Looking Out For You

Chapter 1

By Lalapad

Hwoarang ducked as a large foot came toward him with the intention of colliding with his head. Even then he couldn't have missed what was coming to him if he begged and prayed for God to have mercy on him. He was thrown across the muddy ground covered in wet puddles when his head came in contact with what it seemed like 18 arms, and thirty-six legs. He moaned as he decided whether he should lie on the ground and play dead in hopes the rich boy would leave him alone or get up, shake off the blood lost to his head, the broken ribs and continue the bloody battle.

Alright! He lost. Lost! The word rung through his head like a large torpedo. Hwoarang couldn't believe it. At first the rich boy seemed so easy to beat. Yeah, he was rather tall and broad, but he had that innocent look that drew Hwoarang to Jin like a snake to an unaware mouse. Hwoarang knew now never judge a book by it's cover. He mentally beat himself as he raised off the ground, cursing under his breath as his fiery eyes met a face with a serene look of concern.

"What are you looking at?" Hwoarang snapped as he decided against continuing the fight. He knew what a waste it would be. Especially since he seemed to be looking at several different rich boys that looked identical to each other.

"Are you okay?" Jin asked the red head softly. He knew his last move should have never been used. It was only for serious fights, and playing around with some smart mouth kid that didn't know when to shut up, under a bridge with a bunch of gang onlookers wasn't the time to bring out a deadly move. He was surprised that the red-head could pick himself up off the ground. Yet he saw the male waver in his movements. Jin just shook his head. He was an idiot for losing control over himself. What would fighting in the tournament do to him? No, he would be way more careful next time.

"Yeah," Hwoarang replied angrily. He tried to keep his voice steady. That seemed like a major task. He took several steps toward Jin and then backed up slowly. The world seemed to be spinning without him. He lowered his head to his hand. He heard Jin's voice call him again, and when he raised his head to look at Jin, he felt his eyes roll to the top of his head and his body go weightless as darkness succumbed him.

Jin reached out for Hwoarang quickly. The eyes of the on looking gangsters turned quickly away from him as they saw their master black out. Great! Jin growled. He knew he was an idiot.

Jin sighed heavily. He knew he couldn't let Hwoarang stay where he was in his current position. The gang members that were supposed to be backing up Hwoarang at the second, weren't actually doing their job. It made Jin angry at the cowards. 'Some people,' he thought. He just shrugged as he dug into his pocket and pulled out a small black mini cell. He dialed his grandfather's number slowly.

"This is Julia Chang. Yes this is the home of Heihachi Mishima, yet he never picks up the phone, Jin Kazama isn't at home right now, and Anisha, Jin's current guardian is in the shower, so I pick up the phone. Can I take a message?"

"Julia, this is Jin."

"Oh, how delighted. You know you're supposed to be here. I have been waiting for you to train with me. You bastard, you forgot."

Jin rolled his eyes in an agitated manner. He knew he was supposed to be at home, and he would of been if he hadn't lost his temper with the red head who lay in his arms right now passed out with a head wound and several broken ribs due to his politeness with strangers. "Yes, but I don't seem to have a ride."

"Hmm, I guess that can be fixed. Where are you? I'll send one of your limos out for you."

"I'm on Omni road," Jin replied in the phone bracing himself for a quick gasp of surprise and a lecture.

"Why on this dirty, pollutant planet are you over there? Do you know how dangerous it is?" Julia basically screamed in the phone. "My gosh are you hurt? Do you have any scratches? I'm going to over there, and if you have one scratch on you I'll kick your's and the person who gave it to you ass."

"Julia I'm fine. Just send me the limo okay?"

"Alright, hold tight. It will be there in like five."

Jin sighed as he heard the phone line cut off. With another deep sigh, he placed the phone in his pocket and lugged the slender fighter onto his body. He then carried the boy to the edge of the street and waited for a black limo.

The limo came like a sudden sound of earth shaking thunder. Compared to the dirty gutter streets all around them, and the hookers and homeless men lining the corners the car did not belong there. Jin just sighed as he waited for the three army men that he knew to climb out of the car.

They did of course. They appeared, one by one in single file line, the tall built men in black knit caps and black shirts and black jeans, looking as if they were going to rob a store.

"We've captured the target," one man whispered into his ear piece. "We're bringing him home."

"Not quite," Jin announced as he tried to refrain from laughing with the men's sternness. 'The target?' Is that what they were calling him now? Thank god it wasn't something like the mother-bird or Code 1. He didn't think he could live it down if he were picked up once more by these men at school and they called him once again the Mother-bird. 'They would go running over to him as usual, resembling a bunch of men in battle, protecting themselves from a rush of bullets, mumbling hut 2, hut 2 under their breath as they ran. And when they reached him, one of them would yell loudly, 'We've captured the Mother-bird,' on his small earpiece. People at his school admired where he came from. But they've told him plenty of times, 'Give me the luxury without the G.I. Joes.

"Explain yourself," the man in a black cap demanded as he turned sharp green eyes onto Jin.

"Well I have to drop him here at the hospital. He has a large head wound, a couple of broken ribs, and is now losing ample amount of blood."

"Fighting street rats is not acceptable. You are a disgrace to your family! Drop down and give me fifty, Now!" The man raised his hands up in the air and signaled for Jin to drop.

Jin just stared at the man in front of him. He knew the man for years and got used to him. He sort of even grew to respect the man. But he was not about to do fifty push ups.

"Never mind! Get in the car."

Before Jin could say anything, Hwoarang was taken from his arms and thrown in the car so harshly Jin flinched. He soon was shoved into the long black limo himself. Before the door was even shut, the car sped off down the road. The back was empty. All of the pretend the soldiers sat in the front.

'How does Heihachi put up with these people?' Jin asked himself as he lowered his body to Hwoarang. The male was sprawled out on the leather seats of the limo like a drunk man. Jin placed Hwoarang's head in his lap, and began to call Hwoarang awake with his poking fingers.

"Fuck off," was the loud reply from Hwoarang who awoke with a splitting head ache. He was at the moment pretty pissed. When he opened his eyes he swore he was looking at fifteen heads with black bangs, and dark eyes. That was it. He closed his eyes once more. He was not going to open them again.

"Don't go to sleep," Jin started to say. He poked Jin with his fingers in the shoulders. "You have a serious head wound and you need to stay awake."

"I need to be left the hell alone, and fifteen bottles of maximum strength Tylenol."

Jin nodded as he removed the goggles from around Hwoarang's head to relieve pressure. "Does the feel better?"

"Yeah," Hwoarang replied before something deep in head started shaking like a rapid volcano was going to explode inside himself. "Fuck! Man what the hell did you do to me?"

'Good,' Jin started to tell himself mentally. 'Just keep him talking.' "It's an ancient technique my grandfather taught me. He likes to call it the stone dragon."

"Yeah, I feel like you knocked me around five hundred times with a stone statue, man. And then sat on my head just to add to it."

"There's a story behind it," Jin spoke as he moved long strands of fiery orange hair from Hwoarang's forehead to look at a large bloody wound where he struck him. "Would you like to hear it?"


"You have to promise to reply after every three sentences so I know you are awake," Jin demanded. He waited for Hwoarang to make the promise and then continued on telling his story.

"Once there were three dragons created by a dark demon in the threshold of the edge of what the humans like to call Hell. There was the stone dragon, the fire dragon, and the ice dragon. They were brothers of the black medallion and protectors of the gates of the three mighty warriors of the throne."

"Is this going to be some religious story you picked up in church? And in the end you're going to tell me that I've been a bad boy?"

Jin grinned slightly. "No," he replied. "It's a good story."

"Well great. I've always fancied a good story."

"The warriors stood for three things. The woman warrior, Allura stood for strength and the brave, the young male warrior, Cornio stood for love and passion, friendship and sensitivity, and the other male warrior, Arch stood for truth, trust and wisdom. They were the exact opposite of the dragons, Anya, Oron, and Maedneia. Anya stood for fear, the weak, Oron stood for hate, enemies and war, and Maedneia stood for distrust, and, ignorance. It had been said that the dragons even though they protected the three warriors were also the weakness of the warriors."

Jin paused as he was rudely interrupted by a large burly voice, and a slam on the brake. It took him no time at all to realize that he was in front of the hospital. He could already hear the loud chanting of the soldiers, hut 2, hut 2 as they rushed to open the door.

Hwoarang did not know where he was and at the moment he didn't give a damn. All he knew was the person that slammed on the brake had to die. He moaned loudly as he felt himself being pulled out of his seat and roughly into a bed that seemed to be rolling somewhere. He wondered weather he was dreaming or beds were coming more advance everyday. A bed that you could drive somewhere, he was surely getting one of those.

Jin followed beside the white bed into the hospital. Like everywhere else people knew who he was. They stood stiff in the hallways and mumbling about him behind raised hands, and hushed voices.

"My god, is that the grandson of Heihachi Mishima?" Jin heard one of them say. He felt like raising one hand up to his face, and hiding his face. It was even worst when he had to stop at the counter to speak to a nurse.

"The street runt?" The nurse asked rudely as she pushed back a few strands of blonde hair. "Oh we know of him. He's in here at least three times a month with his gang buddies. He's probably been in some fight, but I don't think someone as high class as you would be swapping jabs with street rats like that low life. You hit him with your car didn't you?"

Jin wanted to tell her no, but the nurse went off again. She was yapping as if she were afraid her voice was going to be taken away in second now.

"Oh you were real sweet bringing him in. A lot of people would of left the red head on the street to bleed to death. I myself would have. You know how much trouble the heathen causes a day? Don't worry your head off about him. We'll make sure we throw him somewhere."

"I want him in a private room."

"Yes we shall put him in a pri- wait a minute, what?"

"You heard me," Jin replied as he looked the blonde square in the eyes. He made sure not to glare at her. Instead he smiled at her widely. "I would like him given the best attention this hospital has to offer. If he doesn't get what he needs," Jin stopped as he crossed his arms. "Well you know my grandfather."

"Yes we do," the nurse spoke awkwardly. She threw a glance at the ratty red-head who lay in the stretcher and then back at Jin. 'Why on earth would he place a low life like him in a private room?' The nurse just shook her head.

Jin looked at the nurse and turned. "I'll be back tomorrow to check up on him," he told her as he exited the building. The cold wind blew at him with something akin to a large welcome. He just tightened his hands around his large brown jacket and waited for his soldiers to open the doors for him and climbed in. He had a long ride home, and when he got to his grandfather, the meeting wouldn't be pleasant.

"You are very, very disappointing," Anisha spoke to her boss's grandson. "Not only did you not appear at home at the right time, you left me alone with your grandfather for more than 8 hours. That is inexcusable. I had to speak to that man."

"And you know how stern your grandfather is," Julia told Jin.

Before poor Jin could speak up for himself, the doors came slamming open. He swung his head around to meet who it was. Like he feared it was his grandfather. Heihachi was dressed in green robes that made him look more terrifying. He had a cigar in his large hands and his eyes glared at Jin for several minutes. Jin just shook inside. Now would be the worst part of the lecture.

"You will do well to learn how to tell time," Heihachi started to say. "If you are ever this late again you will be restricted to having several guards follow you around. Do you enjoy that?"

"No," Jin replied. "I was late because-"

"The little use of your self control will be severely punished. Fighting with the rats that beg for food in this world is not dubbed appropriate." Heihachi raised a hand to silence the young boy's protests. "There will be no more on this subject."

Heihachi left the room of his large mansion which seemed more like a jail house every day. For several minutes, Jin stared at the floor feeling embarrassed with himself. He raised his eyes then up to Anisha, whose arms were crossed.

"See how horrible speaking to that man can be?" Anisha said, smiling to give Jin the hint that it was a joke.

Jin laughed softly. "Yeah," he spoke. Jin watched as Anisha started to make jokes with Julia that made him laugh at their absurdness. He wondered where these women came up with their ideas. It was soon Anisha told Jin it was bed time.

It was no surprise that the feeling of energy sprouting through his body like rushing hot melted lava getting ready to explode appeared. He always got that feeling when he was getting ready to sleep. It was like an animal inside him. Jin just shrugged it off as he undressed in his clothes and climbed into bed.

'God am I going to kill somebody,' Hwoarang screamed inside himself when he awoke. His head was feeling rather numbed, yet he wasn't going to complain. As long as that hellish headache didn't come back, he was pretty peachy. Hwoarang sat up in the comfortable hospital bed, and rubbed his hands on his head. Where the hell was he?

He looked around his room. It was a large white room, with a large tv hanging from the wall a bathroom in the separate corner, and what----- 'Oh my god!' Hwoarang spoke inside his mind as his body went totally stiff with fear. A huge dark dog man with large black wings sat in the chair on all fours staring at him intensely with burning red eyes, and large fangs coming out of his mouth. The dark room made the creature's eyes glow more, and Hwoarang wanted to scream Mommy with all the passion his body could muster. though. he knew he couldn't.

"Okay," Hwoarang spoke inside his mind. "Who the heck are you and where did you come from?" Hwoarang asked.

The dog man just growled at him in reply and Hwoarang grew more afraid. He looked to the door, yet when he stood to run, the dog growled at him loudly. Hwoarang's head shook with the oncoming headache he had earlier. That rumbling voice that reached several high octaves was enough to knock him out cold. If he wasn't so hard headed he probably would have been out by then. Hwoarang just sat down on his bed, and raised his hand back up to his forehead. The animal calmed down. Good, Hwoarang told himself. As long as that thing doesn't scream again, we are cool.

Hwoarang looked over to the animal slowly. He tried to keep his breathing very steady. It took most of his strength. A calmed fighter, he kept telling himself, a calmed fighter. If I can get through thousands of fights without losing my head, I can take a werewolf with wings and glaring red eyes. Hwoarang whispered that to himself thousands and thousands of times, but he wasn't so sure that was true. The thing that was sitting in front of him sat on a large brown cushioned chair with long black and silver fur out-lining it's whole body. Large black and silver wings sprouted from the creatures back, and huge white fangs from it's mouth. It certainly was a wolf, yet it sat much like a human. Hwoarang knew one thing though. The animal was strong as heck. Red waves of electricity appeared everywhere ever so often.

For long hours Hwoarang sat on the edge of his bed staring at the animal. He wanted the thing to go to sleep. Yet that seemed impossible. The animal sat staring at him. Although the animal's attention was on him, it's body was stiff with alertness. Hwoarang wondered what the animal was waiting for. It was like the animal thought he was going to attack. Hwoarang just shook his head. He wasn't about to attack that large ball of fur.

"Forget this. I'm going to bed." And with that Hwoarang threw himself on his pillows. He cursed under his breath as he felt the pain of his broken ribs, tucked himself in, and fell asleep.

"Coming," Jin spoke as he looked in the mirror. He pushed his bangs out of his dark eyes. God if he was a woman he'd think he was hot, why shouldn't anybody else. Jin rolled his eyes as he didn't even want to think of why others would think he wasn't hot, instead a snobby rich kid who thought he was better than everyone else, which was far from the truth.

"Jin, you're handsome. How many times do you have to be told?" Julia asked as she walked into her friend's room. She looked in the mirror. Pushed a little strands back, checked her teeth and then turned to look at Jin. 'What? Does he have a date?' Julia asked herself. She just rolled her eyes. The kid was self absorbed. She didn't know why. He was a great fighter, and a hotty. Usually when you got that kind of package, the arrogance came with it. What was the problem with him? Wasn't he suppose to wake up every morning, smile at the day, look in the mirror, get his manliness pumped up and say I know I'm fine? Julia just rolled her eyes once more. No matter how hard, she wouldn't be able to understand Jin.

"So you ready for the tag tournament?" Julia asked as she sat down on the counter, pulling Jin in between her legs.

"Not really," he replied as he looked into Julia's big brown eyes. He wondered if he should tell her he was feeling uncomfortable.

"You have to find a partner. I'm willing to be your partner if you wish," Julia told Jin as she batted her eyes. She laid her head on Jin's shoulder, and kissed him lightly on the neck. "And I would really enjoy it."

"I'm sure," Jin replied. He pulled away from Julia, and tried to give her one of his biggest smiles. That wasn't very successful. He didn't have big smiles. Oh well. Jin just tried to play it off by lifting Julia off the table and carrying Julia down the hallway laughing wildly as she tightened her arms around his neck.

"Yeah, that was fun," Julia spoke as she jumped down from Jin's waist.

Jin nodded. They were now in the huge dining room. It was painted white entirely, with white furniture. There was a large entrance to a huge kitchen, and a aquarium in the room. Jin wasted no time in going to fetch his jacket and school books. He saw Anisha walk in the room, smiling widely. She shot Jin a curious look. "I have to go visit a friend at the hospital before I go to school," Jin responded. He grabbed an egg sandwich from his plate and then rushed to the door of his house.

The three soldier men were waiting outside patiently for Jin near the limo. That was now in front of his house. He walked down the huge stone steps and up to the car. He climbed in, the soldiers calling his grandfather to cue he was off and they were gone without looking back.

The black leather seats of the limo got boring to Jin. His eyes raised to the TV and he watched again and again the scenes of the tournaments play through. Rather, he wanted to be at the hospital. He had to drop by to see how Hwoarang was doing, and then rush to school to see Xiaoyu. It made his heart jump fifty feet high in his chest when the limo came to a sudden stop and he was told to get out of the car.

The large white hospital that reminded him of a world-class hotel hit Jin's eyes. He stared up at it before entering the building. It was no surprise when the blonde haired nurse with sharp green eyes came walking up to him from yesterday.

"I'm sure you're here for Hwoarang. Why else would you be here? I wonder what you see in the kid. I mean he is totally adorable when he isn't speaking, but come on now, he's very, very low like trash."

"Where is he?" Jin asked quickly. He didn't like the woman standing in front of him. She seemed all to ready to judge someone. It sort of disgusted Jin, and he felt a nagging need to protect Hwoarang's name. He wanted to lash out at her. Yet he didn't. If his grandfather heard, he would be severely punished.

"He's in room 1507, the 15th floor. You'll know it's his room, because his room's the biggest," The nurse huffed turning quickly away from Jin and leaving the male to wonder up to the fifth-tenth floor alone. Hwoarang's room was big, and like the nurse said, Jin couldn't miss it if he was blind. Hwoarang's room was the only room on the floor. It was at the end of a busy hallway filled with what looked like many personal doctors. One shot him a look and then pointed down the hallway. Jin nodded and followed the doctor's finger.

Well he should have knocked. He swore he should have, and cursed himself when he didn't. He felt a huge blush shoot up his cheeks as his eyes laid on a naked Hwoarang. Hwoarang was standing with his back to Jin, and when he did turn around to look at Jin's complete look of surprise he swore Jin was about to pass out from shock.

"Close the door," Hwoarang spoke as he placed his hand on his hips. Hwoarang just grinned and shook his head as he saw Jin's eyes lower to his penis. God man it was as if he'd never seen a naked male before. I mean he was one himself. Hwoarang reached over a chair and pulled out a pair of boxers. He slipped them over his lean waist. He couldn't have stayed in that hospital robe any longer. Even though his body hurt like hell when he bent over to slip on his boxers he'd rather endure the pain then be told once more he had a nice ass. I mean yeah he knew, but the people who were commenting him were only teasing him about the robe. And that just didn't play correctly with him.

"What do you want?" Hwoarang asked. He gave Jin a harsh glare. Oh no he didn't forget about the events that took play yesterday. It was rather shaking on his manly pride and he wanted to kick Jin's ass for pitying him. 'Did he put me in this fancy room just because he felt sorry that he kicked my ass so badly?' Hwoarang asked himself. 'No way am I going to thank him.'

"I've come to see how you were doing," Jin replied. He tried so hard to make the blush disappear in his cheeks. He needed whatever little composure he still had in his body to face the smart mouth red-head. He knew from dealing with Hwoarang in battle yesterday the kid got edgy when it came to his pride. Jin quickly lowered his hand from the back of his neck, trying to hide the nervous motion. 'Damn, I should've knocked.

"I'm fine. You can leave now," Hwoarang replied. He started looking for his pants. If he wasn't in so much pain he would of started jumping up and down in aggravation. But right now jumping up and down was a serious no, no. He was already very dizzy from doing to much movement Heck, if he wasn't so stubborn he'd probably have passed out.

"You need help?"

"Aren't you suppose to be gone? Don't you have school or something at that Mishimo, or ma, or something school?"

"How do you know I go there?" Jin asked as he reached over behind the hospital table to grab a pair of pants he was sure Hwoarang was looking for.

"No idiot would wear the clothes you wearin' for the heck of it," Hwoarang replied. He turned around to look at Jin and caught the pants that were thrown at him. Hwoarang looked down at his skin tight pants and mumbled something that wasn't proper to say in English to Jin's face. So he said it in Korean.

Jin proceeded to watch Hwoarang struggle to get his pants on and then shirt. He wanted to ask if he could help the Korean but he was afraid to. Hwoarang would probably snap at him like he was an annoying cockroach from the looks of it. Though he feared being snapped at, he couldn't stand to see the Korean bent over trying to pull his socks on, struggling to hold back tears. That was it. Jin walked over to Hwoarang and took his sock from his hands. Jin ignored Hwoarang's complaints. He took Hwoarang's foot in his hand. He slide the sock on Hwoarang's foot, and then placed the shoe on the foot. He proceeded to do the same thing with the opposite foot.

"I'm not thanking you," Hwoarang spoke out snobbishly. He stood quickly. It was a little bit unnerving when Jin stood up with him. The man was several inches taller than him, although not a head taller, he found that to be so intimidating since Jin was so close to him. Also if you add in the male's upper body, you'd find yourself wondering if he wasn't Hercules.

"You're in my space," Hwoarang growled out as he pushed pass Jin. He went to grab his jacket and goggles and then went to the door. He was getting the heck out of there. Bye, kiss my ass rich boy I'm gone.

Jin looked at Hwoarang's disappearing form. He didn't know what Hwoarang was thinking, but he knew that Hwoarang would not last one minute outside of the hospital. The boy still had several bandages wrapped around his head to show he had a head wound. Jin really didn't care if Hwoarang passed out on the street and got hit by a bus for the fact that the kid was just so plain rude, but he couldn't leave Hwoarang to passing out on the sidewalk. He would not only feel responsible for whatever happened to Hwoarang, but he knew his mother would never do such a thing.

Jin ran down the hallway and slid into the silver elevator just before the doors closed. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"Wherever I fucking wish," Hwoarang snapped as he pushed the yellow button.

"You won't get very far," Jin started. "You left your bike under the bridge yesterday ni-"

"Shit," Hwoarang yelled out as he remembered. 'That's just great. What the hell am I going to do now?' He was stranded there. He knew he didn't feel like walking the hundred miles to his bike. He'd never make it. He was already feeling dehydrated and dizzy.

When the doors opened on the first floor, Hwoarang walked out to the lobby and sat in the chairs with his arm crossed. Fuck it, he was going to wait until his head cleared and then start walking.

"I'll give you a ride," Jin told Hwoarang softly.

"Go to school."

"I can miss school for one day."

"And bring down your straight A's?" Hwoarang shook his head. "I cannot be the cause of such a massacre."

"You can be as smart as you want, but no matter you will still be stuck here," Jin replied. "You can be smart and take the offer of riding with me, or sit here until they kick you out which will be soon. The only reason you're still here is because of me."

"Whatever," Hwoarang mumbled. Though he was pissed that Jin was so correct he wasn't stupid. It only took 1 minute of grumbling and cursing before Hwoarang was up and out the door. He walked up to a black limo surrounded by 3 guards. They shot him a death glare.

"Target," the tall one who look like the leader of them all yelled. "What are you doing with this street runt?"

Hwoarang would have snapped at the soldier, if Jin had not spoke up quickly and loudly to drown out his curse words. "I have permission from my grandfather to take Hwoarang to Cruno's for a bite to eat."

"Are you sure, Target? We will not be held responsible for your irresponsible actions."

"I'm sure," Jin replied. And so that was the end.

Hwoarang climbed into the car and settled down across from Jin. He shook his head as he crossed his arms. "They call you target?"

"They're special agents that like to treat me as a special secret weapon." Jin shook his head as Hwoarang started to laugh. "It's better than being called the Mother-bird."

"They called you the mother-bird?" Hwoarang asked as he tried to hold back a smile. "That is just too funny."

Jin was rather glad he got Hwoarang smiling instead of growling at him and saying fuck every three minutes. Not only did it get annoying, but people actually started to stare when you spoke it. It was a bad word. Jin was actually growing to like Hwoarang, already he fell in love with looking at the red head. The male had dark brown eyes and fiery red hair. Hey, who wouldn't love to look at such a masterpiece? Jin thought.

"So what the heck is Cruno's?" Hwoarang asked.

"It's a fancy restaurant that serves great sundaes. It's five star. I'm surprised you haven't heard of it."

"Oh, well some of us poor people can't afford enough for magazines to look up some rating of a restaurant," Hwoarang replied angrily.

"I didn't mean to be offensive," Jin replied.

Hwoarang mumbled something very difficult to understand in Korean and then went back to English quickly. It took awhile for Jin to figure out all the mumble jumble Hwoarang was speaking was his native language mixed with English, and some crapped up Spanish. Hwoarang then quickly switched to Japanese, which was Jin's native language, but still Jin could barely understand it from the sharp emphasis Hwoarang put on it with his thick Korean voice. By the look of it, Jin was pretty glad that he couldn't understand a thing Hwoarang was speaking.

"Um . . . So why are you in Japan?" Jin asked loudly to stop the flowing words of anger.

"For the tournament that is posted here," Hwoarang replied.

"That's a partner tournament. Do you have a partner?"

"Yep," Hwoarang replied quickly even though it was lie. "And I'll kick your ass, you and your partner without tagging out once."

Jin's eyebrow rose slowly as he smirked. "I'm glad you're confident. It'll make it more fun to see your head thrown to the ground by the heel of my foot."

Hwoarang frowned as he watched Jin's lips curve up. "Whatever," Hwoarang mumbled. "And it'll make me smile to shove my dick up your ass and abuse those pink lips on your face."

Whatever smile that lay on Jin's lips before Hwoarang mumbled whatever had disappeared quickly when Hwoarang spoke that disgusting sentence. Jin wanted to ask Hwoarang to repeat himself, to confirm that the man had actually gotten the nerve to say that to him, but then shook his head no. The chance that Hwoarang hadn't said what Jin thought he said was slim, and no way did Jin want Hwoarang to repeat himself.

But still, Jin was shock and didn't know what he was saying when he said, "What did you say?" in a most dazed manner with a complete look of disbelief.

"You know what I said," Hwoarang smiled, thinking of pushing this further. The guy in front of him looked like he was going to die from embarrassment. It didn't take Hwoarang much thought to know how fun it would be to see how Jin would react if he did pursue what he spoke.

Hwoarang was crawling off the seat slowly. He pushed at Jin's knees and smiled as they parted easily. He simply just slid in between Jin's thighs, raised up slowly and pressed a harsh kiss to those pink lips. Hwoarang just licked Jin's pink lips, and bit on the bottom, begging Jin to open up for him.

Heck, Jin didn't open up that small passage for Hwoarang. He opened it up because he was shocked and he was going to speak, but found that pretty hard when Hwoarang's slender tongue slid into his mouth and started teasing his tongue into movement. He felt his hands grip the black leather seat as if he was going to die. Man, and he knew he was. If his grandfather found out about this. Shit! he was in trouble.

Hwoarang started to play with the soft flesh that made up Jin's sweet mouth. It was the first time he'd ever kissed a male before. But he'd kissed plenty girls in his life, and chicks loved him to tease them when he kissed. But when Hwoarang heard Jin mumble Shit under his breath, he knew to pull back.

"What was that?" Jin asked surprised. "Don't do that again," he continued as he raised a hand to wipe Hwoarang's saliva off his mouth. Man, he was dead.

Hwoarang smiled as he sat back against the seat of the limo. He licked his lips just to piss Jin off. It was working to his delight. All day Jin had successfully pissed him off and now he had successfully pissed Jin off. Boy was he going to have fun from now on with this dude.

"Hey, Jin," Hwoarang called out to break the silence. He was loud and he hated when things around him were quiet.


"You know that story you were telling me earlier?"

"What about it?"

"Can you finish it?"

Jin smiled at Hwoarang before bending over his school uniform. The thoughts about the kiss put in the back of his mind for now as he began to tell Hwoarang the story. Maybe he'd like Hwoarang after all.

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