Author's Notes: This chapter contains yet more **highly adult material**, so be forewarned... As in yes, I did write more smutty stuff because, err, I don’t know... I hope this doesn’t make anyone upset or disappointed... *If I do make any more mistakes, I’m *really* sorry and I’ll try my best to seek them out and make corrections. Also, the translations for any Chinese words can be found at the bottom. Well, read on. ^.^

The Past is the Past

Chapter 7

By Sapphire17

~Those haunting memories of one’s past

can always be hard to bear...

But to bring these fallen events to the future

will certainly mean despair... 





“Stop...” Lei implored in a whisper, “Please... don’t do this to me...”  Lei Wulong had never felt so degradingly weak in all his life.  Lei realized in saying these few shameful words, he had given Bryan Fury all the victory he needed; accepted defeat.  Something he thought he of all people would never do...

Bryan released his forceful grip on Lei’s hair, his unfading grin of blatant triumph still present. “When you tell me you don’t want this, I already know you’re lying.  I can see right through that stubborn pride of yours.  ...You always were such an arrogant little bitch.”

Angered by this comment, Lei struggled harder in a remained unsuccessful attempt to free his arms, which had been twisted insufferably backwards.  It was useless.  Even though Lei ranked overwhelmingly high in quickness and agility, it seemed the issue of lacking good power and superior strength had always cost him its worth in the end.

“Now, why not make it easier on yourself and just stop with the struggling altogether?” Fury spoke in a tone of mocking sympathy, “I would really hate to make use of those handcuffs hanging from your belt...”

Wulong then felt as his arms behind him were twisted even more so, resulting in an uncontainable squint of pain.  It was then that Lei ceased in any form of moment, his head resting forward against the front door bowed in disgrace; the realization that he could not win.  If he continued to struggle in such a vulnerable situation, or even worse, dealt Fury a blow of any kind, Lei could only imagine what would be done to him then...

Lei then felt as his arms were released, Bryan’s grasp instead finding a quick hold of his pliable, black shirt as the Chinese heard the soft sound of its tearing from behind shortly afterwards.  Bryan pulled the band holding Lei’s disarranged hair soon after, thus enabling the long and thick strands or raven tinted hair to freely flow along Lei’s back and shoulders, some falling to shield his face as Wulong continued to bow his head.

Bryan’s forceful grip then found its way to Lei’s arm at the midpoint; grabbing it in an effort to drag the detective away from the door and to the bed, though Lei still refused to fully suppress as he made an effort to recoil his arm.

“Fine then,” Fury derisively sighed, his arm slowly encircling its way around Lei’s torso in a devious manner, unknowingly to Wulong in his state of supposed reluctance.  In a startling quick and fluent motion, Bryan vigorously slung Lei from his current standing position, and straight down to where he fell, his back abruptly coming into contact with the carpeted floor.  In anticipation of Lei springing up from the ground, Bryan quickly positioned himself over Lei to prevent this, sitting atop him at the waistline. “If you prefer the floor, then it’s your call.”

“I-I hate you...” Lei cruelly murmured; his eyes translucently glazed over in an attempt to hopefully restrain any tears from shamefully escaping.

Bryan immediately backhanded Lei across the face following this statement, though instantly regretting his move afterwards.  In doing this, Bryan realized he had just shown Lei how much those words had angered him, when they shouldn’t have...  Not if he didn’t care...

Blood now drained from Lei’s lower lip, though he still didn’t say anything, nor cry out.  He wouldn’t give Bryan the pleasure of hearing this.

“You don’t know anything about pain, Lei,” Bryan suddenly whispered, “Nor regret, apparently.  And this is what I loathe you for; the same reason so many others did, and do.  You don’t regret anything you’ve ever done to hurt anyone.  Regret anything you ever did to me, including my death.”

“I told you, that wasn’t my fault,” Lei said once more, almost... pleadingly. “At least... this is what I told myself after so many years of insufferable guilt...  That night has haunted me ever since, and god knows I paid for it, though never enough.  ...I-I can still remember how I ran over to where you had fallen, even during the shoot-out, but it was already too late...  You didn’t live long enough to see me cry, how my hands were covered with your blood or to hear how I said I was sorry... or how I said I-I l...” Lei silently trailed off, “It was one of the few times in my life I ever allowed myself to cry...” and right after Wulong stated this, a single crystalline tear streamed down his face as Lei tried to turn his head to the side in shame of it.

Bryan didn’t know what to say to this, though his eyes had obviously reframed from narrowed, to furrow.  He then did what came on impulse, his mouth instantly finding that of Lei’s as he kissed him, violently, sucking the dark liquid that drained from Wulong’s lower lip insatiably as Lei winced slightly beneath him. “So... I bet you would like to know the real reason Heihachi is after me, the real reason behind a lot of things,” Bryan whispered against Lei’s lips, as the detective gave a barely evident nod.

“Lei... I’m dying.”

Lei didn’t say anything; couldn’t say anything.  His eyes reshaping from their half-lowered state, to a more shocked, furrowed appearance.

“It’s true,” Bryan said upon seeing Lei’s expression, “And now Heihachi Mishima seeks me out for the key to completing his research; my body.  And then upon realizing my impending death, I knew there were still a few last minute things I needed to take care of,” Fury then stoked the side of Lei’s trembling face, running his fingers back through the long hair that framed the startled complexion. “Or in other words; I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to fuck you while I still had the chance.”

Before Lei could say anything, Bryan forced another kiss to Lei’s mouth, his hands sliding further down each side of the beautiful form of the Chinese, until they came upon the clasping belt buckle to his front.  Should Fury really do this to Lei, though?  Take advantage of him in such a state...?  Actually, he would...

“Just do it, Bryan...” Lei whispered.

Even before Lei had stated this, Bryan had already grasped each side of Wulong’s partially armed belt at the front, swiftly working it open to grant him full vantage.  Lei just stayed still, timidly facing the ceiling as he felt his black jeans slowly pressing down to his thighs, instantaneously raising his hips up to allow Bryan better access to sliding them fully down.  Before Fury even had the chance to free himself of his own clothes, Lei leaned up from the floor first, his hands reaching for the clasp on Bryan’s well-made snakeskin pants with a slight sense of trepidation.  Bryan couldn’t help but smirk at Wulong’s apparent eagerness, yet still visibly fearful all the same. 

A moment later when the two were stripped free of their clothing, Lei sat further up off the floor on his knees, his arms winding around Bryan’s muscular form as he ardently kissed the smooth skin of Fury’s chest while a set of hands tangled tightly into his long, raven strands of hair.  Lost in the sudden heat, Bryan didn’t even notice how he had begun to gradually fall backwards in Lei’s embrace, but then quickly came to realize soon after that Wulong was trying to push him to where his back would be the one resting on the floor’s surface, and not Lei’s own.  Swiftly, Bryan grasped each of Lei’s shoulders and pushed him, vigorously, causing Lei to recoil to where his back once more fell against the coarse carpet.

“Don’t push your luck, Wulong,” Bryan whispered in a seriously strict tone of voice, rapidly spanning Lei’s legs apart while pressuring the flat of one of his hands downwards against Wulong’s firm torso muscles to keep him unyielding in his current position of vulnerability.

Lei tried not to even so much as hesitate, and parted his muscular legs further in enticement. “Please...” Lei murmured in a pleading voice, “Make the pain go away...” he then closed his eyes which were still slightly narrowed in response to Bryan’s last statement, though Lei had honestly gotten to the point where he could really care less as to who the dominant party was.  Though new at being submissive, he liked it...

Wulong then let out a sudden gasp; feeling as he was indeed filled with something, only not what he had anticipated.

“I think I’ll go ahead and stretch you some first this time,” Bryan whispered, though still in an immorally dark tone as he continued to thread one of his saliva slickened fingers into Lei’s tight opening, before inserting a second as yet another gasp shook through the shivering form beneath him.  Lei couldn’t think for the moment, and he didn’t want to, either...

Bryan looked down at Lei, the way his eyes were tightly shut, the way his delicate features were flinching and his teeth were clenched, the way his breathing had become so ridged.  He was holding it all in.  This was when Fury inserted a third finger, hard, as Lei did let out a slight cry. “What’s the matter, Wulong Lei?” Bryan critically asked as he began to move his fingers harder, “Too proud to actually show your pain, your pleasure?  Or is this also shameful in your eyes?  Dishonourable?” he spat.

When Bryan didn’t receive an answer, he instantly withdrew his fingers, hearing as Lei gave a barely noticeable, yet still evident flustered growl.  Fury then wasted no time, and quickly positioned the tip of his hard length against Lei’s wet entrance. “Fine, Lei,” Bryan whispered... spitefully, “If pain is what you want, then so be it...”

Wulong then braced himself, expecting Bryan to thrust right into him as he had before, though finding soon after, he didn’t.  The insurgent Fury instead moved with unbearable slowness...  Lei silently moaned as he felt Bryan pushing deeper inside of him; wishing for him to do it faster, harder, but still too proud to plead or beg like the wanton bitch Fury apparently took him for.  After a couple of agonizingly slow thrusts, Bryan suddenly pulled out to where he was barely still within Lei at all, staying perfectly still to the point where his actions could be considered torturous...  Through impatience, the Chinese made an attempt to thrust his hips forward, though Bryan just pulled back even more as he did so.

“Qing...” Lei bleated with humiliation, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“I’m trying to help you retain what’s most important you, your honour,” Bryan whispered, mockingly evil. 

It was then that Lei finally snapped; his legs ultimately wrapping around Fury’s hard torso as he made a quick effort to impale himself hard against Bryan, earning a trifling moan from them both.

“Fuck honour,” Lei both breathlessly and harshly whispered. 

Fury grinned.  It had taken much less the break Lei Wulong than he had thought.  Without warning, Bryan began to harshly thrust into the beautiful Chinese with sudden ferocity, who now moaned high without even bothering in trying to hide the intense pain or pleasure that invaded his body.  Suddenly, nothing else mattered to Lei; not his past, honour, pride; the things he had come to respect and value in life so much. 

Bryan’s hands ran along the smooth, slick flesh of Lei’s sweaty back, tracing down to his hips, raising them further up off the floor.  Lei cried out in pain, yet pain he longed to feel.  The kind of physical pain he needed to help overshadow the real emotional pain he had been undergoing for so long...  After a few more delicious moments, Fury’s thrusts had become more forceful, as Lei’s efforts in straining his hips to match them had become more desperate.  Bryan leaned further down over Lei’s supple form, his mouth fervently kissing the slickened skin of Wulong’s lower neck and chest.  Lei’s head then titled back even more so, his sweated hair vastly spread about the floor.

“Bryan...” Lei cried, his nails scratching unbelievably hard into Bryan’s back, yet remarkably, they still did not break the flesh...

It wasn’t much longer before Bryan climaxed, his own nails mercilessly piercing into the backs of Lei’s already tender thighs as he did.  Lei responsively moaned when feeling the hot and thick liquid pouring into him, his own release not far behind as he too came, the sudden dampness sticky between their joined and tangled bodies.  

Then, an awkward silence outside of Bryan and Lei’s winded breathing filled the dark, candle lit room.  Both of them wondering the same questionable thought.  What came now...? 

       Six hours later...



Lei’s eyes suddenly drifted open as he took a glimpse at the total darkness surrounding him, other than a barely evident light filtering through the blinded and curtained window on the near side of the room.  Lei then tried to move slightly on the bed he now laid upon, though finding soon after he couldn’t.  Wulong then came to realize he was not alone, no, not this time; another body pressed tightly against him from behind, with an arm seemingly locked around his waist.  Lei was still there, still with Bryan Fury.

Something still felt odd...  Lei wondered...  How can anyone’s body feel so warm, yet so cold at the same time...? 

Then, the most unsettling of thoughts played in retrospect once more...

“Lei... I’m dying.”

Lei couldn’t help but tense up in remembrance to this.  Neither him, nor Bryan had discussed the issue after their last intercourse, for all of those disquieting thoughts had temporarily been pushed from both of their minds during the time.  Somehow... Wulong knew Bryan was telling the truth...  He couldn’t lie that he had wondered scantly on the issue, though, and still did.  Wondering if maybe Bryan had told him this just to make him more vulnerable before, which probably was still true, yet Lei still believed the words were as well...  Now everything was finally coming together.  The disappearing fighters, Heihachi’s goal to capture Bryan, and of course, what Paul had told Lei about Fury during their run in at the bar.

“Bryan suddenly gave out for no apparent reason; like he was in pain, yet pain Marshall himself hadn’t inflicted on him.”

Lei suddenly jumped in a slight motion at the feeling from behind.  Bryan kissed Lei’s bare shoulder blade, pulling the Chinese tightly closer to him with the arm he held him by. “You’re trembling,” Bryan whispered.

This was when Wulong abruptly turned over in the sheets to where he laid on his side facing Bryan, only an inch or so between their lips. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Tell you what?” Bryan questioned, his voice derisive.

“You know what,” Lei whispered back.

“Because I don’t want you to try and interfere with any of this,” Fury replied, his hand tracing the delicate curves of Lei’s supple body. “Your death would be too much of a wasteful shame in all this.”

“It’s my prerogative,” Lei murmured.

“No it’s not; it’s mine,” Bryan seriously stated, right before pressing his lips to Lei’s in a quick motion, the kiss much fiercer than Lei had expected.

A foreign sound suddenly filled the dim room.  Lei then tried to pull away from Bryan, though it seemed Fury had no true intention of letting him go. “I have to answer my phone, Bryan,” Lei insisted, “If I don’t, then the people back at the station will know there’s something up for sure.”

With an irritated sigh, Bryan did as he was asked and released his grip on the sinuous body.  Lei then hurriedly stumbled over to the small light emitting from the frame on his cellular, which was still attached to the belt on his jeans that lay upon the floor.  Wulong bent down and nervously took the small phone into grasp, having no clue whatsoever on what to say into it if this was indeed a member of his force or someone else from the Japanese Headquarters, as he figured.

“Wei, Detective Lei Wulong speaking?”

“Lei?  Where the hell have you been?  It’s nearly three in the morning!”

“Duibuqi, I-I was—”

“Never mind, it doesn’t matter; just get down here — now!  We’ve got trouble that needs tending...”

Lei then heard the sudden, repetitive dial tone, flipping his phone shut soon afterwards with an aggravated sigh, though he then realized he had apparently been asleep longer than he had intended.

“What’s the problem?” Bryan asked.

“I have to get back to the station immediately.  There’s trouble,” Lei assured as he began to hastily redress into his ruffled, black jeans.

Bryan then sat up fully on the bed. “There is no fucking way you are walking all the way back there from here.  Heihachi’s people are everywhere.  He’s got those damn Tekkenshu working all over the place in disguise.  You can’t trust anyone.”

“Well it’s a chance I’m going to have to take,” Lei nonchalantly replied.

“Not if I don’t let you.”

The detective couldn’t see the way Bryan’s eyes had narrowed through the dark, though Bryan could see the way Lei’s had all too clearly.

“If you refuse to let me out, then the signal from my cell-phone will be traced and then they’ll be cops everywhere here in no time,” Lei boasted with a smart smirk, “And besides, I’m not walking, I plan on taking a cab.”

Without word, Bryan promptly stood from the bed and removed something from the confines of a nearby nightstand shaded amongst the darkness.  He then walked over to Wulong, dangling a single key in front of his face which shimmered slightly in the dimness.  Lei’s hand reached for it, but Fury pulled the key back slightly with his hand first. “Just out of curiosity... how do you know none of those so-called team-mates of yours are not actually working undercover for Heihachi Mishima?”

Lei’s eyes widened slightly. “If you know something, tell me.”

“I don’t,” Fury evenly answered, “I’m just asking... ‘What if’?”

Lei quickly shook the possibility from his mind, this time swiftly snatching the key from Bryan’s hand with amazing rapidity before Fury had the chance to pull it away. “They would have been caught by now,” Wulong assured, wondering if he really was certain.  Lei then looked down, realizing he had another slight problem to deal with as he removed his torn tank from the floor’s coarse carpet surface below him.  Before Lei could even turn around to speak up in complaint of the issue, Bryan suddenly tossed another one in Wulong’s direction in anticipation, watching as it landed to fold on Lei’s shoulder.

There was enough light for Lei to make out that the shirt’s colour was obviously white, and not black, as his own had been, but the policeman felt he didn’t have the time to argue at all on the matter, swiftly slipping the white tank-top over his head to find it was at least a nice fit.  Fully dressed, Lei then made his way towards the front door, unlocking it before turning around yet again. “I’ll see you soon.”

“You’re right, you will,” Bryan said.  Something palpably present in his voice that Lei couldn’t quite make out, but chose to ignore.

“And next time, we actually need fit at least some talking in for a change.” Lei then sincerely smiled.  A smile Bryan, nor anyone else, had seen on Lei’s face in quite some time.  Wulong then walked out the door, shutting it behind him as the added light which had briefly filled the dim room vanished once more.

Bryan just stood for a scant moment, staring at the door in the place where Lei had last stood. “Still so intelligently stupid...”

Lei sat alone in the back seat of the taxicab, silent as darkness itself.  The kind of thoughts; memories, invading his mind that he had put behind him so long ago...  Or at least he had thought so...

“There they are...  Bryan Fury and Bruce Irvin...”

“Well what do you want us to do now, Detective Lei?  If we do fire, then there’s always the possibility of risking an injury, or death, upon both your partner, and Bruce?”

“We proceed to fire.  Not at them though, at the others.  And remember everyone, keep your shots low.  I have a feeling these may be members of the International Mafia we have been looking for...”

“I think you’re right...  Okay, on your command.”

“Ready... Fire!!”

“What have I done...?” Lei murmured while burying the side of his face in his hand.  He could remember speaking the exact same four words over twenty years ago...  He hadn’t since...

“What was that?” the cabdriver asked from up front, looking back slightly as he did.

Lei quickly shook it off. “Nothing...”

“Looks to me like you’ve got a lot on your mind, if it’s not too bold in me saying so,” the middle-aged Japanese man shrugged.

“No, it’s fine.  You’re right...” Wulong sighed, not in an annoyed manner, but more in a way signaling his depression.  Also, he didn’t know how he was going to explain his appearance once he arrived at the station.  His lips were noticeably swollen, his skin still sticky with sweat, and his hair a tangled mess, though it thankfully hid a few evident marks on the side of his neck.  Lei also noted his walking was apparently no ballet, either, but he knew he could at least pull off footing normally in front of everyone.  It just hurt more.

Now trying to push these thoughts from his mind as well, others began to overlap them in result.  As Lei continued to silently sit, he couldn’t help but wonder about Bryan’s statement.  The one on how Heihachi had Tekkenshu out everywhere working in disguise; it seemed tangible enough...  Lei even momentarily wondered if there was a possibility of the cabdriver being one...

Thankfully, the cop looked out the slightly fogged window to his right to see the police station coming into view.

“Here’s you stop, Mr....”

“It doesn’t matter,” Lei quickly spoke, right before paying the taxi driver handsomely. 

“Domo,” the driver thanked, catching the drift and abruptly forgetting the name-issue altogether as Lei swiftly exited the car and began to walk hastily towards the station’s entrance.

As the cab proceeded to disappear into the darkened distance, Lei began to notice how deserted the police station really seemed, though figuring the fact that it was after three in the morning, he couldn’t argue.  He just would have expected more people to be around if something this ‘urgent’ really was taking place.  The puzzled Wulong then made his way to the glass double doors, finding soon after they were apparently locked, which Lei also found rather strange...  He wasted no time, entering a code into a small, silver-plated box to the left of the translucent doors, opening them soon after the code was cleared.

Once inside, the detective was rather surprised when the absence of anyone else’s presence remained persistent. “Hello?  Is anyone here?” Lei then looked around to realize how all of the office doors seemed to be shut; all the lights within off.  All but one.  The last office in the very back.  His office...

Lei’s brows furrowed in confusion, and suspicion, as he saw the light filtering through the blinds, accompanied by the single pole of illumination that shined on the polished tile, emitted through the cracked open door of his office...

“What’s going on here...?”





A/N: I always pick the weirdest spots to leave my chapters, it seems.  This was originally a longer chapter, like the last one, but it would have been 11 pages then, rather than 7, and I didn’t want people to fall asleep against the screen.  And once again, thank you so much to all of you who take the time and courtesy to review my writing attempts.  Since I cut several pages out of this chapter, it probably shouldn’t take me as long to have the next one up in result, so I’ll try, but now I’m off to watch ‘Final Destination II’, which is nowhere near as good as the first one, but will serve for my daily dose of DVD, lol!


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