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Summary of Archive: This section of Hithaeglir, organises all the stories from R-LOTR according to the pairings featured in them. Be warned that the majority of these pairings will be slash.

The Pairing Archives in Hithaeglir will not have summaries/anecdotes at the top of the page. The main reason: there are far too many characters in canon whom I only vaguely remember (remember, this is three whole Ages worth of characters) - and I always manage to get the elves mixed up. So for once, I'll just keep mum and let you enjoy :)


  • Aragorn X Boromir
  • Aragorn X Éomer
  • Aragorn X Faramir
  • Aragorn X Glorfindel
  • Aragorn X Haldir
  • Aragorn X Legolas [U]
  • Boromir X Haldir
  • Boromir X Legolas
  • Haldir X Celeborn
  • Haldir X Éomer
  • Haldir X Gildor
  • Haldir X Legolas
  • Lurtz X Legolas
  • Elrond X Celeborn
  • Elrond X Glorfindel
  • Elrond X Haldir
  • Elrond X Elros
  • Elrond X Erestor
  • Elrond X Thranduil [U]
  • Erestor X Elrohir
  • Erestor X Haldir
  • Erestor X Legolas
  • Erestor X Thranduil
  • Legolas X Eldarion
  • Legolas X Éomer
  • Legolas X Gimli
  • Glorfindel X Haldir
  • Glorfindel X Elladan
  • Glorfindel X Elrohir
  • Glorfindel X Erestor
  • Glorfindel X Rumil
  • Glorfindel X Thranduil
  • Thranduil X Elladan
  • Elladan X Elrohir
  • Elrohir X Legolas
  • Celeborn X Rúmil [N]
  • Celeborn X Theodred
  • Frodo X Sam
  • Slash Threesomes:

  • Aragorn X Legolas X Boromir
  • Aragorn X Legolas X Haldir
  • Boromir X Legolas X Haldir
  • Thranduil X Celeborn X Elrond
  • Haldir X Elrond X Erestor
  • Femme Slash:

  • Galadriel X Inwë
  • Mainstream:

  • Aragorn X Arwen
  • Key:
         - New
        [U] - Updated

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