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Hands Clean

Chapter Two - First Date

By Saihitei Seishuku

Hwoarang sat nervously next to Steve and Ling, "He should have been here by now!!" Ling said, she was getting very angry with Jin. Steve laughed.

"Getting nervous, Hana?" He laughed even harder when Hwoarang didn't reply. "Ya don't need ta be. He's only your biggest rival in the Tekken tournaments. And he's only the grandson of Heihachi Mishima, and the son of Kazuya."

Hwoarang growled, "And what if they were to find out? What would happen to me?" He said, the thought of being on the to-kill lists of Heihachi and Kazuya would be absolutely devastating.

Steve pretended to think, "Well, I imagine that they'd want to rip out your eyes, then your pretty red hair. Then probably amputate a few limbs," He fained excitement. "Ya know, they might even keep you alive to toture you!!" Hwoarang glared at him, if looks could kill, Steve would have been dead in the dirt hours ago.

Ling jumped up and down, "There he is!" She said before she called out to him. Jin spotted her and walked over. As Hwoarang tried to get up, Steve grabbed his hand.

"Don't you dare think of leaving now. Your date's already here." He said as he gave Hwoarang an evil smile. Hwoarang nearly hit him as he was pulled back to his seat.

Hwoarang remained quiet as the other three talked about random things. Hours went by as the 'double date' continued. Eventually, the date came to a close. Ling and Steve had left 'Hana' and Jin alone, saying that they had somewhere else to be.

"So, we haven't talked much this evening, Hana." Jin started casually. He clearly had begun to like the 'Hana' side of Hwoarang. Suddenly Jin stood up and offered his hand to him. "Let's go somewhere else." He said with the most charming smile Hwoarang had ever seen his rival give.

He nodded as Jin pulled him to his feet. Jin led him to an old park, since it was winter, snow covered the entire field. Hwoarang smiled gently as Jin led him to a bench. "I really like you, Hana. Want to go out again?"

Hwoarang suddenly remembered Steve's dare, "Sure, Jin." He said in the most femine voice he could muster. Jin smiled another heart melting smile.

"Well, I must get you home, Hana." Jin stood, pulling Hwoarang up with him. Before Hwoarang knew what was happening, Jin had captured his lips in a very passionate kiss.

The next morning, Hwoarang was not the same. He had come to have feelings for Jin, his rival! This should not have happened. It was all Steve's fault. If he had never been dared to go out with him, this would have never happened.

A knocking came at the door, but a few minutes later, Steve came walking in. He smiled at his friend. He was no long wearing the dress, but all he had on was a pair of pants. His chest was exposed, his hair was wet from a shower, it clung to his face. "What do you want?" Hwoarang asked him.

"Did he ask you out again?" Steve said quickly.

Hwoarang smiled, "As a matter of fact, he did. He told me he liked me. Well, 'Hana.'" Hwoarang smirked. Steve returned his smile.

"That's good, mate!" He said, pulling Hwoarang into a bone crushing hug. "My little Hwoarang has a boyfriend! His first boyfriend!" He said, teasing the now blushing Hwoarang.

"I hope you know that I could kill you right now, and no one would ever know."

"Ling would. She needs me for our little 'Hana-project.'" He replied.

"I could tell her you dropped out of it, and returned to England or were- ever the hell you came from." He said, continueing the arguement.

"Oi, but she would have to come looking for me, I'm the brains of this project."

Hwoarang laughed, "If your the brains, then why is this actually working?"

Steve pondered what Hwoarang said before shrugging it off, "Oh well, mate. Let's go grab a bite to eat before we meet up with Ling."

Hwoarang got dressed and followed him down to a local coffee shop that Steve liked. "This place makes great muffins." He said as they walked up to the building.

"You actually eat muffins?" Hwoarang said, laughing at his friend. "You didn't seem the type."

Steve finally caught on to what he was refering to. "After training, I go here. It's actually pretty close by." He said, pointing down the street. Steve's apartment was relatively close to this place.

After they ate, they met up with Ling at a random park. It wasn't as beautiful as the one Jin to him too last night, but it was still nice. Ling smiled at her two friends. "How did it go after we left last night?" She immediately asked him.

Steve turned to look at his friend, "Oi, I forgot to ask that. So how did it go??" Hwoarang stepped away from them.

"Hwoarang, you're blushing!" Ling exclaimed. "Tell me!"

Hwoarang took another step back, "It went alright."

Ling growled and nearly tackled him, "Tell me now!"

Hwoarang pushed her off of him, "Fine. He..he kissed me. That's all." Ling and Steve's faces lit up. They both started to congradulate him. "Oi, ya'll both are freaks. You know that right?" Suddenly a voice called from behind them.

"Hana?" It was Jin.

Jin quickly walked up to them. Hwoarang glared at the two, it was the kind of glare that literally read 'You tell him and you will die a slow painful death.' Jin walked up and wrapped his arms around Hwoarang.

Hwoarang jumped away from him. "What the hell do you think you're doing, Kazama?!" Jin blushed and then bowed to him.

"S..sorry. I thought you were someone else." Hwoarang rolled his eyes and propped his arm on Jin. He was clearly shocked that Hwoarang was touching him.

"It's alright, Kazama." He said quickly, giving him the same gentle smile he had the previous night. Jin blushed slightly. Steve and Ling shared a knowing look. It clearly said, 'Our friends have finally surrendered to their udenying love for each other, but are too stubborn to admit it to the other.'

Later that night, at Hwoarang's apartment, Steve strolled in. "Hwoarang!" He walked over to the orange haired man's room, were he heard moaning. "Hwoarang?" He asked as he looked inside.

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