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Author's Notes: Yes, I am still writing to this. Why? Because this has been the funnest fiction I’ve ever written. Yes I know, this episode is only dealing with their personal relationships and could probably use more action, but we’ll try to get to the action in the next instalment, all right?

Obsidian Solace

Chapter Six - Please

By Chlover

No one was answering the door in room number 15. The possibility of a hotel staff member recognising him was too high. Jin looked from side to side, slightly paranoid because of the Dozens of cameras constantly panning the hall. He knew it was a mistake going back to that hotel after the scene he made the other day, but he had to talk to somebody. It got tiring being alone in the dark when no one knew where to find him.

Jin tried the doorknob. It was unlocked. Convenient. He pushed it open and stepped inside, not bothering to be sneaky about it. Why sneak in? What was the point? He wanted his presence to be known.

He was met by the sound of the shower and a singing voice. Déjà vu Suddenly kicked in, only it wasn’t him singing. It was a nice turn of the tables, but the other person wasn’t the one he’d like those tables to turn on. He made himself comfortable on the cheap brown recliner and waited, listening patiently to the song being sung. Too bad, it seemed it was already halfway through.

“I feel the magic in your Caress. I feel magic when I touch your dress,” Steve’s voice sang out over the sound of water, “Silk and Satin, Leather and lace, Black panties with an angels face. I see magic in your eyes,” The man’s voice got drowned out for a moment, “in your sighs. Just when I think I’m going to get away! I hear those words that you always say!”

Jin grinned. Enjoying the entertainment. The sound of the shower shut off and he could just barely hear Steve’s quieter singing voice.

“Abra Abracadabra. I wanna reach out and grab ya. Abra Abracadabra. Abracadabra.”

Steve stepped out of the Bathroom, accompanied by a cloud of steam. He was clothed in a typical white hotel towel wrapped carelessly around his waist. Steve stopped in his tracks the second he caught sight of Jin, and he tightened the towel automatically. Jin smiled.

“What are you doing here?”

Jin shrugged, “I forgot.”

Steve frowned, “You just walked into my hotel room? Who does that? Nobody does that, except maybe serial killers and dumb ass robbers!” He paused, “Are you trying to rob me?”

“I suddenly forgive Christie.” Jin grinned and stood up.

“You know I could’ve walked out naked!”

“Nobody walks around Naked.”

Steve laughed bitterly, “Maybe not your self-conscious ass, but some people are more comfortable in their own skin and walk around naked when they’re in a hotel where their privacy is supposed to be insured!”

Jin shrugged confidently, thinking he had the power in the situation, making him automatically safe, “Not when you leave the door unlocked.”

Steve growled and lunged at Jin, pinning the Japanese man against a wall. Jin’s assumption of power shattered in the brief moment. He looked away quickly as Steve’s towel fell to a heap on the floor. It was impossible fighting back the color that rose to his cheeks. Damn it. Why did the Brit have to get so angry over nothing? Steve seemed amused by Jin’s embarrassment. He stepped back and kicked the Towel out of the way, “What’s wrong?”

Jin rolled his eyes, trying to stay cool, but refused to look at Steve, “Put something on.”

“Whatever for? If you’re uncomfortable with me, Leave,” Steve was doing the grinning, “This is my hotel room. I’ll do what I want, especially since I didn’t let you in. You shouldn’t even be here.” Steve leaned in closer, His lips only millimetres from Jin’s. The tension and the steam made the heavy air next to unbearable. Jin pushed Steve away and walked out into the hallway, intentionally leaving the door wide open. “Shit!” Steve tripped over the towel he had kicked away as he closed the door. He leaned his back against the safely closed door and sunk to the floor, sighing, “Asshole.”

It had just finished raining. The streets were slick and glowing under the bright moon. Steve staggered back and forth across the sidewalk as he attempted to find his rental car amongst the many others that, in his drunken vision, all looked identical. A beer bottle hung from his hand, near to empty in content. He avoided the florescent light of the street lamps and tripped over the curb. Steve cursed loudly.

“Well this is a pathetic sight,” A voice said from behind the Brit.

He cursed again and swung his fist as the person helped him up. A couple blurred faces floated around. With a bit of squinting and a few heavy steps forward, the faces weaved into one. “Who do you think…” Steve trailed off, suddenly deciding to be too lazy to finish his question.

The man sighed, “I might as well drive you back to the hotel. Come on.”

Steve felt himself fall into a leather seat of what looked like a white convertible. He assumed it was a convertible, or else the windows were really big. A seatbelt was strapped around his torso and the car started moving. It went fast, but unexpectedly, the speed became more of a relief because of the cool breeze slapping some of the blurriness out of his eyes. He touched his head, “My hair!”

“I know. It’s shameful.”

“No! Damn it! It’s wet!”

The man laughed, “It was raining.”

“That’s why I had a hat… Where’s my hat?” He asked in a drunken panic, “I lost my hat… I think I had a hat…” Steve turned to look at the man, “Hey… I know you.”

“No you don’t,” The man said, not even glancing at Steve as he changed lanes, “You’ve seen me just two days ago, but you don’t know me.”

“Two days?” Steve struggled to remember, “I don’t remember what happened two days ago… OH! 45! You’re 45! Fairy boy!”

“Fairy boy? Would you care to elaborate on that?”

Steve shook his head and leaned against the door, “Take it how you want.”

A few minutes later Steve was being pulled into an elevator. He was half asleep; not able to remember the words to answer a question that was asked of him. Who ever it was pulling him along was a mystery to him. A number? Someone asked him for a number? What number? Room number? 15. How do you say 15? A loud irritated sigh startled Steve into jumping back and falling over nothing in particular. The person pulled him back up and into a dark room. Steve was tossed onto the couch and fell asleep almost immediately on contact.

Bright. Too bright. Pain. Ouch. Steve shielded his eyes as he sat up in the room. It looked almost like his room only the color of the couch was different. As if on cue, the lights flicked off and someone walked around in the darkness lighting candles. It was a little too dark, but anything was better then the light. He rubbed his temples as he sat up. Headache alert!

A man sat down in a cheap chair across from Steve. His eyes scanned the blonde young man with certain interest, almost as if he were studying a wild animal. A wine glass sat delicately in his hand, filled not even halfway with what Steve guessed was a white wine. Who was this guy? Steve decided he had the right to ask, him not knowing why he was in a stranger’s room and all. “Who are you?” He frowned, “How did I get here? I was drunk last night… Wait… We didn’t… you know… Did we?”

The man’s eye’s flashed with amusement, but he did not show it elsewhere on his face, “No. My name is violet, and you are definitely not my type.”

“How did I get here?” Steve repeated the question.

“You were too drunk to give me your room number so I brought you here. You are free to go back now if you would like.”

Steve’s frown deepened, “Hey you’re that guy that saved Christie… Wait… Why aren’t I your type?”

The man seemed even more amused. He raised an eyebrow and leaned back, “I can give you plenty reasons,” He took a sip of the wine and rested his arms on the chair, positioned more like a model then a regular man, “Firstly, you don’t have breasts. Secondly your fashion sense would most certainly give me a heart attack if I had to tolerate it too long.”

Steve looked down at his shirt, “What’s wrong with my fashion sense?”

“That Hawaiian shirt is dreadful, even on a brute like you.”

“Brute? Oi!”

“Oi? Honestly, you don’t really talk like that do you?” Violet took another sip, allowing Steve’s face to heat up an extra 2 degrees, “I suppose you are a boxer, so it’s hardly fair to expect any better.”

Steve stood up, ignoring the nauseous feeling that came with standing, “Are you trying to make me angry? Are you asking for a fight? If you want one, you’ll get one!”

“That won’t be necessary. We’ll save the violence for the tournament. I have no desire to wrinkle my suit,” He paused and eyed Steve, “What on earth drove you to drinking so much last night? That isn’t a nightly thing for you, is it?”

The question was fair. Even though it was none of the man’s business Steve answered, “Fucking Kazama bitch… He’s supposed to be this calm sensitive mama’s boy, right? But he’s really a complete asshole! He walked into my room without permission and pissed me off!”

“And this Kazama… Are you two an item?”

Steve laughed, “Him and me? AHA! No, man, I’m not gay.”

Violet nodded, a barely noticeable smirk on his face, “Understood, so why did his presence bother you so much?”

“Because,” Steve scrambled through his mind for a tangible lie, “I have reason to believe he’s fooling around with a girl I want. You know her. You kissed her, you bitch. I should really be beating you to the ground if I wasn’t such a nice guy.”

“You want her? Neither of you seemed too upset when you so rudely interrupted us. Not to mention, you were together and you seemed to be fairly comfortable in each others presence.”

“Um… Well I… He… Hey, wait, I was incredibly pissed off at him when you seen us and you were only there for less then a minute after we arrived. You’re trying to trick me.” Steve grinned, “Why, may I ask, are you trying to fish a confession out of me.”

Violet smiled to himself, “I have my reasons.”

“Well you’re not getting a confession,” Steve stated, stubbornly, “I have no reason to tell my personal business to an annoying scrawny ass old bastard like you. Yeah you heard me! Kazama told us you’re 45! How you enchanted Christie would probably be beyond me if I didn’t know her, but… Oh damn I just forgot where I was going with this,” Steve held his head and fell back onto the couch, “I hate hangovers.”

“Do you think I look old?” Violet said, obviously enjoying the conversation.

“Yes.” Steve said. He refused to look up.

Violet stood and took a seat beside Steve, “I’m not usually one to make a move, and this is likely bad timing, but from the way things are going, I’ll probably only offend you more, so I might as well take a shot.”

Steve looked up at Lee, completely shocked. He scrambled for words once again, only this time, none were found. At least none that would make any sense. In a stubborn decision to refuse to stutter, Steve remained silent, and watched the amusement bring a subtle grin to Violet’s face.

“Lay down, Mr. Fox.”

About to obey, Steve suddenly froze. Mr. Fox? This guy knew his name. Then he could have asked the front desk which room was his. Maybe that just didn’t occur to the bossy purple-headed man. ‘So why am I listening to him?’ Steve thought to himself, suddenly disturbed, ‘the bugger’s 45!’

Before he could object, soft lips brushed up against his. Steve almost melted under the other man’s touch as Violet gently put him in a laying position. It wasn’t right! The guy was twice his age! But… He was… Enchanting. Steve’s resolve dissipated a little more every time Violet’s lips touched his lips, and his neck, and his shoulder… Violet removed Steve’s shirt easily since it was already undone, and then he removed his own.

The slamming of a door in the hallway made something in Steve’s mind click. He looked at the annoyed man on top of him. The man who he practically gave himself too. He remembered that this Enchanting man was old enough to be his father. Steve shoved Violet off of him, ignoring the headache and took off out the door.

In the hallway, Jin Kazama was leaning against the wall between room number 34 and 36. He looked up at Steve in confusion, but said nothing. Steve frowned at what almost happened and fought back the urge to shudder. He sat down next to Jin, completely forgetting he didn’t have a shirt on. “What happened?”

Jin sighed, “Christie’s in a bad mood. She’s still sore about us laughing at her the other day so she slammed the door in my face when I tried to apologise. I seriously do not understand women at all.”

“She’s on this floor?” Steve groaned in disgust, “That ain’t good. We don’t want her on the same floor as that fairy bugger! It’s dangerous because neither of ‘em can be trusted alone with another of any sex!”

Jin looked at Steve and then at the door he came out of, “Fairy bugger? I think this is where you explain yourself, Fox. Where’s your shirt?”

Steve bit his lip, got up and ran to the elevator, “I’m getting really nauseous. I’m going to go get some sleep. Damn hangover. You know what mean, aye? I’ll see you tomorrow, Kazama.” The elevator opened and he pressed the little orange button to make it close faster. Once closed, he sighed with shame and held his throbbing head.

Christie walked quietly down the hallway. 19…18…17…16. That was it! She knocked on the door only to see some scarred guy in snakeskin pants answer. She gasped, “Omigosh! Those are beautiful! But sorry I got the wrong door.” The guy shrugged and closed the door again. Christie continued to the next door. It had to be it. 15. She knocked. After a few moments it opened and Steve was looking back at her, his hair a complete wreck.

“I was sleeping,” He whined as he turned back into the room and fell back onto his bed and closing his eyes. The door was left open in a rude invitation to Christie. She took it, ignoring his drowsy complaint. Christie closed the door and leaped on the bed, grinning at the sickened groan. She straddled the young Brit and tried to fix his hair with her fingers. He opened one eye at her, “What is it?”

“Tournament’s in 5 days.”

He nodded, closing the eye again, “Yeah, so?”

“I need to train. It gets lonely practicing alone, so I came to see if you want to fight with me,” She said playfully.

“I’ve already fought with you, in case you forgot. Just about every time I see you we fight. For that reason, I have reason to be suspicious. You hate me, remember?”

Christie frowned, “Arguing and fighting are two completely different things. That hospital thing doesn’t count because I went easy on you. As for hating you, I never said anything of the sort. Do not jump to conclusions because you’re wrong.”

He opened his eyes and looked at her sceptically, “You don’t hate me?”

“Until stated otherwise.” She grinned, “Now come. I’ll beg if I have to.”

“I’d like to see that,” Steve grinned back.

Christie shrugged and undid his loose jeans. She slowly slipped her hand down beneath the material of his polka-dot boxers, enjoying the look on his face. She played her fingers along the most sensitive flesh. Christie leaned forward and kissed his ear lightly while her hand continued doing it’s job. She whispered, “Please.”

Steve’s eyes closed once again. He smirked and said through his teeth, “Cheap shot.”

“Is that a yes or a no?”

He moaned quietly, “Yes.”

Christie took her hand back quickly and got to her feet, “Come on then! Let’s rumble and tumble and fumble!”

Steve looked down and shook his head, “Anything to get what you want, aye girl? Ah damnit! Be back in a sec!” He ran into the bathroom.

Christie and Steve stepped out of the hotel, pushing at each other and laughing at people walking by. Christie pointed out a young man with a comb over and they both laughed loudly, Steve pointing. The man hurried on past, slightly startled, but in too much of a hurry to do anything about it. They made their way to Steve’s rental only to find Jin leaning against it, waiting.

He stood up straight when he saw the two coming. They suddenly slowed their pace, noticing the angry look on their friend’s face. Jin’s arms crossed, “Where are you two off to? Running off to screw some other 45 year old man?”

Christie and Steve looked at each other. Steve stepped forward, “How long have you been waiting here?”

“Not long.” Jin’s marks, though barely visible, were obvious.

Christie cursed silently to herself, “He’s pissed.”

Steve looked at her and then back at Jin, “I don’t suppose you want to go train with us, huh?”


“Well what do you want?” Christie asked, annoyed, “please don’t make your bad day ours.”

Jin laughed, “You two are my bad day.” He grinned, “Monteiro. How many times have I saved your damn life? And Fox… You’re just fucking disturbed. Why both of you were able to get so friendly with that man without proceeding to burn your contaminated skin directly off your bodies is beyond me. Fuck this. I don’t even know why I bother. Goodbye.” He walked away.

Steve looked over at Christie to see an unhappy thoughtful expression on her face. He tried to think of something to say to her, but the only thing that came out was, “I didn’t…”

Christie blinked into space, “You did what with Violet?” She looked up, “And why would Jin care? Why was Jin jealous? What did you do with Jin? You’re gay?”

“No… I…” He frowned. It was the second time that girl made him stumble over his words.

“I don’t give a fuck what the hell your sexual orientation is, but the only reasonable thing to do if you’re gay, is to not pull a girl into it!” She growled, “You asshole, you pulled me in and I had no idea! Both of you! All three of you!” Her angry expression soon turned to one of panic, “Holy shit. Every single guy I got involved with in this tournament is gay!” She turned away rambling as she walked, “What the hell is wrong with me. Why am I always attracted to devilish and creepy and old gay guys? If Eddy’s gay, I swear I’m going to shoot someone.”

Steve sighed and leaned against the car, “At least she didn’t hit me again.”

Room 36. Jin paused before knocking, trying to pull himself together. He had no idea what got into him the previous day. It was only right to apologise. After a moment Jin’s fist tapped lightly on the door. What was he going to say to her? The door wasn’t opening. He could hear someone walking around in the room. Jin glanced at the eyehole and frowned. She wasn’t going to make it any easier, was she?

He sighed, not wanting to make a scene, “Christie.” He called softly into the door as he knocked again, “Come on. Please open the door.” He jumped back as the door jerked and something inside crashed. She threw something. Jin shook his head, knowing he could expect this to get a little tense. Why’d she have to be such a drama queen? “Christie. Let’s talk about this… Where we won’t have an audience.”

Another crash. What was she throwing? An old woman stepped out of her room in a fur coat. She curled her lip in disgust as she walked past Jin. He adjusted his hood a little tighter, and watched the hag get into the elevator.

“I’m going to get caught by… you know… If you make me stay out here any longer.”

And another crashes, “GOOD! See how you like being cuffed to a toilet!”

“Oh now that you think I’m gay, everything’s suddenly my fault,” Jin laughed lightly.

“You are gay!”

He rolled his eyes, “I am not.”

The door opened and Christie peaked out, “Oh yeah? So tell me, Mister Kazama, What type of non-gay feelings do you have for Fox?”

Jin considered in unpleasant realization. Why didn’t he have an answer? “Uh…” He looked around, thinking movement might cause an answer to magically appear. He didn’t like Steve in any way, let alone that way, did he? “Can you rephrase the question please? My English isn’t that good.”

The door slammed in his face. “Go AWAY!”

Guess she didn’t buy it. Jin wondered if Christie was enjoying this little scene. He sighed and leaned against the door. “I take it you’ve never heard of BISEXUAL!”

He shook his head and suddenly noticed an old man staring at him. The man was just stepping out of the room the old lady came out of. Jin apologized to the old man. He could feel his cheeks heat up in humiliation. The door opened and he fell backwards into Christie’s room. She jumped on the bed laughing hysterically. Jin stood and raised an eyebrow, slightly irritated that she was so amused by his humility.

Steve walked up to the door and knocked even though it was open, “Am I interrupting something?”

Jin looked at the Blonde, “Yes.”

Christie’s eyes widened and she jumped off the bed, “OUT! Out, out, out, out!” and shoved Jin back into the hallway and locked her door. “GO AWAY!”

Jin glared at Steve, “She was just starting to come around, man! Great going!”

“I’m sorry… Since when do you say, ‘man’?”

“Since… I say it all the time.”

They heard laughing from inside Christie’s room, “Not so loud boys! You never know when some old man’s going to walk into your conversation!”

Jin glared at the door, “She is really enjoying this, isn’t she?”

“YES!” Christie answered and started laughing again. Her voice quieted down a little as she said, “Bisexual. Funny guy,” in a tone that sounded like she was saying it to herself.

Jin leaned against the wall this time, not wanting to fall into the room again. Steve seemed slightly perplexed as he knocked on the door. A crash followed, causing Steve to jump back a few paces. Jin sighed and started toward the elevator, “I’ll be back.”

“BABY!” Christie shrieked, still laughing.

“I’m getting a drink,” Jin said shaking his head. Steve walked into the elevator after him and smirked.

“I think I’ll join you on that one.”

Jin rolled his eyes, “Fine.”





A/N: I know. They got a little OOC in this one, but I had reason for it, I think… Oh well, I had fun and that’s what matters.

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