Author's Note:For those of you who don't know, I'm going to quickly explain kun/chan/san/sama since I'll be using those terms for the rest of the fic. If I ever use one improperly, please forgive, my Japanese isn't all that wonderful.
kun - term of frienship used with young boys. Usually dropped around age 12 unless they are very close.
chan - same as kun but for a girl. In some cases it can be applyed to a male, but only in cases of extreme love (ie Usagi calls Mamoru Mamo-chan is BSSM)
san - Mr./Ms./Mrs. Used with just about everyone after age 12 or so.
sama - term of great respect, for a boss, someone you greatly admire. Kami-sama = "God"

Everything is Relative

Chapter 2 - Love

By Poli Almasy

When Hwoarang woke up the next morning he found Jin in his arms. With only a vague memory of the previous night's events, he quickly got dressed and packed is suitcase together. He couldn't bear to stay in Japan any longer, he didn't belong here. Where did he belong?

"Hwoarang-kun." Jin's voice was a pale wisper. "You're going, ne?"

"It was all in fun, right? It doesn't mean anything, just a fuck." He turned away so Jin couldn't see his face.

"Hwoarang-kun, I'm going to die today." He slowly got out of bed and walked to the window and drew open the curtains. "You know that, don't you? I may have won, but I'm going to die, do you care?"

Hwoarang lashed out and knocked the vase next to him to the floor. As the pale aqua cylinder shattered Hwoarang faced Jin. "Don't call me that! I don't give a fuck about what happens to you!"

Jin remained calm and looked out the window into the garden below. "I wonder what death is like. But.." Jin laughed lightly, "I'm supposed to die, ne? That's what you wanted, what destiny wanted. The Mishimas will finally be gone when I die. You will live happily ever after."

"What are you, Kazama?" Hwoarang's eyes were fixed on his lover's back. Jin failed to turn around.

"You won't even say my name will you? Are you that ashamed?"

"I'm never ashamed. And I'll call you whatever I want." Hwoarang turned away and started to leave with his bag when he felt Jin's hand land on his shoulder.

"I'm not ashamed, Hwoarang-kun" Jin waited for Hwoarang to turn around. "I don't want you to be ashamed of me."

Hwoarang sighed, "I'm not ashamed of you, Jin-kun. I never was. But, I have to go. I-I don't belong here. No one belongs here. I'd ask you to come with me...but.."

Jin nodded silently. And Hwaorang left the room. Leaving Jin alone in his darkness.

"Hwoarang.." Ling's voice was a shadow of what it once was. Hwoarang regreted his actions, but there was little he could do for her now. "Hwoarang....why did you leave me alone last night? I was so scared..please tell me why..."

He wanted to run. Run across the ocean, run home, away from the tournament, away from Jin, away from everything. It was his nature to fight, but he couldn't fight anymore, he just wanted to run.

They were standing alone in the garden, with all the life of nature surrounding them. It was all dead to him. The Earth herself was dying. He wanted to die with it. Ling was standing in a light pink dress with a short skirt as she always did. Her hair was let down which struck him as unsual. Seeing as she always wore it in that silly hairstlye. Her playful innocence was gone, and he knew it was his fault. As annoying as she was, it had been what had made her Ling.

"Ling, I'm sorry, I used you."

"Hwoarang, don't leave me alone again. I can't bear to be alone."

"Did you hear what I said?"

"I don't care."

"I don't love you, Ling."

"Please, don't leave me alone."

"Listen to me, Ling."

"Don't leave me alone."

For several moments they stood in stillness. Hwoarang had nothing more to say.

Blood red
To die is
Your birthright

For you life
Is only an extension of death
Born only to die
I take your life

Yet the fire flickers on
You are not like the ones
Before you
I will take your life
But your spirit is not mine
To take

Why you, the one I desire the most
How can, how do you resist it
I take your body but not
Your soul

Who posseses your soul?

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