Author's Note: I suspect I'm not taking this in the direction you wanted, but don't worry I'm just sidetracking for a bit. Yeah, and I realize Julia becomes damn weird.

Everything is Relative

Chapter 3 - Rebirth

By Poli Almasy


All Julia heard after that was the dialtone.

Everyone had suspected it, but no one was ready when it finally happened. Jin Kazama was dead, there was nothing more to it. He had more enimies then friends, but no one had known him. Hell, he had hardly known him. But Hwoarang couldn't deal with the fact he was now gone. That he could've prevented it. Maybe he could have saved Jin.

Julia, another one of the contestants had called to inform him of Jin's death. He had simply hung up on her. He was unsure of how he was supposed to deal with it. What had Jin been to him? At first Jin had been a challange, something to acheive. Now, the ultimate goal that Hwoarang had desired had been acheived, and he was empty.

He failed to regain his pride, he only tarnished it more.

He failed to avenge Baek, his blood was still smeared.

He failed to become what he wanted.

He had become what he despised.

"Hwoarang? Are you there?" Julia knocked on the door of the apartment. She had flown to Korea to speak to Hwoarang and she wasn't leaving until she got her own way.

"I know you're in there! Just come out!" Slowly the door opened and Hwoarang appeared. His eyes were reddened as if he had been awake all night.

"Who are you?" he pulled back his red hair and squinted a bit. Julia was unsure what it was supposed to mean.

"Julia....from the tournament, remember?" She was a little embarrassed at her apperance. Would he recongnize her?

"Hold on, I can't see a thing." He stumbled a bit to the side when he walked back into the apartment.

"Hwoarang... are you drunk?" Julia was concerned that Hwoarang wasn't "all there" at the moment.

"No, I'm perfectly fine." He stood up pefectly straigt to prove his point. "I don't have any contacts in."

"You wear contacts?" Julia was a bit more then skeptical at Hwoarang's remark.

"Shut the fuck up." Hwoarang let Julia into the apartment. As she had suspected, it was a mess. She couldn't help but giggle at the fact Hwoarang turned out to be everything she thought he'd be.

Hwoarang made his way into the bedroom and returned a few moments later in much better condition than when Julia had arrived. His eyes where still red, but they seemed to be focusing better then they had before.

"I-I...I came because I was worried about you, everyone seemed relieved when they found out that Jin Kazama had died, and you hung up on me." she played with her hair not knowing what to do with her hands.

"You flew to Korea bacasue I hung up on you?" It was Hwoarang's turn to be skeptical.

"What do you know about Jin Kazama that I don't?"


"You're lying."

"I know less then you do."

"You're lying."

"I know nothing."

"You know everything."

Julia, unknowingly, instinctivly, moved closer to Hwoarang. Whatever he knew, she wanted it. She wanted more than that. She wanted Hwoarang. In truth, she knew everything. She was everything.

"I know who you are, you're not Julia."

"And if I'm not, what would you do?" she rubbed her slender hands over his chest. Hwoarang flinched at the touch.

"Who are you?"

"I've come back to you, Hwoarang-kun."

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