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For The Love Of....

Chapter 3 - Desperate

By Chlover

“OOOOHHHH IIIIIII WISH I WERE AN OSCAR MAYER… MEYER… oh screw it…” Hwoarang shrugged and kicked at the leprechauns climbing up the wall. He paused and looked at them again, suddenly wondering why he was seeing leprechauns, “Hey… What the hell… I’m pretty sure I didn’t get high today…”

“Hello honey.”

“AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Hwoarang screeched and ran in the opposite direction as Kazuya was, and ended up smacking into a wall, two steps into his run.

Kazuya rolled his eyes and started walking away, “Goddamn it. I’m going to go be a pervert to some smarter person.”

“YEH!… I mean HEY! I’m smart!” Hwoarang argued, rubbing his bloody nose. (he just ran into a wall, for those of you who are having trouble following.)

Jin and Steve stepped off the elevator talking about sports and chicks, and boxing, and beer, and strip clubs, and the mafia… Actually Steve was the only one talking. Jin laughed good-naturedly and looked around, not really listening. Steve stopped and stared at Jin, his bottom lip quivering like he was about to cry. Jin had just laughed about Steve not knowing who his mommy was.

Hwoarang’s eyes went REALLY big, (CHIBI HWOARANG!) and he ran over to the two other men his age, and hopped up and down, “THE CLEAN TEAM IS BACK!”

Steve and Jin looked at him, laughed nervously, and started walking backwards slowly. When he growled and grabbed there shoulders, they started screaming hysterically for Christie… (Christie seemed to be the self-proclaimed queen of the hotel)

SUDDENLY, Christie appeared, with King and Craig behind her, playing her theme music on a steel drum and electric guitar. She smiled and looked at the three boys. “What seems to be the problem here? Are you causing trouble Hwoarang?”

“Erm… No ma’am…”

“Jolly Good. Cherrio.” She disappeared.

Steve blinked, “Hey… Was she making fun of me?”

Then SUDDENLY, Heihachi appeared, dressed like Cher, and started singing, “I don’t know why this world keeps turning round and round, but I wish it would stop and let me off right now.”

Hwoarang, Jin, and Steve all blinked at the same time (freaky) and stared at Heihachi. Finally Hwoarang pointed out, “That’s an Eminem song.”

Heihachi looked at the Blood Talon in confusion, “What? Are you sure?”

“Uh… Yeah.”

“Well I know Cher sings something about a world… or turning… right?”

Hwoarang went all shifty eyed, and started sweating, “Why are you asking me? I don’t listen to Cher! Who ever said I did is a BLOODY LIAR!”

“QUIT MAKING FUN OF ME!” Steve started banging his head against the wall, screaming that sentence, over and over again.

Hwoarang, who was glad the heat was off of him, looked at Jin, since he couldn’t talk to Steve right now, and he didn’t like looking at Heihachi in Makeup and a wig. He went back to his original topic, “Well we don’t have to be the clean team again, but we have to be a team.”

“What for? I don’t like you.” Jin answered honestly.

Well that was a thinker. The Korean petted his non-existent beard and stared into space. Finally he came up with an answer, “Because they want us to.”

“They? Who’s they?”


Jin blinked, “Aliens?”


“Well who’s they then?”




Jin blinked again, “Ok. Still, I’m not being on another team with you, unless you help me.”

Help? Well Hwoarang could always say he’d help and not really, but then Jin would quit the team and then he wouldn’t have a team anymore. He’d just have a couple… and he didn’t swing that way in this fiction. “Ok. What is it?”

“I’m bored of Julia,” Jin admitted, “Find me another woman.”


Jin glared, “Not my mother, you moron! Geez, go back to school.”

Hwoarang blinked, “Back?”

Heihachi and Steve both looked at each other and nodded knowingly before suddenly screaming out random insults at each other. Jin and Hwoarang stared, looked at each other, and shrugged, trying to decide which of them should tell Christie.

They didn’t have to. Christie appeared out of thin air, this time her little theme song slaves were Yoshimitsu and Dr. B… The doctor having a little trouble with the guitar. She looked back at the old crippled man and glared. He coughed and turned to stone. Heihachi and Steve shut up, becoming very frightened.

“OH I KNOW!” Hwoarang shouted.

Everyone looked at him and they all said, “WHAT?” at the same time, only Heihachi kinda sang it in a funny voice, that he thought was the best Cher impression ever, even though it sounded more like woody allen on steroids.

“You can have Kazuya!”

Jin sighed, “And that’s my dad. Hwoarang. I said a woman.”

Christie snorted and her and Yoshimitsu laughed, falling into each other. She looked at Jin through laughing, watery eyes, “You’re getting Hwoarang to find you a woman? How DESPERATE is that? AHAHA AHAHAHAHAHA!! Come on Yoshimitsu, let’s go tell everybody.”

Yoshimitsu said something in a really trippy voice, but no one understood him kuz they were too busy marvelling at the voice.

Hwoarang blinked, “Whoa man, whoa.”

Then some random voice said “poof” and then Yoshimitsu and Christie disappeared, leaving the people staring at still tripping out because of the spaceman’s voice. It was boring in the hotel so it didn’t take much to trip them out.

“We can be the Lucky charm Team!” Hwoarang stated, looking at the Leprechauns, who were growing fangs. “The vampire lucky charm Team?”

“Damn she’s hot.” Jin said.

Hwoarang blinked and looked at Jin, then looked at Heihachi, “Whoa man… Wait till I’m gone before you start pulling that freaky shit… Have a little decency man.”

Jin rolled his eyes and smacked the Korean on the back of the head, “Not my grandfather, you ignoramus! I meant Christie!”

“Oh! Ok,” Hwoarang laughed, “Whew, you had me really freaked out there, man.”

“So how do I get her?”

“Uh…” Steve blinked, finally calming down from his little hissy fit. “You don’t. She hates you, man. Remember the ‘I Hate Jin Club’?”

Jin snapped his fingers in the shucks kinda way, “There’s gotta be a way. I won’t give up! I’ll walk a thousand miles for her!”

“And then you’d dump her for Nina tomorrow.”

“Dude, Nina’s old,” Jin pointed out, “I’ll have to start branching out to other games. You know, spread the love.”

“Dude, I’m supposed to be the man-whore. You’re Xiaoyu’s.”

“Well do you want Christie?”

He paused, “No.”

“Then shut up.”



Steve and Heihachi blinked. (Ok so my ppl blink a lot.) And they looked at each other and started screaming again.

“CHRIIIIISSSSSTTTIIIE!” Jin summoned in a loud booming voice, hoping if he sounded more like a diety, maybe she’d fall in love with him faster. “I WANT TO SPEAK WITH YOU!”

Christie appeared, peeling a cucumber. “What is it, Mister Kill-off-Mishimas-and-ruin-the-whole-game-because-I’m-a-spoiled-rich-kid-that-got-impaled-by-a-sausage?”

Everyone stared at Jin, and he blinked, “Uh… I love you.”

“Oh come off it,” She rolled her eyes and bit into the cucumber, talking while she chewed, “You’re annoying me. Go away.”


“Geez, shut up. If you want a girl, go get Anna, or Lee or something. Leave me alone.” Christie disappeared.

Jin stared into space, acting like a traumatized child, “But… I’m Jin Kazama… All girls love Jin Kazama… It’s a rule… Isn’t it?”

“Guess not,” Hwoarang shrugged, “Do we have to replay her WHJ club story? Hey we should start an I hate Jin team.”

Jin blinked at Hwoarang, “I hope you don’t expect me to be in it.”

“Yes. Why?”

“Ok I’ll hate Jin too if you make Christie go out with me for a day.”

Steve rolled his eyes and screamed, “CHRISTIE!!!!”

She appeared and punched everyone present, “LEAVE ME ALONE! I’m busy in the sauna with Kazuya and Baek Doo San.” She disappeared once again.

Hwoarang and Jin looked at each other and blinked.

Meanwhile in the Sauna, Christie, Kazuya, and Doo San were eating random fruits and veggies while they disco danced.

Back with Hwoarang, Steve, Jin, and Heihachi/Cher. SUDDENLY, the leprechauns attacked Hwoarang. And then … IT WAS NAP TIME! They all pulled out there lil matts and blankets and went to sleep.



TBC or TBC. You pick.

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