Author's Notes: Yep, this is the chapter where the rating really takes its dive, so if you already know you probably couldn’t handle it, as crappy writer at lemons as I more than likely am, then I strongly advise you not to read the second half of this chapter, and if you are unaware with what a lemon is, other than the citric yellow fruit, then you definitely shouldn’t read this... ^^;

*Another note is that if you have not read, or do not read everything and skip parts, you will not understand anything that happens later on...

The Past is the Past

Chapter 3

By Sapphire17

~Forget the past as you turn away

and wish it a farewell

For no longer in the past

will the present dwell. . .



Kita Okura sighed as she went over yet more paper work dealing with the cases.  She and the other detectives from the Hong Kong International Police Force, minus Lei, were all currently at the building for Tokyo’s own international force.  She glanced yet again at the circular clock plated on the wall to her front as she sat at the office desk.  2:45 in the morning already... She shook her head.  She and the others had been working almost non-stop for roughly over thirty hours or so; mostly on various cases of the sorts, all revolving in some way around Heihachi Mishima.

She had also come to the conclusion that Fury’s connection with Heihachi lied with Abel in the Mishima Labs.  Of course it would all have to go back to him and his damn science, again.  It always did, so she should have known it wouldn’t have been any different this time.  Knowing this was still useless, though.  Until they could find out what Heihachi really wanted Bryan for, it would remain this way. 

Kita suddenly jumped as she was startled by the ringing of the telephone in her office, as well as a few other office phones, but she chose to go ahead and answer it herself.

“Tokyo Headquarters this is Detective Okura speaking.”

“Detective Okura, this is Tashiro Marusa, I’m a policeman calling from the local hospital.”

Kita gasped slightly, she already had a bad feeling about this... “What happened?  Is this about Lei Wulong...?”

“I’m afraid so...” he replied, “You may want to have a few detectives come down here and check this out for yourselves...”

“Tell me what happened to Lei,” she ordered.

“...He’s disappeared, but we didn’t know what to think for sure, considering the condition of his hospital room...  You need to—.”

“I want to know about it first,” Kita assured in a hesitant voice.

Tashiro swallowed, “The-the bed was covered massively in blood, as well as the floor, the walls...”

Kita froze on the spot as she covered her mouth with a hand, her eyes fully widened.

Tashiro then continued, “We still can’t come to any ‘definite’ conclusions on this yet.  Lei was receiving blood due to minor blood loss.  It was type A negative, the same as his, but what we mean is this very well could be the blood that’s smeared everywhere, and not necessarily Lei’s own blood.  The nurse here who entered Lei’s room after hearing a crash come from it walked in to see the various needles and tubes dripping blood about the floor...  It appeared the IV needles had been ripped right out...”

“So-so he’d not dead for sure then?”

“That’s right, for now at least,” said Tashiro, yet there was still one more concern, “Though we already know a few others weren’t quite so lucky...”

Kita didn’t even know if she wanted to hear this or not, “What is it...?”

“There was apparently a small bomb hidden some where within the confines of Lei’s hospital room, which unfortunately went off only fifteen minutes or so after his apparent disappearance was made evident.”

Kita thought this over for a moment, “So you’re thinking someone only wants us to think Lei is actually dead then?”

“That’s what we’re guessing,” Tashiro replied, “But I think you guys need to come down here and take a look for yourselves, and then suggest your opinions on the situation.”

“We’re on our ways.”

“Oh my god...”

“Hello dear Lei.”

“That’s it, don’t struggle.”

Lei slowly opened his eyes, groaning as he awoke.  He then brought his right hand up to rub the side of his head, and noted immediately that his wrist was wrapped up in medical tape.  It suddenly struck him...  He was no longer in the hospital... but now somewhere else...  Lei looked around; he was in a darkened room, with a window over to the left of the bed he now laid upon.  He then turned the underside of both of his arms up to face him, as he then noticed both of his wrists were wrapped and bandaged, as well as his hands partially, and any other place where an IV had been inserted.

It was still storming like crazy outside as it had been earlier, then it hit Lei just like that...  

“Bryan Fury...” Lei muttered with his eyes widened in remembrance of what he last visualized and heard in the hospital room.

“I see you’re finally awake.”

Lei’s glance shot straight up from his arms in one motion as he looked across the room in the direction of the voice’s origin.  The room was then filled with a brief flash of lighting from outside.  This was all the light Lei needed to reveal someone was visibly standing on the opposing side of the room, leaning against the wall in the shadows.  It was indeed Bryan Fury... 

Lei didn’t know where to begin — why this had been done to him — why Fury had brought him here...

Bryan then suddenly flicked a lighter, lighting several candles which sat atop a nightstand against the shaded wall, emitting only so much light, only enough for Bryan and Lei to barely make each other’s faces out.

“Fury...” Lei silently spat as he glared at him.

Bryan nodded, the same mischievous smile present on his face that he always seemed to show. Especially to Lei. “I bet you now have quite a few questions for me, Lei.”

“Why the hell have you brought me here?!” Lei suddenly shot out.  Of course he had quite a few questions to ask Fury, but this was the first one that sprang to mind.

“You may want to calm down a bit my dear Lei, you’re still pretty weakened.”

“Look Fury, I want answers, and I want them now,” Lei demanded in a firm tone of voice.

“I’d watch that insolent tone if I were you,” Bryan sternly warned as he took a few steps closer, “But okay then, let’s start with the reason Heihachi Mishima really wants me dead.”

“I’m listening,” Lei replied as he sat up on the edge of the bed, also noting at this point that he was no longer in hospital uniform as he had been before, but now apparently in a pair of sweatpants.  He decided he would ask about this later...  Bryan had been right about Lei’s condition though.  Lei realized there was no way he currently had enough strength to take anyone down, especially Fury, but he knew he had to find a way out of this somehow...

“Let’s see, what do you know about Abel’s bio weapon?” Bryan asked.

Lei thought for a moment on if he should even answer this or not, since it was Fury who was supposed to be answering the questions, and not him.  Not to mention, this was top secret evidence they were discussing, and Lei didn’t want this to fall into the wrong hands, especially if Fury had some kind of sadistically sick and torturous execution in mind for him afterwards...  He didn’t know, but something told him to continue...

“I know that it is in connection with the devil gene.  Some form of mutation, blending the devil gene with that of different life forms to create a new, supposedly enhanced one, which will only cause terrible things to erupt in the world as we know it.”

Bryan nodded, “Well let’s just say I have the key to putting a halt to all of this, and Heihachi wants it to forbid its use in this happening.”

Lei’s brows furrowed, “What is it then?”

“Hmm, maybe we can go back to that later,” Bryan replied, “But let’s move on for now.  Next question.”

Lei looked down in thought temporarily, before looking back up, “Why...?” Lei silently spoke with a hint of hesitance, “Why did you save me...?”

Bryan remained silent for a few brief moments, which in turn felt like a small eternity to Lei. “Why do you think I did?”

“I think you wanted to put me in debt to you,” Lei replied rather rudely, “Maybe you thought I would order the other detectives or the Japanese International Forces to stop looking for you.”

Bryan smiled mischievously once more, “True that you are in debt to me, and for more than this one occasion, but you’re wrong about what I want.”

Lei arched a brow, “If you don’t want my help, then what do you want from me?”

Bryan took a few steps closer to the bed until he was standing right in front of Lei, who seemed to show no fear.  He then stepped over to where he was slightly behind Lei, suddenly brushing his fingers through Lei’s long and thick strands of raven hair that gleamed in the candle light.  “Isn’t it obvious, Lei Wulong?”  Lei abruptly stood up and tried to turn around, but Bryan gripped each of his shoulders from behind to prevent him from doing so first, as he then leaned forward a little more and spoke a hushed, wet whisper in Lei’s ear, “I want you.”

Lei then felt as every joint and muscle in his body seemed to freeze as he gasped, his eyes quickly reframing from narrowed, to widened.

“It’s true Lei,” Bryan continued to whisper in the same dark tone of voice, “I wasn’t lying before when I told you how beautiful you are.  Even in every match we ever had the chance to fight each other in, as you shined with all your beauty and elegance... it was all I could do not to fuck you then and there.”  Bryan grinned still more as he felt Lei to tremble beneath his touch, “And what’s more is I saw how you gave me the same looks, disguising your lust with your hate.”

“Stop it,” Lei pleaded in a barely evident whisper, his eyes half lowered.

Bryan in turn kissed Lei’s neck just below the ear, drawing yet another gasp from the Chinese, “I don’t think either of us want that,” Bryan said maliciously, right before he swiftly grabbed a firm hold of Lei’s waist from behind and turned as he threw him hard down to the bed; instantly crawling atop him almost a split second later, straddling his legs.

Fury then took a hold of each one of Lei’s still bandaged wrist and pushed them down to the mattress on each side of Lei, who looked up at Bryan with a mix of confusion, and fear...  He didn’t know what to think, he hadn’t been expecting this; expecting Bryan Fury’s desire for him.  Sure, the possibility had at least crossed his mind, but at the same time, the thought hadn’t due to Lei’s refusal to believe it could be possible, so he had immediately excluded it.  In one word: denial...

Bryan was contented so far.  Lei hadn’t even attempted to so much as struggle, and this meant that he had obviously been right on some level.  Bryan proceeded to move further down until he was face to face with Lei, a firm hold still on his wrists.

Bryan grinned spitefully. “Afraid?”

“No...” Lei whispered, trying to remain impassive.

And with that, Bryan kissed him, hard, feeling as Lei almost yielded beneath him.  Lei was in a notional daze, still in disbelief, not even this could make it real for him.  This was Bryan Fury; the rebellious criminal, the outlaw, the murderer.  His rival.  He was the symbol of everything Lei was against, everything he in turn stood for himself.  Almost like right and wrong, good and evil, even in their appearances; night and day...

Bryan suddenly broke from the kiss and began to blaze a trail down the side of Lei’s neck, kissing and licking down to his chest, and then his hard plain of torso muscles.  He smiled when he heard Lei emit a soft moan, as he then released Lei’s wrists and grabbed each side of his sweatpants abruptly afterwards, partially tearing them as he roughly jerked them down off of the Chinese, who finally seemed to be letting the fear show on his face. 

And it was true, Lei was afraid.  The sound of Bryan’s zipper on his own camouflaged pants going down caused a shiver of fear to run through Lei like no gunshot had ever caused before, but he didn’t want to show it, not to mention he had never been in this situation with another man before, that he hadn’t rejected, that is. 

Lei craned his neck upwards once Fury was free of his own pants, taking a glance of Bryan in his full glory.  ...Lei immediately realized this would be painful, no doubt about it.  Even during the tournament Lei hadn’t exactly been the only competitor who had noticed that Bryan was obviously much larger than average, just by taking a glimpse at him in those snakeskin pants of his.

“Now are you afraid?” Bryan harshly whispered in a mockingly dark, yet serious voice, roughly caressing Lei’s outer thighs as he scratched his nails into them.

Lei didn’t answer this time, for he knew Bryan could obviously read the tinge of fear gleaming in his dark opalescent eyes.  And this was what Bryan wanted; he wanted Lei to fear him, to be at mercy to him.  Fury then leaned further down one last time, separating Lei’s muscular legs apart with his own knees as he did so.  “And from now on, Lei Wulong...” Bryan whispered once more into Lei’s ear, as Lei rolled his eyes closed, “You belong to me...” And with that, Bryan quickly jerked the other fighter’s hips back with his hands, vigorously thrusting into Lei’s tight entrance in one abrupt motion. 

Lei couldn’t contain the shattered cry of pain that escaped his parted lips.  It was as if any other form of pain he had ever experienced up until this moment was surely insignificant, not even an imbedded gunshot wound could compare...  Bryan, on the other hand, didn’t think he had ever felt such pleasure.  Lei was so perfect; consummate, and Bryan had been dreaming about this moment for quite some time at that. 

This was probably why he hadn’t bothered preparing Lei in any method for the penetration, and besides, he wanted to see him in pain.  Bryan grasped the hips of the Chinese tightly in each hand, pulling them forcefully upwards as he thrusted forward into Lei ferociously.  Lei tried his hardest to hold back as many supplicating shouts of pain as he could, or at least keep them stifled to some extent, but they just could not be repressed.  This was just too much, and Bryan knew it. 

Lei felt his hips being pulled back and fourth in a rhythm that followed the forceful thrust of Bryan, whose nails were seemingly tearing into the flesh beneath them as blood clearly was seeping down.  Lei’s hands on each side of him grasped into the sheeted mattress with force and desperation, his eyes shutting unbearably tight as involuntary tears forced their way past his tightly closed, long-lashed eyelids and slid down each side of his face, falling back into the depths of his hair.  Damn, he didn’t want to cry, he couldn’t even remember the last time he’d cried, it had been so long... 

Fury looked down upon the trembling form of the beautiful Chinese with lustful infatuation; he seemed so innocuously serene, even through the tormented cries.

Bryan began angling his thrusts in different motions, in some particularly acute manner.  Lei immediately felt as his back arched in reaction, feeling the pain substantially lessen to some degree as it was unconscientiously overshadowed by another feeling that he in turn had no control over.  Bryan continued with each delectable onslaught, hearing as Lei’s supplicate cries gradually became those of pain, mixed with pleasure.   And this was what Fury wanted.  He wanted to make sure Lei enjoyed this; craved for it as he did.

“Oh god...” Lei moaned through clenched teeth, feeling as he reflexively began thrusting his hips upwards to meet Bryan’s own thrusts, his body covered in a sheen layer of sweat, matching the glistening tears which stained his face like liquidized diamonds.  Fury showed him no mercy, as his moments were so forceful, causing Lei to gradually inch further back along the dampened sheets to the point where his head was fully pushed back against the bed rest.  Bryan could feel his climax closing in, and this was the point where nothing else mattered.  Nothing. 

Lei had figured Bryan’s movements couldn’t get much more vigorous.  He was wrong.  The rhythm, the force, the speed, had surely grown to inhuman levels, and this was the point where he was finally driven over the edge.  Bryan listened as a torn cry was ripped from the beautiful Chinese below him, feeling the sudden essence of Lei’s release between their sweat slickened, entwined bodies.  Fury couldn’t hold back much longer himself, crystalline droplets lining the tattooed skin on each side of his neck from exertion as he rammed into the trembling Chinese one last time,  subconsciously moaning Lei’s name in a muffled cry as he climaxed.  He then quite nearly collapsed down onto Lei, stability lost in the heat of bliss.   

Both were gasping for breath.  Possessed with the remainder of his orgasm, Bryan suddenly captured Lei’s mouth with authority, feeling him to return the kiss with the same avid intensity as he ran his fingers through Lei’s thick, raven wires of dampened hair.  The immensely strong fighter then pulled himself out of Lei, hearing as the Chinese emitted the slightest of whimpers, before lying down next to him and taking the sweated body tightly into his arms as he pulled Lei against him, who seemed to be lost in a state of silent perplexity.

It didn’t matter to Bryan, though.  What Lei Wulong wanted for himself.  If Lei had of refused him, then he would have been forced, simple as that. But for some inexplicable reason, he was glad it had more or less worked out this way, though time would soon behold its truth, for it was winding down...

This still didn’t matter to Bryan Fury, for Lei Wulong was now his, and there was nothing he, nor anyone else could do about it...




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