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Chapter 16 - Decadence

By Kazuya-sama

The hotel function room was ablaze with golden decorations and chandeliers; the air was filled with pleasant, mildly cheerful orchestral music from the five-piece string band playing in the corner – and of course, the light-hearted, merry chuckles and conversation of the well-dressed people standing around, sipping their champagne and nibbling their appetisers.

It had been a fight well fought and well won – this event was the scheduled celebration of the end of the finals. Many of the former fighters had opted to join the celebration, and were dressed accordingly. Even the red-headed Korean boy had managed to rent out a tidy-looking suit to match the mood.

Jin too, had managed to get his hands on a very smart-looking suit; black, except for a deep maroon shirt, and a chrome-shaded tie. A half-full crystal glass of champagne rested in his hand, and he swirled it about with close to no interest. He should have fought in the tournament…but for some reason, he felt honour in backing down, allowing the better fighter to proceed to the finals. Something in his heart told him to make way for his father – after all, he knew that his father would always treat him with love and respect. He was all he had left in this world. The relationship was the same in both directions.

A young girl passed him by, bumping into his arm on the way past. The solid muscular mass was knocked forward, and Jin almost spilled his glass…but caught himself just in time. She squeaked in surprise, and fell to the ground.

He glanced down, slightly startled, and saw a young Japanese girl in a short, spaghetti-sleeved evening-gown, with her copper-toned hair styled in a series of ruffled spikes. He was immediately entranced.

She looked up at him, and immediately started spouting apologies, and begging forgiveness. A shy smile crept across his face, followed by a mild blush, and he reached down to offer a slender hand for assistance.

“Hirano Mirahu, right?”

She took his hand, and turned red. “Yes…how…how did you know?”

As he pulled her to her feet gently, he placed his drink down on a tray a waiter was carrying as he hurried past with empty glasses. “I remember you from earlier in the tournament. May I say you look absolutely stunning tonight?” Little did he know what an effective flirt he was, especially when he didn’t realise he was doing it.

She blushed even more, and covered her lips with one small hand. “Wow…you really think so?”

The handsome young man nodded. “Yeah…you’re like…wow.”

Elsewhere in the room, standing by the drinks table, was Nina Williams. A few camera crews had passed by her every now and again, but they were a little weary of her. Perhaps it was the emerald blue satin gown she wore, hanging just above the knees. Or perhaps it was the dark gloves of the same colour that sat above her elbows – but more likely, it was the spiked choker she had around her neck. In all her elegance, she still looked dangerous.

“Ms Williams…would you know by chance where the guest of honour is?” It was yet another dashing young reporter, armed with a microphone.

She shrugged unenthusiastically, and folded her arms over her exposed cleavage. “I have no idea where the man is. He’s a lone wolf, remember?” She only wished that wouldn’t stay the same for long.

He smiled at her, and nodded. “Thank you anyway, Ms Williams.” He dared not call her by name.

It was another quarter of an hour before anything interesting happened. But when the action started, everyone knew about it – mainly because everyone was the cause of the commotion. A masculine figure entered through the mahogany double doors of the function room, dressed in a dark blue suit, a shirt of a similar colour, and a deep indigo-shaded silk tie. The thick raven hair, slicked back as it had been, was immediately recognised by everyone who saw him; he’d arrived.

Kazuya’s face was emotionless as he entered the room – in fact, he looked bored more than anything. That is, until the entire crowd of people piped up, with cheers, whistles and screams, amongst a foray of enthusiastic applause. When he saw so many people smiling at him, clapping, calling his name, he couldn’t help but smile back; a slight, very shy smile. It was one of his first, very rare, public smiles – since, many years ago, he’d been known for being so stoic.

After a moment he glanced about to see if he could find Nina amongst the smartly-dressed crowd…no luck, however. He did find, to his dismay, a group of screaming teenage girls rushing up to him at great pace. He stopped dead when he spotted them.

“Oh my GAWD it’s Kazuya Mishima!”

“Oh my GAWD he’s so hot!”

“Oh my GOD can you sign my bra?”

“Oh my…” Before they could continue, he raised a hand to silence them. Like magic, they paused in their ranting.

“Please, girls…if you want to harass someone, try harassing my son…he’s of a more appropriate age.” They started cooing over him again a moment, before he spotted Jin and pointed towards him…most of them squealed with delight and rushed at the younger man…who looked up in horror.

When they were gone, he breathed a sigh of relief…only to find something curl around his arm. Startled, he whipped around to see who it was…only to find himself staring at Nina.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a fangirl…” She grinned.

He scowled for a moment, but then couldn’t help but smile. “Don’t scare me like that. I hate boppers…”

A thin brow perked. “You’ve had boppers after you before?”

He simply shook his head and smiled. “Now why would a group of girls in trainer bras be interested in a fifty-year-old undead fighter?”

She shrugged, and pulled him toward the crowd by the wrist. “Maybe it’s because you’re the sexiest male in the room.”

It had been another two hours before the damned event had ended; there had been a formal dinner, speeches, live bands…in fact, Kazuya was dragged up on stage to make an impromptu speech of his own. Hearing his own strong, deep voice over the loudspeakers was something he didn’t particularly like, but he saw out of the corner of his eye a few of the fangirls making a fuss.

Presently, most of the guests had left, and there was little else of interest going on. Nina approached him again, and ran her cool fingers through his hair, scraping a few disobedient strands of raven hanging over his youthful face.

“Let’s get out of here, shall we?”

He glanced over at her, and nodded. He looked flustered, to say the least. “Yes, lets.” As they headed off toward the entrance to the hotel, he felt compelled to add a jab or two. “Never liked formal occasions like that. Too much fuss over nothing.”

Nina was glad she’d driven, since Kazuya didn’t have a car of his own. After all, since he had wanted to lay low for the last two decades, he’d relied on public transport and his legs. It was a two-door Honda, silver in colour, equipped with a sunroof and a V6 engine…she’d become, over the last year of working in Tokyo, rather attached to it. Somehow, though, the car seemed so much better with the passenger she had sitting beside her tonight. There was more power in the engine, more energy in the steering wheel…and something magic about the air. She knew it was because of her close range to the object of her desire.

It was a quick drive back to their hotel, and in less than a quarter of an hour, the two were standing together in the lift once more, heading back to their rooms. As usual, it was a slow journey, and Nina very quickly found herself nuzzling her nose against his tie.

He snickered when he realised just how close she was – that is, when she actually made contact with him – and found himself smiling bashfully when she let out a soft moan against him.

The amazing scent of him was wafting up through her nostrils, and she could feel herself growing more and more desperate for him. Over the last week, she’d been teased by him so damn much that she didn’t know how she could stay sane…she knew that she’d have to drag him to bed soon, or she’d die of curiosity. Or tonight, of desire. There was the definite masculine scent of a reasonably expensive cologne on his shirt which was driving her balmy. Along with that was his own scent – equally as masculine – and somehow, not nearly as sweaty as most men. Well, after all, he was dead theoretically…that was a good reason for the lack of sweat. Without that added stink, he just smelled…divine.

She moaned again, and her hand was, against her knowledge, feeling about madly against his chest in an effort to find something. Again he chuckled, then gently drew her closer by the waist, and kissed the top of her head lightly.

Finally, the lift doors opened on their floor. Kazuya was the first to notice, and almost had to literally drag Nina away from him and the lift. She clung to his arm possessively as they made their way to their rooms, not allowing him to move out of her sight.

Before he could escape her grasp again, she grabbed both his arms and pressed her lips against his. She didn’t give him any room to react, either…she pressed him against the wall next to his room.

The two stood there for a few minutes, kissing tenderly. Nina’s hands were roaming already, trying to feel that impressive muscle beneath his shirt and coat. His, on the other hand, stayed holding onto her upper arms gently, almost afraid to go further. This deliberate…teasing…of his, his damn innocence, was beginning to drive her crazy.

After a moment, he broke the kiss.

“Why’d you do that?” She purred against his neck.

He petted her backside lightly, almost cautiously. “Because we’ve gotta come up for air sometime. Besides, isn’t it time to pack up for the night?”

She smirked. “Says who?” Uh oh, she knew where this was heading.

“Says me.” He smiled at her, and pressed her back gently. After a moment, he found his key card, and opened his door.

As he headed inside, this time, she decided to take control. Before he could shut the door, she slipped through it after him, and slammed it behind her, smirking.

He perked a brow at her, not quite sure what to make of the situation. She, on the other hand, placed both hands on his chest and pressed him backward until he ended up sitting on the end of the bed. Again, her lips met his…he tried to resist for a moment, but failed miserably after a few short seconds. Slender hands wandered down toward his stomach, and slowly undid the buttons of his coat, pulling it off as soon as it was undone. No sooner had that been done, her hands had immediately found his nipples through his dark shirt.

The result sent shivers through her entire body…a soft, deep moan escaped into her mouth from his. She smirked, and kissed him deeper as her hands explored the body she’d wanted to touch for ages now. Eventually, she felt his hands against her waist again…one of hers reached down and grabbed his wrist, dragging it up, until it rested against her breast. It took him seemingly forever to get the initiative to actually grab at it a little…even then he was annoyingly timid. Obviously, to he3r dismay, he still wasn’t ready to make the next step.

She wasn’t ready to relent, however. After having several relationships in the past, she clearly didn’t consider the Act to be such a big thing as he did, and she was happy, if the man was ‘right’, to dive in head-first, even before the starting gun was fired. Her hands wandered lower and lower, until eventually, she petted one of his thighs…only to find her hand grasping something else.

He moaned sharply, his hands suddenly grabbing a little more firmly – one was still on her backside, the other was against her chest at the time – but it took him almost no time at all to grab a hold of her wrist, and remove it from the offended organ.

“No, not yet…” He was a little breathless.

She scowled at him. “Why the hell not?”

His lips gently touched her naked shoulder, and his head nestled itself in the curve of her neck. “I dunno Nina, I’m just not ready to go that far yet.”

A sigh escaped her lips, and she hugged his head. The more she got to know him, the more she realised she needed to learn of him. “Do you think you’ll lose respect for me? Or are you just scared? Nervous?”

He thought about it for a few moments. “A bit of them all, really.”

Poor innocent soul. Unlike everyone else she’d had a relationship with in the past, he had to be the only man that had respect for sex – and somehow, she found it admirable, and hauntingly sexy. Suddenly, she wanted him to be ready…her desire to force him into it dwindled.

She slipped away and stood before him. “Well, I suppose I can wait, if I must.” She leaned down and kissed him again. He only responded slightly. Before she headed out the door, she turned back. “You know, Kazuya…whenever you’re ready, I’ll be waiting…” Smiling, she left the room and headed towards hers. After that, she knew she would have to entertain herself tonight.

After she’d left, Kazuya gave himself a few minutes to regain his composure. It was nearly eleven, and Jin wasn’t back yet. He must’ve found someone to hang around with, or perhaps he’d gone to another venue for more partying. Though, he’d come to realise, Jin wasn’t one for partying. The poor boy had inherited his father’s preference to be alone and independent.

As he began to get undressed, he noticed a little yellow post-it sitting on Jin’s bedcovers. He reached down and picked it up, reading the quickly scrawled Katakana on it.

Staying over at a friend’s house tonight. See you tomorrow sometime, Otousan.

Yes, he should have known. Of course he was going to enjoy himself for one rare moment – after all, all young people needed a little action every now and again. Ah well, it wasn’t any of his business anyway. Jin was his son, but he was a grown man now. He’d missed they boy’s childhood, and there was nothing he could do about it. It seemed, though, that neither of them minded – at least they had each other.

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