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Fatal Lightning

Chapter 1 - Meeting

By Takeo Tomoe

Hwoarang clutched his trophy of the King of the Iron Fist tournament. He should have been elated to win; surely winning the praise of his dead mentor, actually killing the Toshin, the being responsible for his mentor's demise, and defeating the youth that had disgraced him at his best, Jin Kazama. Just the mention of his Japanese rival sent shivers down Hwoarang's back. The youth had not beaten him when they first met, it was far from it. They matched kick for kick, punch for punch, neither giving up. Hwoarang saw that spark of electricity that was the youth's trademark in the tournament, as well as the tattoo on his arm that no one except maybe his grandfather Heihachi Mishima might have understood. Hwoarang shook his head and prepared to hurl the trophy of Heihachi into the water. His winning hadn't brought back his mentor, or allowed him to learn more about the Japanese youth that had began to intrigue him.

A shuffle of feet stopped his throw and to Hwoarang's surprise, Jin Kazama, clutching his arm, darted into an alleyway. Three men followed him, Heihachi's cronies, all carrying guns hurried after the Japanese youth. Hwoarang rose to his feet and stood by the opening in the pier, pushing his goggles back up into his hair and slicked his red mane back before pursuing the men. He followed the men into an opening in a large warehouse as they surrounded Jin who had fallen to his feet, his head bowed. Throwing his trophy into the center of the warehouse, Hwoarang made short work of the men, leaving them unconscious and bloody on the floor. He began to approach Jin and he froze in shock. The boy was glowing with a white light and without another word, he leapt from his spot on the ground and broke through the warehouse windows, a good way off the floor and disappeared. Hwoarang shook his head in confusion. He had left the tournament feeling that he had no one to challenge his skill, and here was Jin Kazama, ready to take it up another level. Hwoarang lips slowly curled in a smile and he left the pier, and headed back to the his dead mentor's dojo which he had his friends begin to rebuild and furnish so that they could reside there. And with the $100,000,000 prize money, he was sure that he could build a happier life for his friends and himself, and leave the illegal dealings of his past behind.

Jin Kazama clutched his arm wearily. He had been following Hwoarang since he left the pier. He was hurt after Heihachi and his men had tried to shoot him to death. Instead, the boy sprouted black wings and a strange tattoo upon his forehead and he had thrown his grandfather through the wall and had cushioned his fall from the far up wall. He flew away, his heart wounded. He had lost his father, whom he never knew; his mother, the one person that had shown him love and because of her wishes, he had gone to his grandfather who had used him to lure the Toshin. Jin hated deception, and he felt his love for his grandfather greatly diminished. He had nowhere to go and he had been running from the Tekkenshu, until they had cornered him to the pier when the man who publicly hated his guts saved him. Jin hadn't expected the kindness, and now here he was following the Korean youth, hoping that he could somehow thank the youth before he was killed. Clutching his wounded arm, not minding that his chest was riddled with bullets, Jin stepped into a dojo in downtown Tokyo.Two youths came up to him.

"You don't look so good. Here, sit down, we'll get you some water." One of them said as he shuffled off in a kimono. Jin, breathing in slowly spotted traces of confetti around the dojo.

"Was there a celebration?" he asked politely.

"Oh yeah, our buddy and leader Hwoarang just won the King of the Iron Fist tournament. Wait a minute," The youth said as he slid his sunshades off his face. "You're the guy that Hwoarang couldn't beat!" the youth finished. Jin smiled.

"Well, he beat me in the tournament, if that makes you guys all happy. Do you mind if I see him in private, I need to talk to him. Don't tell him that it's me, okay?" Jin asked as he rose to his feet.

"Sure, I'll take you to his place. I'll send him over." The youth said as he helped Jin stand as he wobbled a bit. He led Jin through a dark alley way. Water began to pour, the rain started.

"Wait here." The youth said as he dropped Jin at the stairwell of a building. Jin nodded and clutched his arms around his waist, keeping the cold away. Back at the dojo, the other youth pulled Hwoarang aside.

" Hwoarang, there's a guy here to see you, but he's kind of beat up." The youth said. A red eyebrow raised.

"What's his name?" Hwoarang asked as he pushed his goggles back into his hair. The youth scratched his head.

"I kind of ran here in a hurry. Jann should know." The youth replied. Jann ran up, shaking the water out of his hair.

" Hwoarang, the guy's at your house. He doesn't look too dangerous. You've beat him before." Jann said. Hwoarang sighed.

"Fine, since you guys aren't helping, I'll go myself. Just keep everyone calm. I'll send you the word in a few minutes." Hwoarang said as he exited the dojo. He was drenched by the downpour of rain. They didn't tell me that it was raining, jeez…those guys. Hwoarang sprinted to his apartment and his eyes widened as he found Jin Kazama at his doorstep shivering.

"Kazama." Hwoarang said as he stood before Jin. Jin lifted up his head and smiled weakly.

"I came to thank you, for keeping those Tekkenshu guys off me. I'm really injured." Jin said as he tried to stand. It was then that Hwoarang noticed several bloody spots on Jin's shirt. Worry took control and Hwoarang pulled Jin out of the rain and into his apartment.

"Off with the shirt." Hwoarang said as he pulled off his goggles and tossed them onto his beaten up couch. Jin obeyed, blushing as Hwoarang watched him. The white shirt came away and several bullet wounds, one close to his heart decorated Jin's body.

"Heihachi and his men." Jin whispered, the very memory stirred sorrow within him. Hwoarang stood in amazement. He was sure that he wouldn't have survived as long as Jin apparently had.

"Sit down Jin. Let's get these damn things out of you." Hwoarang said as he went into his bathroom and pulled out a large cloth. He placed a knife on a hot stove for a few minutes before it was piping hot. Jin's dark eyes clouded as he saw Hwoarang approach him with the two items in hand.

"Are you…" Jin asked, already knowing the answer.

"It's the only way. I can't have you die you know." Hwoarang said with a gentle smile, one that shocked Jin. Jin nodded and Hwoarang settled in front of Jin.

"This will hurt. I'll try not to leave any scars prettyboy." Hwoarang said with a smile. Jin nodded and gritted his teeth for the incoming pain. A maddening pain ceased him as he felt the knife plunge into his body, fishing out the bullets. A hoarse scream escaped Jin's lips as Hwoarang went methodically in his work, the redhead dousing the searing flesh with the large cold cloth that he had brought. Fifteen minutes later, Jin lay exhausted, all 20 bullets removed from his body. Hwoarang had also wrapped bandages around his chest and waist to hold back any further bleeding. He breathed in deeply, a calm coming over his strained features. Hwoarang sat back on his haunches and watched Jin.

"Gomen nasai Hwo-kun." Jin whispered as he opened his eyes.

"No problem kid." Hwoarang replied as he ruffled Jin's hair and went to dispose of his tools. Jin bore the remark calmly. He and Hwoarang were the same age, or rather, Hwoarang was older than him by months, not years, and so the remark offended him somewhat. Hwoarang came back, holding a phone in his hand.

"What are you going to with me now?" Jin asked as he sat up.

"Well, I just told the gang to close the dojo and head on home. I told them that I had sent you home. Apparently, from what Senshi Baek told me before he died, you've got some pretty weird stuff in your life, possibly stranger than mine. I'll keep you here until you get better, and maybe we can talk. Good plan ne?" Hwoarang said with a smile as he put on his t.v. and plopped down beside Jin. Jin watched Hwoarang with shy eyes. The red head seemed so sure of himself, of his life and future, and he, he had nowhere to go, no one to run to without doubting their loyalty…Jin felt tears reach his eyes. He loved his mother dearly, and now she was gone, what had he now?

"Thank you Hwoarang." Jin whispered. The red head turned an inquisitive eye on the black haired boy.

"No big deal Jin. I was glad to help. There are some things that I want to talk to you about, but I'll wait until you get better and until things cool down a bit." Hwoarang said with a comforting smile. Jin nodded. Hwoarang turned back to watching the news and felt a shiver race through him as Jin's head rested on his shoulder. "Jin?" Hwoarang asked uncertainly. He had no clue what Jin was up to.

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Jin replied, his eyes not meeting Hwoarang's. the red haired youth shrugged.

"Sure. There's nothing better to do." Hwoarang replied. Jin lifted his head from Hwoarang's shoulder and faced the Korean youth. His dark eyes seemed to battle with a question, but Jin pushed forward regardless of the strange feelings he felt stirring in his heart.

"When you, feel like, you would do anything for someone close to you…that's love right?" Jin asked hesitantly as his fingers clenched and unclenched. An elegant eyebrow rose.

"What are you talking about Jin?" Hwoarang asked in confusion.

"I entered the competition because, I thought I could avenge my mother's death. I think that I came into the competition to kill and I could have killed many people that had nothing to do with my mother's death. Doesn't that make my quest for revenge soil the love that I have for my mother? I don't think that she would wanted me to kill innocent people just to avenge her." Jin replied as he started intently at Hwoarang.

"Jin, I don't know why you're asking me this. I know that I went into the competition to avenge my teacher's death. And from what he's taught me, killing anyone except the one responsible would be wrong, but even though killing the one responsible will not bring him back, it assures me to know that I've killed a being that could kill countless innocent lives. So, from what you've said, I guess that you love your mother very much. I think that you weren't in the wrong going into the tournament with that thought in mind. But from what Senshi Baek told me, your grandfather Heihachi is a pretty crooked man, and I wouldn't put anything past him, so don't worry about it Jin." Hwoarang said with a smile as he patted Jin on his back. Jin nodded.

"Thank you. You see, the only person that I've really known is my mother. She told me about my father, well, things about him that she wanted me to know. There's another question that I want to ask you…gods, I wish she was still alive" Jin whispered as he looked down at his hands. Hwoarang put his arm around Jin and pulled him closer.

"Don't get so depressed Jin. You can talk to me about anything, I'm here to help." Hwoarang said with a kind smile.

"Thank you once gain. If there's anything I can do to show my gratitude-" Jin began as he looked at Hwoarang. He was cut short as warm lips brushed over his, silencing him. Jin blushed as Hwoarang pulled him closer and deeper into the kiss. With a sigh, Hwoarang let go and rose from his seat.

"I told you, I want to help because you're worth all the trouble." Hwoarang said as he smiled and headed for the door. Jin sat frozen in his seat, his face flushed and his lips swollen. What… have I gotten into? Why did he, kiss me?

Hwoarang breathed in deeply as he sat outside, remembering the feel of Jin's lips against his. Threading fingers through red silk, Hwoarang sighed. He knew what intrigued him about Jin from the very beginning was the boy's kind nature and his tangled up past.

"I'm so stupid! Why the hell did I kiss him?!" Hwoarang raged as he banged his head against the door. His heart had the answer, but he hastily pushed it away with a scornful glare. " I'm not in love with Jin Kazama! He's supposed to be my rival. Hwoarang does not fall in love…hnn…the word isn't even in my vocabulary." Hwoarang said through gritted teeth as he marched back to the dojo to clear his mind.

~End of chapter one~

Takeo - Yes, Hwoarang is going to be a jackass.
Jin - But he doesn't know that my daddy was a devil. I hate deceiving him!
Takeo - Hon, you don't know that either * bops Jin unconscious with her hammer* Poor guy thinks and talks too much.
Hwoarang - Love in my vocabulary?! Ha! I'll kill you Takeo!
Takeo - Hey! Stop that! Put Jin down! Hwoaran-kun!

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