Everything is Relative

Chapter 6 - End

By Poli Almasy

Missing truth and forever
Kissing love and true your heart
Mayonaka no Kodomo no Youni
Namida wo Tomeru Ai wo Sagashite
Doa wo Tataki Tsuzukeru no...


Missing truth and forever
Kissing love and true your heart
Like a child in the middle of the night
Seeking love to hold back tears
You'll keep knocking at the door

"I am a child, I have always been a child, I will never be more then a child."

Jin had searched for so long only to find an answer that made things worse. Hwoarang seemed to live on, without him. I had thought he was fighting, but he had only been waiting. Jin had wasted his entire life, he was determined to do something, anything to become himself. As trapped as he felt, as confined and neglected, he was determined never to be weak, as Hwoarang had been.

"Namida wo Tomeru Ai wo Sagashite."

"Who is that?"

The voices began to fill Jin's mind, consume him he wanted to be consumed. He wanted to leave, but never, never as Hwoarang had.

"Ashita wo Hiraku Kagi wa Reality."

Jin wanted to believe the voices were Hwoarang it didn't sound like his broken Japanese. But he wanted it to be him.

"Erabarenai Tenshitachi ni Hane sae mo Iranai."

So badly, if it were only him, if this was only release. But never would the Korean speak like this, with affection, with love.

"Dakishimete Honto no Te de."

Only then did Jin realize it was his own voice. Saying the things that he had always wished Hwoarang would have said. He was holding on to something that had never been there, would never be there.

"Don't give up, Jin-kun."


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