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Obsidian Solace

Chapter Five - Violet

By Chlover

Jin and Christie both pulled away from each other, only to see Heihachi Mishima standing in the doorway. “Shit,” Jin breathed.

Troops came running in from behind the old man. The sound of heavy boots pounding away at       the Hospital's cheap tiled floor was almost deafening. Once all the troops were piled in, they stood silently facing the two on the bed. They were waiting for their orders. Jin looked from Heihachi to Christie, 'Something always has to ruin it,' He thought with a sigh. He knew that it was him Heihachi wanted and not the girl.

"It's rather nice that I'm getting the chance to catch you before the tournament has even begun." Heihachi smiled, sarcastic concern all too obvious in his eyes.

Jin stood, his head down, but not in shame. His head was lowered in hostility. The young Japanese man's lips curled, baring his teeth. Black marks appeared on his forehead, blocked by his falling hair. Heihachi watched in amusement, not aware of what was happening, but thinking his grandson was near to saying something on the lines of surrender. Jin's head came up. His radiant red eyes startled the troops into stepping back in alarm. He threw back his arms causing ebony wings to shoot out of his back. Heihachi pulled a gun out of his jacket, but before he could aim it, Jin had already crashed through the barred window and was out into the bright world.

Christie looked at the broken window and frowned, "I suppose they'll put that on my bill."

Heihachi raised an eyebrow, "Miss Monteiro. You already know of my Grandson's other face?"

"No," She stated, rolling her eyes, "I see devil boys crashing through windows on a regular basis! I take it you've never been to Brazil!" She paused and eyed the man in disgust, "It's called Sarcasm. Look it up."

"What can you tell me about this particular devil boy?"

Christie laughed in disbelief, "I don't know what the hell makes you think that even if I did know anything, I'd tell an ugly frog faced asshole like you! What world are you living on, anyway, Mr. Mishima?”

Heihachi sighed in annoyance. His right arm made a brief gesture. On cue the troops raised their guns and aimed at Christie. She looked at the guns with an expressionless face, not showing fear in order not to give in to the old man. What scared her was not knowing what was going through the man’s head. It wasn’t so easy for her to escape for two reasons, one being her injuries, and the other being the fact that she was not half devil like Kazama. A part of her cursed Jin for putting her at Heihachi’s disposal. Some gentlemen he was.

Heihachi made another gesture, motioning more obviously in Christie’s direction. He smirked arrogantly; his eye’s burning a hole in the young girl. 3 of the troops moved forward and took Christie off the bed and into their vice-like arms. The other troops continued aiming their guns at her, despite the lack of necessity, for Christie couldn’t move in such a position without being inflicted with the pain of old wounds and the body armour of one of the men holding her pressed awkwardly into her ribcage.

“You’re coming with me, Monteiro, Christie.”


Steve Fox picked up a magazine off a small table in the lobby of the hotel. He was wearing his own clothes, finally. The cover was a picture of a Japanese pop band, consisting of 12 members. He flipped through a few pages, intrigued by the fancy Japanese characters. He scanned the photos in attempts to get the stories from them, but failed miserably. A bell rang, letting the hotel staff know that someone had entered the hotel.

A bellhop screamed and ran past Steve, knocking the magazine out of his hands. The young Brit raised his head, confused and alarmed only to see Jin Kazama standing at the door, Large black wings protruding from his broad back. His Silk shirt torn and wet. Red eyes slowly found their way to Steve. He stepped back, holding his breath for fear of joining the Bellhop in the screaming. He had seen Jin with wings but it was from a distance and he gathered it was a costume of some sort, but the figure before him was just… Unnatural.

The Japanese man’s eyes slowly went back to normal as he stood there holding Steve’s eyes with his demonic stare. His marks and wings remained, but Jin seemed to be somewhat himself. He began to walk in the Brits direction, His wings folded obediently against his back. A woman stepped out of the elevator, rummaging through her purse. She looked up and shrieked at the sight of the winged man walking past her, and she fainted. Steve found himself wishing he would faint. Unconsciousness was easier to handle then fear, but he couldn’t. Curiosity kept him glued to the spot.

“Fox,” Jin said, his voice unexpectedly normal, “I need your help.”

It took Steve seconds for the words to register, “What? My help? With what? By the looks of things, you could probably handle yourself pretty well. Just walk into a room and everyone runs away or faints.”

“I…” Jin paused, obviously ashamed about something, “I made a mistake.”

“Right,” Steve said, confused, “So why do you need me?”

Jin looked at the woman passed out on the floor, “Mishima, Heihachi has taken Christie right out of the hospital. I imagine she’s supposed to be bait so he can capture me and I don’t know how to help her.”

Steve narrowed his eyes; forgetting the demonic appearance of the troubled man in front of him, “So tell me how this whole thing is your mistake. What? Did you just give her to the Bugger or is there another reason why this is your fault?”


“That’s not an answer.”

The young demonic Japanese man shifted his eyes downward, “I didn’t think he would do anything to her. It didn’t even cross my mind that he could use her. He came in when we were talking so I got out of there before he decided to get his men to open fire and kill the girl. I guess I abandoned her.”

Fury clouded the Brit’s eyes, “WHAT? You left her to that old man! What if he’s some kind of pervert, aye? Did you ever think of that? Who knows what he’s doing to her as we speak! You truly are an idiot Kazama! Fuck! We gotta get her out of there. Come on.” He pushed past Jin and walked to the door, “You’re right. You did make a mistake, and if anything happens to her it’s on your head.”

Jin nodded silently following the angry Blonde.

“And what’s with those bloody tattoos on your forehead? When did you get ‘em?”

“They just… Appear when I change,” Jin said, touching his forehead. He paused, “You know it won’t be easy getting her away from Heihachi. We’ll need to get past the security and into the estate. Then we’ll have to get to the control room, take out the men in there, and locate her.”

Steve eyed Jin, “I thought you didn’t know what to do.”

Jin shrugged, “Once we locate her, I don’t. The estate is heavy with guards inside and out, so just getting to the control room will be almost impossible and once we get there, we’ll need to get to her, and then get out with her. I imagine Heihachi will put her somewhere that will not have an easy exit.”

“Well then we have our work cut out for us. Let’s get to it!”



“YOU ASSHOLE! This is extremely uncomfortable!” Christie growled as Heihachi headed toward the door. “Look at me when I’m talking to you! Or does a little girl like me intimidate you so much you need to change me to a fucking toilet?”

Heihachi turned to face Christie. His face twisted into an amused sneer, “Are you trying to make me hurt you? If that is what you’d like, I shall provide you with much pain. If not, Shut up. And I can assure you. You are far from little,” He chuckled, looking at Christie’s body.

“Are you checking me out? EW! Keep your dirty old eyes to someone in your league, like, for instance, a goat.”

Heihachi rolled his eyes, scrambling for something witty to say, “You’re right. I shouldn’t insult myself.”

Christie looked at Heihachi in shock before bursting into fits of laughter, “You just totally burnt yourself for me! AHAHAHA!” She fell of the toilet, in laughter and twisted her arms in the cuffs. “OW DAMNIT!”

Heihachi laughed at her pain and walked out the door, “enjoy yourself, Monteiro.”

“WAIT!” She called at the closing door, “Wait… Oh fuck.” She kicked at the wall, “Curse that KAZAMA! CURSE HIM! I swear I’ll never get involved with another devil boy ever again! Or a creepy Brit who killed a man the first time we met… Holy shit. I’m an idiot. I expected these things to not go wrong? WHAT was I thinking? Who knows? I’m talking to myself aren’t I? That just proves I’m completely NUTS!”

The water pipes rattled around her, echoing in the small windowless room. Christie crawled back onto the toilet and sighed, looking around. This wasn’t exactly what she expected to encounter during her search for Eddy. Being cuffed to a toilet just didn’t seem like a likely situation in any event. She yanked at the cuffs, accidentally piercing her own skin on the back of her hand. She cursed silently and continued to attempt to break free.

Heihachi walked back in, “Are you trying to ruin my very expensive toilet?”

Christie ignored the older man and continued. Her left hand getting worse each time she made a rough movement. The older man watched in amusement, being reminded of chickens with their heads cut off. Not even that stops them. Christie was as good as dead in his eyes. She would be the only one to know what he did with Jin once Jin finally fell for the bait, so she’d have to die too. Heihachi smiled at the thought of a world without Jin and Kazuya. His central bathroom would definitely be more peaceful.

A guard stepped in behind Heihachi. Christie was glad it was a large bathroom, because otherwise, it may have been a little cramped at that point and she was uncomfortable enough as it was. The guard was in full gear, but began to unbuckle his belt. Heihachi gave Christie a smug look; “You might as well be of some use while we wait for Kazama, Jin to come for you. Meet Fang-Shi. He will keep you company for awhile.”

Heihachi watched as his troop removed the belt before walking out the door. Christie yanked a little more frantically at the cuffs. Things were getting worse by the second. She felt helpless and didn’t like the feeling one bit. It angered her, causing her to pull harder, the blood from her hand trickling down her arm. She focused completely on the cuffs in hopes that if she didn’t pay attention to the man approaching her, maybe he’d disappear. Her panic was worsening to the point where she found herself believing that she could make him disappear, but she snapped back to reality when she felt the hand touch her shoulder.

She wouldn’t go down without a fight. Christie stood quickly, hunched slightly because of the cuffs. Her foot shot out and nailed the troop right in the chest. He staggered back a few steps but straightened quickly. She cursed at the pain in her foot. Damn body armour. She kicked again, only this time hitting his lower abdomen. More pain. More body armour. The man shook his head and grabbed Christie by the shoulders. She bit his hand and he groaned, stepping back.

The man called Fang-Shi growled, leaping at Christie, and holding her still with his whole body strength. He pressed his helmet against her cheek and whispered in her ear, “You fucking bitch. I’m not here to hurt you. Why the fuck would I hurt you when you’re pretty damn good at doing that to yourself. I’m trying to help. Don’t make me change my mind. Pretend I’m hurting you. There is a camera in the corner on your right. I’ll take out my gun, kick my hand and I’ll try and make it so that it smashes the camera. Understood?”

Christie continued to struggle, whispering a “Yes” through her teeth. Fang-Shi shoved her, against the toilet and stepped back, drawing his gun. Christie did as she was told and kicked the gun out of his hand, but she kicked in such away that Fang-Shi had no time to direct the gun. It was a lucky shot. The camera lens shattered.

The man shrugged and proceeded to uncuffing Christie, “Heihachi gave me a key thinking we might be more comfortable on the floor.”

“Are you really one of his men” Christie asked, rubbing her wrists.

“No,” He replied Curtly, “Now come. Someone will be coming to see if I’m alright.” He pulled a white coat and navy pants out of his body armour, “Slip these on. You’ll be posing as a scientist.” He pulled his gas mask off of his belt, “Wear this to disguise yourself. Pretend there was a mistake in the lab and run through the hall. It’s a circle so you’ll get to a room marked LC. Once you’re in there lock the door and I’ll be around shortly.”

Christie considered as she pulled on her disguise, “How will I know it’s you?”

“Uh… I’ll say my name. Violet. And may I recommend not forgetting my voice? We do not want someone who may have overheard our plan to pose as me. That just wouldn’t be very fortunate for you.” He paused and turned away from Christie, “Go. You go first.”

Christie smiled and ran out the door, her gas mask pulled down over her face. Once again, she did as she was told, but the door wasn’t so easy to find. It was a large door, of course, but they all were. It was no different from the others and the label of LC was in fine print on the glass doorknob. She opened it and stepped inside, locking it behind her as she was told. It was the first time in a long time that Christie had felt the need to be so obedient. She was clueless as to how she could possibly do things her own way in the situation. It was frightening. What kind of name was Violet for a man?

It was a bedroom. Expensive silks covered the bed. It was very classy. The armoire was stained black and reminded Christie of a coffin. She walked across the dark hardwood floor and opened the armoire. There was probably some time to waste. Inside was men’s clothing. Whoever’s room it was, obviously had expensive taste in clothing. Christie raised her brow at a pinstriped vest with purple silk lining. “Shit. That must have cost more then my whole wardrobe put together,” She whispered to herself.

“$230 American to be exact,” The man said, coming up behind her.

“Christ! How’d you get in here? Why didn’t I see you?” Christie faced the man, startled.

He chuckled lightly, “I should hope I’d have the key to my old room. As to why you didn’t hear me is simple. I need to be light on my feet if I plan on not being overheard by one of Heihachi’s men, now would you mind lowering your voice?”

“Why are you helping me?”

“We’ll get to that once the deed is done, my dear. Do as I do.” He opened the window and slipped out. Christie followed, close behind, sure to catch every move the man made so she wouldn’t make a mistake.

There were no guards near his window but there were two within sight. Christie and lee had to be careful not to attract attention. In association with the distance between the escapees and the guards and the easy climb, the escape into the forest behind the estate was a fairly simple one. For this Christie was grateful, but she couldn’t help being a little suspicious. Things weren’t normally simple.

The two of them ran through the forest for what seemed like hours before they finally came to a halt by a highway. Violet grabbed Christie’s arm, preventing her from stepping out of the trees, and figured out why on her own. Heihachi would have noticed her absence by then and most likely had his men searching. “Aw man,” She whispered, panting from the run, “Does this mean we have to walk back to the city?”

“No,” Violet replied, “We will wait here until it gets dark. After a few hours Heihachi will give up and assume you’ve made it back to the city. He probably figured Jin found you and simply flew away. We shall hitchhike the rest of the way to Tokyo once things calm down.”

Christie sat on a fallen tree, “Will you take off your mask? I imagine it’s uncomfortable.”

“Where’s your mask?”

“I dropped it when we climbed out of your room.”

He took off his mask. Flowing purple hair at ears length tumbled into his eyes. He pulled sunglasses out of his pocket and slipped them on. Christie watched him, intensely curious about this mystery man. She decided against asking questions in hopes that the intriguing mystery would stay alive. He began to unbuckle and unzip his uniform, causing millions of possibilities to wrong through the Brazilians mind, none of which she had the energy to grasp.

Strangely enough, the man was clothed underneath the uniform. A white satin shirt, wrinkled by the body armour, and tight violet vinyl pants, ripped on the left knee, and a white handkerchief hanging out of the right pocket. He glanced at Christie, noticing the curious look she was giving him. “… I apologise,” He almost laughed, “but that suit I had to wear clashed with my hair.”

“Where do you shop?” Christie asked, grinning.

Lee smiled at her, “There are thousands of interesting little clothing shops downtown. You just need to find the right area.”

She shook her head in bewilderment, “But those… On anyone else those two choices would make them look like a Picasso painting. How do you pull them off?”

Violet tugged gently at the handkerchief, “All it takes is one small thing to balance a whole person.”

The mystery man sat next to Christie resting his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands together. The young Brazilian slipped out of the lab coat and eyed the rip in violet’s pants. She just met him and already thought that wrinkles and torn clothing were out of character for him, but she didn’t voice the thought. Her eyes drifted down to her hospital gown and the cut on her hand. The blood had dried and made her arm look all the messier. She could imagine she wasn’t the prettiest sight in the world.

Violet tilted his head slightly toward Christie. She couldn’t tell what he was looking at while he was wearing the glasses. A rare feeling of self-consciousness came over her as she hugged her arms around her self. Violet turned his head back toward the ground, obviously sensing Christie’s lack of comfort.

Shouts sounded from the highway. The two sat up straight, completely alert. The sound of cars driving by and people running by resulted in Violet taking Christie by the arm and pulling her deeper into the trees. They stood there for what felt like an hour after the sounds stopped before violet finally relaxed and sat down on a large rock. Christie took his lead and sat on a tree stump. Her eyes not leaving the direction of the highway for a second, until Violet stood again.

“What is it?” Christie asked, almost afraid.

He stood still for a moment, facing the young girl as if he were considering something. Finally, he held out his hand to her, offering to help her up. She accepted his hand and was pulled smoothly to a standing position, only inches away from the man. She could smell the mint on his breath, even through the scent of his expensive cologne. She recognised it. One of Eddy’s favourites.

He took off his glasses and looked her in the eye. The scent overwhelmed her to the point where she fought back tears. Christie missed Eddy so much. Memories of Eddy floated through her mind. It was unbearable. She had to block them before she started crying and completely humiliated herself. Violet hesitantly touched her cheek. Concern showed in his eyes. “What’s wrong?” He asked quietly.

Christie hung her head; feeling extremely exhausted all of a sudden. “I don’t know if I can handle anymore of this. I’m not strong enough.”

“Of what?”

She looked up, “Tournament life. I miss Brazil. I don’t suppose that by some miracle you would happen to know where Eddy Gordo is, huh?”

He shook his head, “Sorry.”

Christie smiled weakly to herself, Jin’s singing voice echoing through her head, ‘Sugar pie honey bunch. I’m weaker then a man should be! I can’t help my–’ She found herself running her fingers along the front of Violet’s satin shirt. She paused, suddenly knowing how awkward Jin felt in the hospital room, but she wasn’t willing to show it. Christie continued, feeling the shape of the man’s lean muscular frame. She could feel his eyes watching her hand. His breathing quickened, causing Christie to grin. He was the nervous one. What would he have to be nervous about?

He gently took Christie’s hand in his; bringing the map she was drawing on his body to an absolute halt. She smiled at him, her eyes lit up playfully. Violet smiled back, more thoughtful then playful. His free hand pulled her closer, rendering her the nervous one. It was a comfortable change for him.

“I’m curious. Tell me what you would like to happen right now,” Violet requested with arrogance.

Christie replied with a quick soft kiss. Violet was left at a loss for words, having half expected the girl to stumble through words. He admired her stubbornness, but despised that exact trait for leaving him so shocked. He decided to stop his search for words and pulled Christie into a deep kiss, slipping his free hand under the hospital gown.

“Holy shit!”

Christie and Violet pulled away from each other and turned to face Steve Fox and Jin Kazama. She frowned, wondering why she always got interrupted, even the middle of a forest. Jin stared at her without moving while Steve walked up to the two, “We come all the way out here to save you only to find you making it up with this questionable fella?” Steve looked Violet up and down, “You don’t happen to do drag shows on Saturdays do you?”

Violet rolled his eyes, “I shall be going now. I have places to be.” He paused and smiled at Christie, “Until next time, my dear,” And walked into the trees.

Jin stepped forward, his mouth twisting into a grin. He was obviously struggling to contain himself.

Christie crossed her arms, “What’s so funny?” Steve expectantly looked at Jin, obviously wondering the same thing.

“That was my…” He stifled a laugh, “Whatever he calls himself now… Do you have any idea how old he is?”

She frowned, “He looked about Eddy’s age.”

“Try 45.”


Steve looked at Jin in disbelief, “Are you serious?”


Steve started laughing, setting off Jin. They fell into each other laughing hysterically. Christie walked past them, kicking Jin’s foot on the way, “Big deal. I’ve kissed older.”

They laughed harder, clutching at their stomachs as they did so.

“I’m leaving before all your noise gets us all caught. I didn’t escape Heihachi’s perverted bathroom of tortures just to get mocked by you two morons.”

The laughing ceases. Jin and Steve both scramble to their feet and follow Christie.

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