The Quality of the Sword (is Determined by the Wielder of the Flame)

Chapter Three - Stoking the Flame

By M. Mishima

Hwoarang heard the faint knock at the door and paused in his pacing. He had sworn he had heard the faint sound a hundred times over since he returned to the suite, and each time he had gone to check obsessively, it had been someone walking down the hall... or a draft from the open window. He waited now, holding his breath to see if the sound came again.

And this time it did.

The Blood Talons heart froze. It was Jin. Hwoarang knew it was Jin.

Forcing himself out of temporary paralysis, the Blood Talons fingers braced around the door knob, ready to face the Japanese youth... ready to atone for his behavior, for pressing on Jin what he believed his former rival had needed, what Hwoarang swore was there between them. It wasnít the first time he had been wrong, but it was the first time it gnawed at him so deeply.

Cracking his neck to the side, Hwoarang forced himself into the comfort of his cool facade, pursing his dry lips slowly as he let the door slide open.

Jin looked up, his gaze haunted, tormented but far warmer than the icy glare that met him from the Korean beautys eyes. "Hwoarang... "

"Kazama." The blood talon answered in arrogant, artic fashion. He left the door open and walked back into the confines of the suite, one hand on his hip, the other reaching for his soft pack of menthols.

Jin took a deep breath and entered, closing the door behind him, standing still as a statue, rigid as the beginning of a kata. "Hwoarang, I... I am sorry I ran off like that... you didnít deserve that."

"Yeah, no shit, Kazama." The Korean thug responded, tossing the lighter onto the table with a loud thud, its usefulness outlived now that his cigarette was sparked to life. "So, whatís the plan? You packing your shit up and moving into Lings room? You two were looking pretty chummy on that dance floor? Need to purge yourself of this queer shit?"

The Blood Talons tone was cutting, caustic and heavy laden with guttural Korean, made thicker in the heat of anger. Jin shook his head, not really knowing what to say, or where to begin it all. But he needed to get it out, now, in the open before the Korean was no longer a friend and once more a rival. "Its not like that, Hwoarang." He felt stupid saying it, he knew that wasnít the Blood Talons given name, just his alias, his street corner catch phrase.

"No, Kazama? Then whatís it like, huh?" Hwoarang hissed as he exhaled a thick blue tinge of smoke from his lips. Capturing the cylinder with his teeth, the Blood Talon rolled up the sleeves of his mesh shirt. "And while you are making with the speech, mind telling me how the hell I have smoke marks on my arms? Mind telling me how you pulled that little stunt?"

Jins eyes were wide as he looked up, meeting the icy glare of the Korean youth... and the smoke trails that inched up the Blood Talons forearms. At least, with this part of the topic, Jin could speak, could be heard without anger and fear at Hwoarangs rejection of him.

"Fatal Lightning. Thatís what oujisan..grandfather..calls it. Itís the mark of the Mishima Bloodline... the manifestation of the Chi that forks around the skin. That was how he was convinced I was my fathers son, despite the resemblance." Jin said in a voice so soft, it was like velvet on the skin. "Its something I have always had in varying degrees... something that doesnít manifest itself unless... well unless my body is under strain or my emotions run high. It doesnít usually happen to me unless I am in the dojo... or in a difficult match."

Hwoarang inhaled sharply, returned to stalking about the living area of the suite with leonine, predatory grace. He listened to Jin, tried to sniff him out by the look in his eyes, the way he held his words. If the Blood Talon was good at one thing, it was reading people, even if his impetuous nature showed itself before this gifted ability. "You just keep getting more fucking interesting, donít you, Kazama?" He hissed in verbal attack, sarcasm so deep it hit its mark on Jin and made him flinch.

The Japanese youth could not take this anymore, he did not want it to go this way. Moving forward, his hands resting limp at his hips in a show of surrender as he walked... a show that he was coming before the Blood Talon humble, apologetic. "Hwoarang... ."

The Blood Talon ceased his pacing, his left leg falling back to brace a stance. His normal defense mechanism that triggered when his temper burned hot. "What?" He barked in annoyance.

"I liked it." Jin said simply, stopping a few feet from the Blood Talon, who watched him like prey.

"What?" The Blood Talon answered sharply, not sure if he heard the young Kazama the right way.

"I didnít know what to do when it all... hit me. I thought I shouldnít have enjoyed it..that it was wrong... but... I liked it. I liked kissing you. I liked feeling your mouth and tasting it... I liked the way it made me feel... and that cant be wrong... " Jin said with such earnest. Lies could never become him, he had no poker face, no alternate idiom to hold to but truth and honor.

Hwoarang was caught of guard, his stance wavering ever so slightly as his amber eyes melted down from a glacier to an ice cube. "If you liked it so much, why did you tear ass out of the club?" Interesting choice of words there, Blood Talon. Really.

Jin shook his head softly, the cowlick tendrils falling before his eyes shivering. "This is going to sound like every other thing I have told you, Hwoarang, but... well... " Jin was forcing himself to be blunt now, one hand coming up to scratch the inky hair at the back of his neck. "..well that was the first time I have felt... you know... climax?"

Hwoarang had not been shocked at how sheltered Jin was, after his former rival explained how his life had been. But this damn near floored the Blood Talon who had sworn he had heard it all now. The confusion and disbelief showed in his eyes, his softened tone, before his body would relax. "You mean to tell me, Kazama, that you have never... shot it off? I mean, I know you kinda let the slip go that you hadnít gotten any action before... but, I mean, not even with your own hand?"

Jin shook his head no with slight, subtle movements. His face burned with shame, flushed to admit this to anyone, including himself. "I know how it works, I mean the biology of it all. But I was brought up in a traditional house, before my mother passed. We never really spoke of sex but the tenets of my mothers way was almost feudal, almost samurai... and that translates to... never letting vital life spill for no good reason." Jin moistened his dry lips, his hips easing a bit from the rigid form now that Hwoarang was showing some relaxation in that area.

"I... remember cleaning myself once... and well, to paraphrase you... it shot off... but I felt so bad about that, that I donít even remember how it felt... " Jin was rambling now, trying to get some kind of reaction from Hwoarang. "This is all really new to me... from the way my body feels to the way my emotions are working. I always thought I was supposed to find a girlfriend, like all the other guys I see at school... I thought that was how it worked. But, well, I have always been shy around people... "

The Blood Talon raised a brow as Jin just kept rambling, leaning into the ash tray to flick off the dangerously long end of his cigarette before crushing it. He was listening. His defenses were dropping. Jin had that affect on him.

"But my body is awake now... and as much as I wanted to deny it to myself when I left the club... my body has been starved... and its hungry for you." Jin said, looking up to meet Hwoarangs eyes, the flush of heat blushing over his face. His words were bold, but they had to be. They had to clean up the mess he created. "And I would... well, that is if you would... let me kiss you, again?"

The Blood Talon ran his fingers through his coppery mane, tearing his eyes away from Jin for a moment, just to collect his thoughts.

"I promise I wont run away this time." Jin said with the hint of a smile, trying to laugh off his behavior and the awkward silence that filled the room.

Hwoarang looked up, a brief glint of a smile flashing over his features. He was disarmed. The mighty thug, the roguish manipulator was rendered nearly helpless for Jin Kazama. "Alright." This went against his better judgment. It went against everything in the Koreans fiery spirit. But as starved as Jin was, the Blood Talon was equally famished.

Jin slowly closed the few feet of distance remaining between them, coming to a stand before the slightly more lithe but incredibly muscular Korean. With shivering fingers he dared to make the first contact. He had to, he had been the one to run away when Hwoarang had done it.

The moment his cool fingertips met the heat of the Blood Talons angular jaw line, Jin felt his breathing hitch, felt the flutter in his stomach... his veins afire as if he no longer pumped blood beneath his skin, but gasoline. Dark chocolate eyes flickered up nervously before lowering, the Japanese youth quivering as he brushed his lips along Hwoarangs lower one, the clash of silk and velvet...

The Blood Talon closed his eyes slowly, feeling that first brush and the cool sensation of Jins fingertips, shaking and nervous as they braced to his jaw line. The moment seemed to last an eternity as he felt Jin open those perfect lips, the tentative slick muscle making shy first contact with Hwoarangs own tongue. The first delicious taste of the Japanese beauty, given with only the fear of rejection... not the fear of its intentions.

Hwoarang tilted is head to the side, twining his tongue along Jins own before slowly withdrawing and rolling thick laps within his former rivals exquisite mouth, drinking in the rich font, the perfect taste of his Japanese beauty. One hand came up, snaking along Jins shoulder as fingers twined strands of ebony. The Blood Talon drank in Jins soft moan and returned it with is own as the Japanese beauty slowly drew more confident in the sensation.

Jin felt the tension in his tightly shut eyes leave him, letting himself drink in the sensation, the taste of Hwoarangs mouth... the sweetest elixir he had have taken a draught from. And it felt right... it felt... like home.

"We donít have to go any further." Hwoarang said softly as Jin gasped for breath, the Japanese youths hands resting on the Blood Talons firm, leather clad thighs as Hwoarang straddled him on the couch. The two had been locked in intimate adoration for several minutes before moving to the cushiony softness. It had been an hour since then and with slow, experienced motions, Hwoarang had withdrawn Jins jacket and white form fitting shirt as well as his own. Chest to chest, skin to skin, the kissing became more intense as Hwoarang explored Jins upper body, tracing his fingers over each curve of muscle, learning the sensitivity of the Japanese youths taut buds... and finding how Jin needed little encouragement to do the same.

Jins hands had ceased the trail up along the Blood Talons spine and rested comfortably on Hwoarangs thighs... his lips kiss tender and swollen, his body glistening in a thin sheen of sweat from such intensity, such aching heat. The Korean youth had been careful to exert little to no pressure on the thick heat bound in Jins riding leathers, not wanting to upset the flow of their intimacy by bringing Jin off a second time in the same night. He wanted the Japanese beauty to feel the build up, to know release was at hand... and it would not be like this. Not if Hwoarang was to be his first... .

Jin tried to regain his breath as he smiled, still flushed, his hair mussed and down from its normally severe style. Never had he felt something as soft as Hwoarangs hands on his skin, the Korean beautys flesh against his own roaming fingers... or the downy copper mane that fascinated the young Kazama so intensely. "I donít want to stop... but... "

Hwoarang danced his tongue along Jins lower lip with sublime, agonizing slowness. "Donít say another word... we will stop here."

Jins eyes lowered as he felt the slick appendage lavish over the silk of his mouth, making him increasingly hunger for Hwoarangs kiss, again. He could not seem to get enough of the rich, exotic taste... it overwhelmed all other senses... till Jin swore the world had come to a screeching halt as Hwoarang explored the heated orifice.

"Alright.." Jin managed weakly, opening his eyes as he felt the Blood Talon slowly draw up on those deadly legs, grasping his pack of cigarettes and sparking a cylinder to life.

The Japanese youth swore he felt his head spinning, his senses aflame, called up by the flick of Hwoarangs fingers... as though he were the lighter laying dormant until the Korean set him free.

The Blood Talon slid down into the chair opposite of the couch, one leg thrown over the arm of the ottoman as he tried to recapture his own breath. His body too was glistening with a thin sheen of sweat, heart racing with virulent pressure. Jin was going to prove to be the unmaking of him.

Jin sat up, shivering slightly, though his body was far from cold. He could still taste Hwoarang on his lips and the sensation was feverish, tempting in all the ways he never believed he would experience. Exhaling sharply, Jin fought to catch his breath, smiling when he realized the Blood Talon was watching him. "So, does this make us... lovers? I am not sure what to call it?" the Japanese youth said through flushed features, his words more stammering than he wanted them to be.

"You donít have to call it anything, Jin." The Blood Talon licked his nicotine tainted lips slowly, the taste of Jins mouth able to overpower even the residue of the menthol cigarette he smoked. "Or you can call it whatever you like." The way Hwoarang said that gave Jin a flutter in his stomach. There was an element of danger that was too delicious to avoid when it came to the Blood Talon and Jin was its willing victim. "What would know, gang back in Korea, think about this?" He asked, searching for a topic to break the heated gaze between them. Jins riding leathers were already far too tight and uncomfortable and watching Hwoarang across the way from him was torture. Jin was a fast learner... and he wanted all of the unspoken lessons the Blood Talon promised in his kiss... now.

Hwoarang inhaled from his cigarette, a cocky smile pressed over those perfect lips. "Probably the same as your Grandfather would think." The Blood Talons words were cool, confident. "I donít bring my life to the door when I hustle down a deal. They respect that. I donít exactly scream out the window when some guy is going down on me, telling them to rush up and see what pretty bait I brought home. Its no ones business but mine and well, yours, now."

Jin winced just a bit at the way Hwoarang referred to a lover and at the same time, there was a twinge of jealousy that flared in the pit of his gut. He knew, from his own eyes, that Hwoarang had both male and female partners... and he wondered now, if this was as special to the Blood Talon as it was to him. "Oh, right. Yeah." He said flatly, looking to the table before the couch and wondering if now would be a good time to smoke a cigarette. It seemed to ease the mind. But then again, it also shortened the breath..something Jin could not afford to be shorter of than he already was.

Hwoarang crushed the cylinder, leaning forward, his sculpted brow arching slightly. He could read the worry in Jins mind. It had been his once before, long ago when he was having his own awakenings to the hedonism of a same sex partner. The difference had been, Hwoarang was already well experienced with the female persuasion then and had not taken the cool words as much to heart as Jin was now.

The Blood Talon rose, drawing himself back to the couch and sitting next to Jin, his soft fingers pulling beneath the Japanese beauties chin. Jin made the contact quickly enough but some of that fire had simmered in those chocolate eyes. "Listen to me, thatís not how I am feeling about you, alright? This..íthingí we have going on, its real new and special for you. No matter where you go in your life, top or bottom of it all, a part of me is always going to be there with you, a memory. A memory that your skin was never touched, your mouth never kissed before me."

Jin watched the heat in Hwoarangs amber eyes, exhaling softly. "And what is it going to be for you? What kind of memory does it leave for you?" Jin did not like the tone of the conversation. He didnít want Hwoarang to be just a memory, a part of his collective thoughts to look back on with a sigh and a smile.

The Blood Talon smiled that disarming smile. "Its new and special, Kazama, because its you. Alright?" Hwoarang had to give it to himself there. It was the truth. He never spent this much time stalking prey, never this much conversation that could waste time better spent in a host of depraved positions. But the fire didnít die down when he talked like this with Jin, it only made it stronger.

Hwoarangs fingers tripped slowly upwards, brushing his thumb against Jins lower lip. Such plush velvet was fixating to watch, how the perfect bow of his mouth dimpled with the pressure of even a slight touch. Kazama Jins lips... were made for kissing. "Now," The Blood Talon said with a breathy, sensual smile. "How about a good night kiss?"

Jin felt the pressure of Hwoarangs thumb, slight as it was, against his lip and his eyes lowered, shrouded by long sable lashes. His body was taut as a cord and easily ready to snap at the perfect pitch of the Blood Talons voice. "Yes.." He murmured mindlessly, his lips already parting, his body already moving in against Hwoarangs, desperate, he realized, to drink from that font one more time.

True to the Blood Talons promise the night before, the Dojo was empty and unoccupied. The Korean must have had quite an impressive network of favors and contacts to have pulled this off and the thought had not gone unnoticed.

Dressed in his black Gi, brilliant red flames outlined in orange jutting up one leg, Jin meditated before the candle he had brought with him, giving himself some focus. It had been a rough night, trying to find sleep, trying to calm his thrumming heart as he shifted on the couch, knowing Hwoarang was just outside of his reach, in the bedroom of the suite. But the Japanese youth had found some rest, it would have to be enough to sustain him until the match was over.

The Blood Talon leaned against the double doors inside of the Dojo. Jin had not spoken up about it but Hwoarang knew Kazama preferred solitude during the warm up. There would not have to be secrets between them from this point on, even if the rest of their lives prior to last night would remain shrouded in mystery.

Hwoarang adjusted the goggles that held his unruly copper mane from his face, looking up as Jin rose from the meditative position, seemingly trance like with Zen or whatever the fuck Kazama called it. Now, there was only the movement that gave life to the silent dojo, the crisp snap of breath exhaled as the Kata was run through, the crackle of Gi pants and the hiss of warming muscles. Jin was sweating, his muscular upper body glistening with it as he struck a hard set of stances. He had one thing going for him, power with that flexibility. Some of the moves Jin practiced would easily clean the clock of an opponent, if they did not know how to counter. But Hwoarang knew the secrets, he had fought Jin to a draw before.

The Blood Talons lips were aching for a cigarette, but he kept himself respectful and quiet as Jin worked hard through his art. Amber eyes shifted slightly when that familiar scent of ozone started to creep over Hwoarangs sensitive nose. And in that second of recognition, the Blood Talon watched it happen first hand.

Fatal Lightning, Jin had called it. And now, a crimson hue of current filtered along Jins body, giving him a speed and authority Hwoarang had never noticed before. Why didnít Jin show this to him when they fought in the back alleys of Korean, a year ago? How did Hwoarang not see it? It probably had something to do with one eye swollen shut and the other fighting back droplets of sweat before plunging into his ocular cavity. Either way, it was amazing, almost frightening to watch.

The swirl of electric current gathered in Jins hands as he stood stone still. And the moment it was there, no longer forking or licking the Japanese youths sweat covered body, Jin exhaled sharply and executed a powerful punch combination that Hwoarang did not recall seeing before.

And just like that, it was over. The ozone smell lingering but the current had gone. And Jin was no worse for the wear, either. No smoke and char marks up his whet, naked torso. Didnít electricity and water usually equal pain and death?

Kazama reached down and blew out the candle, grabbing one of the towels he had brought from the suite. Brushing the terrycloth over his face and through his hair, Jin let the material hang about his neck, dangling like a captive lover over those large shoulders. He smiled when he realized Hwoarang had been watching him, feeling alittle self conscious, not really used to an audience during a warm up. "We should probably get out of here."

"Yeah, we probably should. But you see, I am guarding the door here... and if you think you want to make it through me, your going to have to pay the price." The Blood Talon replied in a deeply arrogant, yet extremely erotic voice that hit Jins spine like a sledge hammer.

"Is that so?" Jin blushed, swearing the Katas did not warm him half as effectively as Hwoarangs presence did. Making slow, barefoot strides, Kazama Jin drew up toward the Blood Talon, his blush as deep as the flames on his pants.

Hwoarang reached out, pulling Kazama closer to him, the sight of Jin, glistening with sweat like a calling card to get near. The heat that rose between them last night had not even flickered in its flame. It was stronger, brighter with the rise of a new day. Irresistible. "Yeah, thatís so.."

Jins arms fell on either side of the wall, trapping Hwoarang between the surface and his body. The move completely alien to him, not sure why he had done it..but it was automatic, completely natural and unpracticed.

"Feeling feisty, Kazama?" Hwoarangs smile echoed wickedness and ran through Jin like a knife. The dangerous Korean reached in, his lips parting with eager desire to taste the fruits he had been denied since last night. There had to be a law about wanting someone this badly.

Jin moaned into the heat of Hwoarangs mouth, feeling the slick eager muscle snake its way around his own, dancing, teasing... adding fuel to a fire that had the Japanese youth already out of breath.

The Blood Talons fingers slid down Jins slick spine, feeling his beauty arch to the unexpected touch, thickening his kiss in response to the fanning flames between them. The moment was hot, pure and perfect... and Jin was fast becoming accomplished at the dance of lips and tongues.

Hwoarang broke away slowly, licking his lips. He had to admit it, he liked that feeling of being trapped between Jin and the wall. Something he was not ever really keen on. More of a giver than a receiver. Connecting amber eyes to deep chocolate... the Blood Talon drew his fingers around from Jins spine to the glistening broad chest before him. Something about the way sweat smelled on Jin reminded him of summertime under fruit trees, humid and thick... but refreshing and energizing. Those delicious fingers worked their way down to the drawstring on Jins black Gi pants.

Kazamas eyes widened, his arms faltering in the previous strength of bracing on the wall. "What... what are you doing?"

The Blood Talon licked his lips slowly. "Youíll find out in a just a second, baby. Make sure your holding onto that wall, your going to need it." The voice purred, thick and sensual as Hwoarang slid his tongue down the line of Jins chest, much as he had done the night before, only this time... he was rolling the elastic edge of the Japanese beauties Gi with him.

There was something possessive in the way Hwoarang spoke to him, called him, "baby". It made Jin shiver, made him fill with a sudden ache. His imagination flying. The Korean slowly lapped his way down Jins taut torso, tracing the curve of his abdominal wall till the Blood Talon was settled on his knees, taking Jins GI pants to his thighs with him. A flush of heat and embarrassment filled Jins mind when he realized his length was stiff and at attention... and could sense Hwoarangs breath on such untouched flesh.

Jin was perfect. Down to the thick, eager length throbbing with fresh blood before the Blood Talons face. He swore he had never seen a rod so thick, juicy, pink and utterly tempting. Hwoarang did not make a habit of this act, not one for being on his knees for anyone. But Kazama was different, he was fresh and pure and the Blood Talon wanted every experience Jin had to be a first and only for himself as well.

The Blood Talons fingers caressed the thick vein that ran along the underside of Jins length, getting a feel for such rigid but soft skin, hearing Jin gasp and knowing without having to look up that Jin was undoubtedly blushing at the attention.

"What are you... " The Japanese youth was cut off by the force of his moan, Hwoarangs fingers caressing the under of his length to the instantly tightening, dangling jewels between his legs. The sensation was intense and it made Jin shiver, his eyes closing tightly, head bowing downward toward Hwoarang.

The Blood Talon felt every inch and curve of Jins throbbing length, watching how even the slightest brush brought liquid pearls glittering to the rosy head. He couldnít take anymore of it, let alone what Jin must have been feeling. Parting his mouth, he enveloped Jins crown for a hot, fast suckle... before withdrawing, licking his lips at the salty sweet taste. Something else the Blood Talon was not usually on the ticket for. Flavored condoms did a great trick when the need arose for the Korean to give some oral attentions. But Jin... Jin was something else all together.

The strength in the Japanese youthsí arms nearly failed him as he felt the tip of his desire suckled into Hwoarangs mouth... only to be replaced by a slow laving from that slick muscle up and down his shaft. It made his legs go weak, made the fear and embarrassment of what they were doing flee Jins thoughts in a single heartbeat. Hwoarangs mouth was home.

"Oh... God... " Jin cried out, eyes closed tight enough to see shooting stars in the blackness. The Blood Talons mouth swallowed him whole, to the root and his experienced tongue was working circles around such a thickness before moving back to the tip again. Jin felt his spine wrack with seizures, every single fiber of his nerves alive and sparking in succession. His hips bucked, only to be braced by Hwoarangs expecting hand, keeping Jin steady and still as the Japanese beauty used all his upper body strength to hold against the wall.

Jins moans were like a symphony, a high strung and low growling concerto Hwoarang had seen once from the rooftop of his shack back in Korean. He felt Jins hips arch and having known it would come, braced him there... as his mouth moved in thicker successions, finding himself moaning now as he rode Jins length into his thirsty throat. Why could he not get enough of Kazama?

As the Blood Talons mouth claimed him harder, deeper... with powerful thick succor, Jin had to bite his lip to keep from screaming in pure delicious ecstasy. It was too much, too intense... too perfect... too hot. He was drowning in Hwoarangs exquisite mouth and his body was building to a mind shattering pitch.

"Oh... God... Hwoa... rang... its..happening again... " Jin let out a strangled cry, his lip gnashed between his teeth. The scent of Ozone filled the air, the fatal lightning beginning to spark in crimson electricity. It took every last ounce of his will to make the threatening current evaporate from the torso, the center of chi, where it would begin... and instead... begin in spirals from his upper arms, where his Korean beauty was safe.

Hwoarang broke his lips away for a single moment, looking up at Jins face, the Japanese beauty having his head hung low between his shoulders. The heat etched in Jins face, the swirl of danger around his forearms... the need he could taste now in the back of his throat... were working in tandem. He heard Jins plea. He heard it and was ready to answer it.

"I know baby, let it come... let it come." Hwoarang moaned, his fingers grasping around Jins hips as he dove his lips with thick fury around Jins girth... hot succor claiming and reclaiming from root to tip in a fury of successions.

Jin was thrown overboard by Hwoarangs words... the return of that perfect mouth around him, set him spiraling. Quivering as though his body was hypothermic, the sensation built so far up the dam of his reserves that he could not hold it back if he tried. In one thick, guttural cry, the fatal lightning spread out from his hands and dissipated... in that single feral groan... the building heat emptied itself into Hwoarangs waiting, suckling mouth in steamy volcanic ribbons that felt never ending...

Jin gasped for breath as he rode the wave of pleasure, swearing his heart had stopped beating..that his body had died and been reborn... that his eyes would never again reopen, fused as tightly together as they had been. "Oh god... Ahh... God... Hwoa..rang... " Jin rasped as his Korean beauty slowly released succor and drew up his body, bringing the gi pants back with him.

Jins arms were shaking as the Blood Talon settled himself between them, his hands rushing up and down his Japanese lovers supple spine, soothingly, feeling the tremors that overtook Jin and the clammy heat of his skin trying to cool itself down. He was going to pull his lips away at the perfect moment, the Blood Talon did not..ever..swallow down even a droplet of release. He wanted to give this to Jin, he wanted to taste his lover and feel the tremble in his tightly perched lips when the eruption happened. There was nothing to say as Hwoarang soothed Jins convulsing body, feeling how Kazama slowly released his arms from the wall and wrapped them about the Blood Talons waist. It felt right. It felt good. It felt like it should... .

Jin felt himself coming down from the volcanic eruption, shivering slowly diminished and his breath was fighting to turn itself to a comfortable pace. He was drowned in Hwoarang, his lips and nose buried in copper hair till he was overcome with the aroma. "Hwoarang... "

"I know, Jin. Let it ride out, enjoy the feeling." The Korean beauty smiled, finding himself savoring his lovers taste in his mouth. Slowly, his fingers worked along Jins spine, easing the incredible tension that knotted there and the Japanese youth moaned softly into every brush of those fingers.

After a long moment, the Blood Talon leaned back against the wall as Jin tried to right himself, tried to stand on legs that were not accustomed to the aftershocks he was still in the throes of. Slowly, their eyes met as Jin kept himself steady.

"Now, you can say we are lovers... and not a drop of you was wasted." Hwoarang smiled, lifting a cigarette from his pack and sparking it to life, the trademark puff of smoke encircling the Blood Talon like a halo.

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