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Hwoarang – Warnings, err, stuff.

Fatal Lightning

Chapter 3 - Betrayal

By Takeo Tomoe

Jann stood against the wall of a building as the street light above in blanked in and out. He ran a hand through his spiked hair and he sighed, his breath coming out in puffs from the cold weather. It had been three months since he had that stare down with Jin, and Jin had given up on trying to talk to the other fighter. Jann felt his blood boil as he replayed scenes of Hwoarang making out with Jin every night before they packed up the dojo for the night. He couldn’t stand it. He slammed his fist into the wall, cracking the plaster and loosening a few bricks, tears running down his cheeks. It should have been me. You and I were meant to be together Hwoarang. Not with Jin…and now…I’ll have to take Jin away from you, permanently. Jann lifted his head as someone cleared their throat behind him. Jann composed himself before facing the visitor.

"Hello Mr.Mishima. What can I do for you?” Jann asked as he took in the leader of the Mishima foundation. Heihachi snorted, tugging his coat to shield himself from the bitter winter wind.

"Jann Lee. I’ve heard good things about you. I’ve also heard about the underground fighting bouts that you and your associates host.” Heihachi replied as he stroked his bed with his gloved fingers, his eyes reading Jann’s dark gaze.

"You heard correctly Mr.Mishima. Do you wish to participate?” Jann asked as he and Heihachi walked into a darkened alleyway, the street lamp overheard blinking on and off.

"There are fighters there that I wish to...personally fight myself.” Heihachi replied as a gleam entered his eyes, “But I want my appearance at the competition kept discreet. I’ll have a few of my own fighters enter as well if that would help matters.” Heihachi said with a smile that froze Jann’s blood, but the spiked haired fighter shook off the feeling.

"That can be arranged. I’ll contact you a week from now with the details. We have a deal?” Jann asked as he held out his hand. Heihachi shook the offered hand and nodded. With a switch of his feet, Heihachi Mishima disappeared to the darkness from whence he came. Heihachi laughed, his voice echoing through the night.Time to finish what I started grandson. Jann smiled, going the opposite direction and losing himself in the streets of Tokyo. It’ll all be over soon Kazama, and then, I’ll get what’s rightfully mine.

Jin sighed as Hwoarang’s warm hands caressed his body under the sheets. He moaned low in his throat as his red headed lover thrust into his body, their breaths mingling in the cold evening air.

"Hwo-kun... please... move.” Jin whispered a bit heatedly as his arms pulled his lover closer, his lips nibbling at his lover’s ear, warm breath tickling Hwoarang.

"Hmm... You mean like this?” Hwoarang replied as he moved in and out of Jin in deep angled strokes. Jin’s back arched off the bed, moaning his contentment.

"Hai...” Jin moaned as his body responded in kind to Hwoarang’s, the two lovers breathless as they moved in a steady rhythm, Jin crying out as he came hard, his essence spilling across his chest and Hwoarang’s. Hwoarang came a second later, biting into his lover’s shoulder as he came, his arm still wrapped around Jin’s arousal. He passed out on top of Jin, their breathing labored as they sort to regain some sense of balance. Jin stroked lazy circles on Hwoarang’s back as his lover pulled out of him and flopped on his side.

"Damn...” Hwoarang muttered as he reached for the nightstand beside his bed where he had left a cloth in warm water for the cleanup. He squeezed out the excess water and cleaned himself and his lover up. Once done, he discarded the cloth and wrapped Jin in his arms, his lips buried in his lover’s fine dark hair.

"I love you.” Jin whispered as he face his lover, his fingers tracing the slender curve of Hwoarang’s face. Hwoarang caught the fingers and kissed them lightly, his dark eyes meeting his lover’s own. Jin sighed in contentment as he snuggled up to Hwoarang.

"I love you too.” Hwoarang replied with a tender smile as he brushed stray locks of hair from Jin’s face. A dark thought crossed Jin’s mind for a moment and Hwoarang caught it. “What’s wrong angel?” he asked as he sat up a bit to fully see his lover.

"It’s nothing. Just a bad feeling that’s all.” Jin replied too quickly. Hwoarang’s eyes furrowed in worry.

"Come off it Jin. Tell me what’s wrong?” Hwoarang pressed as he lifted his lover’s chin in his hand, letting his gaze bore into Jin’s eyes. Jin sighed.

"Sometimes, I get the feeling that, well, that I’m bringing my curse onto you. My grandfather is still out there Hwo-chan. If he were to ever find me...and I worry about you too...what he could do to you...” Jin said as he bit his lip in worry, his eyes telling just how much guilt he felt.

"We’ll take him down together when the time comes Ji-chan. You’ve done so much for me and for everyone else at the dojo. Especially for Laekin. Those people love you and would put their lives down on the line for you. And especially me, because I love you.” Hwoarang replied firmly as he kissed Jin, trying to convey the confidence and love he felt into Jin. Jin smiled lightly as their lips parted and rested his head on Hwoarang’s chest.

"You may be right itooshi, but I still worry about Jann. He doesn’t trust me at all, and when he looks at me...” Jin shuddered as he remembered Jann’s ice cold gaze. Hwoarang frowned.

"I’ll talk to Jann and see what’s up. How stop worrying and kiss me you silly dolt.” Hwoarang said with a smirk as he tickled Jin’s sides, the Japanese youth breaking out in a fit of giggles, dissolving the somber mood.

Dawn broke the next morning and the sun chased away the cold that had descended on Tokyo the previous night. The dojo was opening up again and the voices of children sailed through the air. Jin and Hwoarang walked into the dojo and were met by Laekin’s smiling face.

"Hello little one.” Jin said with a smile as he picked up the girl and placed her on his shoulders. Laekin smiled and laughed.

"How are you Jin?” she said as she ran her small hand through his hair.

"Hey, that’s mine little imp.” Hwoarang said with a smirk as he tickled the girl’s bare feet. Laekin laughed and slid down Jin’s back to escape Hwoarang’s hand. She turned around and stuck out her tongue in a childish manner and ran off, her kimono’s long tails falling behind her.

"She really is too cute.” Jin said as he ran a hand through his hair. Hwoarang nodded in agreement and kissed Jin, holding the Japanese youth close to his body. Jin let Hwoarang’s mouth plunder his own in hunger. Hwoarang’s eyes opend as he pulled away fm Jin and he caught sight of Jann just arriving.

"I see Jann. I’ll talk to him, just like I promised. Go help the others.” Hwoarang said as his face took on a more serious look. Jin nodded. With a brief kiss, Jin departed from Hwoarang’s sight. Hwoarang waved at Jann and the dark haired youth came over, his hands tucked in his pockets.

"Ohayo Hwo-kun.” Jann spoke as he high fived his friend. Hwoarang smiled a bit, trying to get himself to relax.

"I need to talk to you.” Hwoarang said as his hand played with the goggles around his neck. Jann’s brow twitched.

"Is it something serious?” Jann asked as searched Hwoarang’s face for a motive, but his friend’s face was unreadable at the moment.

"You could say so.” Hwoarang replied, risking a glance at Jin who was preoccupied with carrying out the kids setups for their stalls.

Then let’s go somewhere more private.” Jann suggested, his mind thinking of various reasons why Hwoarang needed to talk to him. Hwoarang nodded and the two needed to the back of the dojo where they were several rooms used for different purposes. Hwoarang pushed upon a screen door and sat down on the floor, Jann followed a moment after. They both sat down and before Hwoarang spoke, Jann remembered the fight that he had arranged with Heihachi. “Before you start, I have great news. There’s a rich business man who is willing to enter the fights next week Tuesday. There’s a lot of money at stake, 4 million yen.” Jann spoke as he folded his legs under his body. Hwoarang raised a speculative eyebrow.

"Is he clean?” Hwoarang asked, referring to if the man was part of the police squad that tried to put an end to the Blood Talon’s club.

"Yeah, he is. There are four fighters in all, all single matches.” Jann replied as he rested his arm on his leg.

"This has got to be the biggest match in a while. Good job Jann.” Hwoarang said as he clapped his friend on his shoulder. Jann grinned and then remembered why he had been brought here. “You wanted to talk to me about something else right?” Jann said as Hwoarang pushed his goggles into his hair. The red head froze in his action for a moment and then remembered.

"Yes, I remember. Jin feels that he’s offended you in some way. I know you can be a hard-ass at times but you have nothing against him right?” Hwoarang asked, his eyes expressionless. Jann fumed in the back of his mind.

"You said it yourself. I’m a bit aloof at times, I didn’t mean to upset your boy toy.” Jann said harshly as a look of disdain crossed his handsome features. Hwoarang frowned.

"Jin isn’t my boy toy. I care about him.” Hwoarang shot back in defense of his lover. Jann’s brown eyes glared coldly at Hwoarang.

"It’s not like I don’t care about you either Hwo-kun.” Jann spoke softly, the glare in his eyes softening. Hwoarang shook his head. Whoa, were did *that* come from?

"I didn’t know Jann. We’ve been friends for how long? Maybe 5 or 6 years. I didn’t know you were in guys, let alone me. I don’t want my best friend and my lover on bad terms since you’re both very important to me. So please, try and talk to Jin, for my sake. Show him that you aren’t a bad guy; that’s there’s a reason why you’re my closet friend as far as friendships go.” Hwoarang spoke after a moment, rising to his feet. With a smile, he departed from the room. Jann clenched his fists in anger, tears escaping from his tightly closed eyes. You didn’t want to notice me Hwoarang. When I realized that I cared about you, it was already to late. Jin Kazama was the only thought on your mind and ...I...can’t, I won’t accept it. Getting up from the floor, Jann made his way outside.But once Jin is gone, you’ll have to rely on me. Then I will be the most important person in your life. You’ll have to love me.

Hwoarang shook his head wearily but put his smile back in place as he beckoned to one of the top fighters in his group.

"Suma, call Jin for me will ya?” Hwoarang asked as he noticed that the dojo had emptied out and was beginning to fill with the groups of people who had paid money to train in it. Suma nodded and took off, coming back a moment later with Jin in tow.

"What’s up?” Jin asked as Hwoarang motioned for them to follow him to the back of the dojo. Up front kids were training with one of Hwoarang’s friends in kendo.

"We have a big fight next Tuesday. It’s 4 mil. Four singles matches.” Hwoarang said as he kept his voice low. Jin and Suma looked at one another with surprise.

"That’s great Hwoarang!” Jin whispered excitedly.

"Yeah. How did you make the deal?” Suma asked, his blue eyes sparkling with interest.

"Jann made the deal. He seems psyched about it too. So we’ve got to put on a great show.” Hwoarang said as he high fived both Jin and Suma.

"We should probably go and train.” Jin said as he pulled on his blue fire gloves. Hwoarang nodded in agreement.

"Suma, go find Jann and spar with him. Jin and I will be in room 206.” Hwoarang said with a curt nod. Suma smiled and ran off. “Come on.” Hwoarang said as he and Jin walked down the wooden hallways of the dojo. They arrived at the room and closed the screen door behind them. The room was warm and brightly lit. Jin pulled off his white shirt and fell into a defense stance, his black and blue flames pants seemed to come alive as he focused his energy. Hwoarang fell into his own stance and the two circled around one another.

"Let’s go Red.” Jin said as he beckoned with his fingers, a faint sizzle of electricity bouncing off his skin, his lips set in a grin.

"Bring it on.” Hwoarang replied with a grin of his own, but cockier. Jin nodded and the two fighters clashed in a wave of power.

End of chapter three

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