Author's Note: Warning! This story contains GRAPHIC descriptions of yaoi (sexual acts between two men) and some non-consensual acts, as well as somewhat controversial issues. If you are not 18 or if you are offended easily, please do not read this! If you chose to ignore this warning, I will not be held responsible for any psychiatric care you require, because I'm not pulling any punches. ^_^ I will also ignore any flames that you send because you feel that Jin and Hwoarang do not make a cute couple or because you hate yaoi. (Face it: there's a LOT of us yaoi fic-writers out there, and I've seen plenty of Jin/Hwoarang fics. ^_^Besides... if you hate yaoi, why are you reading this?) Take this to be my response to all the fans of Jin/Julia or Hwoarang/Xiaoyu pairings. This is the direct sequel to "Sweet Rivalry," so go and read that first if you haven't already. And be prepared for a VERY strange ride... we're pulling out of the Tekken station and heading into the same territory that spawned "Blood Kisses." In other words... THIS IS VERY, VERY ALTERNATE UNIVERSE.

Whispers in the Soul

Chapter 1

By Dark Ki

Jin's world had dissolved into a very pleasant haze, during which he'd mumbled what was needed of him. He'd always been so focused before... why was it so hard now to drag his thoughts away from memories of hot skin sliding against hot skin, of tangled limbs and tongues, of heated promises murmured and gasped in his ear? Was he truly that impatient to be alone with....

"Good morning, Mr. Kazama. Is your brain gonna self-destruct in five seconds, or am I too late already?"

Jin blinked slowly, finding his stare directed at the one place it was most comfortable: on the wickedly grinning face of his fiancÚ. For a moment, he thought he'd be blinded by the copper-blood-sunset glow of the oh-so-beloved hair framing that pale face. The real sunset looked faded and worn behind 'Rang.

Hwoarang laughed. "Great, I'm married to a vegetable. I guess you are what you eat."

Now Jin blushed, seeing the secret, raunchy meaning to those words, and 'Rang only laughed harder. Jin coughed nervously, glancing over at the young justice of the peace, who was trying and failing to maintain a somewhat dignified expression. It was obvious that he'd gotten the joke even faster than Jin. "Wait... married...?"

"Yeah. I guess you really were zoned, but you got the vows out okay. At least it was one of your goofy, happy dazes. Anyway, it's official, Ka-- er... Jin." Hwoarang "oofed" as an exuberant Jin nearly broke one of his ribs with a powerful hug. "Geez, chill! I need air!"

"What for?" Jin couldn't keep a foolish grin off his face, even when Hwoarang leaned closer with that sweetly predatory smile flitting across his lips.

"'Cause I don't wanna pass out while I'm really making it official." 'Rang's mouth descended on Jin's, hungry and demanding, but at the same time offering a promise of infinite devotion and love... and one hell of a sleepless night.

By the time the newlyweds stumbled into their hotel room, laughing over the day's antics, they were both totally exhausted. 'Rang had insisted they ride mountain bikes down the volcano; they raced down the winding road with only their laughter and nature for company. Then it was on to parasailing, surfing, and scuba diving before Jin begged for a simple night of quiet to be alone with his beloved.

The night was quiet, but certainly not silent. Hwoarang coaxed countless little sighs and soft moans from his lover, each one only spurring him on even more. He hushed the occasional loud cry that threatened to burst from Jin's full lips, covering the Japanese boy's mouth with his own and letting the sound muffle itself against the knot of their tongues. Again and again the redhead swept his lover to the peak, letting him dangle so close to the edge before pulling him back, leaving Jin trembling and weeping with the thwarted promise of release. The sound was so pitiful, just a tiny plea for mercy, that Hwoarang could hold back no longer. He wanted to hear the sweet sound Jin always made at the moment of his climax... that sobbing, fluting little cry that tried so hard to shape itself into the redhead's name. A single stroke against the lover's nerve deep inside Jin brought that sound forth, and Hwoarang broke the kiss to hear it fill the room. Jin's body arched as the release he'd wanted so badly swept over him like a summer shower, leaving him shuddering even as he sagged back into the pillows. His lashes fluttered almost delicately against his fair almond skin, his body and mind sinking though delicious fatigue and into slumber.

Hwoarang smirked, pulling away from his sleeping lover to run his tongue over the white-splashed planes of Jin's taut belly. No stamina... it's cute, though, he thought with a soft chuckle. He got up from the bed, crossing to the glass and wood doors that led to the balcony and swinging them open to let in the night breeze. Moonlight bathed his pale skin and turned his coppery-red locks to silken flame. The Korean sighed and closed his eyes.

It's a good night... a very good ni--

He broke off the thought with an audible gasp as a shock of pain radiated through his chest, a spasm like a heartbeat gone afoul. Hwoarang leaned against the doorjamb, pressing a fist to his heart, his free hand wiping his sweat-dampened bangs from his eyes. He took a deep breath, released it, then took another and counted slowly.

One... two... three... four... five... si--

He bit back a shriek of agony as the pain flashed up again worse than before, in his stomach now as well as his chest: a pair of burning, clenched fists inside him slowly being opened, pressing outward with unbearable, undeniable force. It sent him sliding down to the floor with his back still braced against the doorjamb, retching helplessly as he turned watering eyes to the sleeping form on the bed.

Please... don't let him wake up... I don't want him to see me like this....

Slowly, the agony subsided, leaving only a dull throb in its wake. Hwoarang coughed, fighting down a wave of nausea as he pulled himself to his feet, stumbling back to the bed. He shivered as a stronger gust came through the open doors to tickle his skin, making him hustle back under the covers for warmth, despite the tropical heat. Jin made a soft sound, rolling onto his side and slipping his powerful arms around his lover. With a sigh, Hwoarang pulled Jin closer, letting the dark, spiky-haired head rest on his shoulder as his lover's slow breathing lulled him into a light slumber.

His lip curled in a sneer as he watched the two lovers cling to each other. The parasite and his mortal lover disgusted him, with their unnatural love and the virus that they now shared. Already he could see the dark stain spreading through the redhead's body, twisting him inside, bending the cells to its whim. It was far too late for the mortal; even that label would be denied the boy in a matter of days.

He stepped onto the balcony, moving silently into the dimly lit room. His shadow fell upon the bed, blocking the moonlight from the pair. A faint but sinister crimson light flickered briefly across the forehead of the mortal, making the observer recoil in renewed distaste.

These perversions breed any way they can....

For a moment, he was tempted to draw his weapon and lop the heads off both teenagers. But the satisfaction would be short-lived, not to mention permanently damaging to his position. With a muted, frustrated growl, he summoned sparks of golden light to his fingertips as he crossed to the bed, then reached out to brush his long, glimmering nails to the mortal's forehead. He couldn't suppress a wince of utter loathing as he touched the boy, sending some small measure of his power into the redhead's sleeping brain. He jerked his hand away, biting back a hiss as the mortal stirred, frowning unconsciously as he pulled his devil lover closer still. The observer allowed himself a snort of disdain, backing toward the balcony and turning to face the moon and the ocean only when he was free of the darkness of the room.

Sleep well tonight, if you must. It will be the last night of joy you ever know.

Khalen spread his broad gray wings and flung himself from the balcony, vanishing in midair.

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