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Hands Clean

Chapter Ten - Chiva Returns

By Saihitei Seishuku

Smirking, he stepped out into the street. 'There's nothing you can do, my darling Kazama. You didn't do what I asked you to do....You shall pay. Severly.' He thought as his grin turned malicious. He picked up the pace, causing people to jump out of his way.

Chiva glanced around in his new setting. He had been walking for about half an hour, he had no where in particular to go, so he just drifted around the town. His raven black hair was left down today, it reached down to his knees. He wore the same long, black overcoat. His fingers were clad with rings that would be most common on some of Hwoarang's friends.

Smiling, he saw a familiar body. A body that was walking down the alley in which he occupied. Grabbing Jin, he pushed him against the wall. "Hello there, boiya. Why didn't you tell daddy that an old friend had come to visit?" His icy eyes bored their way into Jin.

"And don't tell me that you forgot....That won't work. I am not stupid."

"Hey! What are you doing to him?" This came from another school boy. Chiva turned to see who it was, Kaoru and Li were standing behind him. Li tried again, "Leave him alone! Go away!"

Turning back to Jin, he placed a delicate kiss on Jin's lips. "I shall see you later. And if you don't tell daddy that Chiva wants to see him. You shall not survive our next encounter intact. Alright?" He said as he calmly walked away from the three boys.

Jin collapsed to the ground as Li and Kaoru walked over to him. "You okay, man?" Came Kaoru's soft, but fierce voice.

Jin nodded and stood up. "I...I must be going home now." Li and Kaoru each grabbed an arm.

"We'll walk you home, okay?" Li informed him. "Hwoarang wouldn't like it if we just left you here, now would he?" Jin laughed slightly and nodded.

"Alright, I guess."

Kazuya Kazama stared out the window of his office. He had had a horrible feeling all day. 'Was something coming?' Shaking the thought away as Heihachi walked in. "Do you feel it too?" The elder man asked.

Kazuya nodded, "How could I not?"

"Something is coming...." Heihachi said, moving over to stand by his son in front of the window. Kazuya nodded slightly.

"But what?" He thought aloud.

"I really don't know. And I wish that I could never find out..." Kazuya nodded in agreement.

"Let's hope it doesn't surface."


Jin thanked Li and Kaoru and sent them on their way. He was safe at home, and his father was about to leave work. When Jin dropped his bag on the couch, the phone rang. "Hello?"

"Jin?" Jin smiled, it was Hwoarang.

"Hey, Hwoarang."

"Li just called me. What happened?"

"It's nothing, Hwo..." But Hwoarang wouldn't accept that.

"I'm coming over. Stay were you are."


About ten or so minutes later Hwoarang, Steve, Li and Kaoru were over. "I thought only you were coming over." Jin said laughing.

"Ling's coming over later..." Steve said with a sigh. "She nearly attacked me when I told her.....She's not happy...." Jin smirked slightly.

"Got anything to drink?" Asked Kaoru as he walked over to the refridgerator.

"Yeah, help yourself..." Jin replied, Kaoru smiled and began to search the kitchen for something he happened to like.

Hwoarang sat down next to Jin, "So....who was the fucker who messed with you?" Jin shrugged his shoulders.

"I haven't a clue..." He replied with a exasperated sigh. "But he want's me to tell Father that 'Chiva's back'...." Hwoarang glanced around the room.

"Kazuya probably had bad business with him."

"Or he was a loser in one of the other tournaments Father participated in?" Jin pondered aloud.

"Maybe...We'll just have to ask him when he gets here, mate." Steve added. He was seated on the opposing couch next to Li and Kaoru.

"So.." Jin started, aiming to change the subject. "What's up with you two?" He nodded towards Li and Kaoru.

"Eh? What do you mean?" Li asked him.

"You two were at each other's throats last time I saw you...."

"Oh!" Li said, smiling and grabbing Kaoru's hand. "We're dating now." Kaoru nodded as he took a sip of the coke he a found.

"Kaoru's the newest member of our...er...pack." Hwoarang said as glanced over at the two. "They were at each other's throats...." He glanced over at Li and Kaoru, "Wanna explain this for me?"

Kaoru laughed, "There is no explaination...." He laughed again, "We just fought." Jin cocked an eyebrow.

"Really? No more meaningless battles between you two?"

"Maybe..." Li thought aloud. "Maybe not..."

"JIN!" Kazuya called as he and Heihachi walked in the door. Smiling when he saw Jin wrapped up in Hwoarang's arms, he turned to Heihachi, "Told you."

Heihachi sighed and handed Kazuya a thing of money. "Fine...you win. No grandchildren for me..."

Kazuya walked over to Hwoarang, "If you intend to date him, I'm going to treat you like a father with his daughter." He said firmly, earning himself a glare from Jin. "What?"

"You're refering to me as a girl!!" He said with a pout.

"Really....whatever." He said, "So, who are your friends?"

Jin stood up, motioning to Hwoarang, "This is Hwoarang."

Kazuya smiled, as he and Heihachi sat down, "You're boyfriend. Got it."

Jin rolled his eyes as he motioned towards the others on the couch. "You already know Steve." Steve nodded and smirked. "And those two are Li and Kaoru."

"Alright. We'll leave you all to have your fun." Kazuya said as he and Heihachi made their exit.

Jin jumped and ran after his father, intending to tell him about this 'Chiva.'

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