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Teaser: When travelling in Seoul with his grandfather, Jin meets a young, redheaded Korean who will change his life forever. But can their love survive the challenges the world throws at them?

Kiss of a Demon

Chapter 2

By Fever

[ - Jin - ]

The cool air hit him with a jolt, the sudden wash of daylight making Jin squint very slightly as he walked. Cold, perhaps, but it was better than staying there. It had been dark and musty inside the building; stinking of rot, clogged with dust and detritus.

And of course, there was also the matter of Hwoarang and his delightful friends…

What a moron. He'd thought agreeing to fight him the first time would get the guy off his back for good, but evidently, he was wrong.


Speak of the devil. The voice was weak, made fainter by the increasing wind. Jin ignored it and quickened his pace, hazel eyes fixed sullenly on the pavement before him.

''Hey! ''

Again, he ignored it. A stream of obscenities ensued.

''…faggot-ass son of a bitch! You scared or somethin'? '' His voice began to sound a little strained at this, though whether it was due to the scale of his injuries or not, Jin could hardly tell. ''Come on, answer me! ''

''Leave me alone. ''

''Don't you fucking tell me to leave you alone, I'll give you fucking leave me alone you goddamn pompous little fuck, who do you think you are, the fucking…''

His yelling stopped abruptly. This took Jin a good few moments to register, and at first he was relieved that Hwoarang had (finally) shut his trap. However, his thoughts soon progressed from there, and he began to wonder why everything had gone so quiet, when being quiet was obviously not one of the things that Hwoarang made a habit of doing…

He turned round just in time to see the boy buckle at the knees and fall neatly onto the ground.


It wasn't so bad, before Hwoarang realised where he was. Okay, it smelt kind of strange, but the pain wasn't quite as severe anymore, and there was an odd, fuzzy feeling in his head- a numbing warmth that was almost pleasant (and probably also responsible for the lack of pain as well).

And talking of warmth…

These sheets were awfully nice. All crispy and clean, and yet soft and comfy at the same time. Hwoarang almost felt like he wanted to snuggle down in them.


White… sheets….

White… hospital… bed… sheets.

Ah, shit.

Cursing under his breath, he sat bolt upright and regretted it instantly. Man, did his head hurt. A hiss of breath escaped his lips as the redhead placed a hand to his forehead, screwing his eyes shut. Across the room, Jin looked up.

''You're awake…'' he began.

Hwoarang moaned.

''What the fuck am I doing here? '' He went to raise the other hand, but cursed again when his attempts were thwarted. A cast?! What the hell? Scowling, he glanced over at the other boy.

''What happened? ''

Jin stood up and approached the bed, a concerned frown tugging at his lips. ''You collapsed, '' he said simply.

''Bullshit. You didn't beat me up that bad. ''

''The nurses say it was jus-… Hwoarang…'' The dark-haired boy placed a hand on his good arm as Hwoarang started to get up, kicking the covers away as he did so. Hwoarang jerked away, and stood up shakily.

Jin frowned, trying to get him to sit down again. ''You need to rest…''

''Fuck off. ''


The Korean jerked away from him again. ''I don't know what the hell you're trying to pull, '' he spat. ''Why didn't you just leave me there? ''

''You were hurt…''

''So? I could take care of myself, '' he insisted, stumbling determinedly towards the door. Jin's expression darkened a little.

''You were unconscious, '' he pointed out dryly.

Hwoarang didn't reply, only glared at him again and gripped the door handle with his free hand. Jin opened his mouth to protest, but stopped in his tracks when it swung open.

Two men wearing that all-too-familiar black suit and sunglasses stepped in, brushing past the Korean as if he didn't exist. ''Kazama-san, please come with us. Mishima-sama has been looking for you. ''

The boy's jaw tightened a little, and he suppressed a sigh, only let his head hang a little. ''Tell my grandfather I will be there shortly. ''

''He gave us specific orders to bring you back with us, '' pressed the taller man, stepping forward again. ''Now. ''

Jin felt a twinge of anger towards him, sensing the smugness in his tone. They obviously thought he wouldn't disobey Heihachi. And normally, they would be right. But…

But what was it about Hwoarang that made him want to stay?

Well, apart from the fact that he probably wouldn't even be able to get to the hospital doors on his own…

Glancing behind them, Jin let out a faint sigh. ''I'm sorry, but I have to… have to…'' He faltered mid-sentence, and looked around. Cold, sterilized walls greeted him with a disturbingly empty glare, and the door was slightly ajar behind the two men. Apart from the three of them, there was apparently no-one else in the room.

Hwoarang was gone.



To be continued…

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