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The Past is the Past

Chapter 6

By Sapphire17

~It’s frequently been said

how the past is the future’s key. . .

With so many things to be unlocked

but are you afraid to see. . .? 




“Damn that Han Zhang,” Lei muttered with his arms folded as he stood outside the police headquarters, leaning against the temperate brick wall.  “This guy is determined to make my life more of a living hell than it already is...”

“Wulong Lei?”

“Huh?” Lei turned his head toward the half-open glass doors as Detective Mao Ziyang exited, looking rather curious.

“What are you doing out here, Lei?” Mao asked inquisitively, “You know this is supposed to be your lunch break?”

“I’m not really hungry, Ziyang,” Lei replied with a sigh.

“You’re not going to have to worry about Heihachi Mishima period if you don’t start eating soon; you already skipped the twelve o’ clock lunch earlier.  Come to think of it, I haven’t seen you eat a thing all week,” Mao quickly reproached.

Lei simply shrugged in remark, knowing it was all too true. “I think I may walk down to the local bar to have a drink or something, though I’m still pretty skeptical about it.  Funny, considering how I hate drugs and cigarettes period, and yet I just got over being a crazed alcoholic.”

“You say that like it’s a ‘bad’ thing,” chortled Ziyang.

Lei shrugged once more while laughing slightly himself. “What do you think?  I mean, you don’t think I’d have to worry about Tekkenshu or Bry— Fury popping up out of nowhere?”

Mao’s brows furrowed a bit, he caught the stutter, but chose not to question it. “I think you should go ahead down to the bar; it’s still day time, there are tons of people everywhere, you deserve a break from this, and it’s not like you plan on staying away too long.”

“I seriously doubt it, well, hopefully,” Lei replied in an obviously incredulous voice, “I’ll see you later, that is, unless I somehow do come across something...” he then turned and began to walk off into the distance, while Mao continued to stand as he watched Wulong’s back recede into the crowed.

“Yes... I’m sure you will...”

“What’s going on out here?”

Mao instantly turned around to face the agitated Zhang Han, who had a look of awaiting triumph on his face.

“He just left, what, did you want to annoy him some more?” Ziyang rolled his eyes while shaking his head slightly.

“Most likely,” Zhang nodded arrogantly, “But let’s just say I have... something I’d like to talk to him about that he may find quite interesting.”

“And what might that be?”

“I’m sure you’ll find out later on,” Zhang beamed.

Mao sighed once more, “More about Arisa, eh?”

“Actually, no,” Zhang deviously smirked, “But I’m sick of anyone defending Wulong on that issue period.  You know everyone agrees with me, and hell, she’s half his age, Ziyang.”

“Let’s just get back to lunch now; I happen to be one of those few people who actually enjoy a bit of food intake every now and again,” Mao sighed while patting his stomach before heading a few feet over; back to the transparent double doors.

Zhang followed Mao’s lead back into the building shortly afterwards, a spiteful grin still on his face.  He would be waiting, and when Wulong arrived back to the station he would have a few conspicuous surprises in store for him...

Lei Wulong continued walking along the crowded sidewalks; transfixed in his own state of mind.  Disquieting thoughts plaguing him endlessly.  Thoughts on Zhang Han, Heihachi Mishima, the disappearing fighters, his honour, the past, the future, and of course, Bryan Fury...  Lei could still feel the sweltering pain in his hips, yet he couldn’t help but desire more...  And he cursed and even despised himself for this too...  What was he to do later in the evening, when he met Bryan again?  Yes, Lei would meet him at seven that evening, even though Fury hadn’t asked, invited, or suggested this; his voice had spoken in one more demanding, blackmailing, ordering.  One of those ‘Be here, or else...’ tones.

But what did the criminal want with the cop this time?  Did he want to perhaps explain things to him?  Kill him, torture him, fuck him?  Lei figured the answer to this was somehow all of the above...  Lei avowed himself he wouldn’t let this happen, though.  The detective would go downtown to get answers, and nothing more.  It was quite clear to Wulong that Bryan obviously knew something; had the missing pieces to the puzzle.  And also, what was it Bryan could possibly have?  This so-called ‘key’ to Abel’s bio-weapon that Heihachi desired so?  There were just so many unanswered questions, and all of them the kind you know you want answered, but fear the answer to...

“Look out!!!”

“Huh?  Whoa!” Lei gasped as he dived, barely missing the hit path of a rather large van that swerved in reaction, nearly causing a wreak to take place in the process.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re going, you idiot?!” the driver of the white van shouted out the half-rolled down window before continuing on his way.

Wulong loudly sighed as he stood up from the pavement, dusting his dark, black jeans and tank top off as he did.  Lei actually wasn’t one known for wearing such clothes very often, but he’d recently gotten to the point where he liked to wear not ‘too’ conservative clothes every now and again.  Besides, he hadn’t exactly had a good amount of time to slip into much else earlier that morning, and he was tired of how all the younger and less experienced men on the force made it some kind of trend for them to wear the more revealing wardrobes when not on duty, but not the older ones.  Though, everyone could undeniably agree Lei did obviously not at all look his age, for his muscles were still so flawlessly defined; his skin so perfectly smooth.

Many people at this time were still giving Lei some sort of gesture, indicating their thoughts toward the detective on how exceedingly careless he had really been to walk right across the street when the sign in front of him had clearly displayed ‘Don’t Walk’ in the classic red illumination. 

“Great...” Lei muttered to himself, “Just great...”  This was really turning out not to be his day in the least.  He continued on his way to the bar, this time trying to pay a little more attention to the path he was walking, which essentially meant it would be best not to think about anything troubling, or in other words: his life...

He turned yet another sharp corner; the bar finally in view as Lei wearily continued to amble towards it.  It was a rather large building at that, not a small bar at all.  When he reached the street-crossing point, he this time made sure the sign in front of him displayed ‘Walk’ before sauntering across the dark pavement, though he strangely couldn’t help casually glancing back over his shoulder a few times or so.  Lei had an uncanny feeling he was being watched by he could only imagine, though considering paranoia was one of his common and rather frequent traits, he chose to ignore the feeling altogether...

As the Chinese opened one of the two doors leading into the bar, Lei instantly noted as every eye in within its confines seemingly fell on him.  He glanced around at a few of the many faces, though trying not to get distracted by them as he ventured toward the main bar and took a seat on one of the vacant, burgundy stools.  The bartender came over to attend Lei soon after, giving him his own form of ‘What is a guy like you doing in a place like this?’ glance. “What’ll it be?” the tall Japanese man asked.

“I’ll have a beer and a shot along with it while I’m at it, I guess,” Lei sighed.

He didn’t care though, he just wanted to take his mind off of his life, find some way to forget.  He knew a time came for everything.  A time when he would face both Bryan Fury and Heihachi Mishima again, and most likely death along with them.  A time when he would have to make imperative choices.  He also knew this would be a very abrupt time at that, most likely that very evening...

“Here you go,” the bartender said as he placed the somewhat exquisite glasses in front of Lei, who was resting the side of his head in the hand of his propped up elbow.

“Thanks,” Lei replied, not even bothering to look up.

“Lei Wulong?”

“Huh?” Lei involuntarily jumped sorely from all the possibilities of who this really could be.  He quickly turned with both of his hands proficiently raised.

“Whoa there, I didn’t mean to startle ya or anything.”

“Paul Phoenix?” Lei shook off the jump, “Sorry about that,” he apologized, lowering his hands, “I guess you could say I’m a little jumpy today...”

“I can see that,” Paul replied as he took a seat on the stool next to the stressed Lei. “So, what is someone like you doing in these parts?”

“Hmp,” Lei smirked, “I don’t see what that is supposed to mean.  I’m a guy here just like everyone else who is.”

“Oh you may be a guy alright, but you’re not like everyone else,” Paul chortled as he slightly shook his head, causing his free-hanging blonde hair to sway.

“And what exactly is that supposed to mean?” Lei questioned somewhat rudely.

“Look, I can bet you’re wondering why you’re getting so many stares, am I correct?”

Lei nodded with a smirk.

“Let’s see...” Paul began, “You look pretty clean-cut, you have handcuffs hanging on one side of your belt; not to mention a gun on the other,” the American then gestured his glance down toward the revolver clearly visible on the detective’s belt.  Paul did however leave out the part on how Lei actually looked quite feminine, and he had only recognized the chance that this was indeed Lei Wulong by his long and thick obsidian ponytail, from where he had been standing by one of the pool tables.

“Ah,” Lei simply shrugged. “So what are you doing here?”

“I’m actually supposed to meet Marshall Law,” Paul then looked down at the black watch on his left wrist, before looking back up, “Strange though... I remember him specifically saying five o’ clock, and that was forty-five minutes ago. Then we planned on heading out to the airport to get the hell off this god-forsaken island that is Japan, and back to the US where Forest il’ pick us up.  Crazy weather we’ve been having this week too.”

“You-you don’t know where Marshall could be?” Lei stuttered.

Paul shrugged. “It’s not like he’s especially known for being punctual or anything, though he has yet to answer his cell phone either now that I think about it...” his brows furrowed.

“Paul?” Lei began, “Have, have you come across anything strange in the past four days since the tournament’s end?”

“Actually,” Paul thought for a second on the issue, “A couple of nights ago when I was waiting for a bus to take me back to my motel in front of this fast-food joint, a group of Tekkenshu appeared outta nowhere and ‘attempted’ to kick my ass, but it didn’t go so well for them.  Several of them also had some kinda dart guns or something, but I was able to knock the guns outta their hands before they had a chance to fire um’ at me.  I figured one of those fucker Mishimas had to of been behind it.”

“And where did you say you were again?” Lei asked.

“Just outside of the crumby downtown area, why?”

“Because that’s where I was...” Lei trailed off in a murmured voice. 

Paul caught that Lei obviously wasn’t giving him the whole story. “What’s going on Wulong?  It sounds to me like you know something important you’re not sharing?”

Lei exhaled a deep sigh. “Paul, the Tekken competitors have been disappearing... we don’t know how many so far, but we think Heihachi Mishima is behind this.  These tournaments are never sufficient; they always turn out to be one big trap in the end... I should have known it wouldn’t be any different this time...”

“Shit...” Paul muttered, “I should have known there had to of been somethin’ up with Kazuya’s default win against Jin.  That conniving son of a bitch.”

“That’s right, you did make it to round seven in the finals; congratulations there.  I got knocked out in five...” Lei sighed.  Actually, Lei had never made it further than just above the halfway point in any of the tournaments thus far.

“To who?”

“Take one guess...”


“Bingo,” Lei sighed once more, “And I swear he had it all planned out too, though I think holding my hair from behind while incessantly punching my face was pretty damn cheap.  The match was at least thankfully called before he had a chance to crack my spine in half, as I think he had intended to.” Kazuya detested Lei Wulong, and had ever since they had met back during the second tournament when Lei had interfered with his life on more than just a few occasions. 

“Ouch,” Paul shuddered, “Kazuya really is a fucker, and I’m still confused as hell on how he’s alive.  People just don’t live after being thrown over one-hundred feet into the mouth of a volcano, though I guess all that devil-gene crap has something to do with it.”

Lei simply shrugged, now in depressing reminiscence of his performance against Mishima Kazuya in the first place.  I guess Jun was right... you never want to turn you back to Kazuya... For this is what Wulong had done during the match.

“You seem different today, Wulong.  Usually you have such a sense of humour and you’re always crackin’ jokes?”

“I just don’t know anymore,” Lei replied indifferently, “I just haven’t been myself period for the past couple of months now that I think about it.”

“Ah well, oh, and Law had quite some time with that Bryan Fury fellow you hate so much, but hey, at least he won, eh?” Paul spoke.

Lei’s raven brows furrowed; he hadn’t heard of this yet.  Heihachi had never released the match records. “Bryan lost to Marshall?”

“Why do you sound so surprised?” Paul questioned in a smirk, “And hearing you call Fury ‘Bryan’ makes me imagine Hwoarang calling Kazama ‘Jin’, as in, it doesn’t happen.”

“I don’t see why it even makes a difference,” Lei quickly retorted, “It is his name, after all.”

“True,” Paul replied, “But it’s still dishonourable; especially to archrivals.”

“Well Fury always addresses me as ‘Wulong’, which is my name?” Lei argued.

“But he doesn’t value honour.  For him to call you ‘Lei’ would mean something had changed his mind to where he does value his honour in your presence.”

Lei knew the conceited Paul was right, and was actually rather surprised to hear such intelligent form of speech coming from his mouth.  “What do you know about the fight between Fury and Marshall?”

“Actually... Law got a pretty good beating at first, but he said Bryan suddenly gave out for no apparent reason; like he was in pain, yet pain Marshall himself hadn’t inflicted on him, err something like that.”

“Wha-what...?” Lei murmured.

Paul nodded. “Yeah, probably stoked up on drugs if you ask me, but that’s what drugs always cost you in the end — pain.”

“I-I don’t really want to talk about this anymore...” Lei trailed off as he hocked down the full shot in front of him, running his fingers back through his cascading bangs as he did so.

“What?  You had a bad experience with drugs in the past err somethin’?” Paul nudged, basically asking if Lei himself had ever used, or dealt drugs.

“Of course not!” Lei shot back, “It-it’s just... haunting memories of those who did...”

“Yep, these people never realize how much their own actions can effect the lives of those around um’,” Paul assured, “Though in Marshall’s case with Fury, I’d say it turned out for the better,” he laughed, but quickly noted soon after that Lei was clenching the fist of his far hand to the point where the knuckles were turning white; he had obviously been angered by something Paul had said, so he decided to change the subject. “Listen, it’s been great talking with you and all, but I think I better see what I can do to find Marshall.  I swear if one of those shit Mishimas has done anything to him; I’ll kick their ass.”

Lei sighed, relieving the pressure of his fist. “I’ll put in word that he’s assumed missing, though I don’t really think it’s such a good idea for you to—”

“I can take care of myself,” Phoenix firmly assured while cracking his knuckles.  The blonde then turned around abruptly afterwards, exiting the bar’s door in a hastily determined amble of steps.

Wulong looked down at his own watch.  He knew where he was going after this...  And it definitely wouldn’t help him out to face Fury while drunk in the least, so he chose to quit while he still could.  And what had been up now with this new information Paul Phoenix had provided?  If Heihachi was indeed behind the recent competitor disappearances, had he gotten Marshall Law now as well?  And what was up with how Paul had been in the exact same area as Fury and the Tekkenshu?  Bryan couldn’t possibly be helping Heihachi collect the fighters now, could he?  And of course... what was the real story behind Bryan and Marshall’s match?  Sure, Law was an excellent fighter, not to mention, he had made it further in the tournaments than Lei himself had in both the second, and fourth tournaments, but Lei still found it hard to believe Bryan would lose quite so easily...

“Bryan suddenly gave out for no apparent reason; like he was in pain, yet pain Marshall himself hadn’t inflicted on him.”

 “I have to find out about this,” Lei assured himself. “I’m not letting this slip into digression this time...”

“So, where has little Wulong Lei gone to this time?” Heihachi asked into the costly microphone of his headset.”

“Gone to get drunk, apparently,” the other person laughed.

“It’s all for the better,” Heihachi fiendishly replied, “Just make sure you take care of him tonight like we planned.  But remember, I don’t want him dead just yet, so if you intend to shoot him, which I do encourage, just don’t make it anywhere vital.”

“Hell, what makes you think I’d ever pass up an opportunity to shoot the guy?  Especially when I get more than just a lofty amount of money out of it,” they grinned.

“Yes, money is the key to having power, though still insignificant to that of my own overshadowing strength or that of the devil gene,” the Mishima seriously assured, “Now, you know what to do; and do not fail me.”

Hang up.

“This is ridiculous,” Lei muttered to himself as he came up upon the old inn; the same one Bryan was supposedly staying at. “I’ll be lucky if this isn’t just a trap.”

Wulong wasn’t scared though, not at all.  The Tekkenshu were known for having less than perfect aim at times, while he himself on the other hand was a dead shot.  This assumption brought Lei back to the same repetitive question.  Was Bryan Fury indeed working for Heihachi Mishima?  If so, then why did it appear the elder Mishima was ever after Bryan in the first place?  Could it have been a setup...?

As Lei made it closer to the building down the trashed and deserted street, he suddenly came to realize he had subconsciously ensured his fully-loaded gun in both hands.  This was most likely for the better, but hopefully he wouldn’t have to use it on Bryan.  Lei very well knew there were a few spots where Fury could be vulnerable if precisely shot.  But still... the truth was, the detective had no true intention of actually doing this...

The irresolute Lei continued his amble toward the building, the clouded sky becoming a darker shade of fluently tinted rainbows as the sun began to set in the distance.  Finally, he reached the point where he could go no further; this was it.

Without further hesitance or consideration, Wulong gradually stepped toward the inn’s front, now wondering which one of the doors would lead him to Bryan, or possibly something else...  This was ludicrous.  Lei had been in many situations like this before, more so than he could even count, so why should he be afraid now of all times?  This was when he began to turn the doorknobs on various doors, progressively moving down the line as he did so.  So far, they had all been locked.  Lei was really hoping he wouldn’t have to attempt instead going down the row of doors kicking them in, but he would result to this if he had to.

The aggravated Chinese sighed one last time as he reached the last door and turned the knob; it was unlocked...  Lei fully opened the creaking door in a slow motion as he took a glimpse at what lay within.  He could barely see a thing.  Wulong left the door behind him fully open to emit what light there was outside into the room as he tentatively stepped further into its shaded confines.  It didn’t seem like this was a small room at all from what Lei could tell as his eyes began to adjust, and it even seemed like there were other doors, made visibly evident by their darker shade clashing against the shadowed white wall surrounding them.  The detective squinted and made out the light switch on the wall.  He then reached his left hand out to it, though finding soon after no light came to fill the room in the least.

He continued to make his way further into the room’s confines ahead of him, until he was sure he had reached the middle of the room, his eyesight adjusted enough to where he could make out a bed, a night stand, and a few other things around him.  Suddenly, a loud slam was heard causing Lei to jump; the light that had filled the room before abruptly vanishing as Lei hastily turned around and ran back down the path he remembered led to the now shut front door he had entered through... only to find it seemingly locked once he reached it...

“What the hell...?” Lei whispered, his breathing becoming evidently loud and rapid.

“Drop the gun, now.”

Lei heard the loading of another gun behind him shortly afterwards...  he did as he was told, and dropped the gun he held to the floor.  “What do you want with me this time, Bryan?” Lei said rudely in a fearless tone, the now apparent light filling the room from the fluently lit candles from behind.

“Like I said, you have all the questions, and I have all the answers,” Bryan seriously replied, “Now, turn around.”

Lei didn’t hesitate and swiftly turned around to face Bryan Fury. “Then what’s going on, Bryan?  Where are all the Tekken competitors disappearing to?  What is that mad man doing to them?!”

“You’re right about it being Heihachi who is behind the recent disappearances, Lei,” Fury affirmed, “Though I still would have figured you to be smart enough by now to learn it always goes back to his science in the end.”

Wulong’s eyes widened slightly in tune to this, he finally had a good idea as to where this was going...

“He’s planning on putting his bio-weapon into action soon, and let’s just say he only settles for the best test subjects.”

“What?!” Lei exclaimed.

Bryan nodded, “And it seems he wants you now, as well.  He wanted you dead at first for fear of undisclosed information you may have received from me, but he’s apparently had a change of mind.  I know you most likely think I am the one who set up that little explosion the other night at the hospital.  Well, you’re wrong.”

Lei remained riveted in what he was now hearing... of course he had figured Fury to be the one who had planted the bomb in his hospital room.  If not him, then who...?

“See, Wulong?” Bryan began in a spiteful voice, “I’d say you owe me quite a lot.”

“I don’t owe you shit,” Lei harshly shot back.

It was then that Bryan took a few steps closer to Lei, who in turn recoiled backwards slightly. “I’ve saved you more times than I can even count, Wulong Lei.  Even back when we used to work together and you figured yourself some kind of god in everyone’s eyes.  Bruce thought you were a fucker too, you know.  Why do you think he left the force and joined Kazuya, who saved him?  You almost got Irvin killed then as well, and of course we both know what happened to me that night.”

“Goddamnit Bryan, that wasn’t my fault!” Lei avowed, “You two were the ones dealing drugs with Kazuya’s men, not me!”

Bryan narrowed his eyebrows in obvious anger. “If I remember correctly, which I know I do, the word ‘fire’ came from your mouth when the shoot-out began.”

“But damnit it wasn’t directed towards you and you know this!  I-I didn’t mean for you to... to—”


“No, I didn’t...” Lei murmured while looking at the floor. “And then when you came back... you seemed so different, so cold.  I couldn’t believe it was you, I figured Abel had put a monster in your body, and nothing more...”

For once, Fury felt his own brows furrow at Lei’s statement, which had sounded pretty sincere. “The only difference is I came back more powerful and full of rage than I’d ever been.  It seemed you hadn’t changed a bit.”

Lei turned around and quickly stepped toward the front door; he wanted, no, needed to get out of here. “Let me out now,” he demanded, “I’m leaving.”

It was then that Bryan’s faded grin resurfaced. “Sorry, but I’m afraid you’re not going anywhere, dear Lei.” 

Wulong didn’t even bother turning around, his hand still on the doorknob which he then realized locked from the inside. “Open.. the damn.. door,” Lei ordered sternly as Bryan walked up behind him.

“My my, this does bring back memories, doesn’t it, Lei?  Except it’s changed to where you are now the one who trembles before my touch, and not the other way around.”

“I said let me out!!” Lei found himself saying all too pleadingly. “Please...”

It was then Lei’s head suddenly fell back from Bryan’s rapid and forceful grip on his hair, as Fury laughed in his dark voice. “I love it when you show me your fear; it makes you that much more beautiful.”

Lei swiftly tried to give Bryan a good elbow to the stomach, but Fury instead caught his arm first, before twisting it painfully backwards.

“I think you know in the back of your mind what you really came here for, Lei Wulong,” Bryan whispered into his ear, “You can either choose to submit, or not.  Just keep this in mind; your pain only serves to increase my pleasure...”




A/N: Boy, I sure did leave this at a rather lovely point, huh?  Sorry if this chapter was too long, but it’s the only way it would serve to fit in between the others.  Yep, it looks like more of my naughty-writing side is beginning to show through again... -_-;;  I also just came back and caught some spelling errors (I fixed them) I hate it when I do that...

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