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Everything is Relative

Chapter 5 - Life

By Poli Almasy

Six years in a cursed body, six years alone. At the time it was the prefect plan, Jin could be with Hwoarang and he wouldn't be ashamed. But he had lost Hwoarang all the same. Jin dispised being in this body, but he had hated what Hwoarang had done and couldn't bring himself to commit the same act. So he had stayed in a stolen body. Six years.

Jin had always known how Hwoarang had used Ling on that night, to anger him, it was his fault. He wanted nothing more then to help her. But she had not returned to China and no one could locate her. He had devoted his life to it. What else did he have to live for? Now, he had found her, what was he to say?

"Excuse me, Ling..."

Jin tapped on the door, hoping for a reply.


Should he introduce himself as Julia? Was he Julia? No, he was Jin...Jin."

Tap tap tap

Slowly the door opened. Ling appeared in the doorway. She looked much older then 22 but there was still a youthful energy to her. However much it was depleted.


He was at a loss for words, he should just say who he was and why he had come.

"Julia?" Ling questioned.

Tap tap tap

This time it was small footsteps.

"No...I'm Jin Kazama. I realize its hard to explain...but..."

Tap tap tap

The footsteps repeated.

"If you are who you say, please leave me alone... I just want to forget."

Tap tap tap

A small red haired boy appeared in the door way. "Who is it Mommy?"

"Go back inside Fiore*."

Ling began to close the door, to block out the world she wanted to leave behind. Instinctivly Jin held the door to avoid losing her again.

"Ling-pi**, let me in, please. I've been waiting so long to talk to you."

The littly boy gazed up at Ling again. Jin knew, it was impossible not to know. It hurt him more then anything else. It was as if Hwoarang had died again.

"I won't relive the pain and Hwoarang brought me so much pain."

"Did him?"

"I've never loved."

* Italian for "blossom"

** I've only heard this used in Wedding Peach, it translates to something more then "chan" would kinda...

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