The Quality of the Sword (is Determined by the Wielder of the Flame)

Chapter Two - The Quality of the Metal

By M. Mishima

Jin lathered the soap along his body, washing away the filth of the past two days in a steamy haze. The hot water felt incredible, teasing and tingling the skin as his strong fingers worked the condition into his obsidian mane.

Slowly, Jin tipped his head forward, his nose braced against the tiled shower wall as water trickled down either side of his cheeks and back. There was so little clarity in his life these days and the heat of every moment he spent with Hwoarang only complicated matters. He could not stay there much longer, even if he desired it...not when the Blood Talon was beginning to fill his thoughts like an obsession.

Jins hand slid down his own achingly hard length before he forcefully withdrew his own touch...pressing his palms flat to the whet tile walls. Touching himself, he was raised to believe, was an impurity. A weakness of the soul. A disgrace. Jin had averted it all of these years, never truly feeling his sexuality awakened, though he knew it would, at the right time. But now, with his length throbbing, his thighs feeling tight and strained. He wanted so desperately to find find that release he had heard so much talk of...that balance with body and soul he swore would come to him...if only he gave into that weakness.

A knock came to the bathroom door, followed by the slow steady creak of its opening. Jin looked up, forehead pressed against the tile..half wishing Hwoarang would tear open the curtain...and end his torment...make the choice for give into weakness...or remain pure and focused.

Hwoarang let his head drip against the bathroom door, his fingers lingering on the knob, eager to push the barrier away... to claim the heat and intensity he felt in Jins eyes... to quench the ache that flamed between them. The Blood Talon was losing control, and all of it so suddenly. It had been a day since Jin arrived at his door, seeking comfort and security his former rival could give him and in that day the heat of desire grew from a dim flame to a raging inferno within the Blood Talon.

Hwoarang turned the knob, the bathroom door coming open a crack where the steam and intermingling scent of Jin filled the Korean. He was not sure what he was doing now and what thoughts had possessed him to the point of stalking outside of the bathroom, wanting to burst open the door to feast upon Jin. But the thought was obsessive, an ache that seemed to thump loud in his veins, thickening his resolve.

"No." The Blood Talon whispered, forcing himself to slide back from the door handle and step away from the bathroom.

Hwoarang shook his head to the side, sending coppery wet tendrils against his flushed cheeks. Breathing ragged and feral, the Blood Talon turned, leaning on the couch for support, his strong lithe arms tense and straight as his fingertips gripped the material like claws. He knew he could not pursue this, even if every moment between the former rivals had been leading to this. From the time Hwoarang had seen Jin, fought him to a draw... the Blood Talon had been secretly infatuated. And that, in itself, infuriated him to a new level. Never had Hwoarang been so captivated by any, male or female, and none had ever been so completely untouchable before. Equally, no other had ever been so innocent... though in terms of pure sexuality... the Blood Talon had deflowered many of both genders, his roguish persuasion an irresistible force of pure sensuality.

Realizing Hwoarang could never possess Jin was as dangerous as his desire to do just that. The Blood Talon was not immune to his own competitive nature but never had he been the target of it, never had he been forced to fight against it. Jin was that test Hwoarang had been waiting for, the challenge that both torments and vindicates...

"Where you knocking for me, Hwoarang? Did you need something?" Jin asked, standing just outside of the bathroom. His eyes held his former rivals form for a long moment before he spoke, afraid to break the concentration the Blood Talon seemed intent to keep.

Hwoarang took a deep breath, cracking his neck to the side as he rolled up from leaning on the back of the couch. His fingers slid down his black leather riding chaps, the material cool and smooth, sharply contrasting the deep blue denim beneath.

"I really had to piss. But, the feeling has passed now." He said slowly, knowing Jin would see through the complete line of bullshit. The Blood Talon turned, looking at Jin as a slow smile crept over his velvet lips. Jin was standing with perfect poise in his black leather riding pants and form fitting white shirt. The jacket to complete the riding gear was laying across Jins duffle, black with red and yellow.

Jins obsidian mane was drenched and clinging to his features, something Hwoarang was not used to seeing. The Young Kazama kept the style severe and upswept in the back, never giving any indication of how long and thick his mane truly was. Now, it seemed to kiss the line of his shirt, not terribly shorter than Hwoarangs own dyed coppery locks. It simply amazed the Blood Talon how sensual Jin could look, dressed in any fashion, at any time of day. There was such beauty in the Japanese youth and it went far beyond privilege and wealth, even if Jin had never known a day of living hand to mouth on the streets.

That thought made Hwoarang instantly feel protective of Jin, even as he stood stone still in the long moment of silence. Jin had never been exposed to true freedom, had never wanted for anything like food and shelter... had never known the other side of the tracks. But Hwoarang knew. He had been living that way all of his life... had been hustling and running activities with his gang... all of his life.

"Oh." Jin said simply, softly. His eyes beneath the tendrils of obsidian seemed almost crestfallen as though he had been hopeful that Hwoarang had a much better explanation... and that this could well be the moment it would be said. But it was not..and Jin wondered if it would ever be. "Well, I think I am going to ride out and try to find a dojo. I need to get some time in before the match tomorrow." Jin cleared his throat softly, tossing the towel back into the bathroom behind him. "I would use the one downstairs but I am sure Grandfather will have his guards there, just in case. By now, its obvious to him where I can be found. We were not exactly the match or the estate today."

"You shouldn't go there alone, if your that sure the ol' man is going to try to make a snag on you." Hwoarang said, drawing a cigarette to his lips as the lighter sparked. Pocketing the pack, the Blood Talon lifted his mesh shirt, rubbing ha hand along his taut, perfectly muscular torso as if to scratch an itch. "What do you say, we get some food into you. You haven't eaten in a while, right?"

Jin brushed his hand back through his mane, his eyes drawn instantly and completely to the flash of Hwoarangs skin, the exquisite deep shaded musculature of his former rivals torso and the sharp bone curve of his hip. Hwoarangs legs were deadly. Jin knew that first hand, having been on the receiving end of the Blood Talons wrath. Such strong kicks placed with perfect poise, exquisite control and expert timing, Jin swore there had been internal damage. And the sight of Hwoarang, in such a simple act of rubbing his torso... made a heat rush up the young Kazamas spine till he swore he would fall to his knees, shaking and pleading for a touch. I have to stop this. I cant keep looking at him this way. Its wrong... feeling this way about another male..I am just trying to find comfort, someone I can trust... my body is betraying me, weak and eager... but it is only a trick, it is not real. It can't be.

"Jin?" Hwoarang spoke up, exhaling the last of the smoke before crushing his cigarette. "Have you heard a word I've said, man?" The Blood Talon knew Jin had heard him, knew without looking where his former rivals eyes were fixated. And it made Hwoarangs blood burn beneath his skin to reach out and take what Jin would, no doubt, offer.

"Um..I heard you. I was trying to think of the last time I ate something. Its been over a day that's for sure. So, yeah, we could grab something to eat... I need to have some nutrients in my system before my round in the tournament tomorrow." Jin said, tearing his eyes away from Hwoarang. He drew closer to the beautiful Korean... he had no choice, the Blood Talon was standing almost directly over his duffle. "Excuse me... " Jin said, quietly, dropping down to his haunches to put his dirty clothing in a side zippered section of the duffle. Hwoarang moved to the side only slightly, his backside resting against the couch.

"That's great, we can grab a burger, some quick carbs and then get you some exercise." The Blood Talon said with a low, soft voice... husky and thick as velvet as he looked down at Jin, practically on his knees before him. IT took all of Hwoarangs strength not to reach down into that thick, whet obsidian mane and caress... tug..draw the beautiful Kazamas face between Hwoarang firm thighs. I am going to fucking break something... this is too god damn much already...

Jin looked up, his breath catching against his lips as he slowly rose, his body close enough to Hwoarangs to feel the heat of the Koreans' skin. It was torture, aching, a heavy sense of pressure thickening in the pit of his stomach. "I..I don't eat meat." Jin said as if losing his voice to the intensity of Hwoarangs nearness.

"Don't eat meat? What the hell kind of life do you live, Kazama?" Hwoarang said with an arrogant smirk, his hand snaking its way up along Jins shoulder, giving the lateral neck muscle a thick, squeeze, not unlike two friends priming each other before a bitch which Jin let out an audible gasp. The heat of Hwoarangs fingers pressed into the muscle, skin to skin contact prevented by the white shirt... but the sensation stirring Jins eyes till the orbs crackled... flaring with red sparks of electricity...

The Blood Talon swore he saw something stir, move... something red and flickering in the depth of Jins eyes... but there was nothing there... it had to be nothing more than a strand of copper tendril coming across Hwoarangs amber eyes, giving off an illusion, or so the Blood Talon tried to rationalize. He released the false friendly squeeze, the heat and flush in Jins face almost too much to bear. "Come on, I saw this little place downtown on the pier, we can try there and get some food."

Jin shivered as Hwoarang released his grip, drawing in a steady breath. The Blood Talon moved away, grabbing his jacket as he threaded his fingers through his drying hair. Slipping his goggles into the line of his fiery mane, the Blood Talon flipped his keys along his fingers, awaiting Jin.

Jin slid his own jacket on, covering the heated curves of his body that Hwoarang had been watching... the narrow waist and firm hips... the perfect V shaped male figure...

The young Kazama leaned down suddenly into the duffle, grasping the bottle of gel he had brought with him... squirting the contents into his palms and with knowing motion, ran his hands through either side of his hair, upsweeping his mane... the follicles freezing instantly with swift memory of the style he always wore. Using the base of his fingers, Jin drew down several cowlicks of hair, letting them dangle against his eyes.

Hwoarang had never seen such primping and could not stop himself from laughing. "I think it looks better down. What do the chics say?" He teased as Jin slid on his riding gloves, tossing up his keys into his palm.

"The girls don't get to see me with my hair down, I always kept it up in school." Jin smiled feeling a twinge of heat and pride mingle as Hwoarang awaited him, bantering and teasing him... "But, I will remember your preference." Jin smiled.

Hwoarang shook his head. "I'm rubbing off on you, man. You have the potential to be a pretty good smart ass, someday... but don't let that go to your head."

Jin's smile increased, eagerly, arching a thick sculpted brow. "You... rubbing off on me doesn't sound like a such a bad thing."

Hwoarang pursed his lips, a wicked gleam in his brilliant amber eyes. "I'll be sure to remember that, Kazama."

Hwoarang sat across from Jin, overlooking the water from the downtown Tokyo pier. They ate in silence, the Blood Talon eagerly popping handfuls of spicy roasted soy nuts into his mouth, enjoying the taste... even if he was really in the mood for a burger and some fries. Knowing that Jin was a vegetarian, Hwoarang was careful not to offend the Japanese beauty... and chose instead to enjoy the rich taste of the soy from the eatery.

Jin ate hungrily, black lacquered chopsticks digging down into the white take our container, filled with fried soba noodles and sesame roasted vegetables. Never had Jin felt so famished. He looked up, wiping off his utensil before settling onto his side on the bench, his gaze falling to Hwoarang as the Blood Talon searched amber eyes over the waters.

"Now its time for me to work off this meal. Know where any dojos are in the downtown area?" Jin asked as he watched Hwoarang draw his long, lithe leg up against his chest, looking as wistful as he was entrancing. The fiery nature of the Korean seemed eased by the tides and the salty aire, the soft currents of wind on the spring dusk-heavy horizon.

"You live in Tokyo and your asking me?" Hwoarang smiled mischievously.

"I don't really know the downtown area. My schooling and all other activities have always been uptown." Jin said softly, feeling suddenly too poor to have been so overly wealthy.

Hwoarang shook his head. "Well it just so happens I know a great place to get a work out. Follow me."

Jin saw the look in Hwoarangs eyes and felt a heat flame up his spine. But, soundlessly, he rose, brushing off his riding leathers and reclaiming his keys... following after the sauntering form of his former rival... with admiration.

Jin drew his bike into the secured parking lot beside Hwoarangs. Tucking the kick stand down, he slowly dismounted, scratching the back of his neck in puzzlement as the Blood Talon drew a cigarette into his velvet lips. "Um, stop me if I am wrong... but this doesn't look like a dojo." The Young Kazama said, with a mix of sarcasm and curiosity.

Hwoarang smiled, exhaling the blue tinged smoke, shaking his wind blown coppery tendrils out... making him seem all the more wild and dangerous. "No, its club Oblivion. Cant seem to put one past you, can I, Kazama?" He teased, taking a step toward Jin. "You have been to a club before, haven't you?"

"Actually, no." Jin said with a sheepish smile. "Look I understand you are into good times and all of that, but I have to hit the dojo... I have to be prepared for this match... Jin said, drawing his keys up around his fingers, reading to slide atop his bike and head out on his mission. I have to find Toshin. I have to avenge my Mothers soul... I have to set her memory free... I have to honor my father and fight well in his name. This tournament is not about it... its never has been... its about them... both.

There was a current of heat in Jins eyes that raged like a sudden tsunami, as if Jin was conflicted, absent, lost in thought. Hwoarang reached out, his hand claiming Jins shoulder, causing the young Kazama to stop cold, his thoughts fleeing from him. The Blood Talon lifted his pointer finger and before he could think on what he was doing... brushed the edge of Jins chin... before quickly darting the digit away.

"You came to me for help, Kazama. Now, I am going to give you that. We are going to blow off some steam here, get your head clear from all the bullshit. And tomorrow morning I have it worked out... where we can get you into that dojo at the hotel... with no surveillance." Hwoarang said with an eager smile, his body still reeling to have touched Jins skin... such supple flesh... like silk.

"How can you do that? How is it possible to beat Heihachi Mishima at his own game?" Jin asked with a shake of his head, whetting his lips with a quick roll of his tongue as he felt the brush of the Blood Talons finger against his cheek. "Hwoarang, please, do not do this to me... I don't want to be in this club tonight when I could be..preparing." I don't trust myself... when I am with you...

"First of all, when it comes to Heihachi Mishima and his guards, easily enough done. Gramps is not the only one who has friends and favors... who has some clout, even if mine is in the underground circuit. So, I called a few of those favors in... " Hwoarang said with a smile, dropping his cigarette to the ground, stomping it underfoot as he released his hand from Jins shoulder. "No one is forcing you to stay here, Kazama. If you want back on that bike, don't let me stop you."

Hwoarang cracked his neck, his head tilting to the side as he turned from Jin, walking away. He was upping the stakes, pushing the buttons... making Jin..make a choice. It was the Blood Talons way... or it was no way at all.

Jin grumbled to himself, kicking at the concrete as he watched Hwoarangs boots make tread toward the club entrance. He wanted to be there, he wanted so desperately to taste that kind of freedom, one night away from the anguish, the fear... the pain he carried deep in his heart. Was this the clarion call?

"Hwoarang, wait." Jin called out. To his surprise, the Blood Talon stopped, casting a glance over his shoulder as Jin felt his legs almost go weak. He could not believe he was doing this... "Just do me this favor? Don't let me make a fool of myself on the dance floor?"

The Blood Talon smiled, his lips pursing with pure arrogance... "I will see what I can do, but I might not have enough favors to cover that!"

Jin slid his keys into his jacket pocket as the Blood Talon nodded to the bouncer, an American. That did not surprise Jin since the club itself was Western (American), with hot dance mixes from the states. The Bouncer seemed to know the Blood Talon, or at least knew of him... and where others waited, Jin and Hwoarang were let directly in.

The door swung open with a tug of Hwoarang's hand and a world of sight and sound were unleashed on Jin's virginal senses. The music was blaring hard jungle style beats that made the young Kazamas heart mimic the bass and drum, instantly flushing his skin as his body felt the intensity of the music hit him. Lights flashed and strobed over a throng of bodies grinding, the thickness of a young crowd... all dressed in brilliant glittering colors made more flamboyant by the accentuating strobes. To Jin, the sight was like witnessing a primal culture in the heat of religious worship and the music only added to the hot pulse and glittering vibe.

Hwoarang watched Jin, felt how his eyes danced at the sight before him... how his former rivals body glistened under the lights, the leather taking on a steamy appearance as the moisture and humidity of the smoke filled room clung to him. Jin was purely enraptured... till Hwoarang swore he could feel the heat of his former rivals heart pumping to match the rhythm.

The Blood Talon motioned for Jin to follow him, leading him to the bar, where the Japanese youth looked sturdy and out of sorts, yet still fascinated with the debauchery before him. Couples grinding together, men and women, groups of either sex... glorious flesh upon flesh... gender meant nothing... there was only feral heat... promises that came with the sins of the flesh.

Hwoarang leaned against the bar as the tender brought the requested poison. Two shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey. Leaning against Jins ear, his hot breath, his words trying to drown out the music, Hwoarang closed his eyes, trying to keep his focus as Jins scent overcame him. "Drink on the count of three... last one done... has to take another shot."

Jin was not sure what he was agreeing to, his eyes closed, his body stiff as he felt Hwoarangs breath in his ear. His thighs tightened, the knot in his stomach returning. Jin gripped the bar with his hand, eyes closed as he let the Blood Talons words fill him...

Hwoarang poured the shots with a smile, his senses still laddedn with Jins scent. His hand came over Jins as he slid the shot glass into his former rivals fingers. Making the sigh, he let Jin know what was expected...

Fingers pointed upward... 1...2.... 3...

Jin slammed back the shot and gagged instantly, the liquid burning like fire down into his lungs, into his gut. Eyes tearing, he looked to Hwoarang who had slammed his shot glass down on the bartop... and was already preparing to pour Jin a second one.

Taking the glass still clenched in Jins hand, Hwoarang poured the shot, even as Jin shook his head "no". He could not possibly take another shot of the burning liquid.

"Don't be a deal breaker, Kazama. Slide it back!" The Blood Talon teased, pouring himself another shot that he intended to take when Jin satisfied his end of the deal.

With a deep breath, Jin grasped the shot glass, his eyes narrowing at the thought of what it would do to him a second time around. With a look of hesitancy, Jin brought the amber liquor to his lips and tossed his head back, shoulders hunched forward as he downed the whiskey. "It's not soo bad, the second time around." Jin finally made out, wiping his lips across the back of his hand.

Hwoarang leaned against the bar with a smile before downing his own shot. "Wanna refill?"

Jin turned from Hwoarang suddenly as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Fist prepared in defensive strike, the young Kazama was wide eyed to find Ling Xiouyou standing there behind him. "Ling?"

"Jin, ohh my goodness! I never thought I would find you in a place like this? Blowing off steam, huh? Don't you have a match in the morning? Hey, who are you with?" Ling had a tendency to babble at a mile a minute. Her hand coming over her brow to shield her eyes from the caustic strobes. She saw the Blood Talon and giggled. "That's Hwoarang, isn't it? Oh, wait until Julia sees him... I think she likes him..even if he did beat her in the tournament... wow, that red hair is so fake!"

Jin could not help but smile, shrugging his shoulders as he turned to look back at Hwoarang. The Blood Talon holding a rather unimpressed expression. He felt odd... not unlike he had when he breathed in the smoke of Hwoarangs slim cigarette...

Ling grabbed Jin's wrist and his eyes went wide. "Come on, I want to dance? I bet you're the best dancer too!" She pulled Jin toward the dance floor as Hwoarang leaned his back to the bar, both elbows braced on the wood, watching Jin forced to move by Ling's hand. This night was not turning out how the Blood Talon wanted...

"No... Ling... I don't dance!" Jin shouted over the music, leaning in to Lings ear. She scented of fresh blooming wildflowers, flooding the young Kazamas senses as his eyes flicked upward to catch Hwoarangs.

"It's so easy, silly!" Ling yelled back, "Its like doing the arts... but to music... try this!" She giggled, placing Jins arm to rest at her shoulder, her free hand going to his hip to keep it grounded.

Jin flushed instantly at the intimate touch, licking his lips as his senses spun..eyes caught by the strobes licking over the dance floor. Having no way out, Jin let Ling guide his hip... guide his body with her own as the model. She was beautiful, there was no doubt of that, but his mind could not stop from searching... his eyes clouded as he sought Hwoarangs form braced at the bar, chatting with an American girl, Julia. At first the conversation seemed animated, as though Julia might have been upset at her defeat... but it was quickly turned around beneath the Blood Talons undeniable charm...

The young Kazama had difficulty finding the beat, too intent on watching Julia and Hwoarang. He swore he could hear the Blood Talons charming laughter flitting over the music as the beat changed to a slow driving, eager rhythm. His body fell into the heat of it as Ling drew closer... and for a moment, he closed his eyes, his breath sharpening. Never had he had such intimate contact..and it felt..good...

Jin slowly ground his hips to the beat, forcing himself to open his eyes once more... focused on Hwoarang... to find the Blood Talon in a locked embrace, kissing Julia with passionate force... only to open his eyes... and return Jins intense stare.

Something inside of Jin felt... angry at seeing the display... and forced his attentions back to Ling... biting his lower lip as he felt her writhe against him, her face flushed from the smoky humid room... and the heat of the lights on the dance floor.

Hwoarangs fingers slid up into Julias hair, watching Jin from his place at the bar. He felt his gut tighten as he watched Jin find the easy rhythm to music, looking like an expert dancer... even if his former rival professed to have never done such before. Ling being there was getting in Hwoarang's way..even if Julia provided an eager and drunken distraction.

The song was not nearly over when Jin broke away from Ling, despite the protests she squeaked above the pumping music. He walked back to the bar, pushing against Hwoarangs shoulder as he leaned in to retrieve the shot that had been poured and abandoned., downing the liquid quickly. Grasping the bottle, Jin poured himself another and laid that libation to waste as well.

Ling came off of the dance floor, following her former crush. She had wanted Jin from their days in school, but he was too enigmatic, too shy and quiet to do more than give her an acknowledging glance. Something was different inside of him now... and at such a perfect moment he had returned to the bar, leaving Lings appetite whet for more. Tapping him on the shoulder once more, she demanded answers. "Why did you leave!"

Jin turned to see Hwoarang and Julia locked in an intense display of public affection that made the young Kazama shiver to behold. The Blood Talon's lips looked like plush velvet, the hot roll of his pink tongue slithering into Julia's welcoming mouth. "I don't feel like dancing. I feel like drinking." Jin wanted to rip Julia away from Hwoarangs mouth... rip her away... and send her flying into the crowd...

Ling's hands went to her hips, but not before slapping Julia's arm, breaking the two apart. Julia broke from Hwoarangs mouth, her head swimming, unpretentious about the advances she pressed that the Blood Talon accepted. It had been worth it..and would continue to be worth it... if the night went the way she planned. "What?" She said, looking to Ling as she licked over her lips, savoring the Blood Talon's taste.

"I need some girl time!" Ling said with a humph.

"I am a little busy..letting Hwoarang make up for my defeat... " Julia said before catching that intensity in Ling's eyes, one that spoke of duty before men.

Ling pursed her lips, her eyes widening and blinking with dangerous intent. "You're going to be so mad at yourself tomorrow when you realize your fraternizing with the enemy. You liked him before he beat you... and now the alcohol has gone to your brain! Girl time, Now!"

"Alright." Julia said with a confused sigh.

Looking to Hwoarang she smiled, "Don't disappear. You have a lot of making up to do to me... " With an unglamorous tug, Ling dragged her away like a spoiled brat before Julia could finish her sentiment.

Hwoarang laughed, shaking his head as he took the bottle back from Jin, meeting his former rivals eyes... the jealousy tangible... and sudden. "Slow down, your system is going to rebel."

"No, it won't. Don't tell me what to do either." Jin said, not really sure where his sudden anger was coming from in his hazy state. Why wouldn't you accept my advances? Why wouldn't you kiss me like that? I saw you and your friend from the club... I know you like doing more than that...

"Ease up, Kazama. I am your friend now, remember? Save that anger for the rematch." Hwoarang answered with an arrogant smile, holding Jin's eyes as he poured himself a shot with an expert two second tip of the bottle.

"Maybe I don't need a friend right now." Jin retorted in a loud, spoiled voice, downing the shot left available to him.

"Yeah, and what is it that you need, Jin? Hmm?" Hwoarang said after downing a shot, slamming the glass down on the bartop once more.

"You already know, don't you? You already have it all figured out, like a game in your head? Some competition that doesn't even matter to you." Jin hissed, stepping away from the bar, finding his balance off center as his eyes looked for the sign for the restroom..or any place to gather his head.

Pushing through the crowd, he gave Hwoarang no time to answer him as he made his way down the corridor, littered with club goers wrapped in provocative and intimate embraces. He faltered, kicking through a locked door at the end of a long corridor, not caring at the moment where he was or why the door had been cut off from the club.

Sitting himself down on the couch, Jin ran his fingers through his hair, trying to calm the anger and jealousy that reared in his spirit. Looking around in the dim lighting, Jin realized he had infact come into the employee room, the small table and chairs, two couches and mini refrigerator were a dead give away. But his thoughts were too hazy to care. He had to get away, he had to cool down.

Hwoarang came through the door, kicking it shut behind him. His eyes fell on Jin, sitting with his elbows to his knees, holding his head up. "Are you done with your tantrum now?" He said sarcastically as Jin met his gaze.

"I don't need anymore of your shit right now, Hwoarang." Jin said, coming to a stand, his posture dangerous and offensive.

"Did I hear myself right or did you just cuss, Kazama." Hwoarang chided, licking his lips slowly. "Seems I am rubbing off on you afterall."

"Don't flatter yourself." Jin said with a hiss, looking his former rival up and down with a lewd flick of his gaze. He could not help it... he could not control himself when he was too near to Hwoarang.

"So, you're in stance, you want that rematch right here? No, I don't think that is what you want, Jin." Hwoarang tossed his head back, shaking out his coppery tendrils. "I know... what aches and burns inside of you... "

Jin faltered in his stance, too unsteady to return it to proper form. "You don't know anything... "

"Don't I, Jin?" Hwoarang said with a slow, low sensual lilt to his voice. Drawing closer as Jin fumbled in his stance, the Blood Talons fingers slid out just beneath Jin's chin.

"Don't touch me. I swear, Hwoarang, I will take you down, here and now... " Jin hissed, missing the slap block to shoo the Blood Talons touch. His body would not respond to the command, Jin was drowning in that touch, his head turned to the side.

Hwoarang slid Jins face forward forcing the Japanese youth to look at him. His fingers traced the curve of Jins jaw line, feeling his former rival shiver, inhaling rapid breath at the sensitive touch. How Jin could have kept his innocence intact, Hwoarang would never know. Such beauty was rare... alluring...

Jin met the Korean youths haunting amber eyes, his hand coming up over Hwoarangs. "Don't do this... " He said in soft desperation, a whisper that barely struck out from the confines of his lips.

"I have to... because you need this... as much as I do." Hwoarang said in a thick, husky breath... leaning in against Jin till he felt his body give... and slowly brace his back to the door. The Blood Talon captured Jin against the door, drawing in a rapid breath himself as he pressed his hips to square against his former rivals... and lowered his mouth to meet Jin's.

Jin moaned, low and soft as he felt Hwoarangs lips slide against his... velvet meeting silk... the sensation causing Jin to shiver, to quake with the heat and intensity. Hwoarang's plush tongue slid between his lips, parting them with ease as Jin relaxed his jaw, feeling the first brush of the hot appendage against his own... barely able to breath as the sensations choked him.

Hwoarangs fingers slid to Jins hip, holding the Japanese beauty steady as his mouth worked in slow rhythm, rolling and dancing his velvet tongue along Jins... finding the most exquisite fire building beneath the skin. There was nothing now, no sound, no movement... there was only Jin..pinned against the door by will and desire... there was only Jin mimicking the motions of the Blood Talons tongue, entwining with the wanton, experienced appendage. Hwoarang could have drown... could have been torn to shreds... and there was still nothing..if not Jins mouth.

Jin shivered, his hand bracing at Hwoarangs lithe, narrow waist, the pressure almost painful as his length stirred, quivered against the Blood Talons pelvis. He was eager to taste more, feel more... mimicking every motion of Hwoarangs tongue as he moaned into the Blood Talons lips. It was more than he could take and yet he wanted every sensation. Braced against the door for support, Jin felt Hwoarang pressing against his hips with his body weight, giving the young Kazama a tension that caused his already throbbing heat to shift against the leather of his riding pants.

Hwoarang swallowed the heated moans and mewls that left Jins mouth, keeping the Japanese beauty against the door for support... feeling the hard length shift against his pelvis... twitching with the pressure of the Blood Talons body..and the heat of his mouth. This was more than Hwoarang ever imagined it could be... and the strength of his kiss shifted between worship and feral lust... he was captured by Jins mouth... captured with no chance for salvation.

Jin nipped at Hwoarangs lower lip, panting thickly as his fingers tightened on the Blood Talons waist, feeling how his beautiful Korean slowly added force and pressure against his muscular body... how his length quivered and danced with each of Hwoarangs motions.

Hwoarang claimed Jins mouth fiercely, teeth nearly gnashing as tongues battled and entwined at a rapid pace... the Blood Talons head turning to taste more of Jin... and Jins mimicked the same motion... Hwoarang swallowed a sharp cry from the beauty, feeling Jins fingers tighten...

Jin felt heat trail beneath his skin, like fire brought by the rush of blood... his senses were spinning and Hwoarangs kiss became more demanding while losing none of the sensuality. He was a puppet against such an experienced mouth. Jin felt his body twitch, hyper sensitive with a sudden force, his hips pressing back into Hwoarangs till he felt his own thick shaft grind against the leather...

Jins eyes flew open as the heat intensitifed, panting till he swore he could not breath..moaning till he swore he had no breath left... and then, it happened. Jins nails dug into the heat of Hwoarang mesh shirt, eyes wild... lips kiss swollen... an overwhelming pressure threatening to burst from within him. It felt so good... so incredibly good... in a way Jin had never before felt...

"Hwoarang!" Jin cried out, breaking the kiss as his head fell back against the door... his back arching and writhing and a sudden flash of red brilliance seemed to fill the room, flashing between two pressed bodies, leaving behind an ozone scent. At that moment a thick wave of explosion released itself from Jins shaft... sticky and perfect in the confines of his leather pants. Flushed and panting, Jin continued to arch... unable to breath... riding out the wave of pressures blissful release, tinged with fear.

Hwoarang slid his forehead against Jins, panting thickly as he felt Jin arch and shiver, writhing against the door... the scent of orgasmic release thick in the aire, mixed with the unmistakable current of electricity. But the Blood Talon could also taste the fear, but expected it, knowing Jin had never had a sexual partner..or experience. "Shhh... Shhh... breath... Jin... its alright... its natural... "

After a long moment, Jin slowly returned to orbit, blinking his eyes rapidly as Hwoarang continued to lean close, the heat of the beautiful Koreans breath sliding along his face. Jin arched, involuntarily, his breathing slowly coming back to him at a normal pace. "Are you alright, Jin?"

Jin closed his eyes, shaking his head of the sudden realizations that washed over him. The ebb of release was sticky against his skin and the leather... and all brought about... from Hwoarangs perfect kiss...

Hwoarang slid back, licking his lips of Jins taste. How badly the Blood Talon desired to rip those leathers from Jin and lap at the hot seed staining his former rivals flesh... but no, this was enough for Jin..for the moment...

Jin nodded softly, the flush of shame coming over his features as Hwoarang slid back. He had given into the desire, the sensation. And now, the Fatal Lightning had betrayed him and cleansed his system, Jin felt alert and aware of his shame and weakness, unable to meet Hwoarangs eyes.

"Jin, look at me." Hwoarang said strongly, tilting his fingers under the Japanese youths' chin, only to feel him push away. "Jin, its alright... everything is alright... it was just a kiss... "

Jin shrugged away from Hwoarang. "I..I need to get some air." He said in a broken whisper, grasping for the door as he felt the Blood Talons hand upon his shoulder. Jin looked up, into the Koreans amber eyes. "Don't."

Hwoarang slid his touch back, crestfallen to see the light of rejection in Jins eyes... and saying nothing else, let Jin walk out of the door... and into the hallway.

"Jin!" Ling called as the young Kazama brushed through the crowd for the exit, looking back to see Hwoarang chasing down the hallway near the back of the club as if he was trying to reach Jin.

Jin did not turn, fleeing from the club to be greeted by the cool breeze of a beautiful spring night, drawing his keys into his hand, hastily.

All Hwoarang could do, was watch as Jin peeled out on his bike... and onto the Downtown Tokyo streets.

Jins first stop was a local fueling station. Parking his bike, the Japanese youth fled to the side door where the bathrooms were built in and swiftly locked the door behind him. Sliding his pants down to his thighs, Jin was almost panicked to see dried remnants of his release staining his flesh and his riding leathers. It was proof of what had occurred, proof that there was no turning back now.

Soaping up a coarse, brown paper towel from the wall, Jin began cleansing himself with exasperated breaths, trying to fight the welling panic inside of him, the anxiety that threatened to bring tears to his eyes. What have I done? How could I have wanted this... I am filthy, stained and disgusting... .cleaning myself off like a whore coming off of the streets... this went too far... it went too far.

Once his skin was scrubbed clean, Jin soaped up the other coarse paper towel in his hand and began washing off his leathers, long obsidian tendrils slithering before his eyes. You wanted this Jin. You wanted this because it felt so right... because it felt so good. Look at yourself, acting like a scared child... people, normal people have sex everyday... and here you are on the verge of tears from a meager kiss. Don't you recall how you have watched him? How you have thickened at the mere thought of him? You wanted this to happen... and what disgusts you most... is that you want it to happen again...

The voice inside of Jins head was his own, but it was alien... different and yet soothing, as if singing a lullaby to a child. It wasn't the first time he had heard it, felt its cool whisper in his seething mind..but it was the first time it sounded so provocative, so comforting.

The Japanese youth drew his pants back up, tossing the wasted toweling in the trash. He washed his hands thoroughly, splashing cold water onto his face to wake him up, to make the thoughts quiet, for just a moment... .

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