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Hands Clean

Chapter Eleven - A Mysterious Stranger

By Saihitei Seishuku

It's been four days since Jin Kazama had told his father about Chiva. The raven haired boy was up in his room listening to one of his favorite bands. Dancing slightly, Jin sang along with the vocalist, Ville.

/I taste death in every kiss we share..

Every sundown seems to be the last we have...

Your breath on my skin has the scent of our end..

I'm drunk on your tears, Baby, can't you see it's hurting?/

Jin was oblivious to the omnious figure that stepped into his room.

/Every time we touch we get closer to heaven...

And at every sunrise our sins are forgiven...

You on me this must be the end..

The only way you can love me is to hurt me again

And again..

And again..

And again../

The figure walked closer to Jin, a broad smile found its way to his lips as he watched the young Japanese boy singing along with the English lyrics.

/Your love is a razorblade kiss..

Sweetest is the taste from your lips...

Your love is a razorblade kiss..

Sweetest is the taste from your lips.../

/Oh the taste from you lips, My Darling...

Taste from you lips, oh My love../

The man neared closer to Jin, his malicious smile never fading.

/Only inside I'm free..
I'm tired of waiting..
You've got to let me dream...
Inside Baby..
I'm not afraid to feel..
I want your to love me..
Cause you are the one..
Cause you are the one..
Cause you are the one../

The man stopped about a foot away from Jin, allowing him to finish the song.

/Your love is a razorblade kiss
Sweetest is the taste from your lips
Your love is a razorblade kiss
Sweetest is the taste from your lips/

/Your love is a razorblade kiss
Sweetest is the taste from your lips
Your love is a razorblade kiss
Sweetest is the taste from your lips/

"What a wonderful song, Jin-san. I was not aware that you liked HIM." Came the stranger's calm, but fierce voice. Jin turned around to face a Chinese beauty.

The man was clad in a silk cheongsam. It's delicate embriodary befitting his lithe form. He pulled lightly at the sleeves, he was clearly trying to smooth out the cloth that had bundled up. He bow slightly, his long raven hair swung in front of him, "I am Zelos."

Jin took a couple of steps back, "H--how did you get in here?!" He nearly yelled.

Zelos laughed slightly, "You needn't worry about that, child. I will not hurt you, lest you try to disobey." He extened his hand. "Come, child." Jin placed his hand in Zelos'.

Zelos pulled Jin to his body, "This will not hurt." Rose pedals surrounded them, spinning wildly, but then started to subside and they were gone.

When Jin opened his eyes, he found that he was alone in a room. The room was elaborately decorated in oriental fashion. Almost silently, Jin stood and heard light music playing from another room close by. Stepping lightly toward the Asain designed door.

Jin stepped out of the room, into a hallway that seemed to go on for forever. Glancing around, he decided to try and find the music. Walking towards the end of the hall, Jin stopped when he came next to a door; inside, he heard someone singing.

Jin quietly opened the door, and slunk inside the room. Sitting at a dressing table, was Zelos, singing quietly to himself. "Zelos-san?" He turned around, and smiled sweetly.

"Good evening, Jin-chan." He stood up from where he sat, setting his brush down. Zelos walked over to Jin, leading him over to the bed by hand.

"Wh--where are we?" This provoked a giggle from Zelos.

"You are in my room, Jin-sama." He said as he slid closer to Jin. He brought his free hand to Jin's face, closing the distance, he pressed his lips against Jin's for a delicate kiss.


Hwoarang sat up in his bed when he heard a heavy knock at his door. "Hwoarang!" Came a call from the other side.

"Shit..What do you want, Steve?" He asked as he walked over to the door.

When Hwoarang opened the door, Steve started to explain, "Kazuya said that Jin's missing. I ran into him on the street. He told me to go find you. He needs our help."

Hwoarang growled and ran to his closet, grabbing a pair of pants and a jacket, he dressed and was out the door. "Does he know who took him?"

Steve nodded, "He thinks Chiva did it."

"Dammit.." Hwoarang muttered under his breath. "God dammit!" He yelled this time. "I'll fucking kill him!" He said as he raced towards Jin's house.

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