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Hands Clean

Chapter Thirteen - Seraphim

By Saihitei Seishuku

Zelos rolled over to face Chiva in their bed. "Chiva-koi, do you think we should tell him?"

"Tell him what, my love?" Chiva replied, never opening his eyes.

Zelos wrapped his arms around Chiva, pressing his face against Chiva's chest. "About who he is? About who he is to become?"

Chiva pressed a delicate kiss on his lover's forehead, "Not yet, my jewel. In time though...for it is not our place to do so yet."

Zelos nodded, "When the time comes, will he hate us?"

Chiva laughed slightly, "I think he already hates me...you, I don't think so."

Zelos sighed sadly, "Why do humans bother with hate? It is useless, is it not?"

Chiva nodded, "It is, my love. Go to bed and stop with these silly questions."

Zelos laughed, "Alright, Chiva-koi."

Jin sat up in his bed, he felt like a captured bird. He glanced around the room. Li and Kaoru, no Lional and Kaorunel, were talking quietly in the next room, he could hear them slightly. Jin stood up and walked over to the thin door that connected the rooms.

"Kao-chan, what should we do? He's our friend..." He heard Lional whine. "Our friend...."

He heard Kaorunel make a 'shhh' sound, "There is nothing we could do."

"But...he's our friend!" Lional sobbed.

"And I told you we cannot interfere! Chiva-sama will kill us if we do."


He heard someone stand up. "NO! We CANNOT interfere!" Kaorunel growled and opened the paper-thin door to his room.

Jin stood there in shock. In the distance he could see Lional's stunned face. "Li...Kaoru??" He muttered before Kaorunel pushed by him.

Lional jumped up and ran after him, muttering a soft apology as he ran past Jin. The Japanese boy watched as his two new friends ran out into the hallway and to the right.

"Interfere in what?" Jin asked softly to himself.

He heard laughing behind him, turning around he saw Zelos. Jin stepped back, "H-how did you g-get in here?!"

Zelos shook his head. "You needn't worry about that, or them." He said as he walked towards Jin. "I told you before, do not fear me. I am your only hope next to those two..."

Jin's eyes widened in horror as Zelos pulled out a picture from inside his kimono. "This is from our childhood, mine and Chiva's." Zelos handed him the frame. "It is yours now." With that done, he left the room as quietly as he had come.

Jin walked over to the bed, feeling the sudden urge to sit down. Glancing at the frame he instantly noticed Chiva and Zelos' childlike forms. Next to them were unmistakabley Kaoru and Li, all of which were smiling. There were a few more figures in the picture. Kazuya and Lee, his father and uncle, were there. "H-how?!" Jin cried out.

"We were all happy when we were little. Not knowing what we all were..what we all were to become..." A voice came from behind.

Jin turned to see a new person. His long midnight colored hair was tied neatly back into a braid which he threw over his shoulder. He had soft, delicate features that matched the yukata he was wearing. He extended one manicured hand towards Jin, "I am Seraphim. I have had to keep an eye on you. I have been watching you since you came here."

Jin backed away from him. "H-how many of you people are here to torture me?!" Seraphim let out a soft laughed, and was instantly next to Jin. He ran his hands through the boy's hair.

"There is only one other that you will have to meet, unless you want to meet our chambermaids too..." He said, kissing Jin slightly.

"Can I just get it over with and meet him now?" Seraphim nodded and place a blue painted nail on Jin's lips.

"You must remain silent, alright?" Jin nodded and followed the blue-haired beauty. "He's a tad on the weird side, but I still love him. You will too."

Hwoarang paced back and forth in the Kazama's kitchen. He was told to stay by the phone incase anyone calls. "Jin's missing, and I'm stuck this get any worse?!" He growled, when suddenly the phone rang.

"Hello?" Hwoarang asked.

"Is this the...Kah--zah-mah...residence?" Asked a very foreign accent.

"Yea, it is. Who's calling?" Hwoarang nearly growled into the reciever, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen.

"'Tis Pink Spider...tell them that the Spider has their son." The other voice cackled and then hung up.


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