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name :: Hithaeglir

meaning :: According to Link621, it's the old name for the Misty Mountains. Don't ask us why we decided to name the archive after a land formation, we just did. And besides, no one could come up with anything halfway decent.

maintained by :: Necromage (Mage) and Koorime (K)

founded :: 24 August 2003 - or, that's when it got its own layout.

brief history / facts :: Launched 24 August 2003 with 96 fics and 29 authors.

There's no posterboy/girl because - face it, it's far too touchy a subject. And there's just too much Legolas around. It's all the movies' fault! So, we settled on nice and generic. Swirls will do the trick!

Hithaeglir is a sub-site of the main site Noire Sensus, and a sub-archive of the main fanfiction archive, Sensus Fanfiction Archive a.k.a the Bookshelf. The primary maintainer of Hithaeglir is Necromage, but that's only because Koorime started this archive, but then abandoned it in favour of her Tekken duties >.<

layout / design :: v.one » cavatina » 24 August 2003

This is the sixth attempt for version 1 for a layout for the Lord of the Rings archive. Sixth. I've never had this much trouble putting a layout together. There are three other set (i.e. they progressed all the way to coding before I scrapped them) versions you will never see (among them the 'what K's wearing today' and 'pumpkin' themes; the pumpkin theme colours were adopted by the Image Archives, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Created with CuteHTML, Adobe Photoshop 6, and - I think I did use Paint for the image maps.

Have any questions? Why don't you refer to the FAQ first.

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Hithaeglir 88x31 Elrond during the Council meeting

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