Over the Horizon

Chapter 2 - Revelations

By Crimson Assassin

Jin placed a steaming cup of tea into the ruffled Korean's hand and took a seat across his rival on a worn, beige couch. Leaning forward and resting his head atop his intertwined fingers, he watched Hwoarang suspect the liquid in the mug.

"Why did my uncle send you?"

"Why the hell would I tell you!?"

It was a logical enough retort, Jin had to admit, however lacking in the courtesy department. He sighed and leaned back into the stiff cushions, not once breaking eye contact.

"What should I do with you…?"

This caught Hwoarang's attention, Jin noticed, when a pair of amber eyes shot down and perfect, soft lips curled into a light snarl. The japanese youth raised his hand in a helpless but haughty gesture.

"Well? I can't just let you go, not with you aware of my location and everything. You could regroup with a couple hundred reinforcements and come attack me full-force. But what am I going to do with you here at my place? Tie you to a bedpost and hope you don't drag my bed away with you somewhere when you try to escape? I could…kill you, I suppose…"

Hwoarang clenched his teeth. He jumped up out of his seat and threw his mug crashing to the smooth hardwood floor below, the golden liquid still steaming as it pooled and soaked into a tiny rug under the coffee table between him and Jin.

"Just try it, Kazama!

Jin shook his head and sighed again.

"I liked that mug, Hwo-"

"Shut the fuck up! You better stand before I knock that ugly face out from between your ears!"

Jin brought a hand up to his cheek with a mock-frown.

"I might be dreadfully modest…but I don't think I'm too bad looking."

Hwoarang's eyes, though still full of rage and the look of a cornered, threatened animal, became noticeable confused. He stepped back a little out of his fighting stance to observe his opponent.

"Wh-What the fuck…?…What the hell is wrong with you!?" the Korean growled.

Jin placed his feet on the table, crossed at the ankles, and put his arms behind his head.

"I'm not afraid of you, Hwoarang. I might have been a year ago, but I'm not anymore."

"Damn you, Ka-"

"-I've noticed you haven't changed at all since we last met in the tournament…"

"How would you know!"

Hwoarang threw a punch at Jin's face and threw a round-house kick when Jin easily evaded the first attack. Jin hissed as he blocked a hard kick to the midsection with his arm, and ducked as sock covered foot whizzed past his head.

Wait. Sock covered foot? Moving so fast on these polished hardwood floors?

"You should probably-"


Suddenly, Hwoarang went head over heels for Jin…literally. Dashing to tackle Jin's middle, the Korean, unaccustomed to slick hardwood floors, slipped and found himself kneeling before his rival. Staring at the floor as he tried to find his bearings, the Korean was wide-eyed and lost. He glanced up quickly to find an equally astonished Jin.

"Who would have guessed you'd lose to my floor as well?" The Japanese youth chuckled.

"Da-damn you!"

Getting serious, Jin narrowed his eyes and bent down to grab the Korean roughly by the arm and drag him up. Hwoarang grimaced and resisted futily. Jin yanked him close, shoving himself in the red-head's face.

"Why are you here?" he spat, "Tell me or I'll kill you."

Hwoarang, taken aback by Jin's spontaneous change of emotions, could only stare wide-eyed in the dark eyed face.


Another violent shake.

"I-I was sent to bring you back!"

"Where!?" Jin tightened his grip painfully and grabbed the back of Hwoarang's head, pulling his head back by his hair. Hwoarang yelped helplessly.

"To-to that Old man's place! Old man Mishima! That big place with all those windows and guards!"

Jin shoved Hwoarang backwards without warning, sending the Korean to the floor.

"My Grandfather!? He's trying to get me back!?"

Hwoarang sat up and rubbed the back of his neck. He glared up at Jin and smirked maliciously.

"What are you grinning about?" Jin's voice dripped with warning.

"I should probably tell you there's a tracer on me."

The Korean rubbed his slender hand up his abs until his white shirt pushed up enough to reveal a tiny metal button with a blinking red light. He dropped his shirt back into place and snickered.

"Now what?"

"Oh, Hwoarang…You've done it now, haven't you, you ignorant bastard."

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