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Hands Clean

Chapter Nine - Li and Kaoru

By Saihitei Seishuku

Jin sat up in his bed, dreams of the man plaguing him. But, for some strange reason, when he tried to tell someone, he couldn't make them believe him. Jin sighed, 'Who would believe me?'

He moved towards the window in his room, glancing out of it he saw Ling and Steve arguing with his father and grandfather. Opening the window quietly, he heard Heihachi say to them, "Please leave now! Jin needs his rest."

Jin laughed quietly to himself, forgetting about his nightmare. "Grandfather!" He called to them, "Let them come up!" He said with an amused smile on his face.

Heihachi turned to face Jin's window. Sighing, "...Alright..." He said as he stepped aside and let them enter their mansion.

Jin laughed as an annoyed Ling came stomping into the room with a confused Steve behind her. "WHAT THE HELL IS HIS PROBLEM?!?!?!?"

Jin laughed nervously as she took menacing steps towards him. "I--I don't know, Ling!!" He nearly tripped as she pushed him against the wall.

Steve tried to make his escape through Jin's open door, but to his dismay, Ling had seen him. "GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE, YOU DAMN BRIT!" He froze as he heard this.

"Yes, ma'am!" He said as he eased himself back into Jin's room and into one of the chairs. She smirked evilly as she turned to face Jin again.

"So..." She began. Her smile instantly turned sweet, "What's up?" She asked innocently, shocking both of them.

"Uh....Nothing much, Ling...." He started, but only to be interupted by her cellphone.

"Hold on! I have to take this." She said as she walked over to his balcony, "You have such horrible reception in your house...." She muttered as she closed the French doors leading from his room to the balcony.

Jin nodded slightly, "What's up with her?" He ask Steve, hoping for an answer.

"I think her 'friend' is visiting her...." He said quickly.

"Friend?" Jin asked him. "If one of her friends are visiting, why is she here?"

Steve laughed, "Not that kind of friend, mate!"

It suddenly dawned on Jin, "Oh!! You mean that friend!!" Suddenly Ling walked back into the room.

"Well, I have to go now. Bai bai boys!" She said as she walked towards the door.

"Bai, Ling." They chorused behind her.

When she left, they both visibly relaxed. "Damn...that was close, mate!" Steve said with a short laugh. "Wanna go get your boyfriend and go out for a little while?"

Jin shrugged, "Sure." he replied, getting up and heading to the door with Steve.

Jin and Steve walked carelessly towards Hwoarang's place. The sun was setting as they reached his building. Steve laughed slightly when he saw a fight in front of the building.

Both participants were clearly their age, one was one of Jin's classmates. Jin ran over to them, "Kaoru! What are you doing?" He called, as the fight slowly came to a halt after a few hits.

The boy known as Kaoru turned to face him. "Jin!" he said as he pulled the younger classmate into a hug. "I'm so glad you're here." Jin cocked an eyebrow as the other fighter stepped over to them.

Kaoru's long hair was tied back, reveling the red tips over the originally black hair. His eyes were a fierce black; when looking directly at them, it was like staring at a starless night sky. He wore a tight-fitting red shirt that reveled his naval, and a pair of black leather pants. He had several ear piercings, eight in each ear. He wore several rings, on his index and middle fingers he wore four inch armour rings, as for the rest of his rings, they were all things like skull and crossbones to vicious looking dragons.

He smiled and took a step back, "How'd you get so tall, Kaokao?" Jin asked, jokingly. Kaoru laughed gently as he held the edge of his pants to reveal his three inch boots. His full lips were painted with black lipstick, and his eyes were lined with black eyeliner and mascara. Kaoru's lip studs glew brightly in the street's light.

"Heels. I just love 'em." He said with another laugh.

A growl came from behind Kaoru as his fighter neared the building. The other fighter was none other than Hwoarang. He glared at Kaoru, "Don't ever let me catch you around Li again, you hear me?" He said, hardly even giving Jin a glimse of him as another man came running over to Hwoarang.

"Thank you so much!" He said, tears running down his pale face. His knee length white hair was tied back into a high pony tail, he was dressed similar to what Kaoru was wearing.

"S'kay, Li." He said, taking out a cigarette and handing it to Li. "You have a safe trip home, alright?" Li nodded and lit it.

"Thanks again. I'll see you tomorrow, Blood Talon." He said with a wave, and he was gone.

Hwoarang glared at Kaoru, who just smiled evilly. "So..." Kaoru started, but was quickly silenced by Hwoarang's hand grabbing his face.

"Let me say this again." Hwoarang replied holding Kaoru's face with one hand, not letting the Japanese boy go, he said, "You screw with him, your ass is dead. You hear me?" He growled. When Kaoru didn't reply, this made Hwoarang even more angrier, "I asked you a fucking question. Do I have to repeat myself?" Kaoru shook his head.

Hwoarang smirked and threw Kaoru towards a brick wall. "Now, get out of here." Hwoarang said as he walked towards his building.

"Come on in," he said as he walked passed Jin and Steve.

Jin was shocked, 'What had Kaoru done to make Hwoarang so mad? And who was that white haired boy? Was Hwoarang cheating on him?' Jin shook his head at the last thought that had come to him.

That thought saddened him greatly, but he still brushed it aside as they followed the native Korean to his apartment. 'He must have been training before...' Jin thought when he noted what Hwoarang was wearing.

Hwoarang was wearing a tight blue shirt, that reveal most of his arms, and a pair of loose fitting matching pants.

When they arrived at his apartment, Hwoarang instantly tore of the shirt and walked into his room, searching for another. Jin sat on the couch as Steve followed Hwoarang out of the room. Steve shut the door behind them, leaving Jin alone.

Jin sighed as he turned to glance out of the window at the night sky. Getting up, he decided to go over to the onjoining balcony.

Jin felt two strong arms wrap around his waist and, out of the corner of his eye, Jin saw that Hwoarang had his head resting on Jin's shoulder.

"What was going on when Steve and I walked up?" Jin asked almost silently.

He felt Hwoarang tense up, "That guy...." He paused, searching for his name.

"Kaoru?" Jin added.

Hwoarang nodded, "Yea, Kaoru was talking to Li..." He started, but was interupted by Jin.

"Who's Li?"

"He's member of my...er..."

"Gang?" Hwoarang laughed.

"I would prefer 'pack.'" Jin nodded slightly. Hwoarang gave him a questionative look. "What's wrong?" he asked his lover.

Jin shook his head, trying to fool Hwoarang into believing that he was fine. Jin snuggled into Hwoarang's embrace.

"Now, for the folks at home....maybe these extrodinary....wait, they're not that extrodinary, but maybe we'll get a kiss!!!" Came a voice from behind them.

Hwoarang and Jin turned to see a very hyper Steve armed with a video camera. The camera's light flashed in Jin's eyes, causing him to squint. "Dammit, Steve! Get that damn thing out of my face!" Hwoarang yelled at the very amused British man.

Steve laughed and threw his hands up in defeat. "Fine...fine, mate! I'm leaving!" He said as he turned around, "Be sure to make lots of babies!" Laughing harder, he added, "I want godchildren!" With that Steve left Hwoarang's apartment.

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