Over the Horizon

Chapter 3 - I Have a Chapter 3?

By Crimson Assassin

Jin jumped the youth on the floor, straddling the Koran's legs and pinning his wrists over his head in his right hand. With his left, he tugged the white shirt up until skin from Hwoarang's pale chest was exposed.

"W-what are you-"

Jin grabbed the tracer, attached to the Korean youth's skin via skin adhesive, and tore it off any way but gently. Hwoarang tried to flinch away and growled at his captive. Jin, still across the red-head's lap, threw the little metal device to the floor with a 'ting' and grabbed Hwoarang by the collar, forcing him roughly to sit up.

"You leave me no choice, then, do you?"

"Bastard, what-"

Jin stood and yanked Hwoarang with him, dragging him a few steps into the 'kitchen' (A far back wall with a little stove and a few cabinets), throwing open a drawer and scrounged around for something. Finally, his hand emerged, grasping a thick, black rope.

"Why do you-"

"-Rock climbing."

With a grunt, Hwoarang was pushed up against the counter and turned so it went into his stomach. Jin used the vulnerable position to his advantage by quickly -and tightly-binding the youth's wrists behind his back. Hwoarang winced as Jin roughly spun him back around, an arm up against the wall next to Hwoarang's head to further intimidate him. The red-head turned his face to the side defiantly.

"I could kill you now."


"What are you planning to do?"


"Look at me or I'll start cutting your fingers off one-by-one."

Hwoarang only turned to stare at his rival in utter disbelief. Jin smirked.

"You believe I'd do that?"

"...w-would you!?"




"What are you staring at!?"

"Your eyes."

Hwoarang snarled again. Jin leaned in closer.

"Y-you fag! Knock it off."

"Make me."

A surprised gasp accidentally escaped the Korean's lips and Jin leaned in closer, forcing Hwoarang to lean back further against the counter.

"D-Damn you!"

"You've damned me so many times...Aren't you contradicting yourself?"

Hwoarang turned to move but Jin shot his other arm out to block the other side. Hwoarang was trapped.

"Well, what are planning to do, fag!?"

Dark eyes looked him up and down, hesitating on his chest before coming back to meet the terrified amber eyes.

"How much are they paying you, Hwoarang?"

"More than I could make in ten years," the red-head hissed, "but less than the allowance you get every week!"

Jin was truly taken aback by the outburst.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean! You and your grandfather, burning money on useless things everywhere you go, thinking your better than the rest of us! Are you trying to tell me you don't have that old man send you checks for millions of dollars every month!?"

"Hwoarang, you impulsive idiot, I tried to cut ties with that man a long time ago. Why do you think you were sent to bring me back to him?"

"Che! How the hell would I know what's going on in that fucked up, obviously dysfunctional family of yours!?"

Jin chuckled.

"It's that obvious, is it?"

Hwoarang slowly nodded.

"Your grandfather did kinda try kill you at his own tournament!"

"And you think I'm still staying with him because...?"

Hwoarang sighed.

"Because I didn't that about that..."

Jin chuckled again. Hwoarang glared at him.

"Though it doesn't really matter to me what's going on! I'll still get paid for bring you back either way. Why should I care!?"

"Money. That's all you want?"

"No...Don't forget I wanna kick your ass!"

With that Hwoarang tried to body slam his rival, sending them both to the hard ground below. He was clearly disappointed when he found the bulkier Japanese youth had somehow managed to maneuver himself to the top, pinning him to the floor. Jin smiled as he lowered himself to speak softly in Hwoarang's ear.

"Such a trouble-maker. Really, what to do with you...?"

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