Author's Note: I realize I am very slow with chapters. I hadn't felt moved lately, so I'm sorry if you don't like this chapter, its very depressing. There won't be too many more chapters. Considering, yeah, considering.

Everything is Relative

Chapter 4 - Hate

By Poli Almasy

"4 a.m. It's 4 a.m. I hate myself, 4:01, 4:01 I hate myself I hate myself."

Hwoarang's arms were wrapped around Julia's sleeping form.

"It's 4:03, I hate myself I hate myself."

He wanted to vomit, to die, to hurt himself. His emotions were dull and he couldn't focus.

"It's 4:08 I hate myself."

He had yet to grasp what exactly had happened. Jin had died. Now he was in his bed. No, Julia had died but was in his bed.

"4:11 I hate myself I hate myself."

Jin had killed Julia. No, that wasn't it. It was Julia in his bed.

"4:11 I hate myself I hate myself."

Who was he?

"4:11 I hate myself."

What had he done?

"4:11 I hate myself."

Hwoarang slowly got out of bed, attempting not to wake the person next to him.

"4:11 I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself."

He never did see the clock make it to 4:12

It really is tragic
You couldn't wait for me
For us

You're selfish to leave me
Because of what I've become.
Don't judge me.
Don't kill me.
Don't leave me.

But you're gone

I won't forgive you
I won't join you
I worked so hard
So hard
To come to you
And you leave me.

And I had to hear about it
Not from you
Not from you

I loved you
You hated yourself?
No you hated me
No I hate you
Kill me

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