'

Jin raised his head and hesitantly took a deep whiff of the smoke. It shocked him that deep within the particles of dark lines of smoke, he smelt a small whiff of wet, salty, flesh. He began to sniff the air. He got up and began to walk down the narrow hallways. He came to a white wall. He pressed his hands against the solid plaster. The door suddenly slid open to reveal an elevator.

Jin walked into the open doors.

"Stop, you can't come in here," a voice above spoke.

Jin looked beside him to see a 3D computer holographic, full formed woman, with long black hair falling down her shoulders.

"What is this?"

"There's a fire in the building. You can't be in here."

"Someone's trapped down there," Jin replied to the computer. "I have to get to where he is."

"Mark, yes, he's trapped on the ground floor. I'll take you to him for Hwoarang's sake," the computer spoke. The doors of the elevator closed, and it slowly started to move downward.

It was like waiting for hours before the doors of the elevator finally split open. He ran out of the room. Pieces of the ceiling had already fallen on the ground. It was hard to see around what looked to be a bar and strip.

Jin raised his head and sniffed the dark smoke. He smelled it. It was right before him. He began to walk through the room, quicker this time. His heart was racing. He felt the fear that must of been held inside of Mark as he awaited death. Yes, he was in the room he stood in.

He saw the lean body laying on the floor. He kneeled beside the male. He placed two fingers on Mark's neck. He felt the faint rhythm of a pulse. He's alive, Jin thought to himself. He lifted Mark's body into his arms, and started walking toward the elevator. It opened and closed. He waited the minute it took before he reached the upper level.

"Wait," the computer called out. "Take my chip, and give it to Hwoarang. He'll want it."

Jin looked at the large silver disk holding a small chip sliding out of a hole in the elevator. He grabbed it and then started for the lobby. The feel of cold wind blowing on his arms, signaled that he was close to the exit. A large piece of the ceiling fell down, and Jin had to run to make it before the piece began to block the exit. He walked out into the chill air.

"You kid," a policeman yelled. He had a long black pony tail sticking out the back of his head, and flowing down his back. He wore dark burgandy pants, and a tight navy shirt. "Are you an idiot?"

Jin turned to look at the man. "I had to save him," he replied.

"That's our job, Kid. Now hand him over. I'll get him some help."

Jin gave the policeman one long look. He sighed and handed over Mark. Without another thought he turned to walk away from the man, searching for Hwoarang. He found the redhead sitting on the sidewalk with his hands on his forehead. He looked angry. Well Jin could basically understand that. I mean it was understandable. His whole apartment building was burned down.

Jin sat down next to Hwoarang and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah. After I kill the person responsible for this. I'll feel better."

Jin looked around the crowded streets. The sound of the ambulance pulling away with Mark seemed to fade into the busy night. It was a sudden surprise when Hwoarang stood up quickly and walked to his bike. He threw one look at Jin and Jin knew that he was suppose to hop on the back. He did.

Hwoarang lifted his feet, twisted the dark nobs of his motorcycle, and with a loud roar of the engine, they were both off, speeding down the street into the darkness.

It was a long drive of wild twists and turns down the street, and several minutes of Jin's bangs being tossled which way and that. He couldn't help but wonder where he was going. I mean, after all, Hwoarang hadn't told him. It was no shock when he came back to the large hospital building. He closed his eyes. Hwoarang was here to see Mark. He should have known.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Jin asked Hwoarang as he got off the bike.

"Ask me one more fucking time," Hwoarang snapped. He didn't turn around to glance at Jin, instead he sprinted to the doors of the hospital and walked up to the nurse's desk.

"It's you," the blond stated with a look of disgust. "What do you want?"

"A patient who was in a house fire was brought through here, Mark. Where is he?"

"Well, I know they took him to the fifth floor, if that's what you want to know."

Hwoarang mumbled a thank you to the nurse. He walked away and ran quickly to the elevator. He waited for Jin to join him, and then pushed the button 5. He it seemed five thousand years before the doors to the elevator opened. When they did, he sprinted out of the room, and down the hall. It stopped him dead in his tracks, when he saw Mark's body laying unconcious on the white hospital bed.

He walked in slowly. And for the first time in his life, okay, the second, he actually felt like crying. He just wished that someone would lock in a room where no one could see, so he could cry for hours. But heck he couldn't actually do that. That would ruin his reputation. Big time.

"Are you okay?"

Hwoarang rolled his eyes up to the ceiling. "I'm fucking fine, Jin. What? Do you want me to prove it?"

"No, just wanted to make sure," Jin stated as he walked into the room and leaned against the white railing pulled up on Mark's bed. "So how is he?"

Hwoarang raised his eyes to Jin. "I'm willing to bet you fifteen bucks he feels like shit."

"Sorry, I'm too poor to make bets like that."

"Fuck! No way. The rich boy poor? You got to be shitting me."

"Only in my imagination," Jin sneered. He thought about the bank account his father left him, and the millions building up in it now from Jin's father's million dollar company as he spoke, and shuddered. He was never going to be poor. He was never going to need to work, to go to college, or need to even worry about financial problems. Heck, even if all his companies just so happened to go bankrupt, and he lost all the flowing income to his house. He'd still have enough to live five hundred years without financial problems, and pay for Anisha to live her own life, and Julia. He just didn't get his grandfather's contract. No matter how much the old man hated him or even wished his death, after old man Mishima died, he to was destined to gain that side of the family fortune. Which was enough to- Oh man never mind. Just look at all the zeros.

"You don't have anywhere to go, do you?" Jin asked Hwoarang. He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the redhead. He was silent.

"I've got tones of friends to get me off," Hwoarang shrugged. "I always will have somewhere to go. Besides I've slept on the streets before."

Jin shook his head sternly. "I'll check you into a hotel for the night, or the week until you find one of your contacts."

Hwoarang rolled his eyes. Rich boy is always so willing to buy me something, Hwoarang thought angrily. "I'm not one of your bitches."

"I don't like the thought of you sleeping out on the street."

Hwoarang shrugged lazily. A small grin creeped up his face. "Will you be staying with me?" Hwoarang asked.

"I could," Jin replied. He couldn't see the evil grin laying on Hwoarang's face in the darkness.

Hwoarang slid closer to Jin, before he started nibbling on Jin's neck. He made a large heated blush grow on the boy's cheeks. "Then maybe we should get a one-bed room, don't you think?"

"Um . . . no. I was thinking more of the lines of a two bed room."

Hwoarang rolled his eyes to the ceiling once more. He tempted again at throwing himself at Jin, hoping the guy would get the picture. Maybe he should put it blunt this time. "I would like to test your tight ass out in bed," Hwoarang continued to say as he began to lick and suck on Jin's bottom lip. Again he was swooned by the sweet honey, nectar taste he got from Jin. The taste wasn't normal. If Jin tasted this good, he'd probably be the best fuck he'd ever had.

"I don't know," Jin replied slowly. He pulled away from Hwoarang's warm body. He felt Hwoarang's hardness rubbing against his thigh, and felt uncomfortable.

Hwoarang growled in irritation. "I'm going to have to fucking rape you aren't I?" he asked Jin.

Jin just stared in shock at the rude words that poured out of Hwoarang's mouth. "I didn't know guys could be raped," Jin replied dumbly.

Hwoarang stared at Jin for a while before he turned quickly and started for the door. Forget this. He wanted Jin badly, and if he wasn't going to get Jin, he would get it from one of the many females locked away in his telephone book. Kiana was a great fuck, and a good conversationlist. She was also a trusted friend. He would enjoy her company.

"Where are you going?" Jin asked Hwoarang.

"To a strip joint," Hwoarang yelled back, before disappearing down the hospital hallways.

Jin didn't wait another minute before he to dashed down the hall after the lean fighter.

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