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Hands Clean

Chapter Three - Second Date

By Saihitei Seishuku

"Hwoarang!" Steve called as he ran into the room. Sitting on the floor, was Hwoarang. He was clutching his arm. "You okay, mate?"

Hwoarang smiled slightly, and nodded. "I hit my arm on the door frame. Now it's bleeding." He said, holding his arm up as if for proof.

Steve laughed, and help his friend up. "Come with me. I'll help you fix that up." Steve led him to the bathroom were he wiped off the blood, poured some rubbing achohol on it, and then wrapped it with some gauze. "There, all better."

Hwoarang smiled, "I would have just let it bleed."

Steve laughed, "I know you would have. Then you wouldn't have been able to go out with Jin." Hwoarang shot him an icy glare. So Steve continued, "You have a date tonight. We're all going to the amusement park. Ling's bringing some stuff up. We have to dress you for the occasion."

Hwoarang rolled his eyes as Ling walked into the bathroom. "Hey, guys." Then she notice his arm. "Hwoarang! What happened?! Were you trying to commit suicide? If you were, your supposed to cut the wrists."

"No, Ling. I wasn't trying to commit suicide...."

Steve continued his sentence. "He hit his arm on the door frame." Ling nodded and began to pull various things out of the bag.

"Let's start with make-up this time." She said as she pulled out the same containers from the last 'date.' "Then we'll move onto clothes." She chirped happily as she played dress-up with Hwoarang, her very own live doll.

After various attempts, they finally put together his outfit. His hair was pulled out of his face, on a few strands hung loose. He wore a tank top with a light jacket over it, and a matching skirt. The skirt was long, so it went down to around his ankles. He wore a pair of black boots that had four inch heels.

About an hour later, they went out to meet Jin. He was waiting at the gates. He smiled when he saw 'Hana,' he instantly went over and kissed Hwoarang. Hwoarang, blushing, turned away from Jin. He stared over at Steve and Ling, his facial expression could be read as 'Help me!'

Steve smirked, "Oi, c'mon you lovebirds." This remark made Hwoarang give him the dirtiest look. So he continued. "Let's go ride something."

Walking hand in hand, Jin took Hwoarang to several different rides. But eventually, they met up with Steve and Ling. They had formed a perfect plan to get Hwoarang and Jin some 'alone time.' Ling smiled evilly, "Let's go on the Ferris Wheel!" She chirped.

Jin smiled and nodded. "Okay, I think that would be fun."

'He has a beautiful smile...' Hwoarang thought, then he banished it. 'I AM NOT GAY!' He said over and over in his mind. They stood in line for a few minutes, when Jin and Hwoarang stepped into their box. Ling snickered evilly, as she leaned over to the Ferris Wheel's conductor. "Hey mister! You see the Japanese guy and that red haired girl? Could you stop the Ferris Wheel when their box gets to the top?"

The guy nodded and started the machine. Jin chatted happily about many random topics, he was such a nice guy when he wasn't constantly being challenged by other fighters. Then Jin said something; "I hate dishonest people, don't you Hana?" Hwoarang's eyes widened at this statement.

Jin stared at Hwoarang questionatively. So he asked again. "Don't you?" Hwoarang smiled sadly.

"I..uh...I have been keeping a secret from you." He said quietly.

"You can tell me. I really like you and I don't want to loose you, Hana." He said, taking one of his hands to stroke Hwoarang's face.

Hwoarang's smile grew sadder with every passing minute. "I'm not really ready to tell you."

"Why not?" Jin asked sweetly.

Hwoarang turned at stared out of the window. "We're at the top now." He said, then the machine jerked to a halt, causing Hwoarang to fall onto Jin's lap. "Ouch..I think we're stuck..."

"What happened to you?" Jin asked quietly, holding Hwoarang's arm. The sleeve of his jacket had been pulled up to reveal the bandages. Jin ran his hands over his arm.

"Oh, that?" He paused, he didn't really want to sound stupid. "Oi, your gonna think I'm a total clutz."

Jin smiled sweetly, the type of smile that would melt any one. "I promise I won't."

"I tripped and hit my arm on the door frame. It started to bleed so Steve wrapped it up." Hwoarang laughed as he said this. He hadn't realized what was going through Jin's mind.

'Steve?! Steve was at her apartment? Is she cheating on me with Steve? Ling's Steve?? I'll just have to talk to Ling...'

Suddenly, the Ferris Wheel started to go again. Hwoarang laughed, "It's going again." Jin nodded. When they got off, Jin went over to Ling, asking to speak with her in private. Steve and Hwoarang sat down on one of the benches while Jin question Ling.

"Sooo...." Steve started. "How did it go?" He smiled at his friend. Hwoarang glared at him.

"You and Ling set that whole thing up!" He growled at him. Steve raised his hands in defeat. "I oughta kill you!"

Jin stared at the sky a moment before saying to Ling, "Do you know if Hana is cheating on me?" Ling gave him a quizzical look.

"Hwoa...Hana would never do that!" She exclaimed.

"I think she and Steve are...together." He said solemly.

"What makes you think that?" She said, getting rather impatient.

Jin looked at her, "Hana said something about Steve was at her apartment."

Ling laughed, "I guess he..she forgot to mention me. We go over there to help her get ready for the dates." Jin looked embarrased.

"Is that why Steve bandaged her arm?" Jin asked almost silently.

"Yea, she tripped when she was going to open the door. Oi, blood was everywhere!" Ling said, making a face. Actually, that wasn't a lie.

Jin smiled, 'So she's not cheating. That's good.' "Well, it looks like it's going to rain." He said, nodding at the clouds. "I think we should go get Hana and Steve and head home."

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