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Fatal Lightning

Chapter 2 - Hwoarang

By Takeo Tomoe

Jin fell asleep after waiting for Hwoarang to return to explain his actions earlier in the evening, but the red haired youth didn't return. Disheartened, Jin fell asleep on Hwoarang's couch, memories of the kiss shocking him to his core. Jin had never gotten close to *anyone * since his mother died, the only person to have made friends with him was the ever cheerful Ling Xiaoyu. She attended the Mishima Polytechnic School with Jin and their friendship had been one of those things that made Jin believe in life again. Jin's eyes opened as the rain outside ceased, the droplets that hung from trees dropping against the roof top of Hwoarang's home. The apartment door opened and Hwoarang stepped in, drenched from the rain, which hadn't done anything to calm his nerves.

Hwoarang walked into the living room, tossing his goggles on the coffee table.

"You're still awake huh?" Hwoarang asked as he went into his bathroom and threw off his wet clothes.

"Hai. I just got up." Jin replied as Hwoarang emerged from the bathroom dressed in a black kimono and a towel around his neck.

"It's 4a.m. I guess I woke you when I got in." Hwoarang replied as he toweled his hair dry. Jin sat up and blinked.

"I couldn't sleep comfortably, so you didn't wake me." Jin said as he got up and walked towards the window. He drew the curtain aside and looked out into the street. It was quiet, with a few animals running about. The sun had yet to the rise, although the moon after the storm was shinning for its last hour of appearance.

"I'm sorry, about earlier…I don't know why I did it." Hwoarang said. The tension in the room was making him edgy. Jin hadn't yelled at him for touching him or even cursed his sexuality.

"It doesn't matter I guess. I mean, it was really nice. I've haven't been kissed before, let alone by a guy." Jin replied as he faced Hwoarang, his cheeks red as he closed the curtain. An elegant red eyebrow raised.

"Well, if you liked it that much." Hwoarang said with a smirk.

"You are bold aren't you?" Jin replied as he sat back on the couch.

"If I wasn't, I wouldn't be where I am today." Hwoarang replied seriously, his black eyes shimmering for a moment. A brief silence passed between the two men, a distant tick tocking sound pattered over the background.

"If I liked the kiss, does that mean that I like guys?" Jin asked a bit uncomfortably "Is it normal? I remember at my school, only guys kissed girls and although I never been a witness, my friend Xiaoyu said that sometimes guys pair off with guys and girls with girls. Does that make us weird?" Jin asked as he stared at Hwoarang for an answer. Hwoarang clutched his chest, torn between laughing and well, smacking Jin for being so ignorant.

"Where the hell have you been living all your life?" Hwoarang asked in disbelief.

"In the forest with my mother. Till I was fifteen, then I came to live with my grandfather. Why?" Jin asked in confusion.

"Jin, according to society, which I don't give too much of a damn, same sex couples are wrong." Hwoarang replied seriously as he ran a hand through his loose hair.

"Then they're all stupid. My mother told me that love is something precious, and finding it and holding on to it is hard enough." Jin said as he folded his arms, as if in defiant gesture. Hwoarang laughed and got up from his seat. He cupped Jin's face in his hands, his fingers tracing slowly over the Japanese youth's lips.

"I agree Jin. Maybe you might do me some good while you're here." Hwoarang said as he struggled to word his feelings for the dark eyed youth before me. Jin sensed Hwoarang 's conflict. His hands touched the hand that Hwoarang had on his cheek.

"I can't make that decision for you. I know how I feel about you, ever since the day that I saw you, challenging me to a fight. I thought that you didn't give a damn about anything but yourself, but I began to learn that all those people at the dojo depend on you because you care about them, the people that society rejected, you're doing something good for them, and it's very noble. As for your heart, I don't know." Jin said as he smiled kindly, his eyes shone with nothing but pride for the boy that he loved. Hwoarang pulled Jin to him, flushing their bodies together.

"Maybe you aren't as silly as I thought Kazama." Hwoarang whispered as he crushed his lips against Jin's, his hand wrapped around Jin's neck, feeling the soft black longs of hair between his fingers. Jin moaned against Hwoarang, his arms wrapping around the red head's waist. Hwoarang pushed Jin down to the floor, straddling the boy's hips, their kiss fueled by the fire burning in their hearts. Hwoarang's tongue danced in the warm craven of Jin's mouth, his teeth nipping at Jin's bottom lip. Jin's hands lost themselves in Hwoarang 's silky hair, Jin's body awash with sensations that he had never felt before as Hwoarang's lips left his mouth and suckled on an earlobe.

"Hwo-kun." Jin moaned as Hwoarang started a slow grind with his hips. Jin responded to the maddening heat in his loins. Hwoarang's hands ran carefully over Jin's bandaged chest and made their way down to his black and fire pants. Pulling them down, as well as Jin's boxers, Jin lay naked to Hwoarang's eyes. Jin blushed through his moans, the cool wooden floor raising goosebumps on his skin.

"You've never done this with anyone itooshi?" Hwoarang asked as his hands walked their way up Jin's inner thighs. Jin shook his head fervently as a fit of giggles spilled their way out of his mouth.

"No…that tickles." Jin managed as he yanked off Hwoarang's shirt. He refused to be the only naked person on the floor.

"Eager aren’t we. The last guy that did that got his ass kicked." Hwoarang said as Jin's hands toyed with his nipples. Jin sat up a bit and fastened his lips to a brown pebble, Hwoarang moaning as Jin's teeth grazed gently against it. Jin smirked. He was only trying to make Hwoarang feel as good as he was making him feel. Hwoarang pushed Jin back down, his ebony eyes sparkled as his lips kissed a trail down to Jin's erect manhood. Brushing his lips against the head, Hwoarang took Jin into his mouth.

"Hwoarang!" Jin moaned as Hwoarang's mouth drew him deeper, his tongue swirling around his length, teeth nipping gently. Hwoarang mumbled a reply, causing more sensations to travel up Jin's spine, tingling from his head to his toes. Jin's hand embedded themselves in Hwoarang's hair as he thrust into Hwoarang's mouth, his hips moving of their own accord. Hwoarang smirked as he watched the sensations play across Jin's normally serene face. Jin's eyes were shut closed, his mouth parted in breathless whispers.

"Jin, come." Hwoarang ordered as he deep throated Jin. Jin came with a scream, spilling his essence into Hwoarang's throat. Hwoarang let go of Jin as he felt the flow taper off, letting the rest of the milky substance drip its way into Jin's hidden cavern.

"Hwo-chan." Jin whispered as Hwoarang kissed his koibito, sharing his essence with him. Jin could taste himself on Hwoarang 's lips and he sucked eagerly on Hwoarang 's tongue, his hands, tracing their path down Hwoarang's muscled back. He hooked his fingers around Hwoarang's pants and pulled them off finally baring the beautiful youth above him. Jin's hands clasped Hwoarang's cheeks and squeezed them, earning a moan from Hwoarang.

"You taste wonderful Jin. But there are other things I can show you." Hwoarang whispered as he traced his finger down the side of Jin's face. Jin's eyebrows knitted in confusion.

"Other things?" Jin asked. Hwoarang nodded. He patted Jin's legs and found the hidden ring of muscle. Using Jin's semen as lubrication, Hwoarang pushed two fingers into Jin. Jin bucked at the intrusion, his mind fanatically trying to calm down.

"Relax Jin. Just relax, it'll only hurt for a bit, I promise." Hwoarang whispered as he kissed Jin, and slowly, Jin's body yielded to the invasion of his innermost sanctums. Jin shivered with desire as Hwoarang 's fingers brushed against a spot deep in him that screamed with pleasure. Jin bucked against Hwoarang again.

"Harder…" Jin whispered hoarsely as he rocked against Hwoarang's fingers. Hwoarang smiled as he pulled out of Jin, the Japanese youth sighing with disappointment.

"Don't quit on me yet itooshi." Hwoarang whispered as he positioned his shaft and pushed into Jin's body. Jin gasped as Hwoarangs' thick length entered him. He threw his legs around Hwoarang's waist and the red head pushed in, his face a mixture of lust and desire as he fully entered Jin, the ebony haired youth breathing hard as he tried to get used to the feeling of being filled. Hwoarang brushed back ebony locks from Jin's sweaty forehead and kissed him.

"Hwo-chan. Please, move." Jin whispered as his arms wrapped around Hwoarang, pulling the other man closer to him, his desire flushed against Hwoarang's washboard stomach. Hwoarang nodded and began to move slowly in and out of Jin, earning a gasp that turned to moans from both men as they ground against one another. Hwoarang moaned as Jin's muscles clenched tightly around him, velvet heat loosening his control over his thrusts. Jin draped his legs around Hwoarang's shoulders, the new elevation driving Hwoarang deeper into Jin. Jin screamed at the new angle, Hwoarang's hard and fast thrusts sending him over the edge. Hwoarang moaned, thrusting faster into Jin and with a cry to match Jin's he came in his lover, claiming him. Jin came all over Hwoarang's stomach, dropping his legs back to the ground as Hwoarang collapsed on him, breathing hard.

"Gods Jin." Hwoarang whispered as he opened his eyes, greeted by a kiss form Jin. Jin smiled as he wrapped his arms around Hwoarang.

"Thank you." Jin whispered as he hugged Hwoarang close to him, his hands threading through red silk. Hwoarang got up and pulled Jin up with him, Hwoarang eyed the bandages still on Jin's chest.

"If you could be that flexible when you're injured, I can't wait to find out what you're like fully healed." Hwoarang said as he smacked Jin's butt, earning a yelp from the youth.

"Then I'll be on top." Jin replied saucily as Hwoarang pulled him to the bathroom.

"Well we'll see. Come on, bath time, it's morning already." Hwoarang said as he turned on the shower and stepped in. Jin unwound the bandage from his chest and threw it in the dustbin and stepped in after Hwoarang. Hwoarang stared at Jin's chest, it was fully healed.

"Hwoarang, what's wrong?" Jin asked as he reached for the soap.

"Your wounds. They're completely healed." Hwoarang said as he touched areas of Jin's chest where wounds had been. Jin winced a bit.

"My body heals the outside very quickly, but my injuries still hurt inside. After a week or so, I should be back to normal unless I get shot again." Jin said darkly as he soaped up his body and then Hwoarang's. Hwoarang smiled.

"Well, I guess I'll be devoting my time to figuring you out. Come here." Hwoarang said as he pulled Jin against him and kissed his lover, the soap dropping from Jin's hands as Hwoarang sought to pleasure him all over again.

An hour later, the two emerged from Hwoarang's home and headed down to the dojo which was being opened up by a bunch of girls and guys.

"Hi guys." Hwoarang said as he adjusted his goggles on his head. The people looked up and waved.

"Hi Hwoarang, whose the guy with you?" a young girl of 6 asked as she pointed at Jin. Hwoarang picked her up and smiled.

"He's a friend of mine and he's staying with me for a while because bad people are trying to hurt him." Hwoarang said as he kissed the girl's forehead and put her back on the ground, ruffling her blue hair. The girl smiled cheekily.

"Okay, what's your name?" she asked as she walked over to Jin.

"My name's Jin, what's yours?" Jin asked as he shook the girl's hand.

"My name's Laekin. Nice to meet you. And be careful, Hwoarang likes pretty boys like you." Laekin said as she ran into the dojo, leaving Jin laughing and Hwoarang blushing.

"What a wonderful girl, too bad you've already caught me." Jin said as he kissed Hwoarang.

"Great, I slept with a smart ass." Hwoarang said as he took Jin's hand and led him into the dojo.

"Hey, I'm insulted. Besides, I thought you liked it." Jin whispered as he smiled, his ebony eyes looked with Hwoarang's equally dark eyes.

"Hmm...better believe it." Hwoarang whispered as he kissed Jin, wrapping his arm around him.

" Hwoarang! Stop flirting and get your ass in here!" someone screamed from inside the dojo. Hwoarang sighed as he reluctantly let go of Jin.

"Let's go before they have my head." Hwoarang said as he and Jin entered the dojo.

Inside the large dojo was a beehive of activity. The little children were dressed up in kimonos and where carrying different wares to open their shops around the dojo, accompanied by an adult. Jin spotted Laekin and went to talk to the girl.

"Hey Jann, get over here!" Hwoarang yelled. The black haired youth came over, dressed in a black pair of jeans with a white shirt, a black jacket over it.

"Hey Hwoarang." Jann said as he hugged his friend and then eyed Jin talking to Laekin in a corner, helping the girl carry a large bundle.

"Are you ready to go?" Hwoarang asked.

"Sure, is he coming along?" Jann asked as he gestured to Jin who was approaching them with Laekin by his side.

"If he wants to. He's Jin Kazama." Hwoarang said as Jin and Laekin reached them.

"If I want to do what Hwo-kun?" Jin asked as he smiled.

"He's friendly, the guys down by the shore wouldn't be really buying the act." Jann said.

"Jin, this is how it works. We go down to the waterfront, attract some customers to fight us, bets are placed, the odds against us because I let the guys take a little beating, then Jann and I step in and clean their clocks, take our money and go. I know how good you are, do you want to help?" Hwoarang asked. Laekin tugged at Jin's sleeve.

"Don't do it Jin." Laekin whispered as she eyed Jann. She felt something really bad would happen if Jin agreed.

"But I want to help you out. I have nowhere to go and I have to repay everyone for their hospitality. I won't get hurt." Jin assured Laekin as he patted her head.

"Fine, but here, wear this." Laekin said as she pulled out a small hand-woven bracelet and tied it around Jin's hand.

"Thank you Lae-chan. Now, go and open your store. I'll come by later in the day to check on you." Jin said as Laekin smiled and took her bundle and joined the other children already on their way out.

"Thanks itooshi. Laekin hasn't really opened up to people like she did with you. And I'm sure you can look non threatening but strong. Let's go." Hwoarang said as he left the dojo in charge with an elderly woman who smiled as the three young men left.

Xiaoyu Ling strolled through Tokyo, coming out of a store. It had been a good month and a half since the tournament had ended. Things had quieted down and she was back in school. Jin however was nowhere to be seen and rumors said that his grandfather had killed him. I can't believe it Jin. You never did anything to that man. Heihachi had told the press that his grandson had returned to his mother's home to immerse himself in nature.

That was probably why Ling Xiaoyu, thought she was dreaming as she walked along the shorefront and hid as she watched a man, Hwoarang the winner of the competition, dressed in blue and black jeans and a blue sleeveless shirt with biking gloves and goggles in his red hair, flanked by two dark haired youths, the shorter one resembling a waiter dressed in black and white and the other in orange and black pants, a shirt with short sleeves of the same design and gloves. They were talking to a group of men, who were smirking sinisterly, an don eof them shook the red head's hand and with that, the two groups departed.

"Jin, we get to finish the fight okay?" Hwoarang said as the three youths approached the area where Hwoarang and Jann's bikes were packed. Jann narrowed his eyes and glared daggers at Jin. In the last month, Hwoarang had been going for doubles matches because they paid more and were a lot more entertaining to watch. No one had even seen anything like the harmony that Hwoarang and Jin fought with, each knowing the other's move without even speaking, what infuriated Jann was the fact that * he * was Hwoarang's partner for a while until he left and went to the tournament and here was this Jin guy who was stronger than he had ever seen, maybe even stronger than Hwoarang. I hate you Jin, for taking Hwoarang away from me. What do you have that I don't?!

"But, shouldn't Jann go doubles with you? He's only doing singles." Jin said as he leaned against a wall.

"Jann you don't mind much do you? I mean you get a lot more jobs, and it's good for you to hone your skills because I won't be leader for long." Hwoarang said as he risked a sideways glance at his lover. Jann caught the glance and shut his mouth to stifle his rage.

"It's okay Hwo-kun. We can discuss this back at the dojo after the fight." Jann said.

"Oh, okay. Well, you can head back. Jin and I need to check something out." Hwoarang said. Jann hesitantly nodded. After shooting a glance at Jin, he sped off on his bike. Jin frowned. Ever since he started fighting with Hwoarang, he found it harder to hold a conversation with Jann. Everyone else seemed okay with him being a part of their family, but Jann just radiated hate.

"Earth to Jin, can you hear me?" Hwoarang asked worriedly as he pulled Jin closer to him.

"Sorry. I spaced out." Jin said as he smiled apologetically.

"You don't space out Jin what's wrong?" Hwoarang asked.

"I don't know really." Jin said as he smiled weakly. Hwoarang smiled. His hand cupped Jin's chin in his hand.

"Don't worry so much. I'll make it all better." Hwoarang whispered as he brushed his lips against Jin's. Jin's lips instantly parted and Hwoarang's tongue slipped in.

"Get away from Jin now!" someone yelled as the couple kissed. They pulled apart and Jin smiled. A 16 year old girl, her hair in pigtails hopped out of the shadows, her panda in tow as they approached the two.

"Xiaoyu!" Jin shouted as he left Hwoarang's side and hugged his friend tight, patting her panda on her head, the black and white bear growling a welcome.

"Heihachi sad that you had gone home, others said you were dead! Why didn’t you come to see me? I was so worried." Xiaoyu said as she wiped her tears away.

"I've been with Hwoarang." Jin said as his itooshi stood beside him and waved.

"It was you who won the tournament. What are you doing kissing Jin?" Xiaoyu asked eyeing Hwoarang as if he was some kind of opportunist.

"Ummh, we're together… " Hwoarang said nervously as the girl glared at him.

"Give him a break Xia-chan, he's a really nice guy, he's been taking care of me. My grandfather tried to kill me but I escaped with Hwoarang's help and now Hwoarang helped me get better." Jin said as tried to stop his friend from sinking her panda on Hwoarang. Xiaoyu lost her suspicious look.

"If you say so. Do you love him? Jin isn't any kind of guy you know." Xiaoyu said as she stepped up to Hwoarang. Hwoarang froze for a moment. He had never told Jin that he loved him,, but Jin had told him so many times.

"Yes, I love him very much." Hwoarang replied, smiling at Jin as he took his boyfriend's hand. Jin smiled. I love you too. Xiaoyu broke out in a radiant smile.

"Good. I guess that I should go. Jin, you know where to find me if you need help. You too Hwoarang." Xiaoyu said as she hugged the two of them and left, talking to her panda. After she was gone, Jin faced Hwoarang.

"I can't believe that you admitted it! Oh Hwoarang, you're just too much." Jin said as he hugged his boyfriend.

"I'm sorry for not saying it that first night, I mean, I was so scared to realize that I could *feel * this way about someone so strongly." Hwoarang said as he rested his head on Jin's shoulder.

"It's okay Hwo-chan. Come on let's go." Jin said as he walked over to Hwoarang's bike.

"I love you." Hwoarang whispered as he kissed Jin. He sat on his bike and Jin sat behind him, wrapping his arms tightly around his lover's waist.

"And I love you to." Jin said as he rested his head against Hwoarang's shoulder as the bike roared to life and they sped away.

End of chapter two

Takeo - Damn that was long and I wrote a lemon!
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