Author's Notes: This is just a ‘rough copy’…since this is a massive chapter, I will be editing it to make it more interesting. I just needed to get this out of my system.


Chapter 17 - The Light

By Kazuya-sama

It was well after twelve noon before Jin showed up again…when he did, he had an extra attachment. The young girl he’d met the night before, Miharu, was happily clinging to his arm about the elbow, dressed in a sloppy old t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans with holes in the knees. He was wearing a few clothes he’d grabbed from the hotel the night before – a grey singlet and a pair of baggy khakis.

The two were chatting and giggling, sitting down by the waterfront when Nina passed by them. She’d thought it odd, after all, that the young Mishima hadn’t showed up last night, since he was always in before Kazuya. But at any rate, it seemed the boy had more initiative than his father when it came to girls. Or he was just damn lucky.

Nina approached the two, and sat down on Jin’s free side. He didn’t notice at first, since he was too busy nuzzling Miharu’s shoulder. After a short cough, she caught his attention…he whipped around in surprise, then chuckled nervously when he saw who it was.

She smirked deviously. “Glad to see you know how to enjoy yourself, Jin.”

Miharu backed off a moment, blushing shyly. She’d never, after all, launched into a relationship quite so fast before. Jin scratched the back of his head and smiled. “Well…that’s one way of putting it…”

Standing again, Nina grinned and ruffled Jin’s hair playfully. “Ah, if only your father was like that…”

Three days until the big fight. Three days left for training. Three days left of insanity and disorder.

Kazuya’s accuracy was still as sharp as it had been twenty years ago, when he’d plunged to near death inside that dreaded volcano. The punching bag could confirm that without a second thought. His strength, however, out of the sunlight, was much improved…by at least twofold. Ah, the delights of the undead’s power. Speed, to, was no longer an issue for him. Though in the past he’d been renowned as both a particularly swift and strong fighter – since most are one or the other – nowadays, he’d coined a new meaning for the word.

Dressed in a full Gi – the white pants, sleeved white shirt (currently hanging open), and his studded red foot guards and gloves – Kazuya was most definitely training seriously today; for the first time in what seemed like forever. One after the other, fists connected with the punching bag before the slender Mishima with a loud, resounding thump that echoed about the walls of the old dojo. Though the simple long-reached punches, one blow after the other in a slow, definite rhythm, seemed simple and effortless, the sheer force behind each fist was most definitely enough to break through solid objects. Every blow was accented by a sharp breath outward and the sound of air rushing away as the slender, muscular limbs broke through it at alarming pace.

At the dojo’s door stood the owner. Though he was taller and more muscular than the man training inside, he still stood and watched in awe at the skilled warrior; before, he’d shown off a little with a few tough, powerful combos, and performed a few tricks that most could only dream were possible – particularly around the theme of flexibility. At the moment, however, it seemed the new face in the dojo was content with simple training for now.

It had been several days since the party after the finals. Though his drive and desire to fight, to train, to better his skills was strong, he couldn’t overcome a growing hunger within him. The last time he’d fed was the day after the party, when Jin returned home again. He boy had literally forced him into it, as usual, since he refused to hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it. And now, since it had been days since he last fed – and it is often difficult to go even a day without sustenance for a vampire – he was feeling the effects. He was sleepy, fatigued, and his vision was slowly becoming unreliable. His muscles refused to do as they were told, though he forced himself to strike accurately, swiftly and powerfully. Outwardly his performance was impressive, but inside, he knew he was forcing himself.

Relief came in the form of a young blonde woman, dressed in a turtleneck and black, figure-hugging trousers. He paused a moment to mop the sweat off his face, neck and chest, only to see Nina standing at the door, smirking at him.

He arched a brow, tossing the towel aside. “What brings you here?”

Nina made her way over to the panting warrior, and folded her arms over her chest. “How long have you been training now, Kazuya?”

He shrugged, and wrapped his arms around his stomach casually. “Three hours, I guess. Something like that.”

Nina leaned down to pick the towel up, then wiped a little more of the glistening moisture off his half-bared chest. “Well, don’t you think it’s time to call it quits? It’s after dinner now, and I’m bored…”

The dojo owner smirked as he guessed where that was leading. It was a pity he didn’t understand the true nature of their relationship, since so far, it hadn’t got as far as he thought. Kazuya rolled his dark eyes and smiled. Normally, he hated being interrupted while he was training. However, in Nina’s case, he didn’t seem to mind at all – much like he didn’t mind being interrupted twenty-one years ago.

It only took him a short time to pack up his gear, have a quick shower, and change into some less sweaty clothes, along with a quick chat to the dojo owner. He and Nina made the walk back to their hotel in the evening’s cool air a quick one – they were back in no time, and Kazuya took a moment to sit down and let his head stop spinning once he’d ushered Nina back to her room. He had planned to stay up the rest of the evening, since he preferred the night to daytime’s searing brightness, and finish some business; but he was feeling too out of it.

After tossing his soggy Gi into the growing laundry pile in the corner, he collapsed back on his bed, and watched as the roof spun around and around before his very eyes. The entire room seemed to suddenly grow cold as ice, and his head started to imitate the roof; spinning around in circles. He knew the signs all too well; when he left the dreaded deed for more than three days, his body started to rebel. He never liked pushing himself further than this; the pain caused by a starving vampire’s stomach would put even his agony in falling down the cliff at age five to shame.

It must have been longer than the few seconds he thought he’d been lying down. Nina, a hint of panic in her voice, was knocking loudly at the door after what seemed to be no time at all. He sat up, still dazed and groggy, and went to open the door for her. When he did so, he raised a brow; she looked sick with sorry.

“Kazuya! Why did you take so long to answer the door? Are you alright?” Yes, definitely panicked.

He blinked a few times, and supported his seemingly increasing weight on the door handle. “Uh…I’m fine…what’s the matter?”

“I don’t know, I’m not the one who won’t answer when I’m being called!” She sighed in frustration, then clung to his chest in defeat. Silence ensued for a few more seconds, then she looked at him again, this time with a little more understanding. “You’re cold again…you should have told me you needed…”

He cut her off with an annoyed sigh, and turned to walk back into his room. Every time they came to his conversation, it only made his self-hatred grow. “You know I hate doing that, Nina.”

This time, she wasn’t ready to indulge his little foibles about hurting her. She stalked towards him, grabbed the front of his shirt in two handfuls, and pressed him against the wall with surprising force. The murderous look in her eyes would have been enough to scare any red-blooded male out of his wits…and Kazuya was no exception. Two seconds of her glare was enough to erode his entire side of the argument, and he simply relented.

He sighed softly with what was left of the breath that was knocked out of him…she was certainly strong. The look in his eyes softened; as did hers, when she realised she’d finally gotten through to him. Closing her eyes, she tilted her neck to the side and pulled down the grey woollen fabric of the turtleneck. With her free hand, she gently but firmly grasped the back of his head, and pushed him down until his lips met her neck.

The warm flesh against his lips was, as usual, enticing beyond description. He couldn’t resist her, not today, and only a moment after she’d forced him down, he sunk his canines deep into her neck, withdrew them, and let the warm, live-giving liquid pass by his lips, now clamped around the wounds, and down his throat. Her hand, as he drank, played with the thick raven hair behind his head; the other still held the collar out of the way.

One of his arms snaked around her slim waist, holding her lightly against his body. Unlike the first time she’d offered herself to him, he responded warmly, losing that stoic, coy resolve of his. The other reached around her back and grasped the opposite shoulder gently; she almost died and went to heaven in the embrace. The icy muscle of his that she was pressed against was slowly thawing out as time and her blood passed; and if it didn’t warm him up enough, she knew exactly how she might correct that problem shortly.

The hand that was previously wrapped around his neck slowly but surely slid downward until it was resting against his chest. Since she was shorter than him, and he was leaning quite a way down to reach her, she was able to easily play around without getting in the way. The pain in her neck was nothing to worry about; both of them had been injured to a much greater degree. In fact, in a strange way, she liked the pain. She liked him causing that numb, dull, sensuous pain. Slowly, lovingly, she dragged her nails down the flesh hidden beneath his shirt. It was obvious he liked it…a soft, voiceless moan escaped him, the hot breath being expelled through his nose, against her neck. She replied with a similar gesture. As she did, she felt his arms tighten their grip on her just slightly.

As he fed, her hand played a little lower, slowly venturing toward her ultimate goal – she figured that if she worked on him for long enough, he might just finally give into her wishes, and allow himself some long-awaited fun. She fumbled a moment his abdominal muscles, tracing the definite path they created, marvelling at their solid mass. It was at this point that Kazuya decided he’d had enough, and drew back from her neck. The wounds closed up on their own accord – once again, one of his newly discovered talents.

Nina’s hand still roamed her newly claimed territory. He was hers, undeniably. And his superior size didn’t bother her one bit; since when did size ever bother her? Though she felt a little light-headed after the experience, she was possibly as satisfied as he was – but since her body was still demanding more attention, it was an arguable topic for discussion. As she looked back up at him, she found those deep ebony eyes staring down into hers, with a look almost of defeat within them, almost as if begging for forgiveness. Such a look in a supposed icy, stoic, heartless warrior’s face pained her; she melted in his eyes, wishing she could make all the pain go away. She didn’t want him to feel guilty for trying to stay alive.

Again, her hand gained a mind of its own, and started to fiddle with his belt buckle. The other grasped his hair again, and she leaned up on her tip-toes to kiss him. Of course he didn’t refuse, and tilted his head to the side, closing his eyes, as he accepted her gesture. The high-pitched clinking of the belt being undone made him jump slightly…but she didn’t stop. Both hands now reached up to undo each button on his shirt, one after another, until his chest and stomach were exposed to the cool air in the room. She brushed aside the shirt, letting it drop to the floor behind him, and began to lovingly run her hands over the warmed, solid flesh on his chest…carelessly tracing over the scar, the lines on his chest, letting her desperation get the best of her. After a little longer, she could no longer stand the suspense, the non-response from Kazuya. She grabbed his shoulders, turned him around, and thrust him at the bed.

Slightly surprised at the abrupt uprooting, he tumbled backward and landed face-up on the bed. Nina followed him immediately, of course, climbing up on the bed, her knees straddling his waist, resting against the woollen hotel blankets. Without hesitation, she resumed toying with him, her hands exploring his smooth, hot chest and stomach, her mouth capturing his once again. The new blood coursing through his system was only adding to the gradual build-up of desire within his body and soul; it had been so long, and no man could stand, after all those years, being tempted and teased to such a point and actually get out of it with his trousers still on. Finally, after all previous attempts to politely refuse her offers, he simply gave in for now, and returned her kiss passionately.

Eventually, she could feel his muscular arms lock around her waist, holding her against him. Only breaking her near frenzied kiss for a moment, she sat up on him, pulled off her turtleneck, and cast it down onto the floor.

She was about to continue assaulting his mouth, but she noticed he was staring wide-eyed at her. Well, so he should be. She had been wearing nothing but a push-up bra beneath the turtleneck the whole time; it happened to be violet and lacy…extremely sexy…especially on her ample bust. After a moment he blushed, since he realised he was gawking like a fool, and tried to take his eyes off her…but failed. Again she leaned down and pressed her lips against his, but she managed to find one of his hands, and place it against one of her breasts. Since his hands had long, slender fingers, she found it surprising that he could barely grasp the whole thing in one hand. Whoever had her in the cryogenics must have made them bigger or something; either that, or she never realised how well-endowed she was in the past.

Kazuya’s free hand eventually slipped lower and lower down her back, until he was cautiously running it over a cheek. He wasn’t quite sure if he was allowed to go that far…but what the hey, it was worth a try. Nina’s hands too were roaming, and while one had slipped under the small of his back and began to explore lower, the other stayed on his chest. She’d finally decided to stop playing, and start teasing him. Her fingers found a nipple, and quickly began gently squeezing it, twisting it, even running a nail or two over it. No sooner had she started doing that, he moaned into her mouth, his upper body rising up off the bed, trying to press against her hand.

After witnessing that particular reaction, she decided to occupy both hands with that job, toying with a nipple in each. For now, he collapsed back on the bed, and let her do as she pleased. It was so delightful; he might as well let her go for it. After all those years, he’d almost forgotten what it was like when someone found something he liked. As he watched her, he couldn’t resist reaching up to play with her again through her bra…it just looked too good to waste.

She let him do that for a little while before leaning down and nipping one of his earlobes between her teeth. Naturally, she didn’t realise that was one of his favourite things for someone to do, so she didn’t appreciate how much effort he put into restraining a loud moan. As his grip on her closed for a short moment, she whispered in his ear for him to just take the damn bra off…it was always more fun that way. He looked unsure for just a second…but complied in the next. A few seconds after that, the lacy, purple garment joined her turtleneck on the floor.

Again, his hands began to explore her chest; this time, it was bare skin, to his delight. One hand remained on her chest; the other looped around her waist and dragged her down again, holding her close to the warmth of his body. It seemed like only too soon after he’d gotten used to the situation that she writhed out of his grip and sat on his abdomen, staring down at him curiously.

He arched a brow at the interruption. She simply smirked at him. “Okay you…go put your head down on the pillow and get comfy. I’m gonna have some fun with that sex-god body of yours.”

He complied, and moved himself up the bed until he could lie back on the pillow. He even put his arms behind his head for her, letting her know he was ready for whatever she had planned. Nina, not being patient in nature – not including her career requirements – dived straight in. She held his hips down with both hands, and placed her lips over one of his dark nipples. As he released a soft breath of pleasure, she ran her tongue over it, flicking it around, pressing against it, toying to her heart’s content. She could feel the vibrations of his deep voice against her lips as he moaned; yes, teeth worked too.

One hand reached up to pleasure the other lonely side of his chest as her mouth satisfied the first. His hands, unable to stay unoccupied, managed to become buried within the golden locks of her hair, not intentionally holding her in place, but he most definitely didn’t want her to stop doing what she was doing…unless she was going to do something better.

Indeed, that was what she intended to do. Her lips moved from the side of his chest, slowly, whilst laying down tender kisses and licks against his warm, smooth skin, to the centre; there, she traced the crevice created between the two compact pectoral muscles with the pointed tip of her tongue – slowly, lightly, torturously. His back arched, forcing his chest up against her. Since she moved with him, the effort was pointless; the added frustration and delight forced a ragged, breathless moan from his throat.

Every hair on her body stood on end as he let out that deliciously deep moan. As a reward, she left her right hand where it was; still playing with his nipple. Her lips moved downward, tracing the path that went directly down the centre of his body. She was getting impatient, and he probably was too. Needless to say, she took time and care exploring each one of the lines, curves and crevices between his muscles, but her mind was on other things.

She arrived at the belt that she’d previously unbuckled. Beneath it she could feel the hardened flesh, begging to be released from the confines of the dark slacks. Without a second thought, she stood up and pulled his trousers, along with his boxers, right off, and dumped them on the floor. For just a tiny, tiny moment, she was afraid to look up, lest she become disappointed…but when she did pause to admire her prize, she couldn’t help but smirk. He was even bigger than she had imagined! And to think her imagination was always generous with men she liked a lot.

A slight blush crept across the tops of his cheeks when he caught her staring, but he smirked back at her. She did look pleased. He could honestly say that he didn’t know why she found it so surprising; as a teenager, he was never bored enough to measure it, and he wasn’t the kind of guy to compare sizes for the hell of it. Needless to say, he was quite used to it, and saw nothing special about it…but it pleased him that Nina did.

“My, you are a big boy…” She paused again to take a good look as she took her own trousers and underwear off.

He smiled shyly and chuckled, still lying back on the bed, letting her do as she pleased. “‘Big’ is in the eye of the beholder…I guess…”

She climbed back on the bed again, and knelt between his legs. Now, she was going to have some real fun.

Since she’d been so forward previously, he wasn’t expecting what came next. Instead of diving straight in, she reached out and pulled lightly on the thin trail of hair that started halfway between his belly-button and his ‘equipment’. What seemed like a simple gesture really made him flinch…and as an involuntary reaction, one knee raised beside her, and a soft whimper escaped his parted lips. For a while that seemed to be all that amused her…Kazuya could feel himself tingling with the desire for more…and she seemed to completely ignore it!

After finding a little amusement in tugging at his ‘love trail’ – something she loved to do, and since he had very little hair there, and almost none elsewhere, she had to find some original entertainment, didn’t she? – She lightly scraped her fingernails downward…

…and diverted them so they slid over his hip rather than on a direct downward tangent. Again, his knee rose against her with this blissful torture, and his fingers gripped the bedcovers. She glanced down at his leg, then grasped it beneath the knee with one hand. A moment later, she leaned down, and placed a kiss against his inner thigh. The rock-hard muscles beneath the skin contracted sharply, and goose-bumps appeared on the skin beneath her lips. She kissed him again…and again…each kiss getting further and further away from his knee, and closer and closer to something that was begging for attention…

…only to pause only an inch away from there…she returned to pulling at those little hairs just below his belly-button again. With his anticipation thrown out the window, Kazuya let out a frustrated groan, unable to stop his hips from jerking up towards her just once. She let out a low chuckle against his skin, and nuzzled his thigh. Her other hand scraped its nails down his other hip, forcing a whimper from his throat.

Finally, he could take no more. His complaint came out more as a near-animalistic growl, though softened with the tone of a beg for mercy. “Nina…please…”

Her heart throbbed against her ribs with excitement. He – Kazuya Mishima, THE Kazuya Mishima – was begging for her. HER of all people. Suddenly, she couldn’t resist him any longer. He became, out of nowhere, before her very eyes, the sexiest creature in the world.

However, she couldn’t give up that easily. She hardened her resolve, and returned his begging with a Nina Williams sadistic smirk…and a little gift.

“I know what you want, Kazuya Mishima…” She leaned down, still smirking at him playfully…and ran the tip of her tongue over tip of the organ so far being tortured by neglect. The musky scent and salty taste filled her senses; and when he gasped in sheer delight, her brain almost exploded. She couldn’t resist taking more of him into her mouth…and did just that. Once again, his fingers became one with her golden tendrils of hair, not quite forcing her down, but not willing to let her go now that she’d finally hit the spot.

Finally, her desire was being fulfilled. For so long now, she’d wanted to touch him, feel him, taste him. And now, finally, he’d allowed her that pleasure, that honour. He was a sex god, there was no doubting that; and mere mortals rarely were granted the rights to such a divine experience. Her tongue slowly ran up and down the small ridge she found there, unable to get enough of his delicious salty taste. Her hand automatically drifted downward, gripping the warm shaft, squeezing it gently. Her mind and body didn’t seem to wait to do the same thing…she wanted to continue being calm, controlled…to continue teasing him…but her body wanted to make him scream in ecstasy…the sooner the better.

After a moment she felt him pushing down on her again, almost to the point of forcing her head down. Clearly he was starting to get a little more desperate. However, she didn’t wish to choke to death on him, so she pulled up off him, and sat up. Before he could protest, she leaned forward so she was lying on top of him, staring directly down into his ebony eyes. He was breathing heavily by this point, his cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were literally begging for oh so much more.

She grinned. “So…are you going to run away again, Mr Mishima?”

He chuckled against her cheek, and leaned up to kiss it lightly. “It’s too late for that, Ms Williams.” His voice was a little huskier than usual…but it just made him so much sexier.

Her lips brushed against a smooth cheek, and formed a smile. “Then I suppose this could become fun…”

As soon as she finished saying that, she lowered herself slightly, so he was pressing against her entrance. She felt his arms lock around her waist, and she pressed herself down again…this time, she felt him slip inside her. With this new sensation, both of them let out a small, breathy moan at the same time. Realising how silly it sounded, Kazuya couldn’t help but chuckle…Nina did the same a moment after. Her impatience got the better of her again, and she moved downward again, gradually accepting more and more of him within, until eventually, he was completely buried within her warmth.

After a moment he found himself wondering why he resisted in the first place. Had he forgotten how incredible it felt? It seemed he had. His arms wrapped around her waist again, though not tight enough to restrict her movement as she created a slow, definite rhythm. Just as he was about to lean up and kiss her once more, she seemed to have the same thought exactly, and leaned down to capture his lips.

Nina wasn’t ready to give in to her desires yet; though she wanted to go hard-core and blow both of their brains out right there, right now…she kept her slow, steady pace, no matter how much he writhed beneath her. At one point, he even arched his hips up fiercely against her, lifting her up with him – but he was making a conscious effort not to force her, it seemed. He wasn’t the forceful type.

Though, of course, there was a limit to everyone’s sanity. Kazuya growled in her ear. “Nina…stop teasing me!”

She grinned down at him, and licked the tip of his nose playfully. “Make me.” Whether that was an invitation or a threat, she couldn’t decide…but he took it as the former. With his arms still around her waist, he easily exchanged positions with her in one graceful move. He kissed her wildly for a moment, then buried his face into the curve of her neck, and began moving at a much more tolerable speed. Nina’s back arched, and she moaned loudly in his ear. For some reason, even though she loved to dominate the situation normally, it just suited him so much more to be on top. Her arms and legs locked themselves around his neck and waist.

Through sheer instinct, Kazuya felt the need to nip at the skin on her neck…and did just that. She whimpered, and tilted her head to the side. He took that as an offer, and kept on doing it. In the meantime, one of his arms slipped under her waist, and the other reached up to brush a few errant strands of hair from her flushed face.

After a moment, she grabbed his head and forced it down. “Bite.” She demanded, and locked their hips together with her ankles.

He arched a brow. “Nani?”


“But I already…”

“Not like that! Bite!”

He complied, and nipped at the soft, pale flesh on her shoulder with his front teeth. When she moaned and held him down, he bit a little harder. She gasped, and her hips jolted up to meet his again. Of course, this whole new idea was becoming a distraction, and he decided to leave it for now…he could bite her later, as farcical as it seemed. Instead, he resumed what he was doing earlier…and picked up the pace a little.

After a few more moments of bliss, Nina reached up and placed her hands on his cheeks, pulled him down, and caught his lips in her own. She still hadn’t managed to get over how soft and warm they were. So sexy.

Kazuya soon began to feel that building desperation, that building climax deep within him. It had lasted a while so far, so he wasn’t surprised when he felt the need to move faster within her…besides, she wasn’t complaining.

On the contrary – she was willing him on. She too could feel the end coming. By now, almost every movement forced a whimper from her lips, and she was holding him so tight she feared she might strangle him…but that didn’t matter now. He let out a sharp breath against her neck and tightened his grip around her waist, as she finally reached her climax. Her body pressed up against his, and her head fell back against the pillow as she screamed in ecstasy…her nails dug into the back of his neck inadvertently in her delight, and the whole world went black.

Just witnessing her doing that pushed him over the edge too; her tightening around him, and just looking so wonderful beneath him to begin with. He finally lost control too, and released all that built-up desire, the lust, deep within her. It brought with it a deep, restrained moan from him against her neck, and he held her tight with both arms.

For a while, they just lay there, held firmly in each other’s grasp, breathing heavily.

Finally, Nina smirked. “There now. What was all that fuss about a few days ago? That wasn’t so hard.”

He chuckled, and slid down off her to lie close by her side on the small bed. “Fuss? What fuss?”

Her eyes rolled, and she ruffled his thick, already messed-up hair. “Refusing to do that. Have you forgotten how long it took me to finally get you undressed?” She grinned cheekily. “Maybe it’s because Kazuya Mishima was scared he wasn’t big enough…”

His eyebrows shot up, and he gave her a look of mild disbelief. “Where the heck did that come from?”

After a moment she pushed him over so he was lying on his back, then she used his chest as a conveniently placed, self-warming pillow. “I don’t know.”

By now he’d realised she was almost spot-on with one of the reasons he’d refused her until now. The reminder sobered him a little. “Actually, you’re not too far off.” She raised a brow. “I’d heard some pretty worrying stories in the past about the nature of the undead. Thankfully it turned out they were only rumours and urban legends…but most of them circulated around the supposed fact that vampires are sterile…”

He didn’t need to say any more, really. He was worried that he couldn’t ‘function’, thanks to his nature. Definitely a legitimate fear. Nina leaned up, and smirked at him. “Well, I must say I’m glad they weren’t factual stories…” She leaned down and licked at his lips playfully, before giving him a kiss.

He returned the gesture, and chuckled. “So am I.”

With a contented sigh, Nina dropped back down onto his chest. After a moment of fidgeting, Kazuya managed to pull the sheet from under him, and draped it over the top of them. “So, I guess you’ll be sleeping here tonight.”

She yawned, and snuggled up against his warm, solid chest. “Guess I will be.”

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