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Teaser: When travelling in Seoul with his grandfather, Jin meets a young, redheaded Korean who will change his life forever. But can their love survive the challenges the world throws at them?

Kiss of a Demon

Chapter 1

By Fever

Cambodian jungles, 2017

The sound of screaming is still echoing through his mind when he awakes. His breathing fast and shallow, he stares into the darkness, letting his eyes focus, feeling his heartbeat subside again. Gradually, the shadows morph into sleeping figures, and he sees the faint outlines of trees against the wall of his tent.

Remembers briefly the tearing of claws across flesh, and fear.

And the gentle press of his lips against ivory skin. Arms locked possessively around him.

He shakes the memory away and lies down, fading into sleep again, and in sleep his arms extend to return the embrace of someone who wasn't there any more.

Seoul, 2014


''I want a rematch. ''

Jin stared evenly at the redhead, his expression cold and impassive. His eyes betrayed nothing of the emotions that lurked beneath their dark surface, but to tell the truth, he was more than a little amused by all of this. Hwoarang was barely back on his feet, and yet already he was challenging his rival to another fight, stubbornly refusing to give up. As if he wasn't teetering on the edge of unconsciousness already.

As if the blood wasn't still fresh from his wounds.

''No. '' Jin's voice was quiet, but firm. His opponent scowled, absently wiping a smear of crimson from the side of his mouth.

''Oh, come on! '' he spat. ''What, you chicken shit or something? ''

''I agreed to *one* match, Hwoarang. No more. Besides, you're in no condition to fight. ''

''Bullshit. I could take you on right now no problem! '' Hwoarang's voice rose in volume, and he stepped forward, waving his fist angrily to emphasise the point. But the unsteadiness of his walk was impossible to ignore, and no matter how hard he tried to disguise it, he still couldn't help but limp a little.

''Why can't you just give up and accept the fact that you lost? ''

The words hit home with a violent jolt, and for a moment Jin could see a spark of hurt flicker in his eyes; denial, almost, hidden amongst the blinding anger as he sought frantically for something to say. But no words would come, and Hwoarang found himself glancing away uneasily, his gaze flicking over the other members of his gang, none of whom would meet his eyes.

When he finally looked back toward the door, Jin was gone. Hwoarang wasted no time in following him. Legs still shaking from his humiliating defeat, he stumbled out of the abandoned warehouse, not bothering to acknowledge the gawping friends he left behind.


To be continued…

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