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Hands Clean

Chapter Twelve - Surprising Turnabouts

By Saihitei Seishuku

Zelos pulled away from Jin, a smile crept to his face. "I think it would be best for me to show you around, Jin-sama." Zelos stood and walked towards the door leading towards the hallway.

Jin nodded, not really sure what to do after Zelos' kiss. 'What am I going to do now? What about Hwoarang?" He thought as he stood to follow Zelos.

When Jin looked back up, he saw Zelos smiling at him, "Wh--what?" He asked.

Zelos shook his head, "It's nothing..." He replied, while turning around. "Nothing at all...." He said almost silently.

"Did you say something?" Jin asked, suddenly beside him.

Zelos smiled, "No, Jin-sama." He said, opening the door and stepping out into the hallway. "I just want you to meet some friends of mine...that's all."

With that said, Zelos began to walk down the hall to a set of large doors, each door was decorated differently, even though they both led to the same place. The door to the right held a statue of a white tiger's head, it's half of the frame had startling white tigers on it, all of which had their fangs bared and claws extended.

On the other half of the door, the dragon. It's fierocious red eyes, bearing down on whomever was captivated by it. Rippling red hair, with a green body, and gold fangs and claws. Horns adorned it's body, as well as wings. The frame had golden dragons in the same positions as the tigers on the opposite frame. On the top of the frame, where their borders met, the white tiger and the dragon that were embedded in the door itself, were poised to attack each other.

Jin stared at them, causing Zelos to laugh, "You needn't worry." He said, pressing himself to Jin, "They won't bite you..." He added, as he let his tongue trail Jin's ear.

Jin shuddered slightly, but allowed Zelos to embrace him. "Let's go inside, Jin-sama." Zelos said, gently leading Jin iside of the doors.

The inside looked very much similar to the rest of the chambers he had seen. Sitting on a throne at the opposite side of the room, was a cloaked figure. Zelos took Jin's hand and led him down the torch-lit carpet to the steps of the alter in which the throne sat.

Zelos bowed, pulling Jin down with him. "Master, the boy is here." He told the other man.

He stood up, walking towards Jin, cloak dragging against the carpet. "Hello, Jin." He said, extending his hand to Jin. When Jin took it, he was pulled to the other's body. Jin felt the other's cold hands explore his body, then rest at his hips.

He felt Zelos press himself against Jin's backside. "He is indeed the one." The cloaked figure said to himself. He could feel Zelos placing delicate kisses along the back of his neck, every one send a new and exciting chill down his back.

"But he is commited, Master." Zelos said between kisses.

The hood fell off of the other, revealing a beautiful man, already known to Jin. "Oh, really? Would it be that little pest I met earlier?" He asked, the pressed his lips to Zelos'.

Zelos nodded. "Yes, M'Lord." He replied, stepping around Jin to nuzzle against Chiva.

Jin took a step back, "Wh-what do you want with me?!" He all but screamed. Chiva laughed and pulled Zelos to his throne; sitting down as Zelos climbed onto his lap.

"You'll find out in do time, Jin-sama." He called, before making himself busy with Chiva.

"Lional! Kaorunel!" He called. Two teenagers walked in, holding hands.

"Yes, M'Lord?" Jin instantly recognized them to be Li and Kaoru. He ran towards them.

"Li, Kaoru!" He said, pulling both of them into a hug. "He got you two too?"

Li laughed, "I am Lional. That is Kaorunel. We are his guards." Li said, wrapping his arms around Jin. "You needn't worry, chosen one."

Kaoru turned to face Chiva, "What is it that you wish, Master?"

"Guard him. Do not let him out of your sights. Do not allow him to interact with anyone that you do not know. We shan't want him harmed, now do we?" Chiva replied.

Li and Kaoru dropped to their knees, touching their foreheads to the ground. "Yes, M'Lord. Your wish is our command." They said in unision.

Jin backed away from them. "Wh-what's going on? Where's Hwoarang?! Why am I here?!" Li and Kaoru walked towards him.

"You needn't fear us, Jin-sama." Kaoru said. "We are doing this for your own safety."

Li and Kaoru each took a side of Jin. "We shall escort him to his chambers now, Master." Li said softly, sending a sympathetic look towards Jin.

"You do that." Was Chiva's only reply, before he was dragged off by Zelos.

Hwoarang growled as Heihachi and Kazuya told him the story. Lee, Kazuya's half brother was sitting on the opposite side of the couch.

"And he was gone...." Kazuya finished, tears were running down his face. "I just want my boy back. Chiva has never gone this far before...never..."

Heihachi patted his son on the back, "We'll get him back soon, Kazu-chan." Lee was instantly at his brother's side.

"Of course! Then we'll throw a party just for his safe return." Lee added. "But first, we need to find him."

Hwoarang stood up. "I'm tired of this bullshit!" He screamed. "I shall find him, and end him!" He said, walking towards Jin's room.

Steve hopped up to follow him. "We might not wanna tell Ling about this, mate. She wouldn't be too happy." Steve shook his head as he ran to catch up. "Not happy at all."

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