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The Past is the Past

Chapter 4

By Sapphire17

The past can always be hard to face

makes you wonder if you were mistaken. . .

To look back on one’s life only to see

those certain paths that were, or were not taken. . .



Kita thought this over for a moment, “So you’re thinking someone only wants us to think Lei is actually dead then?”

“That’s what we’re guessing,” Tashiro replied, “But I think you guys need to come down here and take a look for yourselves, and then suggest your opinions on the situation.”

 “We’re on our way.”


The impatient policeman, Tashiro Marusa was apprehensively waiting for the four detectives to arrive as he stood at hospital’s front, delirious of the endless torrential flow of rain in the least.  He’d been a cop for quite some time, and in even in all his years, he had yet to see anything like this... Sure, Tashiro had seen plenty of blood and gore in his profession, but this case had such mystery to it that never seemed to fade out.  Everyone was well aware of Heihachi Mishima’s conniving ways of course, but did Lei’s disappearance somehow root back to the treacherous Mishima...?

He then heard the sound of upcoming sirens, followed shortly by the encompassing colours of light.  Two police cars pulled up soon after, joining the many already present in the hospital’s immense, fully packed lot.  Detectives Kita Okura and Mao Ziyang exited from the first car which had pulled up, followed by Detectives Zhang Han and Masaki Kokan shortly afterwards.

Kita didn’t hesitate in the least, ignoring the umbrella offered to her by Mao as she all but sprinted straight toward the awaiting Tashiro at the glass framed doors of the hospital.

“Detective Okura?” Tashiro asked.

“Yes,” she replied as she shook his hand.

Tashiro didn’t even try to go off the subject, “Follow me, and I’ll take you to what’s left of Detective Wulong’s hallway.”

Kita simply nodded in a hesitant manner as she gestured for the three other detectives to follow.

“So, what’s the deal with our precious Wulong?” Zhang asked somewhat mockingly. 

Kita turned in an instant to face him, “Goddamnit, Zhang!  You really are enjoying this, aren’t you?!”

Zhang intrepidly took a step closer to the enraged women, “So what’s it to you, Kita?  Or is this just about how little Lei wasn’t quite as easily seduced as you had planned?”

Both Mao and Masaki could tell Kita was more than likely going to slap him then and there, as Masaki quickly stepped between them to halt it first, “Okay guys, this is not the time for this.  We’ve got a job to do, and that’s the important thing, our individual feelings toward Lei are irrelevant.”

Mao nodded, as he then looked at Tashiro. “So what information do you have together so far?”

“We found traces of blood on the window screening before the detonation, and just like how I mentioned on the phone, the condition of the IV needles indicated Lei was more than likely bleeding, so—.”

“You think he was kidnapped?” Zhang cut him off, “Hmp, if you ask me, this could more than likely be a setup.”

“How so?” Mao asked, arching a brow.

“Simple,” Zhang began, “If I’m right, like I’ve been saying, then Lei is really working for Heihachi Mishima.  What you can bet happened is Lei ripped the IVs out of his arms, splattered blood everywhere, and then planted a bomb in the room before catching a getaway ride from a Tekkenshu, or hell, even Nina or Fury!”

Kita smirked, “If that’s true, then how come Lei was discovered missing so soon?”

Zhang returned the same discordant smirk, “Because it was the middle of the night, and Lei figured no one would enter the room.  He probably just wanted to give himself a little spare time before the bomb detonated so he could be clear of the explosion for sure, and then we would all think he was supposedly dead.”

No one said anything for a moment.  Zhang was truly a smart-ass, but he still had a pretty good theory at that, so no one had the will to argue in this sense, not even Kita.

“I wonder...” Mao stuttered, debating on letting the wrong words slip, “I just don’t know; but I’ll tell you this at least, Lei is either a lot dumber than we originally thought, or a lot smarter...”

“Well, what of Bryan Fury and Bruce Irvin now, Detective Wulong?”

“It-it’s true... they have been dealing drugs, as well as smuggling for Kazuya’s men.”

“I can’t believe this!  How could this go on so long without our knowledge?!  Do you have the location?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Well, what are we to do then, you’re in charge?”

“We-we’re going in tonight to discontinue this... there’s no other alternative...”


Lei’s eyes suddenly flashed open, oblivious to his surroundings for the time being.  He groaned as he tried to sit up, a nearly throbbing headache ringing through his head.  He looked around, realizing he did in fact know his whereabouts; this was his hotel room.

For a moment, Lei just sat somewhat dumbfounded in attempted recollection.  He felt dreary; drugged.  His body ached in more than one way, bruises and scabbed, deep scratches running from the base of his hips, down to his lower thighs reacting in a searing pain there, and elsewhere when he tried to move them.  Also present was a certain olfaction; sweat, salted.

The bewildered detective was near standing on the side of the bed, when he swiftly collapsed back down a split second later.  It hit him then and there.


This honestly had to be the first time Lei had referred to him as such... in over twenty years, that is...  In this age, he had always obtained to use ‘Fury’, or just ‘thing’, rival, but now...

“Bryan...?” Lei had realized by now that their actions the night before had obviously not taken place here, in Lei’s hotel room.  He never did find out, come to think of it.  The startled Chinese abruptly stood up, and oh how it hurt like hell, but he ignored the pain for the time being.  He glanced down at the automatic clock.  8:13 a.m.  He also noted at this time that he was fitted in his own pair of black slacks; the same ones he had fought in at the tournament.

Lei stood temporarily, almost in a transfixed daze in reminiscence to what had taken place only a few hours or so ago.  Why...?  Why had Bryan done this to him...?  Lei felt utterly used; like a toy of bliss.  Apparently, Fury had taken his pleasure, drugged Lei once more, and then dropped him off.  But if this was all so, why hadn’t Bryan eliminated Lei once through with him?  Or was he...?

“What the hell was wrong with me?!” Lei suddenly exclaimed as he sat back on the nightstand for support.  Lei couldn’t lie though, nor blame it on the effects of the narcotics, or anything else.  He had wanted it just as much as Bryan had; falling as no more than a victim to his own lustful realizations, just as before... so Lei perceptibly couldn’t refer to this as rape in the least.  Besides, Lei couldn’t have denied his condition, if he had of refused Bryan’s advances, he undeniably would have been forced in a more than likely sadistic manner.

The only question for the time being was; what was Lei Wulong to do now?  Simply forget the encounter altogether?  No.  There was no way he would, or could do this.  He was worried though, vexed at the possibilities should anyone find out.  It was obvious Lei himself wouldn’t tell anyone, but would Bryan?  Was he going to perhaps blackmail him, or something?  Talk about the worst thoughts one could have on their mind.  If Lei thought his honour was at loss before, he could only imagine what would happen now... 

Lei had broken so many codes the night before, he very well may have set a new record, and the consequences for this would go past a simple suspension period, he would hereby be stripped of his title and thrown into jail, no doubt about it...  Actually, in his homeland, capital punishment was a very good possible penalty as well...

Also, it was rather obvious to Lei that more than just a few people would want to know how, and where he had vanished to from the hospital.  What was he supposed to say?  That one minute he was peacefully asleep in his hospital room, and the next he woke up in the hotel?  Not many would buy this explanation, especially Zhang.  Hell, Lei knew he wouldn’t believe such a thing.  But what was he supposed to say then...?

Lei knew the longer he waited to inform everyone of his presence, the more suspicious he would look, so without further consideration, he reached his right hand shakily for his cellular on the nightstand.  He chose to dial Kita Okura’s number, since he figured she would be the easiest to talk to.

“Hello, Detective Okura speaking.”


Kita nearly dropped her own cell phone then and there. “Le-Lei...?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“What – where the hell have you been?  Where are you?!”

“I’m in my hotel room, Kita,” Lei assured, “Though I-I don’t quite know how I came to be.”

“Just stay there,” Kita ordered, “Mao and I will be there shortly.”

Lei then heard the dial tone soon after, as he flipped the phone’s base up.  Now this sure was superb...  Though Lei was thankful Kita had only obtained for her and Mao Ziyang to come to his aid for the time being.

Still... he could not halt the visions, nor eradicate them from his mind.  Visions of Bryan Fury, as well as feelings; emotions.  Lei was hurt, emotional damaged, or even corrupted by this, just like he had been all those years ago...  But why was this if he didn’t care?  Simple.  He did.  He had to find Bryan, somehow...  Or would he instead find him first...?

“Mr. Mishima?”

“Ah, Dr. Abel,” Heihachi greeted as he met the doctor at the medaled doors to the Mishima Labs, “I trust the test results from your bio weapon were a success,” he had stated this, not questioned it.

“That is correct,” Abel replied with an evil grin plastered to his face.

“And what of your ‘other’ creation?” Heihachi asked.

“I take it you mean Bryan Fury?”

The Mishima nodded.

“Hmm,” the doctor thought momentarily, “He still has not been located, though he is well within our range.  There’s no way he is getting out of Tokyo, much less Japan.  We just have to make sure we get a hold of him before Boskonovich.”

“Very true,” Heihachi agreed, “I have sent my men in reference to Yoshimitsu’s Manji Clan, I have a good feeling he is with them.”

“And what of the investigations?” Abel asked as he arched a brow behind his red plated goggles.

“Leave Detective Wulong and the others to me,” Heihachi spitefully replied, “And speaking of him... Did you hear about what happened at the local hospital on the news?”

Abel nodded as he and the taller man continued to walk through the lab, “Yes, I did.”

“Well I’m starting to get the idea that Fury was behind this.  I think he has perhaps formed a truce with the stubborn detective, judging from what I saw through the Tekkenshu’s cameras.”

The doctor looked somewhat puzzled, “You think Bryan is trying to get the detective agencies on his side?  Hmp, I don’t see how that could happen; he’s one of the top ten most wanted criminals in the world today.”

Heihachi gestured that he agreed, while casually stoking the fine hairs on his chin, “Still, my intuition tells me that Lei Wulong may know something, and if he does, he must be eliminated immediately.”

“Very true,” Abel responded, “Though I don’t see why that irritating Detective Wulong would listen to Bryan anyway, you remember what happened during the third tournament with them.  They nearly killed each other.  I’ve never seen two people express such a burning hatred for one another, not even Kazuya and Lee.”

“Hmp,” Heihachi smirked, “It still doesn’t matter, for neither Bryan, nor Lei was able to make it past my bloodline, and I must say that was the prettiest picture I had seen since Lei last fell to Kazuya in the second tournament,” he then snickered.

“I still think Bryan could have gotten further, perhaps to the final round if it hadn’t been for his loss of strength,” Abel beamed, “And besides, I think you can agree we have Lei Wulong to thank for Bryan’s manifestations in the first place.”

Heihachi nodded, “True, but what I also know is I’ve had enough with that incompetent Wulong for the past two decades, and my sons can actually agree with me there.  I think it’s time to finally put an end to him.”

Lei had just gotten out of a rather hasty shower, as he heard the apparent knock on his hotel door.  He sighed with a deep breath as he went to answer it.

“Who is it?”

“Lei, its Mao and Kita, open up.”

Lei then undid the chained locks to his door, which also made Lei realize that even though he was on the third floor of the hotel; Bryan had obviously not exited through the door.

“Oh Lei,” Kita said somewhat dramatically as she threw her arms around him, uncaring of the fact that she was drenching the sleeves of her blouse in Lei’s freshly washed hair.

“Glad to see you, Lei,” Mao smiled politely, “But now it’s time to answer some long-overdue questions.”

“I’ll try,” Lei indifferently replied, “Though I’m still pretty... lost in all this.”

“So you’re saying you know nothing about the bomb?” Kita asked.

“Bomb...?” Lei’s raven brows furrowed at this remark, “What bomb?”

“The one that went off in your room fifteen minutes or so after your disappearance,” Mao stated.

Lei gasped slightly, “No... I-I don’t... How bad was it?”

“Not too bad,” Mao replied, “But bad enough to wipe out half of the hallway and kill three people.”

“And-and you don’t know who did this?” Lei asked, hopefully wrong about his assumption.

“That’s what we’re asking you, Lei,” Mao declared, the hint of suspicion ringing all too clear through his voice.

“I really don’t remember too much,” Lei stuttered, “I was drugged.”

Kita suddenly had a look of concern on her face as she reached her dainty index figure for Lei’s lower lip, “What happened, it looks like your lip was busted?  It’s all swollen...”

“Hmm,” Mao thought for a moment, “Well I can tell that you honestly don’t look like you’re feeling too good, but we still need to head straight down to Tokyo Headquarters to clear up a few things.  The others don’t even know you’re here, much less alive yet.  We wanted to confirm that it was indeed you on the phone and that you were safe first.”

“As long as I don’t have to go back to a hospital, its fine,” Lei sighed.  

“But really,” Kita continued, “You’re saying you have no idea who could have done this to you?”

“N-no, I don’t.”

Mao looked deep in thought, “What I don’t get is why the hell they would just drop you off here like this then?  Lei, even if we do believe you, this is damn suspicious.  Hell, Zhang even had the idea you were with Fury or something.”

Lei’s eyes seemed to widen at this declaration as he let out a stifled gasp.

Kita noticed this, “Yeah, that’s the same thing I thought about his allocate crap.”

“But don’t fret, Lei.  We will find out who is behind this, as well as everything else.  Everything.”

I already know Lei will be looking for me.  If he tries to interfere; he will die.  I know he must be angered, and that I’ve hurt him, though he has still yet to even consider the pain he has inflicted upon me as well, rather the past, or present.




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