Author's Notes: I’m so retarded -.-; I’ve had this sitting in my freaking file for months. Did I upload it? No. Blargy. Well here it is folks. Since I’ve already written two chapters tonight of another story, I’m at odds whether I’ll push myself to write any more...I might, since I’m on a long break during exam week (done all mine in the first three days) and I have all the time in the world...and I’m *STILL* sugar-high.

Enjoy this short sweet chappie!


Chapter 18 - Memoirs of a Past Unexperienced

By Kazuya-sama

Nina yawned, stretched, and found herself face-to-face with Kazuya’s chest. Not that she minded, that is…in fact, she couldn’t resist leaning a little closer and licking at it with the tip of her tongue.

He didn’t wake up; he simply rolled over, taking the covers with him. She squealed softly as the cold air hit her bare skin…and decided to get up out of bed. After a quick glance at the bedside clock, she smirked…only six in the morning. Time for some nice warm sunshine.

She hopped up out of the bed and strolled over to the curtains. On the way, she noticed that Jin had bravely returned to the hotel room for the evening. They must’ve been asleep when he returned. He’d just woken up too; and found himself staring at a very naked Nina. Damn…his Dad was a very, very lucky man!

She posed for a moment in a rather sexy, suggestive way, smirked, then reached out for the curtain. Jin only realised what she was doing all too late.

He threw his hands into the air. “Whoa whoa, you don’t want to do that…”

She’d already drawn the curtains by the time he spoke up. She was going to retaliate, when they were both distracted by a disgruntled yell and a loud thud. They both looked over toward Kazuya…who was sitting on the other side of the bed, on the floor, with the blankets over him from head to toe. Jin motioned with his hand to close them again, then rolled over and snuggled up under the covers again.

Blushing slightly, Nina pulled the curtains shut again, then wandered over to Kazuya…of course, giving any onlooker a good show of her large chest on the way as she artfully stepped over, around and through the gathering piles of miscellaneous ‘things’ on the floor. She knelt down in front of the mound of blankets that had placed itself so gracefully on the floor, and smirked.

“Are you going to come out of there today?”

“Have you shut the fuckin’ curtain yet?” His voice was muffled by the thick woollen layer.

Jin and Nina both snickered. “Yes, I did…” She was beginning to get a little impatient. Rather than wait, she simply dragged the covers off him.

He didn’t resist the thick woollen layer being snatched from him – in fact, he simply sat and pouted slightly. He doubted it’d work, especially with Nina, but he remembered, for some pointless reason, the very same technique working on his mother when he was a young boy. And indeed, the assassin had only to take one look, and found herself unable to resist grabbing and hugging the poor sad-looking creature. So innocent! With a loud ‘awe’, she lurched forward and grabbed Kazuya’s head, shoving his face between her breasts in an effort to wipe the childlike pout off his face – whether it be by making him smile or smothering him into submission.

After a few seconds… “Uh…Nina…I can’t breathe…”

She smirked at the stifled voice from below. Jin was trying not to pay attention to the scene, but found it awfully difficult considering the nature of the ordeal.

“Hey uh…you two…you do know it mentally scars children for a long time if they see a parent or two going at it, right?” Jin smiled just a little, waiting for what interesting reply may come from either party.

Nina blushed heavily and released Kazuya; he too took on an evident shade of crimson across his cheeks. He smiled at his son timidly and fished around for his underwear with one hand…he could have sworn he tossed everything on the floor last night when they…yeah.

Since Kazuya had started the search for clothing, Nina decided she ought to join in…and looked about for her bra and panties. They were underneath all of Kazuya’s clothing, no surprise. Chuckling, she leaned forward over him and reached out to grab her precious underwear…and succeeded in crashing headlong into him, since he was trying to do the very same. This resulted in a giggle from the both of them…and Jin rolling his eyes and flopping back on his bed, staring at the ceiling in disbelief. He’d never imagined Kazuya as the kind to goof off or lose his cool with a woman. Oh yeah…then again…he did see the both of them together in bed last night, starkers, and fast asleep.

Eventually the two got their act together, and after a quick but overly passionate make-out session, Nina left the room to have a shower in her own quarters. Kazuya, dressed at this point, sat down on the end of the bed, his feathers still lightly ruffled from this morning’s goings-on.

Still staring blankly at the roof, Jin grinned. “I’m glad you’ve learned how to have some fun…”

As if he wasn’t already red enough in the face, Kazuya’s normally rather pale features lit up pink again, unable to resist smiling bashfully once more. “Well…you could say that…I’m sorry -”

Jin cut him off. “Don’t bother, it’s alright.” He grinned to himself, pausing a moment to contemplate continuing. After a few seconds, he spoke up again. “After all, I do need something to blackmail you with in case you go ape about me and Miharu being together and all…”

Ape? Him? Over his son being a grown man? Not a chance. He chuckled. “Why would I do that? You’re nearly 21 now Jin, it’s not like I can justify getting angry or anything. Besides, you need a girlfriend…”

He arched a brow. “Should that be a compliment or an insult?”

Kazuya shrugged and reached down to pull on his socks and shoes. “Well, since you spent all that time staring at Nina’s ass a few weeks back…”

“Dad!” Jin laughed and threw the nearest object at Kazuya’s head – it so happened to be his pillow. He ducked but ended up getting hit with it anyhow. When he looked back at Jin, he did so with one hell of a rare look – a wide, playful grin…indeed, if he didn’t have those long, dangerous-looking canines, he’d have what his mother would have deemed ‘a very beautiful smile’.

While he continued to fiddle with his shoes, Kazuya couldn’t help but comment on the morning’s adventure. “It seems strange...though we’ve only known each other for not even a month yet, we act like we’ve known each other since you were born…” He smiled as he said this. It made him proud to be able to say he knew his own son, his only son.

Jin’s smile grew too, and he finally shifted his eyes to meet his father’s. “If only the latter had’ve been true…but since it can’t be helped, I’m honoured to have met you at all…”

Kazuya paused a moment when that one word let slip. Since he’d finished tying his laces, he sat back up again, and glanced across at Jin in curiosity after a second or so. “Honoured? Is that the right word?”

The younger Mishima smiled and shrugged, then finally sat up, still under the covers from the waist down. “Well, yeah. You’re the damn best fighter I know…and well…wow, I don’t even know how to describe it…you’re amazing, Y’know? Grandpa always tried to make me believe you were an evil, self-serving little bastard. That’s why I wasn’t as polite as I should have been when we met and such.” He chuckled since Kazuya was clearly becoming very shy with the sudden rush of compliments. “But really…you’re a better father than I’d ever imagined you to be. And I’m honoured to be your son…”

Kazuya, at this point, honestly didn’t know what to say. He simply resorted to staring slightly downward, unable to wipe the smile off his face. That had to be one of the largest gushes of favourable compliments that he’d ever heard directed at himself…other than those from Jun. What are families for, ne?

A moment of thought and silence ensued before Kazuya spoke again. When he did, his words came out softer and quieter than he’d anticipated, but it made no difference in reality. “You know…after hearing about you, I wasn’t expecting you to be quite as amazing as you are. Your mother raised you well. I’m glad you’re my son…” His smile returned, but he didn’t intend to hang around and let everything go all mushy. He reached down and grabbed his leather coat. “But before we go all gushy and into American Soap-opera mode…I’d better get going. I have a little work to do today…”

He turned and headed for the door. Jin, of course, felt the need to interrupt. “You do realise it’s summer out there…”

Kazuya smirked and nodded. “Yeah…but I’m wearing the coat so I don’t burn. Remember?”

“You wore those clothes yesterday…”

At this point, Kazuya turned around to actually look at Jin. “Yeah, well since I don’t sweat and reek like a human since I’m dead, there’s no real reason for me to create pointless washing…”

“But you…”

Kazuya interrupted with a grin. “Hey, are you my mother or my son?!”

Jin bit his lip and smiled. Well, he did sound like Jun…inadvertently. He kept his mouth shut and waved him off, curling back up into bed.

Grinning, Kazuya gave him a silent wave goodbye and headed out for the day. The both of them were very alike in one particular way; whilst long overloads of verbal compliments made both uneasy, both also seemed to understand each other better with a calm silence – part of Kazuya’s personality which had been passed on to Jin.

Since it was still early, and there was nothing better to do, Jin rolled over onto his side, and went back to sleep for another few hours.

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