Looking Out For You

Chapter 2 - Dinner With You

By Lalapad

"The three warriors lusted for power and strength although they stood for things that were good. They kept telling themselves that a weakness like the three dragons could not be true protectors if they stood for such evil in the world."

Okay Jin was pretty surprised that Hwoarang was listening to him. The boy looked at him as if he was an amazing species. It was rather awkward having the guy's full attention. He'd never thought someone like Hwoarang could keep his mouth shut for a spand that went well over three minutes but the red-head had done it. Can you say miracle?

"So tell me before I finish the story are you really interested?"

Hwoarang twisted his hand in a so-so motion. He was not about to look eagered. He was a talkative guy and even though he played it cool with his motions he tended to say a little too much too soon. And that's what he did. "I've always been a fan of stories, and story-tellers. Great shock of the world, huh?" Hwoarang went on rambling before he could stop himself. When he did realize what he just said, he cursed himself mentally for the sake of ruining the peacefulness he had created with Jin, for telling Jin one of his three secrets. 1. He loved story-tellers. I mean they just freaking turned him on. He was a reader. Give him a good book and he'd be cool. To him life was nothing better than a great story.

"I would have never guessed that," Jin replied telling Hwoarang that, yes it was a shock of the world. Jin just brushed a nervous hand through his dark hair and opened his mouth to speak. "One day in a secret meeting the three warriors sat around a marble table in the courts of the god's, hidden deep inside the largest mountain. Allura, the goddess of strength and wisdom spoke, 'We must kill the dragons. Slaughter our weaknesses so our strengths will outshine them.' The two male warriors turned to look at the female warrior and shook their head. 'We mustn't. They protect us from the dangers.'" Jin stopped speaking as he felt the car slam forward in a rough attempt to be stopped.

"Man, who drives this freak'in car?"

Jin just rolled his eyes. The door to his side was opened and Jin was almost dragged out of the car as if he was a child. Red stood in front of Jin. The leader of the group of body guards that Jin had to put up with.

"Fuck off, man," Jin heard Hwoarang mumble under his breath as he to was lifted rather harshly from the limo and onto the ground. Hwoarang slapped away the males who were proceeding to dust off his clothes.

"You don't have to lift us out of the car, we can make it on our own," Jin tried to tell the man.

Yet the man was too busy yelling into his ear piece, 'Target has been unloaded in front of Cruno's. Load up and pull out.' And before Jin could say anything, the black limosine was packed up and speeding down the street as if it was in a car chase.

"What a bunch of freaks."

"I know," Jin replied as he started to head into the resturant.

"How do you put up with th-" Hwoarang stopped as his eyes took in the whole surrounding of the resturant. This could not be a cafe. It was the richest and most fanciest thing that hit Hwoarang's eyes. The resturant went up several floors in a circle around a band that played jazz music. There was a dance floor over and you could see couples dancing in black sparkly dresses, and tuxedos. Hwoarang just grounded his teeth as his eyes scanned the whole resturant. A waiter in a black tuxedo came up to Jin.

"I'm sorry sir, but you can't be allowed to come in unless you are dressed in evening attire."

"I own the resturant," Jin stated.

"Yes, and I am the bald black side of Michael Ja-"

"Let him in," another male, which looked like the manager of the resturant came running through. "He is Heihachi Mishima's grandson you nitwit." The man grabbed two black menus from the waiter in front and led them up to a walkway that curved up into a circle. They walked up the long ramp and stopped on the 10th floor. They were then seated at a table just for two near the edge.

Hwoarang settled in a black chair and looked across the small rose plant that sat between the two males and crossed his arms. Hwoarang decided that staring at Jin make arrangements with the waiter beside them was boring so he decided to take a look at the floors below him. People were seen everywhere eatting, and the people walking on the floor at the very below resembled cockroaches.

"So how do you like it?" Jin asked as he leaned back in his seat to stare at the red-head in front of him.

"It's okay," Hwoarang muttered. He shrugged and turned to look at Jin. "Who designed this whole crappy building anyway?"

"I did."

"Oh." Hwoarang looked around to other people talking around him and then sighed. Man, did he feel out of place. "Well it's a good crappy building."

"I want to know if I can be your partner in the tournament," Jin slowly stated as he crossed his arms.

"I told you I had a partner."

"That's a lie. Besides I think you can fight really well and I'd hate to have to beat you again."

"Fuck you. You were lucky." Hwoarang crossed his arms and started to grumble. Okay, so what. Jin won fair and square, and it was far from being because he was lucky. It was more like Jin's punches and kicks were way more powerful than his even though Jin was slower than he. Hwoarang could remember being pegged by Jin's hands in the head several times. It hurt like hell. Just the thought of it was bringing back the headache. Hwoarang gripped the table and shook his head. He did not want that feeling again.

"I'd be lucky if I had you on my team to fight," Jin replied calmly. He could tell what Hwoarang was thinking. Whenever the boy crossed his arms and started grumbling he was thinking of being beaten in someway or another. "Will you?"

"Fine. Just to get you to stop whinning," Hwoarang replied. Hwoarang felt pissed, and to make up for it, he was going to embarrass Jin. He opened up his mouth with a remark he knew would strike Jin right in the heart. "You know you look like a clean cut virgin."

"A what?" Jin asked. His cheeks bloomed red. He turned his head to see the waiter coming and was glad when he did.

"A clean cut virgin," Hwoarang replied slowly to make sure Jin heard. He ignored the waiter's sceptical look and continued. He leaned over the table for good measure and looked Jin dead in the eyes. "I like virgins."

"Uh . . . yeah I'd like a sprite," Jin stated to disrupt the air between Hwoarang, him, and the waiter that was staring at him. "And I think Hwoarang would like one too."

"Oh thank you for ordering for me, lover, but I don't drink Sprite. A Coca Cola thank you." Hwoarang smiled as he watched Jin drum away at the table in embarrassment. Jin looked like he got a really bad sun burn. Hwoarang just shrugged his shoulders. He looked to the waiter with a raised eyebrow and grinned. "And you're waiting for what?"

"Your order sir?" The waiter asked nervously. Damn he was given this horrible table. He'd better be getting a large tip, he thought. He thought it would be great to serve the owner, but didn't know he would be with the city street rat, owner of the local gang. He didn't like serving to the likes of the red head in front of him. They never tipped well.

"Just give me crab soup," Hwoarang replied as he crossed his arms around his chest and turned to look over the rail at the jazz muscians.



"And you, sir?" The waiter turned to look at Jin who's eyes wouldn't raise to meet him. He already felt bad for the owner.

"A chicken salad," Jin stated. "No soup."

"Alright then. I'll be off."

"Wait," Jin stated as he raised his head to meet the server's name tag. "Please don't tell Heihachi."

"Don't worry, Sir. I know you'd never sleep with the likes of trash," The waiter spoke stiffly before turning around and heading to the kitchen to place the two's order.

"Fucker," Hwoarang mumbled under his breath. "He doesn't know a damn about me."

"Why do you insist on embarrassing me?" Jin asked as he raised his head. I mean come on what Hwoarang did was not only embarrassing, but it was plain rude. Jin wanted to get up and walk out on Hwoarang, but knew Hwoarang would never be able to pay for the meal, knowing that it was probably going to come well over twenty dollars.

"You look hot when you blush," Hwoarang replied. "I don't know what it is. I mean, I've never thought a guy looked-" Hwoarang shrugged as he couldn't find the word for it. 'Well, like you." Hwoarang shook his head as Jin looked at him confused. "Man, I don't really know. Males don't strike me as attractive, but you're such a fucking turn on."

If Hwoarang enjoyed watching Jin blush, he got a kick out of Jin when he said that. Jin just kept his eyes down to the table cloth and proceeded to rearrange the silver forks on his table. It was rather okay. He would live through this meal.

"There are other ways to make me blush."Jin raised his eyes up to meet Hwoarang's face. He should have kept those dark orbs down at the white table cloth.

Hwoarang licked his pink lips before leaning over the table, with a small spark in his eyes and a small playful grin on his lips. "I know it's just I can't attempt to do them in a public resturant."

"Okay check," Jin muttered before he placed his elbow on the table and rested his head in his palms. He could not believe Hwoarang had such nerve to say that to him.

Hwoarang laughed slightly as he watched Jin stumble in his embarrassment. He placed his hand on the top of Jin's and smiled as he leaned over and spoke. "I'm a jackass, I know. But I can't help it, I was born as one." Hwoarang stopped as Jin looked at him. "Okay, you're gonna have to forgive me. I'm going to warn you now, if you're going to be my partner in the tournament. I tend to be really edgy. Don't take me personally."

"Aww that's sweet. I feel better already."

"Fuck you," Hwoarang replied, pulling his hand back as his eyes caught the snobby waiter. "See what you get when you try to be nice?"

Jin rolled his eyes as he leaned back in his chair. The waiter sat the food down on the table and then the drinks and left without saying anything. That was very grand to Jin. He didn't want to have to put up with the waiter's thoughts on why he shouldn't bring a street rat into a fancy resturant. He didn't want to hear it. He knew Hwoarang was not a rat.

"So tell me who's portrait is that on the wall?" Hwoarang asked. When Jin turned his head to look at the picture, Hwoarang reached across the table and grabbed a piece of chicken with his fork quickly. Plopping it in his mouth when Jin turned around to say a little bashful that he did it.

"An artist and a architect. I bet your father's real proud of you."

Jin shrugged his shoulders. "It's not much." As if his father was proud of him. He'd never knew. Heihachi threw his father over a volcano. And all Jin could find out about Kazuya from his grandfather was that he was worthless scum that didn't deserved to be spoken about. When he even asked Anisha, she told him all he had to do was look into the mirror, add a sharper nose, and a cocky attitude who hated to lose and you'd have Kazuya, and oh by the way, he was hot as hell to. Yeah, they both were great help.

"Did you reach across my plate?" Jin suddenly asked as he studied his meal. He swore there was a piece of chicken that lay in the middle of his salad. He knew because it was the first thing he was going to eat.

"No. What did you memorize the whole thing?" Hwoarang asked as he tasted his soup. It was rather good to him.

"No, but there's something different about it. You did."

"Yeah, whatever. Can I have a piece?" Hwoarang asked before reaching his fork over to Jin's large salad bowl.

Jin automatically stabbed at the chicken Hwoarang reached for, stopping the boy from grabbing a piece of his meal. "No," Jin replied as he started to fight against the fork.

"Oh come on. Don't be so greedy."

"I swear you took one." Jin took Hwoarang's fork from the long fingers and wrapped his arm protectively around his salad.

"Greedy," Hwoarang mumbled before sitting down in his seat and continuing with his crab soup, which for some reason tasted way to delicious. Soups were not suppose to taste that good, and it made Hwoarang wonder about the recipe. Probably put crack in it. Oh well, he told himself. If he falls out he'll get to sue.

The minutes passed rather well. When Jin finally finished his salad, which was like a huge finally for Hwoarang when he finally said I'm ready to go. I mean it was pleasant watching Jin twitch under his glare, and really cute to see the male raise his fork, put it in his mouth, and chew ten times, but come on. Hwoarang didn't have fifty years to waste.

"Do you have to stare at me like that?" Hwoarang remembered Jin finally asking.

"You're the only interesting thing for me to stare at. I finished my soup five days ago."

He hoped Jin would get the picture and speed up his eatting, but the guy just rolled his eyes and continued at his agonizing pace. It left Hwoarang to entertain himself before he stabbed himself with a fork to keep himself from falling asleep. So he did. He brought out a gameboy advance that he only brought out when it was the last resort and busied himself with trying to get Loya inside a dark building without getting shot at.

"Ready," Jin spoke, raising from the table to throw a one hundred dollar bill there. "You have a gameboy advance?"

"Yeah, one of my friends bought it and told me to use it in moments like these." Hwoarang stood up, not cutting off the game. He was about to shoot the bastard down and get the key so he could go to the room that held the boss. He was not about to ruin that moment.

"So you on your way to school?" Hwoarang asked as he stepped outside into the sun light.

"Too late to go. It's 12 o'clock." Jin raised his hands hoping a cab would come, but unluckily got a long black limo. The soldiers climbed out of the car in record time, ran to Jin and practically picked him up off the ground and threw him into the limo. It wasn't later before Hwoarang joined him, yelling and cursing.

"We have picked up Target, and Code Red. We are on the way to the bridge to capture Code Red's bike. Checking out, Sergent Ram," the soldier whispered in his ear piece, before slamming the door to the limo. It wasn't even a second later before the car started speeding down the street.

"Shit man, how do you deal with this?"

"I have a lot of patience," Jin stated as he crossed his legs and rested his head in the palms of his hands.

"Fuck. They got me shot," Hwoarang muttered as he raised his gameboy to the light just to make sure, not joking, that the game really said Game Over. And after a few minutes of staring in disbelief, and rugged denial he accepted that on the screen the game said Game Over, and was not a miss spelling of Next level. Hwoarang just raised his hands and started cursing.

"Okay, you can always start the game over," Jin stated to stop the chants of Fuck in every language imaginable. It was surprising. It wouldn't be annoying if Jin only knew japanese, but since he knew a lot of other languages, saying fuck in other languages was not working.

Hwoarang just crossed his arms and started mumbling a different curse word in several different languages.

"You're a lost cause," Jin stated as he threw his head against the black leather seats. It was funny to him. He'd never met anyone like Hwoarang. And the guy was like . . . like . . . okay he had no idea what he was like, but he knew he was totally different. Jin closed his eyes slowly and was about to drift off into thoughts about how he would explain missing school to his guardian, and then to Heihachi when the car stopped suddenly. This time Jin wasted no time in climbing out of the car, for fear that the soldiers would drag him out of the car without remorse.

Hwoarang moved rather slowly, and was not so lucky to climb out before the G.I. Joes got to him. They lifted him up out of the car and sat him on the ground. All Hwoarang did was raise his eyes up to the sky. He was not going to waste his anger on these airheads.

"Hey, Jin, let's go." Hwoarang grabbed Jin's jacket sleeve and started to pull the boy over to his bike.

"Your bike was only a few yards away. I don't even know why I had to walk you over here."

"Look are you going to hop on or not?" Hwoarang asked before raising his eyes up to look at Jin who was standing beside the bike looking dumbfounded.

"And go where?"

"With me."

"Oh that's enticing."

"Just get on."

"Target, we don't have all day," Red shouted at Jin. Jin turned around to look at the man and then shrugged. He got on the back of the dark blue and silver Honda and Hwoarang started the bicycle.

"Red, sir. The Target has climbed on the back of the bike," a young man spoke as he pointed to the blue bike with silver streaks disappearing down the dusty road covered with strippers. "He's getting away. Shoot at it."

"Are you crazy, Linal? The target will be dead faster than a live chicken frying away in a frying pan. Load up in the car."

"What will we tell Mishima, sir?" Linal asked as he began to climb into the black limo.

Red climbed into the limo and grabbed ahold of the steering wheel. He turned sharp green eyes onto his two soldiers. "He got turned on by a red- headed smart mouth, and lost control. Don't mention sex. We'll let Mishima assume."

The other soldiers nodded and they were off.

The wind blowing through Jin's hair felt rather great as Hwoarang sped down roads, leaning and bending as the streets turned. He'd never ridden on a motorcycle before. The ending came to soon when Hwoarang pulled up in front of an apartment buidling. It wasn't bad looking, but Jin was used to way better.

Hwoarang turned off the bike and got off. He didn't even wait for Jin, just entered what looked to be a ten-storey building and went to a silver elevator.

"You live here alone?" Jin asked Hwoarang as he stepped onto the elevator with the boy.

"Hell yeah. Can't take anybody elses presence," Hwoarang replied. He ran a hand through his hairs before walking out of the elevator with Jin behind him. "What kind of art do you draw?" Hwoarang asked as he begun to unlock his apartment door.

"Anything from classic art to comic book drawings, when I'm not training."

"Must be such a rarity."

"And you can talk?"

"I have a life," Hwoarang replied when he opened the door to his apartment. Jin looked in and was surprised with what hit his eyes. The apartment was painted down in white walls, with wooden floors. It was furnished well with white furniture. There was a small kitchen, like a bar mostly, with black appliances. A black piano was on what seemed like a small stage you had to step up to, right in front of a large balcony.

"I didn't decorate it," Hwoarang spoke as he threw his shoes off on the brown wooden floor. "My old trainer did. He had a taste for neatness. Kicked my ass if I so much as left my shoes in the living room."

"Won't your trainer be mad when he comes home?"

"He's dead," Hwoarang stated quickly with a shake of his head. "So anyway, you want something to drink?"

"No," Jin stated. Really he'd probably never be able to drink it down. His eyes scanned around the apartment. And he assumed he was suppose to follow Hwoarang, but should have stayed put. The red head led him into his bedroom. The bedroom look like any young male's room. It just was too freaking clean. Jin was thinking of asking Hwoarang some house keeping tips, but then it'd make him sound strange. Thoughts of feeling strange were quickly erased when he saw Hwoarang start to peel off his clothes. "What are you doing?" Jin asked the male.

"Peeling of my shirt," Hwoarang replied. "What'd you think I was doing?"


"Yeah. You thought I was getting ready to fuck you." Hwoarang shook his head. He'd never met a male so uneasy before. A fighter should not be like that. They were both males. It was not like he was going to suddenly sprout some breast. He just huffed a breath. He crawled onto his bed after he grabbed a vanilla portfolio from the top of his book shelf, covered in blue sheets. He crossed his legs and waved Jin over to join him.

Jin crawled onto the bed slowly and unsurely. Was he supposed to feel comfortable in another boy's room, in his bed? Jin shrugged. He didn't know. Like Hwoarang had rudely put it, he wasn't going to fuck him, so what was Jin so worried about?

Hwoarang opened the folder to show Jin a couple of beautiful pictures. They were sketches, but none the less, they were beautiful. "You draw as well," Jin stated as he sat back onto the heels of his feet.

"Yeah. Though I'm not big in it. Just crap I do to make a few change. Got some pictures posted in a musem, but never go down there to see them."


"Don't like that crappy place," Hwoarang replied. In fact, he didn't go because it was the last place Baek took him. Hwoarang just shrugged the feeling. He did not need those kind of feelings floating in his mind. Besides he couldn't stand the directer of the art musem. If he could shoot him and hide the body wihtout getting caught he'd do it anyday. Problem was, the man was to freaking fat to drag anywhere. Even he had trouble lifting him.

"Let me ask you a question: would you kill and drag a person's body anywhere?"

"I hope that's a joke."

That was all Hwoarang needed. Jin was a total waste. If he couldn't kill for him, what kind of friend would he make? Hwoarang just shrugged. He'd just have to find other ways to make do with Jin. Jin would do well in taking the place of one of the many females he would have strapped to his bed right about now. He'd never really thought about doing crap with males, but hey there was a first time for everything. Okay, wait a minute. What would his friends think if they knew he did it with the rich boy? He'd be kicked out of the gang he started. He'd be disowned. Hwoarang looked at Jin who was busy flipping through his pictures, totally unaware of the mental fight going on in his head. He was a turn on. Innocent, quiet, straight forward with his thoughts. An easy, sweet virgin to take advantage of. He was not a girl with curves and all, but he would make do. Heck no one would have to know. Hwoarang started to lick his lips as he pictured himself deep inside of Jin's tight entrance.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Jin asked. He felt the glare of Hwoarang's eyes, and well he was ready to leave. He looked at one more picture before carefully shutting the portfolio and raising his eyes to look at Hwoarang's fiery eyes. Was that lust he saw deep in the pit of them? Jin shook his head. No . . . it couldn't be. Besides what did he know about lust? He'd never seen it before. He was about to shrug it off before he looked down to see a bulge that shouldn't have been there in Hwoarang's pants. "Is that your . . . Are you-" No he was not about to ask that question for two reasons. One, that was an embarrassing question, and two, he didn't want to know. Jin just quickly opened the portfolio and started looking at pictures again. He pretended that he didn't know a thing.

"So sexy," Hwoarang purred as he slid forward to Jin and began sucking at the golden flesh on Jin's neck. The only thing that caught Hwoarang off guard was the sweet taste that hit his mouth. Was he suppose to taste like fresh red strawberries dipped in golden sweet honey? It was like he was becoming a cannibal. Humans didn't taste like food items. It caused Hwoarang to start nibbling softly at the base of Jin's neck, licking at the skin. No, no human tastes like this.

Jin had frozen in whatever task he had been doing when Hwoarang had gained some serious nerve and started nibbling on the base of his neck. He raised his hands and pushed at the boy's chest. "What are you doing?"

Hwoarang just licked his lips and closed his eyes. He still tasted the sweet taste in his mouth. Jin was not suppose to be this delicious. He was sort of glad that Jin had pushed him away, or he'd have been eating him. "Nibbling on your neck," Hwoarang replied matter-of-factly when he gained his control. "You're delicious. Let me taste you again."

"No," Jin replied.

Hwoarang's eyebrow rose. A challenge? He just leaned forward. "Don't fight it," He begun to whisper as he leaned into Jin. "Just let it happen." Hwoarang took Jin's lips. They too tasted of sweet golden honey. He started tugging at the soft flesh, begging him to open his mouth.

Again Jin did not open his mouth for Hwoarang's slender tongue. He wanted to tell Hwoarang again, but this time, more firmly, no, but had lost that firmness in his voice when Hwoarang's tongue slid into his mouth, playing with him lightly. He had no idea what he was doing, and was about to tell him to stop, when Hwoarang threw him flat on his back, against the blue sheets and started undressing him quickly.

"What are you doing?" Jin suddenly started to ask. "Stop." He was not going through what he thought he was going through. Hwoarang was pulling off his shirt and his pants. Which was unnervingly uncomfortable to him. He didn't feel right being naked in front of somebody else's eyes. Especially a stranger's. So he smacked Hwoarang's hands away, pulled back up his pants and sat up to look Hwoarang deep in the eye. If he knew his face would be so close to his he felt the tremble of Hwoarang's lips against his own, he would have never sat up.

"You taste delicious," Hwoarang mumbled. "I don't know how, but you're addictive."

"I can't do what I think you're going to do," Jin stated. He rolled over to get his shirt, but was stopped by a hand.

"Let me kiss you then," Hwoarang said. "You can't kiss and I'm a great teacher."

Jin stared at Hwoarang for several minutes in disbelief. "How do you know I can't kiss?"

"You either enjoy being submissive, or have no idea what I was doing to you," Hwoarang replied. He studied Jin for a long period of time and then shook his head. "I'm not going to doubt you've never been kissed before."


"Fuck, Jin," Hwoarang stated exasperatedly. "I don't give a fuck. I just want to ram my dick up that sweet ass of yours until my dick falls off. What can you not get?" Hwoarang asked as he began to push Jin down on his back. He parted Jin's legs, and slid his narrow body in between his lovely thighs. The heat running up his body was too magnificent. He started to kiss Jin softly on the lips and then suck on the base of Jin's neck. It didn't really take another moment to find out Jin wasn't relaxed at all. He was so stiff, you'd think he was a pulsing statue. Hwoarang felt like he was going to rape Jin, and that was not what he wanted on his concious. 'Fuck,' Hwoarang thought. 'Good job, you freaked him out. Now he thinks you're a total jerk.' Hwoarang rolled onto his back and started to look to the wall of his bedroom, feeling for the first time ashamed of his actions. Hwoarang had embarrassed himself, okay that's going a little far. Hwoarang had embarrassed Jin. That was much better. And since he felt bad for doing that, he might as well make himself feel better. He slid his left hand down his tight leather pants and grabbed his length. He started to massage it....

"What are you doing?" Jin asked for what? The one hundredth time that day?

"Jacking off. You act like you've never done it before."

"I try to refrain from doing that."

"And aren't you a raven haired angel?" Hwoarang sneered. "You're just so perfect."

Jin stared at Hwoarang. He looked up to the ceiling. What is the chances of his grandfather finding out if he . . . well, you know? Slim. So Jin slid over to Hwoarang replaced his hand with Hwoarang's on the male's member and started to unsurely massage Hwoarang's length. He took the man's lips in his own. He was unsure of what he was doing and was glad When Hwoarang placed his hand over his own and helped him to get the rhythm. To Jin's surprise, it felt good. The kiss that was. He was pretty sure only Hwoarang was the one benefiting from him rubbing up and down on his dick.

Hwoarang closed his eyes tightly. The sweet nectar pouring from Jin's mouth, it was so delicious. Did Jin realize he tasted so good? Hwoarang shook his head. The chances of Jin knowing how delicious he is, seriously was, well insane. He massaged lightly Jin's tongue, luring the boy to movement. He would of continued if his body didn't stiffen as he felt he reached his peak. He gasped softly before releasing, pulling away to take a deep breath.

Jin pulled his hands slowly out of Hwoarang's pants and stared at his hand, before rolling over and wiping his hand on his navy blue t-shirt, not even wanting to think about it. "Are you happy?" Jin asked, already feeling like taking Hwoarang's lips again.

"Happier than before," Hwoarang stated before he snuggled deep against Jin's chest and fell asleep.

"Where the hell is he?"

Anisha raised her hand to place up on her chin. "I don't know sir. He didn't return from school."

"Who is responsible for watching his whereabouts?" Heihachi asked the three soldiers standing behind him. This was the last time Jin would disappear without a trace again. "You have one strike. Find Jin Kazama quickly, or I will not hesitate to fire you."

The soldiers paled slightly at the sudden command. They knew well when the boss meant fired that he was not meaning just a leave from the job, but an torturing end of their life.

Hwoarang awoke slowly to the feel of Jin's warm body pressed against him. He didn't get sex, but that was okay. He could break his record. He got up from the bed and walked slowly to his bathroom. He turned on the silver faucet and started to strip from his tight dirty leather pants. He slipped out of the pants that hung around his ankles and climbed into the bath.

Right about then he wished he had some kind of book to read, or something so he wouldn't have to be left to his imagination coming up with some pretty damn good pictures of what he pictured Jin's body looking like uncovered and under his- fuck what the heck was he thinking? Hwoarang lifted up his wet hands and placed them on his face and slid under the water.

"I didn't even have sex with him and I'm practically in love with him," Hwoarang whined as the water closed over the top of his head.

When Jin walked into the blue bathroom he frowned at the sight before him. Was Hwoarang alive? He walked to the white tub and sat beside it, letting his hand trail down into the warm water to tap the boy's body, waiting for a reaction. He furrowed his eyebrow in concern. First of all Hwoarang could not be dead, for one thing, he did not know how to hide dead bodies without leaving a trace.

Jin was about to ponder where is a great place to hide a dead body anyway, since it was a interesting and lets not forget a good question, but stopped when Hwoarang rose slowly to take a slow deep breath of oxygen. Jin watched the red head push back several strands of firery hair and look at Jin in disgust.

"You are ruining my bath," Hwoarang spoke sternly.

"I'm sorry. I can leave." Jin quickly began to stand up at the statement.

"No, stay." Hwoarang sighed as he leaned against the tub. "So what are you going to do today? It's a Saturday."

"Saturdays I train," Jin replied. "I'm going to run my 10 miles, and I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me." Jin sat down by the tub and started to twirl his fingers in the water. He raised his head slowly to see Hwoarang laughing wildly. "What's so funny?"

"You got to be kidding me right?" Hwoarang asked. I mean Jin could not be serious. What freak ran 10 miles? None he knew. He turned to look at Jin's blank face and knew the answer to the question. Jin did. Hwoarang shook his head. He wasn't kidding.

"Sorry babe, but me and 10 miles don't mix very well."

"You don't run?"

"Yeah, I run, but nothing over 5 miles tops."

Jin sighed shaking his head. "That's just another thing I beat you in."

"Fuck you. I can out run you anytime."

"Then I guess I'll meet you outside." Jin shrugged as he started to get up from the floor and head to door.

"Fuck yeah, I'll see you-" Hwoarang stopped as he finally realized what he was saying. It was to late though, and when he opened his mouth to yell out, 'No wait Jin I change my mind,' Jin was out of hearing range. Hwoarang just crossed his arms and slid in the tub. Now he was going to have to run 10 miles. And all he had to say right about then, was he was so freak'in gullable.

Jin smiled widely as he saw Hwoarang walk out of the apartment building mumbling curse words under his breath. The stunning youth was dressed in navy blue sweatpants, hanging off his slim waste, yet he wore no shirt, but he did not forget to place his goggles on top of his head. It all made Jin laugh slightly.

He wasn't one to go running without a shirt, so he wore one. They both began to stretch and then when Jin felt ready he stood up and looked at Hwoarang. "Are you ready?"

"Kiss my tight ass," Hwoarang replied as he started running alongside Jin. And to no surprise, Jin was a very, very good runner. Yet he didn't expect any less. The freak ran 10 miles every saturday, and eight miles on the week days. He might as well have been running for the gold cup for how hard he was working. He wasn't getting paid shit for running 10 miles, and here he was doing it anyway. And all because Jin asked him. He'd definitely lost his mind.

Jin turned the corner and sped up just to give Hwoarang more of challenge. He was caught up so much in the chase he didn't notice the harsh eyes on his body across the street, hidden by the trees.

"We have found Target, over."

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