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Everything is Relative

Chapter 1 - Height

By Poli Almasy

And you don't seem to understand
A shame you seemed an honest man
And all the things you hold so dear
Will turn and whisper in your ear.

"Duvet" - Boa

"I am not short!" Ling was furious. It had not been two days since the end of the tournament and she was already finding diffucltes fitting back into normal society. It was true that she had never been more afraid for her life before the last night of the tournament. Yet, she thought she could put the past behind her but, there were two flaws with this idea.

"Of course you're short. You've got to be eight inches shorter then I am." Hwoarang dodged as Ling attempted to kick his shins. "Yeah, real mature."

Ling could only reply by sticking out her tounge. He was the last person who could call her immature. Between attempting to hit on every girl at the tournament and doing who knows what with Jin he had no right to insult her.

"Hey, is it true what they say about you?" she made a note to include an evil grin with her comment.

"Is what true?" while at first he looked puzzled he sloppily regained his coolness. He ran his fingers though his hair in a cheap attempt to impress the younger girl.

"You know..." she wanted him to know the evil inside her. "With you and Jin spending sooo much time together and all." She took a step closer to the Korean. "You two make such a cute couple though. I really shouldn't mock you."

Hwoarang had to control himself. He may have been considered a common street thug and beating up a "helpless" girl wouldn't be the best way to improve his image. Even if he had wanted to strike her, it was too late, she was already heading back to the hotel.

Hwoarang was nearly asleep when he heard the knob on his hotel room door click. Smoothly the door was swung open and he heard light footsteps.

"I thought you had an 'appointment' with gramps." He said coldly. Hwoarang still didn't trust the Mishimas. Which made what he was doing with Jin even more odd and unlike him.

"He wants to see me tomorrow, he wants me to fight Ogre. I won the right to fight him." Jin's voice trailed off. He was always unsure of himself. Nothing in Jin's life had ever been easy. Jun, no matter how strong she was couldn't instil values in him only a father could. Yet, even if his father had been present, he wouldn't exactly be a good influence. The end result was that while Jin had become a strong fighter and quiet intelligent he was very gentle and effeminate.

Hwoarang was quiet the opposite. His mother had abandoned him at a young age and Baek had raised him as his own son. He hadhad very few encounters with women outside of training with them. When he went out on his own he realized the wonders of the fairer sex and did everthing to make sure they appreciated him.

Still, this didn't feel natural to him. He had come to the tournament to kill Jin but now he felt different. It was true that he calmed down, but this was not the way he was supposed to be acting. He didn't care for Jin in any way. Yet, he couldn't leave, this was his best chance to get to Ogre and he knew it.

"I want to go with you, Kazama. I want to face Ogre," Hwoarang sat up and looked into Jin's warm eyes. From his eyes there was no way to tell the evil of his family. Hwoarang knew nothing of Jun but he knew that Jin's eyes were not the eyes of a Mishima.

"It's too dangerous. He's going to try to kill me after I defeat Ogre." Jin sat next to Hwoarang on the bed and quickly became lost in his own thoughts.

"Well, then I should really go with you." he wasn't about to let all his hard work go to waste. Even if Ogre was dead he would not be satisfied unless he was the one to defeat him.

"Please, don't. I could never let anything happen to you. Not you.." Jin's voice softened and Hwoarang couldn't contol himself anymore. No one deserved to be hurt the way he was prepared to hurt him.

Hwoarang's hands were on his lap as he felt Jin's fall on top of them. His hands were rough from years of training and felt foreign against Hwoarang's softer ones. Quickly, he pulled his hands away. He could no longer stand Jin touching him.

"I want you to leave, Kazama. I don't know what kind of sick joke you are trying to pull, but I won't fall for it." Sharply, Jin pulled him towards him and their lips met. Had he not understood what Hwoarang was trying to tell him. Or was there something Jin had to gain from a false relationship?

"Hwoarang, I'll make you change your mind. It's not a joke. It's not."

"Ling, how do you view me?" Ling and Hwoarang were once again in the courtyard of the hotel. No one was leaving until after the fight with Ogre. They couldn't with all the excitement about it.

"Why do you care what I think about you?" she teased. It was true that she found Hwoarang attractive, though somewhat brutish. Though she was still rather innocent and didn't dare act on her impulses.

"I don't know. Everything is relative I guess. Everyone is compared to what others already know. You know very little so maybe you have a pure view of who I am." he smirked. Ling loved it when he smiled. It wasn't evil, but it was something she shouldn't try to chase.

"Well..I guess you're kinda cute. But you're a real dork too!" She stood defiantly in front of him. She really did want him to hit her. With there being no tournament Ling had become extremely bored with waiting around the hotel.

"Well, there is plenty you don't know about me." It was obvious to Ling he was trying to impress her. Not that she minded.

"Well, would you give me the oprotunity to find out?"

Hwoarang knew he should be with Jin tonight, make a last ditch effort to gain his trust so he could face Ogre. But his own disgust coupled with his new-found attraction to Ling made it diffuclt for him to go back.

She may have had the attention spand of a fruit fly, but that didn't matter much to him. What she said wasn't too incoherent for him to follow and the soft, yet high pitch of her voice was pleasant. The rumors about her were true however. Ling was fickle, bratty, and sometimes just plain careless. Yet, whatever her faults, Hwoarang was drawn to her. Not in a deeply emotional way, but a light "This could end tomorrow and we wouldn't get hurt." This was exactly the case. After the battle with Ogre everyone would go their seperate ways.

If everything really was relative, then he would be forced to get up form the hotel resturant table and leave. Ling was not a prime example of the girls he was attracted to. But then he would be forced to face Jin.

"So, Hwoarang...why are you here at the tournament?" Ling questioned between stuffing her face with food. If anything was a turn off that certainly was it. Simply put, Ling ate like a pig.

"I'd rather not talk about it. It's rather personal." He lowered his head to avoid looking at her. If she would only finish chewing before she spoke.

"Well, you're really not that much fun, are you?" She glared in his direction ignoring the fact he wasn't looking at her. "Could you at least tell me what is up with you and Jin? Or is that 'personal' too?" she mocked.

"Do you really want to know?" he smirked to make sure he had her full attention. Slowly he leaned over the table brining himself close to her face. "When I got here, to Japan. I saw him. I had every intention to kill him. To watch him die slowly." Hwoarang didn't have to look at Ling to tell she was afraid and shaking. He lowered the pitch of his voice and moved closer. "But, something happened and..."

"What happened?" she questioned timidly.

"I fucked him." Before she could reply he had already layed his mouth on top of hers. To Hwoarang's delightment she had finnished chewing. Slowly he pulled away and returned to his seat. "Do you still want to get to know me, Ling?"

"Yes," she mouthed almost silently. Hwoarang was unaware of what the little girl was thinking. It really wouldn't have mattered. He was going to get what he wanted out of her. He was going to break Jin. He was willing to distroy him.

It was nearly midnight when Hwoarang returned to his hotel room. He was only mildly surprised to find Jin standing in the corner of the darkened room.

"I know where you were, Hwoarang." Jin's eyes were avoiding Hwoarang's gaze. He kicked softly at the floor as if there were pebbles on the carpeting.

"Well, if you were going to hang out in my hotel room you should have at least turned the light on." Hwoarang made an attempt to be humorus. While he was expecting Jin to be there he was not expecting him to know where he had been.

"Who do you think owns this place?" His deep brown eyes floated to meet Hwoarang's.

"I'm surprised your gramps gives a fuck enough to give you a key." He threw his jacket on the bed and moved closer to the corner in which Jin was standing.

"He doesn't care. I-I...I told him. He said it was a sign of weakness. Do you think I'm weak?" He shifted his eyes back to the ground.

"Shit! You told him?" Hwoarang was furious, true, now Ling knew as well. But that was different. "You know how many of his damn people are going to be after me now? Do you know what an insane freak his is?!? I'll be dead by tommorow! They're probaly tring to snipe me off now, you fucker!"

"I didn't know what to do. I am weak." Jin began to head for the door but Hwoarang moved in front of him swiftly.

"No, you're not weak." He gestured apologitically. "I'm sorry. But you shouldn't have told him. He's not all there ya know?" Hwoarang unknowingly took Jin's hand and leaned to kiss him. Hwoarang was unsure why he did that. All along he had been very careful not to form any real emotions with Jin. This was supposed to be a battle for power, wasn't it? Yet, he found himself standing in the middle of his darkened hotel room, kissing another man with true emotion behind it. Unsure of his actions he slowly parted from Jin's lips.

"Why did you do that? I though you didn't care. You were just with..." Jin shook his head.

"Truth is, until just then, I didn't care. I was using her to hurt you. Did it work?" Hwoarang smiled and attempted to look in control of the situation.

"She was so pure looking wasn't she? I didn't think she'd put out." Jin tried to best Hwoarang.

"I can get girls to do whatever I want. There's no challange in girls." Jin began to play with Hwoarang's sliky red hair. "Yet another way you remind me of them."

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