Author's Note: Warning! This story contains GRAPHIC descriptions of yaoi (sexual acts between two men). If you are not 18 or if you are offended easily, please do not read this! If you chose to ignore this warning, I will not be held responsible for any psychiatric care you require. ^_^ I will also ignore any flames that you send because you feel that Jin and Hwoarang do not make a cute couple or because you hate yaoi. (Face it: there's a LOT of us yaoi fic-writers out there, and I've seen plenty of Jin/Hwoarang fics. ^_^) Take this to be my response to all the fans of Jin/Julia or Hwoarang/Xiaoyu pairings.

Sweet Rivalry

By Dark Ki

And when the darkness came
You washed away my pain
You can do anything when it comes to me
I won't hold back
I want to know no shame
Take me away in the sky

"Losin' Myself" - Deborah Gibson

Hwoarang was shaking as he fell to his knees across from where Jin crouched; the Japanese boy panted for breath as he tried to wipe away the blood and sweat trickling down into his eyes. Hwoarang folded over, tears spilling over in his eyes. This was supposed to be his great moment, his one chance to prove himself: their rematch in the midst of the third Iron Fist.

And he was screwing up again.

Jin lifted his gaze to his opponent’s face, his expression concerned.

"Why are you distressed? You haven’t lost!"

"Why can’t I beat you?" Hwoarang exploded. "It... it’s not fair! You cheated!"

"I didn’t cheat, Hwoarang. Please, it’s just a draw. It’s not the end of the world."

Hwoarang screamed wildly and launched himself at Jin, tackling his exhausted opponent. Jin grunted in pain as he was bowled over onto his back, the impact on the hardwood floor sending waves of dull agony through his body. Hwoarang sat astride his stomach, pinning his shoulders to the ground with both hands. His eyes were haunted, bright with tears, a blush of rage across his pale face.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Jin wheezed, trying to breathe with the weight on his body, as he was too tired to throw the other boy off him. For a moment, he swore that Hwoarang was going to strangle him.

Hwoarang leaned down, bringing his lips near Jin’s ear. Jin waited for the snarled accusations, the biting words of hatred.

"Jin, I-- I'm sorry. I have to beat you...."

Hwoarang suddenly captured Jin’s mouth forcefully with his own. Jin squeaked in shock, his wide eyes staring up at Hwoarang’s closed, red-lashed eyelids, and Hwoarang took advantage of the slightly older boy’s slack-jawed surprise to push his tongue between Jin’s full lips, but the kiss was slow, gentle... so very unlike the fiery young man.

Jin reached up to grab Hwoarang by the hair, ready to pull him away. But then his hand released its grip, moving to caress Hwoarang’s cheek as he slid his white headband off, letting it fall to the floor. His arms wrapped around Hwoarang’s back, rolling them both over until the redhead was pinned beneath him. Hwoarang sighed, a contented sound, and snaked his arms around Jin, the fingers of one hand trailing over the smooth, sweat-slick skin of Jin’s back and the tight curve of his rear. Jin shivered, his tongue teasing Hwoarang’s with shy little flickers, his fingers running appraisingly, then lovingly, through Hwoarang’s silky, coppery tresses. Hwoarang’s hand followed the line of Jin’s waist, tugging the drawstring of his gi loose in one pull, then returning to his back, only creeping under the smooth material to graze the flawless skin there. The Japanese boy moaned softly into Hwoarang’s mouth, awkwardly working the jacket of Hwoarang’s gi off his shoulders and picking his back up off the floor enough to slide the garment into the corner. Hwoarang breathed a long sigh before Jin pinned him again, bare skin to bare skin, deepening their unbroken kiss to a level of desperate, almost savage passion.

They finally broke the kiss after several minutes, gazing into each other’s eyes; Jin’s were like the night, dark with suddenly realized desire, and Hwoarang’s the color of chocolate, almost feminine in their heavy-lidded, wanting glance.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Hwoarang lowered his gaze a little in shame. "I couldn't... for a lot of reasons."

"Do any of them still apply?"

In reply, Hwoarang flipped them over again and held Jin there. He bent his head towards the submissive older boy to kiss the side of his neck, drawing the skin into his mouth; Jin gave a low hissing moan at the burning mark he left behind. Jin’s breathing was slow and shaky as Hwoarang moved down, tasting his fair almond skin, until he felt Hwoarang’s tongue flick out at one of his nipples, his lips fastening there to suckle it erect. He gasped, squirming under the torturous mouth and the delicate, long-fingered hands that trailed down his sides to push his gi pants down over his hips and off. The cool air and then Hwoarang’s hot skin brushing lightly against his aroused shaft made him twitch spasmodically, his eyes rolling back and flickering closed. He felt Hwoarang tease his other nipple into a hard little bead before the trail of kisses moved down his stomach and lower, his body tensing and his breath coming fast.

When Hwoarang’s soft, hot mouth swallowed him slowly to the hilt, the skilled tongue teasing his sensitive, virgin flesh, he arched back, crying out and tangling his fingers in the Korean’s long red hair. He writhed, wailing helplessly as he felt himself go almost painfully rigid, twisting beneath Hwoarang for what seemed like an eternity, Hwoarang’s fingertips tickling and probing at the tight little pucker between his legs. The smooth lips and tight mouth sliding up and down his shaft were enough to make his body buck upwards into Hwoarang’s face, his total inexperience making the sensations so intense that they were just short of pain. Jin’s body locked in a bow, a strangled moan pouring from his throat as he felt an insistent pull in his groin, but Hwoarang’s skilled fingers clamped gently in one spot, letting the feeling of orgasm burn through Jin but keeping him from losing control. Jin shrieked, his body seizing alarmingly, his hands tangled painfully tight in Hwoarang’s hair. The redhead’s tongue delicately savaged his velvety tip, tasting the nectar gathering there as he let Jin’s length slide from his lips. Jin collapsed and lay gasping and incoherent as Hwoarang struggled out of his remaining clothes, almost settling his lithe form over the other boy's body as he tilted Jin's hips up.

Jin was trembling with passion and even a little fear as he felt something firm press against the place between his legs, felt strong arms still encircling his back, holding him there as Hwoarang entered him with one long, slow, agonizing push and a tortured sigh. Jin tensed, groaning, his fingers trying to dig into the polished planks of the floor as he was spread open, filled by the other boy’s girth. Tears showed at the corners of his tightly-closed eyes; the penetration was painful, but he focused only on the intense feeling of warmth and pressure that came as he let himself relax. Still, the pain was obvious on his face, and Hwoarang blinked, trying hard to ignore the sensation of Jin, tight and unbearably hot, around him.

"You're a virgin, aren't you?"

"Not... anymore...."

Hwoarang freed one arm from under Jin's body, running his hand through Jin's thick hair. "I'm sorry... I've never done this before, either, and I forgot about lubrication. If it hurts too much, I'll stop."

Jin felt him start to withdraw and tightened his arms around the other boy, holding him there, his eyes pleading. Hwoarang hesitated for only a moment before he began to move against him, carefully, lovingly, Jin's length trapped between them so that each long, cautious thrust created teasing friction that sent shocks through Jin's entire body. Hwoarang’s lips and tongue left gentle kisses over Jin’s broad shoulders, over the curve of his neck and on the sensitive flesh of his ears. The younger boy’s skin was warm as he settled fully over Jin with a contented sigh, the sound laced with the strain of passion as his movements quickened. Jin's moans tipped up in pitch, and he arched like a cat as he came with a long, low moan, splashing hot pearl drops between them as an incredible flash of fire roared through every vein and nerve. Hwoarang gave a tense laugh and rammed himself in hard one last time, shaking Jin enough to almost push him down onto the floor. He threw back his head, crying out as he climaxed; Jin groaned as he felt the rush of warmth flow into him.

Jin slumped back, Hwoarang’s arms still wrapped around him. The Korean boy chuckled faintly as he moved his hips ever so slightly; Jin whimpered at the aftershocks of pleasure that rolled through his body from the hard flesh still within him. Satisfied that Jin was completely worn out, Hwoarang pulled out with a soft sucking sound and ran his fingers gently over Jin's tender flesh. Strangely, he wasn't bleeding at all. Hwoarang took Jin into his mouth again to drink the fruits of his orgasm, almost purring against the flesh. Jin continued to whimper mindlessly, his body still twitching; the last thing he remembered before blackness claimed him was Hwoarang finally curling up next to him, licking his ever-smirking lips and embracing Jin, keeping him warm against the chill of the room. The Korean's smooth voice breathed against his ear.

"You could've told me, too."

"Hello? Jin?" Lei stepped quietly into the dojo, his senses alert for any sign of the boy. "Jin? Everyone’s been looking for you. They want to know how the fight went. Hello? Are you here?"

Something moved in a dark corner of the room, and there was a soft, sleepy sigh. Lei dropped into a defensive crouch, watching carefully. His eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light, and what he saw made him stare in shock.

Jin and Hwoarang were curled up in the corner, still nude, their arms locked around each other in an intimate embrace. Both were dozing, and Hwoarang’s head rested on Jin’s shoulder. Lei backed out of the room, closing the door and walking swiftly back towards the others.

Law’s eyes widened. "They were what?!"

"They weren’t actually doing anything when I walked in. But I think I know what they were doing before...."


The two fighters turned to see Heihachi standing in the doorway, his face set in a glower more fierce than his usual. "My grandson... and that Korean street-trash...?!" he bellowed as he stormed in. "How dare that whelp lay a hand on the heir to the Mishima Empire!"

As if you really give a damn about Jin, Lei thought bitterly.

At that moment, Jin and Hwoarang walked in, dressed in their fighting uniforms, with the faint blush of afterglow across their faces. They were holding hands, their fingers laced together.

"Um...," Jin began softly, "we drew again...."

Julia stared at them. She'd seen the nervous glances Jin and Hwoarang had been giving each other since the opening ceremonies. The thought of the two of them curled up somewhere, naked and twined together in sleep, shook her to the core. How could someone like Hwoarang seduce sweet, gentle Jin?

Heihachi strode forward, dark eyes blazing, and seized Hwoarang by the throat, lifting the struggling, choking boy off the floor. "Gaijin trash! You have the audacity to rape my grandson! You will pay with your worthless life!"

Jin grabbed his grandfather’s arm and twisted; Heihachi roared in pain and released Hwoarang. The Korean boy fell to his knees, clutching at his throat and struggling to draw breath, his face red. Jin wrestled Heihachi to the ground, holding him there; the older man’s glare promised much pain to both boys for this humiliation.

"Grandfather, he did not rape me!" Jin exclaimed. Then his voice softened. "I... I consented to what we did."

"This... this... whore... has tainted your body and your mind! You are not thinking straight!"

"No!" Jin snapped. "You will not speak ill of him! For once, I will do what I wish. You cannot dictate my life to me, especially not when you intend to kill my lover!" Jin glanced up at Hwoarang; their eyes met, and Hwoarang nodded once. Jin pushed himself roughly away from Heihachi, getting to his feet and helping Hwoarang up. "This tournament is over. I will face the Toshin, for my mother... and for Hwoarang." Hwoarang stared at him in horrified shock, ready to protest, but Jin took his hand and gave him a reassuring smile. "Don’t worry. I’ll be safe, and I swear I’ll keep you safe, too."

Together, the two boys walked quickly from the room, without looking back.

They walked silently through the halls of the Syndicate for several moments. Hwoarang's grip on Jin's hand was almost crushing, his face white with fear. Finally, he slammed to a halt, not letting go. Jin continued for a step, until he felt Hwoarang pulling him back. He stopped and turned to his lover, trying not to bite his lip at the anxiety he saw in Hwoarang's eyes. "What's wrong?"

"What do you mean, you’ll face Toshin?" Hwoarang exclaimed. "We’ll do this together!"

Jin stopped, snaking an arm around his waist and holding him close, his other hand brushing the silky hair from Hwoarang’s eyes. "I will do this alone. I don’t want you getting hurt."

"Don’t be a fool!" Hwoarang’s tone was harsh, but his voice quivered, mirroring the tears in his eyes. His arms wrapped protectively around Jin's back. "You face him alone, and you’ll die! If we both go, at least we have a chance!"

"Please... don’t make this any harder than it already is...."

"I won’t let you throw your life away! Please... don’t do this...." The tears spilled over, and Hwoarang buried his face against Jin’s shoulder, sobbing brokenly. "If you die... I’ll be alone again... please, Jin... I love you...." The last three words were so faint, so choked with grief, that Jin could barely hear them, but hear them he did.

"Shh...," he soothed, stroking Hwoarang’s hair. "It’s okay... everything will be okay. I won’t leave you alone, I swear...." Hwoarang started to relax into his arms, trying to bring himself under control.

Jin struck him carefully but firmly across the back of his head, at the base of his skull. Hwoarang slumped against him, unconscious.

"I’m sorry, Hwoarang... but I have to do this, for both of us. I’m the only one who can," he whispered as he gently lowered Hwoarang to the floor, brushing his lips lightly over Hwoarang’s. "I love you, too...."

Then he was gone, running down the corridor towards the training hall.

Toshin was waiting for him when he came bursting through the double doors into the stone hall. The boy's eyes blazed with fury.

"Murderer!" he bellowed, pointing an accusing finger at the Fighting God. "You killed my mother and Hwoarang's master, and now you pay for it!"

Toshin laughed, still standing there with his brawny arms folded across his chest. ::Please, boy! If you come merely for me to slaughter you as well, then by all means feel free to bark something less... cliched.::

Jin bared his teeth in a snarl and suddenly exploded into a frenzy, rushing to the attack with a rising scream of hatred. As if to insult him further, Toshin blurred out and vanished, reappearing several meters behind Jin. Jin screeched to a halt and stared in raging disbelief over his shoulder.

::Perhaps we should take this elsewhere, boy. I tire of this place.::

"This place will be your grave!"

Again Jin charged forward, summoning his ki to his fists as he ran, until they glowed and his whole body rippled with blue-violet lightning. Toshin unfolded his arms and held them out straight before him, flexing up his palms. It was too late for Jin to stop. He could only shield his face with his arms as his momentum carried him forward.

He struck the circle of cold light with a cry of alarm... and vanished.

Hwoarang groaned and opened his eyes slowly, yelping when he saw Lei Wulong's face. He sat up suddenly, wincing at the flash of pain in his skull.

"Are you okay?" Lei asked. "I found you unconscious in the hallway."

Hwoarang forced himself to sit up as he began changing into his jeans. "My head's killing me, but I'll live."

"Where's Jin?"

Hwoarang pulled on his shirt and stared blankly at Lei for a moment. "I remember crying, begging him not to go, and then...." His eyes widened. "He knocked me out! He didn't want me going with him to face Toshin! Lei, we have to help him!"

"Can you walk?"

Hwoarang was on his feet in a moment, ignoring the pain in his head. "Follow me!"

He tugged on his spurred boots, grabbed his jacket, and darted for the door with Lei hot on his trail. Together they raced through the corridors to the training hall; Lei was actually having a hard time keeping up with the younger boy. He could tell how concerned Hwoarang was for his lover, and he wondered just how far their relationship would go, knowing the Korean boy's wild nature. Perhaps he was ready to calm down.... His musings were interrupted when he almost ran into Hwoarang's back; they'd reached the training hall. Hwoarang flung the doors open and darted inside.


Lei followed him into the massive room, staring in shock at the huge vertical ring of bloody light hovering mere inches off the floor, framing a gruesome image: a huge beast like a gargoyle, with burning eyes and the wings of a demon, breathing a gout of dark vermilion flame at something small and dark....


Lei started at the sound of Hwoarang's cry, watching helplessly as the redhead flung himself into the gate without regard for his own safety. "Hwoarang! Come back!" The cop leaped after him and bounced off the portal like it was crystal-clear steel. He shook himself, dazed only for a moment, and jumped back to his feet, pounding his fists impotently on the sealed gate.

Why did it let Hwoarang through?!

Jin flailed, wailing in pain as he tried to put out the hellfire scorching his skin. The burning air rushed down into his lungs, searing them and bringing Jin to his knees. Toshin roared with laughter, raising its serpent-arm to bash the boy’s skull in. Screaming like a madman, Hwoarang charged at the monster, launching into a flying kick that caught the Fighting God right across its misshapen face. Toshin bellowed as Hwoarang’s spur slashed open its cheek and gashed open one eye, splashing green blood. Hwoarang landed in a crouch next to Jin, whipping off his leather jacket and using it to smother the flames licking at his lover’s body. Jin moaned weakly in pain, his skin blistered, his hair singed.

"Leave him alone!" Hwoarang cried as he tried to drag Jin to safety.

Toshin responded with a snarling roar and, lowering its head, rushed Hwoarang like an enraged bull. Jin raised his head just in time to see the beast crash into Hwoarang, one of its massive horns goring clear through his side as it flung him, screaming in agony, across the arena with a flick of its head. Hwoarang slammed into one of the walls and slid down, blood shining on the stone behind him, staining his gray shirt, his voice falling abruptly silent. Jin stared at the fallen young man in horror. His body was still, no more than a broken puppet, a trickle of crimson dripping from his lips. The scream of rage that poured from Jin’s throat drowned out Toshin’s laughter.

"You bastard!"

Toshin turned to look at its first opponent, and its remaining beady red eye widened. The dark-haired boy was on his feet, surrounded by an aura of red-black flames. His eyes blazed with amber hellfire, more intense than the fires it had tried to burn him with. His bangs almost hid his face, they were so long, but they were not enough to obscure his incandescent eyes, the black lines of Power burning across his forehead and down his nose, or the smooth, elliptical crimson jewel they framed. His fingers and toes bore long, clawlike nails. He didn’t wince as his back swelled out, the skin forcefully giving way to a pair of massive raven-feathered wings. The boy’s full lips parted, baring lethal fangs as he snarled a low, inarguable curse in a voice that echoed with Power.

"Now... you... die...."

Lei witnessed it all through the portal.

His chest tightened at the sight of Jun's son, transformed into a terrible creature, tearing into the Fighting God as if the great demon was nothing more than a paper doll, ripping with claws and fangs. All traces of the young man's fighting arts were gone; now there was only his blind rage and savage instincts. Toshin howled, thwarted and dying, its hideous frame collapsing in on itself in a shower of lights that then blew free, scattering to the winds.

Only then did Devil Jin's rage spend itself, and he stood calmly watching the lights go.

"Good-bye, Mother...." Jin turned and stepped over to Hwoarang, his nails clicking softly on the stone floor. Lei could see his wings twitching in misery.

Jin gathered Hwoarang’s broken body into his arms, his eyes filling with tears at the sight of the grievous wound in his lover’s side, the way the beautiful copper-haired head lolled back lifelessly. Hwoarang's lips were already tinged with blue.

"Hwoarang...," he sobbed softly. "No... no... I told you to stay behind...!"

Tears splashed onto Hwoarang’s slack face, shining like glass on his pale skin. The jewel in Jin’s forehead shone with a faint light, pulsing in rhythm with his heartbeat. "Please... please don’t leave me...," Jin pleaded, brushing Hwoarang’s hair out of his eyes with a clawed hand. "I don’t want to be alone, either...."

Hwoarang’s long lashes flickered, his face tensing. Jin stared, so focused on his eyes that he didn’t notice the wound in Hwoarang’s side healing, closing completely, even the spilled blood on his skin and clothes sinking back into his flesh. With a pained moan, Hwoarang opened his eyes.

"You’re alive...!" Jin whispered, his golden eyes wide with overjoyed disbelief.

Hwoarang stared up at Jin; at first, he failed to recognize his lover’s transformed features. Then he started in shock. "Jin?!" he whispered hoarsely. "No... what happened to you?! What did that monster do to you?!"

"It... it didn’t do this... this is my father’s curse...." Jin flung up a wing, hiding his face from sight. "Please, don’t... don’t look at me...!"

Hwoarang carefully pushed the powerful wing aside, reaching up to gently grip Jin’s wild, spiky hair and pull his head down, grazing his trembling lips with a delicate kiss. "Shhh...," he whispered as he broke the kiss, his breath sweeping across Jin’s mouth, his eyes lightly closed and a smile on his lips. "You’re beautiful...."

With a sigh of desperate relief, Jin enfolded Hwoarang in the soft cradle of his wings and claimed his mouth in a second, fiercer kiss, their tongues tangling together, arms locked around each other in an embrace of joyous surrender.

"Good-bye, Jun...," Lei whispered, fighting back grief. "Please keep watching over them both."

Silently, he turned and walked away, to tell the others a terrible lie.

"Jin... Hwoarang...?" Law asked, looking genuinely concerned about his two new friends.

Lei shook his head sadly. "They’re gone. Toshin... Toshin is dead, but Jin and Hwoarang... their wounds were mortal, too.

Everyone in the room bowed their heads, whether they were friends or enemies of the two boys, in recognition of their sacrifice.

Lei was never a truly religious man, but now he gazed out the window at the rising moon, praying for the soul of the woman he once loved and still did, as well as for her son and the boy's lover.

Good luck, Jin... Hwoarang... good luck and be well....

"Lucky for us that the portal stayed open."

Jin nodded. "I could've flown us back, but I agree this was much easier. I guess there was just enough Power left for it to outlast Toshin's death."

"I still don't understand how I got through and Lei didn't." Hwoarang settled into the padded seat of his cycle, stroking the grips lovingly. He'd really missed riding his motorcycle, and he was looking forward to showing Jin how to ride it as well.

"Maybe your emotions disrupted Toshin's Power enough to let you through. I don't think we'll ever know for certain." Jin retracted his wings and claws; the jewel sank back under his skin, and the brands faded. He flicked back his chin-length bangs. "You know, you do realize that cutting these is somewhat pointless, seeing as how they’ll just grow back every time I change."

"Ehh...." Hwoarang smirked as he revved up the engine of his Harley, glancing back over his shoulder at Jin. "They look good on you. Just leave ‘em alone. The helmet’ll hold them back."

Jin finished securing the saddlebags. Now it was his turn to grin. "Who said I was going to wear one?"

Hwoarang raised an eyebrow. "Gettin’ daring, huh?"

Jin climbed on behind Hwoarang, wrapping his arms tightly around his waist. "Let’s just say that I feel safe with you."

"C’mon," Hwoarang said gently, smiling. "I know the perfect place for us to get away. Have you ever been windsurfing?"

The cycle pulled out, roaring down the highway into the night.

Jin fell asleep soon after their plane took off. Hwoarang stared out the window, watching as they passed through the clouds. He reached into the pocket of his leather jacket, taking out a small box. A faint smile crossed his lips as he gazed at the contents: a gift for Jin that he’d bought in a small store in the Tokyo airport. It was nothing spectacular, but its meaning would certainly be clear.

Jin slumped to one side, his head resting on Hwoarang’s shoulder. Hwoarang kissed the top of his head, grinning affectionately at the sight of Jin’s sharp-featured face, innocent in his sleep. His long dark lashes fluttered a little, and he made a soft sound in his dreaming. Hwoarang had a good idea of what he was dreaming about. He leaned his head against Jin’s, slipping the box back into his pocket and closing his eyes.

"This... this is beautiful...!" Jin stood on the balcony of their hotel room, staring in awe at the broad white beaches and crystal blue waters of the ocean. The seabreeze ruffled his bangs.

"I’ve only been here once before," Hwoarang said softly. "But I swore that I’d come back when the time was right. I’m just glad they let me import my bike here."

Jin chuckled. "I heard that Maui is one of the most popular places for honeymoons. Is that why we came here?"

An enigmatic smile curved Hwoarang's lips. "I know a good place for dinner. Whaddya say to a bite to eat?"

"Sounds good. It’s been a while."

A little while later, they were sitting down to a comfortable dinner in a quiet little restaurant. Jin made a face at the huge steak Hwoarang was tucking into with obvious relish.

"How can you eat that?"

Hwoarang swallowed. "Hey, red meat’s not bad for you. Don’t you ever get bored with fish and vegetables?" He offered a piece to Jin on the end of his fork.

Jin shook his head. "It’s still red inside. How can you eat practically rare meat?"

Hwoarang grinned. "This ain’t the only raw meat I plan on eatin’ tonight."

Jin blushed.

After dinner, they had a section of the beach to themselves: a quiet little cove, nestled between huge natural rock jetties. The moon glittered off the breakers that rode into the beach to lap at their bare feet. They kicked water at each other for a little while, laughing, then waded up onto dry sand. Hwoarang unslung the blanket from his shoulder and spread it over the sand with a flick of his wrist. Jin realized what he was doing and blushed, trying to hide it behind his bangs. Hwoarang noticed, chuckling gently as he took Jin’s wrist and pulled him down onto the blanket next to him.

"I got you something. I hope you like it." His heart pounded in anticipation as he slipped something onto the ring finger of Jin’s left hand.

Jin looked down at the simple silver band, his wide eyes shining with tears. "Hwoarang...!"

"Yeah... don’t make a big deal out...." Hwoarang was cut off when Jin threw his arms around him, kissing him deeply as he pinned the Korean boy beneath him.

Hwoarang was surprised at Jin’s sudden aggressiveness, but he merely returned the embrace, parting his lips to twine his tongue with Jin’s. Jin’s hands worked Hwoarang’s jeans open, pushing them down as far as he could. He tore his mouth away long enough to strip off the rest of Hwoarang’s clothes and his own shirt, the redhead staring at him with a combination of lust, shock, love, and a little fear. That was when he saw the expanding rings of amber around the pupils of Jin’s dark eyes.

"Jin...!" Hwoarang couldn’t keep the alarm out of his voice.

"I know...," Jin growled softly, grinning and baring his fangs as he kicked free of his jeans. "What can I say? You bring out the devil in me...."

Hwoarang started to force out a weak chuckle when the fanged mouth descended on his again, his tongue forcing itself past his lips. Hwoarang moaned, not used to being on the submissive end, but dimly realizing that he was enjoying it. He squealed into Jin’s mouth as one of his lover’s clawed hands carefully sheathed him, stroking him with expert skill. Jin all but silenced Hwoarang's moans with the kiss; his other arm snaked around Hwoarang’s back to hold him crushed against his powerful body. Hwoarang began to gasp into Jin’s mouth, his hips jerking in spasms, almost ready to explode. As if sensing his state, Jin’s claws raked ever so gently over his length as he released him. Hwoarang started to sit up, wondering why he’d let go. He fell back with a groan, feeling hot breath and a searching tongue sweep over his tip as he penetrated between Jin’s soft lips, his shaft slipping tightly between his extended fangs, teased by his tongue. Hwoarang moaned, squirming as he had made Jin do before, seizing a double handful of Jin’s spiky, thick hair. He pushed himself up against Jin’s face, wanting to drive deeper down the hungry throat, even though Jin was taking him in all the way already. His body shone with sweat; he wanted-- no, needed-- release; he begged Jin for it with his whimpering cries and the frantic pitching of his hips. With a chuckle and a skillful squeeze with his fingers, Jin forced Hwoarang into a paroxysm of tortured wailing while keeping him achingly hard. Hwoarang actually had tears of sweet torture in his eyes when Jin let him go, flicking out his tongue to capture one last taste of his lover.

Hwoarang gasped, startled, when Jin rolled him onto his belly, the devil boy’s strong arms like iron cords around his slender waist as he lifted the younger boy to his hands and knees. He felt the tip of Jin’s length pressed against the entrance to his body for only a moment before Jin roughly but carefully drove himself in. Hwoarang bit back a cry, expecting it to hurt, but all he felt was the tingling of Jin's Power, protecting him. Hwoarang inhaled sharply and held his breath as he felt the hot flesh strike home, Jin’s abdomen molded to his rear. One of Jin’s arms tightened around the Korean boy, pulling Hwoarang against him as he thrust into him repeatedly; his wings burst free to wrap about Hwoarang, cradling him as his free hand enveloped his length with unbearable pressure. Hwoarang gritted his teeth, feeling himself near climax. Unconsciously, he thrust hard into the tunnel of Jin’s fingers, the friction enough to push him over the edge. With an almost delicate, lusty shriek, he erupted in Jin’s grip, throwing snowy lines across his taloned fingers. Jin brought his hand to his lips, memorizing the taste for several lingering moments before wrapping that arm around Hwoarang’s waist and thrusting hard into him as far as he could, his orgasm ripping a singing cry from him. Hwoarang's eyes rolled back and he fainted with a soft sigh, the sensations too much for him. Jin withdrew slowly, flipped him over, and bent his head to savor the taste of his lover, now his mate, suckling the softening flesh clean before curling up against him possessively, sheltering them both with his strong wings.

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